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A young lady wanted to know how it is to be fucked my her two favorite animals in the world.
On a cool July morning, I was riding Jack, my 7 year old stallion. We were up on the pasture checking for any faults in the fencing. We don’t want to lose any of our cattle. We went into the closed off area, so we didn’t get charges by the nearby bulls, as we took a little rest. I dismounted off Jack so he could graze. He loved to eat the taller grass up hear. I decided to take off my tee and bra along with my short shorts. I decided to leave my new thong on so I didn’t start to masturbate. (It is so temping while staring at huge balls.) Although the tall grass did feel good on my ass cheeks. As I was starting to play with my tits I noticed that Jack was a little happy this morning. He had a beautiful 7 in soft cock. I loved the way it hung underneath him. I play with my tits tell they were raw. Then I decided to slipped the tight shorts on and keep my shirt off for a while to feel the nice breeze. Jack loved to run so as his trot increased to a gallop my cunt was grinding his back. It made my pussy feel so good. It was starting to get wet so I stopped him so my wet cunt didn’t get the shorts damp. I put my shirt on and went to the barn.

As I pressed to the barn I notice I forgot my bra!!!! I ride past mamma and thank god she didn’t notice. As she was getting the grain to the animals, I quickly put Jack away and ran to get changed and ready for the day. I took off my new thong because it was damp for Jack. I put on my nylon panties and the matching bra. Then I put on some spandex for shorts and a spaghetti strap tee on. While mamma walk in she yelled “ Baleigh go was the damn dog he got in the burrs again!” Ok mamma I replyed. I went to the barn with the dog and gave him a quick bath and gromed him. But he hot ansy when the water misted his balls. He started to look at me funny. I finshed him up and sent him on his way. I got inside and my top was wet so I got a cute shirt on. Then sat down to eat breakfast, mama said she had to go get supplies for town and will be back soon.

After an hour or so the the mailman droped off the mail and a packaged. I went to get the mail as usual and I got to the house and I realized it was my two vibrating dildo I ordered awhile back. So I went to my room and got naked to try them out. They were bigger than expected. I knew it was going to hurt since I haven’t popped my cherry yet. So I decided to tease my clit and practice to deep throat. I tried to put one in my ass but it was too big. Then an idea came to me because my dream was to get fucked with a dick in my ass and cunt at the same time. So I thought I am going to do it while riding my horse.

So later that night my parents went out and where leaving town. I was old enough to be by myself. I decided to ride Jack one more time for the night was gone. I went in the barn with my dildo in hand. I set then on the table while I was getting Jack ready to go. Then 1 put the cocks in the saddle bag. I get to mid pasture and dis mount then I grab the super glue and glue the 2 big cocks down on the saddle. I waited a few min to get naked. I took off my shirt and my DD breast fall out of the shirt and then I take off my shorts and my tight pink virgin cunt was in plain sight for anyone to see. I rubbed my clit to get wet so the dicks didn’t hurt as bad. After ten min of rubbing my clit I through the cloths in the saddle bag. I got ready to mount and put a shit load of lube on the monster cocks. I was nervous because I have never done this before. It was hard to mount, because of the two nine inch dildos. I managed anyway and lined them to my two holes and I started to lower myself and I lost my footing. I fell and all nine inches went into my tight holes I cried in pain and in pleasure. I rose up and went about 4 inches and I told Jack to go. As he trotted the cocks went deep in me and out of me as I bounced up and down. IN, Out, In, Out, In, Out and I had orgasm after orgasm and it felt like I can 10000 Gallons of cum. Jack went faster as I came upon every orgasm it made my pussy rip.

The feeling of the dicks deep in me was amazing only a little piece of skin in between, it was the best feeling ever but yet it hurt like hell. I mad jack stop and I dismounted to let my pussy settle down and I took the dildos off and got back on naked the cum made it a wet ride. I got to the barn quickly grabbed the dildos and cloths and ran to my room where I keep cooper my two year old black lab. I got in the shower to wash up and sat on my bed wet and naked. I sat their eating peanut butter. Cooper was lying next to me so I gave him some and he ate it fast. As he was licking his cock it gave me an idea I put peanut butter in my pussy so he could lick it out. I lead cooper to see what I was doing and he started to shove his nose in my pussy and it was nice and his wet warm tongue ran from my asshole to my clit the feeling sent me shy high. He started licking deeper and at that moment I came an it went right on his tough and I could see him start to hump my leg.

When I see his purple and pink dick I knew what to do. As he got the last of the peanut butter out of my hole I got up and went on my hands and knees right in front of him. He got on my hips and started humping trying to look for my warm hole I could feel his pre cum hit my pussy lips. I decided to guide him and he got it and it went inch my inch like a jack hammer and I can many times and he fucked me hard and I could feel his cock hit my cervix and I started to cry out a moan and fucking him back. About ten mins wet by and I felt a big ball pushing agents my opening. His knot was going inside me and it felt amazing and it popped in and grew 10 times it made me cum and cum and cum and cum. Then all I felt was a jet of his steaming hot doggy cum fill me up it felt like gallons and mixing with mine it seemed like my womb was growing by the second and then some seeped out the side of pussy. After 30 min lock tight in my pussy his knot subsided and a water fall of cum ran out. I got up and couldn’t believe I got fucked by a doggy. I got up grabbed my new dildo and went in the bath to relax after rinsing my pussy out I masturbated for a while and came a few time got out and went to bed.

The next morning I was super horny and I went to check the cows and I played with Jack’s dick for a while and deep troughs it and he came in my mouth and now I said in my mind. How am I going to fuck my horse today.……….. To be continued.

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2016-05-04 18:48:53
What was the name of the original series I can't find it?

Anonymous readerReport

2016-05-02 16:42:55
What was the name of the original series I can't find it?

Anonymous readerReport

2014-04-03 15:38:21
I liked it but I have read the original. It was way better. Just keep going on but try to
1. Fix you spelling (I couldn't understand a little bit of it)
2. Make up your own story instead of making a shifty knockoff

anonymous readerReport

2013-04-10 21:52:56
ps, I think their name is beside the point. they have cesohn a name with strong sexual overtones. they are a rock band and so I feel that it is appropriate. If people want to play with this in a serious case like this I probably dont think it is the best idea, because this is a serious case of justice vs. injustice and to add humour to this kind of suffering I don't feel is appropriate.

anonymous readerReport

2013-01-29 01:41:42
well that was a waste of my time. not only was this a nock off but it was just terrible next time you write something get someone else to read it so you can edit it and improve your ability to write.

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