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Okay, so having decided that my last story was faaaar to controversial to actually appeal to many people at all, I've gone down a completely different road. Hope you enjoy, love reading comments xx
Sarah beams at me as I take her hand. Blue light bathes her pale skin as we enter the upscale private quarters of downtown Houston’s aquarium dining. The waiter, dressed in a sharp midnight blue suit, quickly shows us to our table, circled by the magnificent tropical tank.

We sit down opposite one another, Sarah crossing her long, toned legs beneath the shear nude material of her dress. The black lace detail hugs every curve and I let my gaze wander up her body to her young, ripe breasts. She’s just 16 and at 23, I can’t take my eyes off her; it doesn’t sound good written down, I know, but I love her. I reach her sparkling eyes, her dark hair falling delicately around her face and she smiles at me, delighted, “This is perfect, Ross.”

“Anything for you, baby,” I reply, as the waiter returns, handing us menus.

“Can I get you anything to drink?” He asks.

“I’ll have a Heineken.”

“Could I have a strawberry lemonade, please?” Sarah purrs, her English accent evident. The waiter nods as he writes down our order. “I wish I could drink,” She giggles to me as he dismisses himself.

A colourful array of fish floats behind her as she begins to bubble excitedly about the day and I can’t help but admire her enthusiasm. She stops abruptly and I look up from the menu. She gazes at me, biting her bottom lip and says quietly, “Y’know, I can’t wait to get home.”

A grin spreads across my face and I rub the stubble on my chin, “Why’s that?” I say, wickedly.

She shifts in her chair and I feel her foot begin to slide slowly up and down my calf. “Just because,” her tongue quickly runs over her teeth as the waiter set our drinks down.

“Would you like to start with an appetizer, sir?”

“No, I think we’ll move straight to main,” I say, keeping eye contact with Sarah. The corner of her lip curls. “Top sirloin and shrimp please.”

“And, uh... a grilled chicken pasta,” She says, quickly glancing at the menu.

“Thank you, ma’am, that won’t be long,” He replies, collecting our menus and turning on his heel.

Her foot brushes between my thighs and I reach down to stroke her ankle. The blue light dances on her skin and we pick up a regular conversation again although I slowly start to want her more and more as I notice her nipples hardening beneath her dress and in turn, something stirs in my lap. Her foot rubs more directly on my crotch, apparently having realised my state, and I stiffen at her touch. She takes long, deep breathes as I examine her elegant collar bones and bare slender shoulders. Silhouetted against the vibrant tank and rising kelp plants, she looks beautiful, hypnotic.

“You look so good right now,” I whisper.

Her eyelashes flutter, “Thank you,” She murmurs, embarrassed.

“I really want you.” I begin to imagine slipping my hand between her sweet adolescent legs, the heat of her pussy radiating through her underwear. She smiles guiltily down at her lap and I wonder if she’s thinking the same.

The waiter arrives with our plates and sets down our steaming dishes. Sarah slides her foot back into her shoe and we both eat hurriedly. The steak is delicious but I can’t keep my mind off her. Finally, the waiter brings us the bill and shows us out. Sarah’s hand clings to mine as we stride from the gorgeous building.

We’re soon on the street, heading back to my car and I rest my hand on her ass as we walk. Suddenly I feel uneasy. I cast my gaze around the dark road.

“What’s wrong?” Sarah asks.

“Nothing,” I mutter, but despite telling myself it’s ridiculous, I feel watched.

However I swiftly dismiss it as we reach the car. In the moment that we stop, I press her against the cool surface and lock my lips against hers, the intense need for her clenching in my stomach. She winds her fingers through my hair and I drink in the warmth of her body, burning to get inside.

“Fuck baby, I want you right now,” I say, momentarily breaking away to kiss her neck.

“Yeah...” She breathes, tipping her head back. I open the passenger door and get in, gesturing for her to follow me. She straddles my lap and I close the door behind her, holding her petite frame in my arms as she kisses me again, the smell of her perfume intoxicating me. I push the hem of her dress up her thighs and over her ass, grasping each of her soft firm cheeks in my palms.

Her hand finds the bulge in my crotch and she massages me through my pants, sighing desperately, “Fuck me, Ross,” She whispers, brushing her teeth against my ear. I lean the chair down and flip her over so she’s lying on her back. Now kneeling in the foot well, the thin material covering her pussy is only a foot away from my face. I hook my thumbs in the sides of her panties and tug them down over her ankles.

She moans and spreads her legs, her body begging to be touched. I take in the sight of her smooth pussy, pink and glistening wet before I start to kiss along the inside of her thighs. I can hardly wait to get inside her, but I know the anticipation will drive her crazy. My tongue finds her clit and I suck gently, inhaling her delicious smell. She struggles to keep still as I tuck a finger into her tight hole, easing it in and out.

“Oh my god,” She whines with her eyes tightly shut. My tongue laps at her juices and I push a second finger between her lips as she starts to rock against my face. I grab her ass to steady her, burying my face in her pussy. I briefly catch her eye as I look up, her mouth open in a small circle, “I’m gonna cum!” She cries, her hand flying to cover her mouth. I stop and push her knees up to her chest, leaving her panting. She watches my hands hungrily as I unbuckle my belt, pull my fly down and take my fully hard cock in my hand. “Oh yeah, fuck me, please Ross, now.”

I lean over her and we lock eyes for a second, the tension smouldering between us, before I plunge into her. She gasps and claws at the seat as I pull out and fill her again. “Shit!” She moans while I pound her, her hot insides wrapped around me. I grunt, holding her legs against my chest, her knees draped over my shoulders. I suck gently on her skin as I watch her writhe beneath me, pleasure crumpling her beautiful face.

“Fuck, you’re so wet,” I say through gritted teeth, my breathing ragged as I sharply thrust into her.

Her legs stiffen around me as she groans. Her eyes flutter and roll back, “That’s so good, that’s so good,” She whispers.

“Cum for me, baby,” I say.

She throws her head back, crying, “Oh fuck! Oh my god, Ross!” as her body shakes and convulses. Seeing her like this sends me over the edge and I start to shoot my hot cum into her pussy, groaning her name. Her legs relax and fall beside me and I lie down next to her on the seat, letting my breathing return to normal.

We lie quietly in the dark for a moment. Then there’s a tapping on the window. I feel Sarah’s body tense and she stares at me with wide eyes, “Ross, what’s that?” I remain silent, listening, as she shuffles her dress back into place. Tap tap tap.

“What the fuck...” I mutter. I can’t see out the windows; the street is pitch black except for late night cafe windows glowing further down the road. Tap tap tap.

I sit up. “Stay here,” I tell her and slowly open the door. I step into the darkness and the close the door behind me, agitation knotting in my chest. “What the fuck, man? Who are you?” There’s no reply. I hear something shifting and I whip around, desperately trying to locate it.

Suddenly, something collides with the side of my head and I’m knocked off balance. I fight back at thin air and vaguely register the car door being swung open as a damp cloth is clamped around my mouth and I sink to the ground.

* * *

I wake up in a dimly lit room with a horribly stiff neck and a throbbing pain in my left temple. I’m shackled to a large padded chair; my wrists are cuffed to each arm and my ankles to the two front legs. The chair is bolted to the ground and I feel like a man waiting electrocution. My jacket’s gone but I’m still wearing my shirt and pants, lightly damp with sweat.

As my senses return, I scan the room. Dark wooden boards line the floor and the walls are coated in a peeling, dirty white paint. There are no windows and only one door on the opposite wall. A few overhead lamps buzz faintly on the ceiling, providing what little light there is. While the rest of the room is empty, a large bare mattress is in the middle of the floor, about three metres away from me, and on it lays Sarah.

She’s unconscious and naked except for her bra and underwear, both a lacy black material. Her hair is messily splayed around her and a black blindfold is tied around her head. Aside from this, she appears untouched. “Sarah?” I call out hoarsely, watching her ribs slowly rise and fall. Fear begins to run through me as I realise the situation. “Sarah?”

She stirs slightly, her hand moving to her face. “Ross?” She says, struggling to sit upright. “Ross?!” She scratches at the blindfold as she cries out desperately.

“I’m here, baby,” I say as she tears it off.

Panic flashes across her face, “What’s going on?”

The door clicks and opens. A tall, dark skinned man walks in, probably a good few years older than me, and locks the door behind him. He’s barefoot, wearing only jeans and a white t-shirt spread across his broad shoulders. He turns to face us.

“Who the fuck are you?” Sarah shrieks at him.

“Don’t talk to me like that!” He shouts, striding over to her. His voice is deep and brusque, “Lay back down.”

“Who do you think you are?” She snaps defiantly. In one swift movement, he pushes her down on the mattress and sits astride her hips. She struggles against him as he leans down and hisses something in her ear. Her body goes limp.

Anger rises within me as he says to her, “Now you are a pretty little fucking thing, aren’t you?” She frowns up at him as he starts to roughly fondle her body.

“Stop it!” I yell, “Don’t touch her!”

He pauses. I wait for a moment before he raises his hand and strikes her across the face. He turns to me, “Don’t say anything.”

Sarah gasps in shock and whimpers but makes no attempt to fight him. He reaches below her back and undoes her bra, dragging it from her shoulders then tossing it aside. He grabs at her firm young tits and pinches her nipples. What did he say to her? What can he possibly have fucking said?

“Aah...” she sighs, her mouth falling open. He pulls her up to him and their lips meet; he kisses her roughly and intensely, biting her lip, and she doesn’t resist. I stare. He moves down and begins to suck on each of her small, pink nipples. “Your tits are fucking perfect, slut,” He says, as she runs her hands through his short, dark hair. I can’t believe what I’m seeing.

He slides one hand between her legs and her bare, pink pussy flashes at me as he tucks his fingers into her underwear. She moans quietly into his neck as he continues his assault on her tits and in spite of my anger and contempt, I’m increasingly aware of the hardening in my lap.

“Ohh, fuck,” She murmurs, with an open mouthed glance at me. She bites her lip and we look at one another. After a few minutes, he pulls his fingers from her panties and stuffs them in her mouth; she sucks on them hungrily, licking up her juices.

He stands up and pulls his top off, while Sarah stares at his dark muscular chest, then undoes his belt and fly. He looks down at her, now on her knees and strokes her hair. He takes his cock from his underwear, hard, thick and I have to say – huge, and I watch Sarah tentatively wrap her tiny, slender fist around it.

“Put it in your mouth,” He orders her as I glare at him. He ignores me as she slips her lips around the end and slowly slides it to the back of her throat. She only fits about half of it in her mouth as she repeats this, pausing to spit on his shaft. I think about her handling me that way and ache for her to touch me, to feel her tight, warm throat around my dick.

He gathers her hair in his fist and starts to thrust into her mouth. He grunts as he picks up pace, each time going deeper. Her eyes start to stream as she struggles not to choke and saliva runs down her chin.

“Breath through your nose,” He commands, pushing his full length in her mouth. She blinks up at him, her body rigid. This is so hot, I think, watching him control her, beginning to envy him. She starts to splutter and he pulls out, letting her gulp in a few breathes before plunging back in. He smirks, “Good girl.”

Pulling out again, he hauls her to her feet and pushes her in my direction. She stumbles slightly as he slowly follows behind her. “Go on,” He says sharply. He stops her about two feet in front of me. As he trails his finger tips down her sides, I notice her gazing at the bulge in my pants, her breathing shallow. He suddenly yanks her panties down to her ankles and forces her top half down, causing her to cry out and grab my chair. Her hands grip the back on either side of my head and we’re face to face; she pants, wide eyed, staring at me. I want her so much. Need her so badly.

He grabs her ass and gives it a quick smack. There’s a moment’s pause before she grimaces as he pushes inside her, squeezing her eyes shut. “Shit, you’re so tight,” He says, “You like that, slut? Do you?” She whines loudly and he thrusts harder, slamming his hips against her ass. She leans forward and kisses me, smashing her lips against mine, her tongue darting around my mouth. I badly want to touch her. I feel a kind of urgency in her kiss as she moans into my mouth and pulls away. I watch the ecstasy ripple through her face, only inches away from mine, as she’s jolted forward slightly with every thrust.

“Go on, suck his cock,” He tells her, his hands wrapped firmly around her hips. She doesn’t hesitate and reaches into my lap, hastily fumbling with my zipper. I spring free and my dick immediately disappears between her lips. I groan, my fingers curling into fists as she envelopes me in her warm, wet mouth. Her head bobs in my lap and I feel her throat constrict around me as she gags slightly.

“Shit, oh my god!” She screams, releasing me momentarily as a wave of pleasure visibly runs through her, “Oh my god! I’m cuming!” Her knees seem to weaken but she keeps pumping my cock while the other man slams into her.

Eventually she stills, and sighs as he pulls out of her. He turns her around and sits her down in my lap, her soft hair brushing against my face. She reaches between her thighs and gently guides me into her soaking wet pussy. She begins to rock slowly as she leans forward and grasps the other man’s cock, bringing it towards her.

“Yeah, you like my black fuckin’ dick, do you slut?” He smirks.

“I fucking love it,” She purrs, stroking his swollen length. Feeling resolutely ignored, I start to buck against her ass, wishing I could hold onto her hips the way he had. Frustration begins to boil in my gut as I furiously fuck her, feeling her tight, hot pussy slipping up and down my shaft. She whines, playing with her clit with one hand, idly caressing him with the other.

“Fuck her ass,” He says to me, lifting her off my cock slightly, now dripping with her juice. She seems unsure as I watch him stare intensely at her for a few seconds, before she lines me up with her small, tense asshole and very slowly sinks onto me.

“Shit,” She whispers and I groan as I feel her stretching around me. He gets onto the ground, his long legs easily propping his hips level with her pussy, and pushes her knees up to her chest. He enters her from the front, both of us completely filling her, and begins to gently fuck her. “Oh my god, that’s so good,” She says quietly, grasping my forearms, “Fuck me.”

His movements reverberate to me, bouncing her ass on my cock. It’s heavenly. Her tight hole struggles to take my girth and I twitch inside her, feeling it right through my abdomen. He quickens, sliding his jeans and underwear down to his knees and she cries out, “Yes! Oh my god, yes! That’s fucking amazing!” She pushes her hair to one side and I start to suck on the side of her neck, running kisses along her shoulder, while he reaches up and pinches her small, hard nipple between his fingers. I feel her losing control as she drags her nails along my arms and shudders pulse through her body, vibrating on my dick.

“Fuck! Fuck! Fuck!” She shrieks as she cums again, violently shaking on my lap. He stands up and drags her off me, onto her knees as he starts fiercely jerking his cock over her face. She spreads her lips and he drives into her mouth, roughly fucking her face until finally he grunts and I see his cum shoot across her tongue. He squeezes the last few drops onto her chin before grinning down at her and replacing his jeans.

He leaves the room as Sarah crawls over to me, kneeling between my knees and taking me in her mouth. She lovingly runs her tongue along the sides of my shaft before pushing me deep into her throat. I grip the arms of the chair; she just gets better every time. Then, sucking on the end and pumping me in her fist, her dark eyes gaze up at me as she expertly works my cock.

“Baby, I’m gonna cum,” I groan, my eyes rolling back as I let go and release my cum into the back of her throat. She keeps on gently sucking until she’s sure I’m done then returns me to my underwear just as the other man re-enters the room. He throws Sarah’s dress and shoes down on the mattress before leaving again. As breathless as I am, she crawls away and starts to redress, purposely leaving her underwear off as she slips on the rest of her clothes.

I hear a faint hissing and my eyes begin to sting. Sarah opens her mouth to speak but no sound comes out, she only coughs. As my vision becomes more blurred and my lungs ache, I see her fall back on the mattress as my eyes close and I black out.

* * *

When I reopened my eyes I was back in the driver’s seat of my car, morning light spilling through the windows. Sarah was sitting up next to me, frowning out onto the street.

“Wh... what did he say to you?” I stammer, waking up.

“Nothing,” She mutters.

“No seriously, tell me.”

“It was nothing, okay?”

“Sarah, tell me,” I persist. She’s obviously hiding something.

“Um, well...” She starts, shifting uncomfortably, “I sort of... hired him to do that a couple of months back.”

“What?” I say in disbelief.

“I didn’t know when he’d do it... it just really turns me on, y’know... I’ve always wanted to be kidnapped,” She says, guiltily meeting my eye.

You can’t deny it was hot, I think, struggling to keep a smile off my face. “It’s okay, baby,” I say, putting my hand over hers, “Just tell me next time, yeah?”

She nods shyly, relived at my reaction, before I start the car and we head home.



2012-08-26 14:01:35
I like the story and with a twist at the end.
The next story you write should have scorching hot sex enough to melt metal.
I see your potential.
Until the next time I want you to live the greatlife. :-)

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