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Double Dose of Bad Seed:

Part 4.1:
The Academy Days- Continued.

Christmas worked out well with Julias family,
Her mother and father took a liking to me,
Being in the Academy, and it was obvious I
Came from money, helped.

Her father was a local commissioner, so
the academy allowed him to check me out for
some of the holidays and family days.
I would go over for a BBQ or Sunday dinner.

It wasn’t really my cup of tea but, it allowed me
more free time to fuck Julia and allowed me to observe
a loving family so I could fake it later.

Me and Julia snuck in quickies where ever we could.
Now as usual all things come to an end,
It is usually something I did or said and this time was
no different.

Her father had picked me up for Sunday dinner,
Luckily after church service. It started of like any other
Sunday. Her mom cooking and dad watching the game.
Me and Julia finding a place to fuck and usually Stacy
would show up after lunch.

I had not fucked Julia in the ass yet, she was always
scared but me being the kind soul that I was decided
that was going to change today.

We ended up in her fathers study, we had used it many times
before with out trouble, I had dropped an extacy pill in
Julias drink earlier so she was ready.
I liked the study I could put Julia up on the desk
spread eagle and I had a chair to sit in while I eat that sweet
little pussy of hers.

I had Julia bent over the desk and was pounding
her pussy hard when we heard the knock on the door.
I walked over and listened.
It’s me Stacy let me in- I hear from the other side.
I open the door and Stacy slips inside. She starts to say
something but I cut her off.

Look Stacy we got a deal so get naked and get over there
and get your sisters virgin ass ready for some cock- I say.
She starts to say something but stops knowing
I controlled her scholarship. Make sure the doors locked-
She says as she begins undressing.

I locked the door and went back over to Julia,
Who was naked and bent over the desk still.
I resumed pounding her wet little fuck hole
while Stacy got undressed. Once she joined
I had Julia eat her pussy while I finished up
fucking her, filling her pussy with a nice load
of fresh cum.

Julia remained bent over the desk and Stacy came
Around behind her and bent over and started reaming
her ass. While Julia cleaned my cock. Between
Julia sucking me and watching Stacy lick and
stick her tongue in her sisters ass. My cock was hard
and ready for another round. I slipped in behind
Stacy and her pussy was dripping from Julia eating her.
She was ready so I slid right in.

I fucked her nice and slow
Mostly watching the show, her eating her sisters
ass, and fingering it. It was not long before I filled
Stacy with cum as well. My cock was hard again
by the time Julia finished cleaning it. I was ready
for that virgin ass whether she was or not.

I had Stacy spread eagle on the desk and Julia had her
face buried in her sisters pussy sucking out my cum.
I put a little KY on my cock and her anus.
I pressed the head against her puckered ass hole.
With a little pressure the head slip inside. Julia jumps
a little and tightens her ass but relaxes her muscles.

I begin slowly sliding deeper inside her.
Julia instinctively begins rubbing her clit as I
begin slowly fucking her ass, I was only about 7 inches
inside her at this point but I doubt she could handle
more and not scream out.

I slowly increased me spend and depth until we both finally cam.
That is when the shit hit the fan.

In my defense I locked the door, it was those double
French doors though, how was to know if you
Did not lock the latch at the top you could push the
doors open.

Also it is not my fault those doors open into the family
room and kitchen/dinning area. Also I was definitely
not the one who invited her mothers church group
over for tea.

With that being said, when the doors swung open
Stacy was naked and spread eagle on the desk
facing the door. A nice puddle of cum on the desk.

Julia was bent over the desk naked with her face buried
In Stacys pussy sucking my cum out. Her ass
facing the door with cum running down both her

Me I was naked my ass to the door. My cock about
halfway in Julias ass with cum dripping from it.
We all turned and looked. When Julia did she had
her sister and my cum dripping from her chin.

Well the doors swing open and her mom and
at least 9 of her church ladies are just gasping
and staring. Luckily I had already got my nut.
Not like the Nicole incident where I got cheated.

It was a good day in my book all were
satisfied and although a few of them church
ladies acted like they were having a heart attack
No one was hurt.

I ate Sunday dinner at the mess hall obviously.
You would not believe the face Julias mother
gave me when I ask for a to go plate, kind of
reminded me of Uncle Frank.

I did feel it was partially my fault and since
Julia was grounded. I let Stacy slide on her deal with me.
All she had to do was service me herself to
keep her scholarship.

I thought she would have been excited about my kindness
but her look told me different. Looking back I probably
should not have mentioned it in front of her mother.

Now when Thursday rolled around, I called Stacy,
it was business after all, apparently she did not feel that way.
She was feeling much better the following week when
her scholarship cancellation arrived in the mail.

When I called on Thursday she agreed to meet and talk Friday.
We meet at a crack motel, I was wanting to teach her
a lesson.

Julia is grounded, but I will sleep with you if you
reinstate my scholarship- she says almost crying.
Well I will but our arrangement will change a little.
With out being able to supply Julias pussy as agreed.
You have to find a replacement her age- I tell her.

She just looks at me in disbelief of what I just told her.
There is no way I can get you a girl, I would not even
know how to go about that, Julia was my sister that was easy-
She says looking at me with disgust.

Talk to Julia maybe she has some little slut friends,
or you seem to like drugging them, so I suggest you get a
baby sitting job with some girls the right age- I reply
No way I can not do that- she says
You was ready to do it to your sister if she did not comply
so I am sure you can find it in yourself to do it to them.
Also until you set it up it will not just be sex with us.
You will do whatever I ask with out question, call it
incentive to keep you focused on your task- I say

Ok get naked bitch I do not have much time before
I have to be back. Oh and I am going to fuck your ass
So you best have it ready when I am finished with that pussy-
I tell her as I start stripping my clothes off.

As she looks at me with those eyes, I wonder to myself
if she knows she will pay for that later tonight.
She quickly undresses and climbs on top of me.
She know I always like to taste her before so she
puts her pussy to my mouth and takes my cock into hers.

As I slide my tongue between her lips tasting her sweet juice,
I am amazed how wet she is already. She is always wet
come to think of it. I go back to slowly enjoying her taste
and teasing her pussy to give up more of her nectar.

She finally gives off a fresh load of her cum which
I eagerly lick up. She spins around and mounts me.
She is definitely horny and giving it all she has tonight.
I am sure hoping I forget about her ass, she rides my cock
Hard and fast Cumming twice until I fill her with my cum.

She lays on my chest catching her breathe. She jumps a
little as I begin teasing her ass with my finger.
She know its coming and slides off my cock
and begins sucking it clean. Using her other hand she begin
Using the cum from her pussy to lube her ass
and her fingers to start stretching it.

I was going to help but I was enjoying the blow job and the show.
I got up to pee and when I returned she was on all fours with 3 fingers
in her ass trying to work a fourth in, I figured she was ready.
I walked over and grabbed her by her long auburn hair and
pulled her into the bathroom, making her crawl like a dog
the whole way. I pushed her head in the toilet bowl.

My fresh piss was the cleanest thing in there, they had dried shit splatter
On the back, enough public hairs on the rim to make a wig and several
used tampons in the can next to the toilet.

I entered her ass and buried my cock all the way inside her.
I pounded her hard trying to force her head into the water.
She was gagging and ready to puke but keep her face dry
somehow, she used one arm to brace her self and the other hand
to play with herself.

The smell and filth was kind of a turn off and it took me awhile
To cum, long enough that her ass had become raw and
began bleeding. When I finally did cum in her ass.
She quickly spun around and took my cock into
her mouth, I guess she was happy it was her own blood
and ass on my dick.

I went in the room and began dressing, I had to be back
in 45 min. The look in her eyes as she lay naked crying
on the bed told me she would find a girl soon.
On my way out I added a little more incentive.

I open the door and the two homeless guys were still
sleeping against the wall. I called them over to the room.
Once inside I hand them a box of condoms.

Here she is all yours until the condoms are gone.
Use all her holes and she likes it rough, right baby-
I say laughing. I am sure she threw them out after
I left but I stayed long enough to make sure she
had one in her pussy and one in her mouth.

I could hear her crying around the cock in her mouth
as I closed the door. That is what I call motivation.
I should have me a fresh young girl next week.

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