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I don't live in the big city. "Out in the county" as people around here call it, you can leave your house unlocked and know it safe while you are not there. You can take a walk around the neighborhood at night without fear. There are no gangs. No rapes. The worst crime to be committed in our little village in the last 10 years was when 3 teenage boys broke open a Pepsi machine and emptied the coin box. That's how it is supposed to be. That's how it USUALLY is.

I am a 51-year-old Caucasian male. I have never been victim to any crime greater that being shortchanged a quarter at the grocery store. I used to be excellent shape. I was always athletically inclined. I was into karate, bicycling, hiking, horseback riding, archery, baseball, football, basketball (these last 3, playing, not sitting on a couch watching) and still look in good shape for my age.

That was before the arthritis started in my hips. Now my only exercise I get is walking. Any day the weather permits, I walk the quiet little country roads. I walk up one and down another, usually walking a total of about 10 miles during midday. Sometimes, when my hips are feeling young, I'll walk through one of the wooded areas and take in some nature. This was one such day...

At least, until I came across a group of young men using the woods to have a private party. I approached the group. People around here are friendly. I know most of them after living here the last 25 years anyway. I got a little concerned as I approached and saw well over a dozen Harleys parked in the clearing. Everyone there was wearing a leather with the word "Outlaws" sewn to the back along with some sort of graphic I couldn't make out. I decided it would be prudent to go around and not make my presence known. I quickly chose a different path. As quickly as my sudden flare up of arthritis would allow anyway.

"Hey Pops! Don't run away. We won't bite you. Come join us."

I told them my arthritis was acting up and I needed to get back to level ground. "Thanks anyway." I said as I turned and took a step. That is, tried to take a step. My shoelace caught on the fallen branch I was stepping over and I fell to the ground on my right hip, leg bent in a painfully awkward position. Nothing broken or even sprained, but my hips hurt like a motherfucker. Pardon my language, but it hurt worse than any other words could describe. As I tried to get myself up, 2 of the young men came over to help. They seemed very nice.

"Hey old man, if your hip is bothering you, why don't you party with us 'til it feels better. We got pot, coke, beer, Jack Daniel's. Something'll make it feel better. Fuck, one of the guys could even give you a ride home," said the largest of the group.

As I got closer, I realized the one speaking used to be a neighbor kid. Jamie, Jamie Sheridan. A lot bigger and meaner looking than the last time I saw him. I started to relax a bit, after all, Jamie had always been a good kid. I reminded him of whom I was. Oh, yeah, he remembered. Yeah, I stilled lived in the same house. I relaxed a bit more yet.

No stranger to recreational substances, I partied with the guys. It was far more fun than I thought it'd be! I had a great pot/cocaine/beer buzz going. I was sociable as hell. My hip was feeling much better, but I didn't feel like leaving.

I should have followed my original instincts.

I was so fucked up, I didn't even notice how odd my beer had started to taste. These guys were telling stories and I was listening, laughing and just feeling comfortable around them. Too comfortable. I'll never know what it was that had gone unnoticed in my beer. I just remember getting a hardon that wouldn't go away. Jamie said something about being horny (fuck, he REALLY had gotten bigger since I last saw him!!). Man I was fucked up. I told him I could use a little sex myself. "That's good, cause you are about to get plenty of it" Jamie told me.

Jamie stood up, dropped his pants and told me to suck his cock.

"What're you fuckin' nuts?" I asked as I backed away from this big, badass bike gang leader. I instinctively took a fighting stance! Thanks, guys for the coke. My hips are feeling pretty spry, and "I'm no fag. I ain't sucking nobody's dick! I appreciate the party boys, but I think it is time for me to get going". As I backed away, my rear foot touched another. I shot a back kick straight up under his chin.

It had started. Before it was over, 6 of those young men would never touch me again, if they survived. Another 4 had breaks of major bones and would no longer be able to fight. The remaining 7 overpowered me. 4 of them held me down, while the remaining 3 took revenge for their "brothers".

One, seeming to like, or dislike, my face, kicked me in it repeatedly. I didn't know it at the time, but my lower jaw was broken in 3 places. My right eye socket was crushed, all my front teeth kicked out. My nose broken, pointing to the smashed left cheekbone.

Man #2 has a preference of breaking each rib in 2 places with his cleat covered boot tips, while the last took a hideous pleasure in trying to break my testicles. He said so. I broke his best friend's pelvis, he was going to break my balls. He ended up getting even for his friend's pelvis in the process.

As someone lifted me off the ground, I heard Jamie say "All you had to do is suck my cock, well, all my friends too. And take it up the ass by maybe half of them and no one needed to get hurt. We got you horny enough, you'd have had fun at the same time." I had to admit to myself that as beaten and broken as I was, I was still fucking horny. And the idea of sucking every guy here was starting to sound really good. "Now, you're gonna do it anyway, but after what you did to my crew, you'll be lucky to live through it."

They laid me face down across a big boulder. Someone took of my pants. He gasped as my genitals pulled loose from my underwear, bouncing my agonized balls off the boulder's surface. The same someone bent each leg and pulled up along the side of the stone. To onlookers, I must've appeared to be a jockey riding the big rock in a race. I got pulled forward until my head hung completely.

Once again, Jamie's voice penetrated my veil of anguish. "Here it comes Pops," were his words as he grabbed me by the hair and lifted my head until my broken mouth fell open. That close to my face, I was able to make out his cock through my bruised, slit eyelids. It looked very much like my own, making it 6.5-7 inches long, 1.75 or so across. His balls hung higher than mine. The years, and my addiction to binding them tightly, have taken a toll on my sack and its residents.

His cock plunged to its base in one, swift, punishing motion, pressing my already broken nose more flatly against my busted cheekbone. Jamie apparently didn't need to work up to stride, he hit it right away, pulling back until it almost passed out my lips, only to ferociously pound it back into my nearly toothless ravaged oral cavity against my face so hard as to make it bounce of his pelvis. I try to gag each time he plunges in, but he just pushes harder. His tempo increases with my discomfort.

Soon I feel my mouth drooling frothy saliva, almost gushing as a defense mechanism. Someone off to my left has a hand under my chin and is harvesting the drool. He is using it to lubricate my asshole. Considering his lack of any form of gentleness, I'd guess his only concern is in not friction burning his dick. He harvests saliva several more times before pushing the head of his very hard pecker against my virgin shithole and shoves it straight in as far as it will go. It must not have gone all the way in as he kept pushing and grunting and making me feel as though he is going to tear through me. Out to the tip, for a running start, slam it back in as hard as he could, over and over. The pain was unbearable, I passed out.

Something hot and wet permeating my unconscious drifting. Splashing all over my face. "Bull shit, you're passing out on us! Fuck you! You beat my boys, some still out of it and you think you're gonna sleep through your punishment! Wake the fuck up, motherfucker!" Oh God no. Some of them are pissing on my head and face and in my mouth. Something thick in slowly making its way out the corner of my mouth. I move my head. Someone holds my eyelids open and the piss streams get directed to my eyes, making them burn all over.

"Alright, he's awake. I'm next!" big fatass comes to my face. He backhands me as hard as he could across my face. "Break my arm, willya, pieceashit. I was the one that was gonna give you a ride home, you ungrateful motherfucker. All I wanted in return was a piece of your ass. Now I want a piece of your dick as well". With that, he pushed the guy that was fucking me completely away. He came out with a very audible "POP!". Fatass pulled out a butterfly knife. He was so graceful at opening it, I know I either broke the wrong arm, or Fatass was bi-dexterous. Either way, I was not able to prevent him from cutting off my cockhead and rubberbanding it to my face where my nose is supposed to be. And he went to my ass a proceeded to stick his (fortunately for me, shorter) penis in my pooper and fuck me for all he was worth.

Meanwhile, the guy that had been up my ass came to my mouth to finish. Oh yuck. My shit was all over it! Fucking disgusting! I consciously realized at that moment that this guy wasn't wearing a condom. My disgust didn't matter a bit to my assailant, he just started fucking my mouth without a care. All 7 healthy attackers and 3 of the wounded ones took turns sadistically raping me from both ends. One of my seriously wounded adversaries gained a measure of consciousness. When asked, he whispered something in Jamie's ear and died.

"Horse said to stick a JD bottle as far up his ass as we can and beat him until it breaks."

I tried to move. I was too badly beaten and decades out of peak fighting condition. All I could do is keep lying on here on this boulder while they forced the bottle up my ass. I know they punctured intestine in the process, but that didn't matter because the beating all that could gave me in the lower back with large branches and bottles did far more damage. The fragmented glass would never come out safely.

They gathered their wounded and bikes and rode off. Before he left, Jamie bent down and said "Gee Mr. Greenlee, all you had to do was give us head and tail. No one needed to get hurt. Let alone die. I always liked you when I was a kid".

That was the last one was of them. The sun was still up then. Odd, I was feeling so cold before. Now, it is so warm... pleasant... Must be... indian... sum...


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2007-01-01 23:16:29
violent. erotic, but violent. i have to agree with bryan on this one. good story, but a little too gruesome for my taste. but you are right chucky, i shouldv'e taken the warning a little more seriously. btw, it's amedexterious, not bi-dexterious


2006-07-15 07:33:06
it really sucked.


2005-05-19 21:01:25
that was some craaazy shit.


2005-03-03 13:28:04
Of course it was violent. What did you expect after reading the deion? I gave it an eight.

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