This is a series and it would be a good idea to read the first three parts. A lot has happened to Jake and Vince through the past nine months and they are finally starting to get back on to normal ground. (please vote or leave a comment)
I climbed out of the shower and tried to dry off, but everywhere I touched hurt. The bathroom door was locked and I felt safer behind it, but the colder air outside the shower curtain made goose bumps form over my whole body, which made the new bruises sting more. Taking a deep breath, I opened the door and hurried into my bedroom. All three had left; the room at least and I locked the door behind me. I went over to my dresser and pulled underwear and sleep pants on, then the bed caught my eye. I must have taking a few steps back because my back hit the wall behind me. The sheet were badly rumpled, one corner was untucked, showing the mattress underneath. Blood and other fluids stained the sheets in places and were started to dry. I couldn’t stand it. The sheets struggled to stay on the bed as I pulled at them, as if they knew how angry and hurt I was. The mattress moved, sliding a little on the box spring as the sheets finally came free. I grabbed then up, ready to throw them into the trash, but stopped and thought better about it jut as I was getting to the trashcan. Mom would wonder where they’d gone if I did and I really didn’t want to go through telling her that story again. Hating that I couldn’t get rid of the things, I threw then into the washer and started the cycle to clean them.

I walked through the house making sure everything was locked and that no one else was in the house, I even slid the sliding lock near the top of the front door so that even if Jack came back home he couldn’t get back in. It took a while for me to realize that I was just walking from one room to another with no real purpose to it, but I couldn’t make myself stop either. When the washer was done and I put the sheets in the dryer I finally talked myself into going to Mom’s room and lock myself in. It took forever to get comfortable in her bed and I think the sun was coming up before I finally got to sleep.

Staying asleep though proved to be harder then going to sleep the first time and after waking up for the fourth time in a cold sweat. I had to get up. My room was a disaster area as I walked back in it to put new sheets on the bed. I think my hand trembled the whole time I spent righting the bed and other things that had ended up on the floor. My phone was the hardest thing to find until it started ringing. I had to lay on the floor to reach, where it had fallen under the bed.

“Hello?” I hadn’t recognized the ring tone and the number was from a different city.

“Jake, it Mom.” I sighed. Glad it wasn’t Vince calling from his grandmother’s. I really didn’t want to tell him just yet about all this, if at all.

“Hey Mom.”

“I’m sorry I didn’t come home last night, but Nancy was in a bad car wreck. I still haven’t been able to see her because they took her straight into surgery, are you alright being home alone after…” I wanted to laugh at the idea of being home alone last night, how I wished that was the case, but she would have enough to deal with if her sister was in the hospital.”

“I’ll be fine, Mom,” God, I hated lying to her. “So there’s no word on how she’d doing?”

“No, they’re not telling me anything yet. I thinking they’re waiting to tell me anything until after she gets out, but I’ll call you back as soon as I know anything or if anything else happens.”

“Ok, love you Mom.”

“Love you too, baby.” She hung up. I looked at the time on the phone. It was almost noon. I sighed and knew I wouldn’t be able to stay the night here again for a while. I texted Autumn.

Hey r u home yet?

I will be in an hour, y?

Can u ask ur mom if I can come over for a while?

Sure…Vince coming with?

No, his still at his grandma’s till late 2morrow.

Cool, been a bit since it was just me and u.
I smiled at that. It had taken a lot to get Vince to be ok with Autumn hanging around me so much, months in fact, but they’d finally came to an understanding about me. It had taking the longest for Vince to get over the fact that she not only had seen me naked, but had done sexual things with me and I’d liked it enough to physical respond to her. One night he caught me watching her get dressed in the mirror when we were about to go out, that had taken some explaining on my part and I’d felt horrid after doing it, but we’d leaned I’m not 100% gay as Vince is, it’s more like 80%. The fact that Autumn and I had nearly had sex should have given that away, but I don’t thing he thought that through before that night. Sometimes girls do have an effect on me it’s very rare, but unfortunately, Autumn happens to be one of the very few that can effect me. Lately we’d been able to go out with her, and Vince not cringe if she tried to hug me or give me a light kiss. I had never given it much thought because it was always just me and her, but as we started hanging out more Autumn started to see Vince as another best friend. That started an interesting little scene whenever the three of us saw each other. I’d nearly died laughing at his reaction the first time she kissed him. Vince hadn’t noticed what she was doing and then her lips were on his, he just stood there dumbfounded. It was just the way Autumn had always been with me, even back when we were small, long before we were old enough to understand what we were doing. I think the first time she kissed me I was eight.

Text me when u get home, please.

I will.
It was almost two hours before she said anything back. Knowing her mom I figured she made Autumn put everything away before I was allowed over. It was another twenty minutes before I arrived on her doorstep. Her mom opened the door and let me in.

“She’s in her room, Jake. Remember to leave the door open,” she said and I saw her eyes go to the mark on my cheek and her eyebrows came together. “What happened to you? I’ve never known you to be one for fighting.” My hand came up to touch my cheek.

“Jack and I kinda had it out the other day.” I lied. No need to tell everyone about what happened, though I wasn’t going to get away with that in front of Autumn.

“That’s not like you two.” I shrugged. She stepped out from the door and I went up the stairs. I knocked on Autumn’s door, but she didn’t say anything.

“Autumn?” I cracked the door open, knowing she’d hear that.

“Hey Jake.” Autumn opened the door further. “Oh my God what happened?” That same eyebrow furl that her mother had given me passed over her face. I stepped in to her room and she opened the door further. Her room was done in hues of purple and movie posters covered her walls.

“Come on tell me about your trip first.” I told her, taking her hand and leading her over to her bed. She sat down near the headboard and I lay down across it, sitting hurt too much. I turned my head to face her.

“I don’t think so Jake.” She touched my cheek; it was the only visible mark on me with the long sleeves I had on. “Vince didn’t do it, did he?”

“No,” I raised up on my elbows staring at her. “You’re the second person to think it’s him. Why is that?” She gave a weak smile.

“He’s the new person in your life it would make sense for it to be him since I’ve never seen a bruise like this on you before.” I lay back down. “So what happened?” I sighed. I knew I was going to have to tell her at lest some of it. How do you not tell your best friend and on top of that how do you not tell some one that’s been your best friend for nine years?

“Friday night Jack and Mom both left and said they wouldn’t be back until morning so I called Vince over and made dinner for us. We had the house to ourselves, so it didn’t take anytime after dinner for us to…well.” I looked to Autumn and she smiled, trying to encourage me to go on. “Anyway we ended up in my bed and…we were about to…when Jack walked in on us. I don’t think it would have been so bad if Blake hadn’t been with him as well.” Autumn gave me a dirty look. She didn’t like Blake, I’ve never heard the story on why from either of them; the only think I know about it is that they’re cousins and her dislike of him ran deep and they had a history that went way back. When I told her about liking him the only thing she would say was I was too good for him even if he did like guys.

“Blake got Jack to help him beat you.” There wasn’t even a question to it. I thought I heard something outside her door and turned my head, which pulled hurt muscles causing me to squint and miss whatever might have been there. I settled back down and tried to think about how much to tell her. Neither of us kept much from each other and if Blake was bold enough to say it in front of my mom, he was bound to tell her if I didn’t. I sighed, maybe just the first part would be best.

“It was a little more than that…Vince and I were naked so I started telling Jack off so he wouldn’t pay Vince any attention while he was pulling on he clothes to get out of there. With Vince gone Jack was ready to walk from the room, Blake gave him a better idea.” I tried to move on the bed to get more comfy but ended up laying back down on the bed and Autumn laid on her side next to me, head probed on her hand. “He thought it would be…fun to get oral from me.” I looked away, but her dresser was there with its mirror facing us. “I tried to get away, but it was my first real fight and both of them are a little more use to that kind of stuff.”

“How…how far did it go?” Her hand when to my chest, rubbing lightly. I hissed as she passed over another bruise over my ribs. I watched a frown creep over her face then her hands were at the hem of my shirt, pulling it up away from my skin I stopped her before she saw most of the newer ones on my chest, but she still got a good look at the ones on my hips and lower stomach. “They didn’t…” I stayed turned away, watching her in the mirror, her eyes glued to were my hands held my shirt down.

“Have you heard yet about Blake’s scholarship being revoked?”

“Yeah, but his mom wouldn’t say why.”

“Mom came home and they stopped. I took a shower and was ready to run to Vince’s house, I had to get away. Blake, in front of Vince and my mom bragged about what he’d done to me. Mom had me go to the hospital and press charges. Blake’s up on assault and statutory rape charges.” Autumn’s fingers slid under the shirt and over a newer bruise, sending my stomach muscles bunching. I let go of the shirt and she sat up more, easing my shirt up so she could see them better.

“Some of these are really new… you said it happened Friday.” She looked to my face in the mirror.

“Blake blamed me for the scholarship thing…I guess it is kinda my fault, but still…him, Jack and…” I thought for a second if I should mention Bethany by name, “a female friend of theirs finished what they weren’t able to late night.” Small little bits of the night before slid behind my closed eyes and I felt myself start to shake again, slow moving tears ran down my cheeks with it.

“Oh, Jake. Baby…”Autumn curled up to my side, but then pulled away afraid of hurting me.

“It’s ok.” I lifted my arm to get her to lay back down. She laid her head on my shoulder; one of the few places not hurt and started rubbing my chest again. It’s a little weird having someone so much smaller than you try to hold you and sooth you, but I couldn’t have asked for a more understanding reaction from her. Movement from the door caught my attention again and I raised my head enough to see Autumn’s mom standing in her doorway. I tried to sit up; her mother had never minded us being friends or staying friends after we dated, but the laying down together was a little much for her, then again she still thought I was straight. This time she held out her hand to stop me, since I hadn’t made it to a sitting position yet and it hurt to try I stopped.

“Blake’s always mean toward anyone that wasn’t ‘standard issue’. His father’s that way to and my sister thinks it ok, but I never thought he’d go this far. No wonder she wouldn’t tell me what was going on,” Autumn’s mom said coming further into the room. “Is your brother still at home?”

Fuck, did I really have to do this in front of her? And why does it seem like everyone needs to know. The shaking got worse as I tried to talk. “There’s not enough against him to keep him away with our mom gone.”

“Your mom’s gone?”

“Her sister is in the hospital in a different city, it’s too far to drive so she’s staying there for a while.”

“And this Vince is your boyfriend?” I nodded and for the first time didn’t blush when I admitted it. “Is he at home?” I shook my head. Her mom seemed to think about it for a while. “Did you bring a change of clothes?”

“No. I only came over because I didn’t want to have to explain this to Autumn at school and I had to get away from my room for a little while. It was too much to stay there any longer.” She nodded.

“Well…Autumn do you mind having a room mate for the night, I really can’t send you home if your mother’s not there and with everything you’ve said…it would be just like Blake to set it up again, just to see if it would work.” Had everyone seen through Blake but me and while Jack? Or had Jack known how much of an uncaring fucker he was? It didn’t matter right now.

“Then I’m in Sam’s room right?” Autumn sat up and looked at her mother.

“You can’t sleep in Sam’s room, his home from school until tomorrow and he definitely will not share the twin bed that’s in his room. You’ll have to sleep in here with me; my bed’s the only one big enough for two other then Mom and Dad’s bed.” Her mom gave a slow nod.

“Anyway I’ll leave you two alone now. I’m sorry about listening in, but you saying that you and Jack had it out just wasn’t sitting right with me and I knew you would tell Autumn the truth.” She walked away, nearly closing the door behind her. Autumn looked down at me and gave me a weak smile.

“Get up on the bed the rest of the way so those long legs of yours don’t hang off the side of the bed.” She actually had to help me get so that I could lay against the headboard. Autumn found stuff on T.V. for us to watch as she stayed curled up beside me the rest of the day. Vince texted me a few times and I tried to keep my replays simple, but when I wouldn’t raise to the bait for sexting he seemed a little hurt. I just couldn’t bring myself to do it and after I told him that he seemed to understand and stopped saying anything sexual.

“You sure you don’t want me to go… maybe sleep on the couch?” I asked Autumn when we finally got tired enough to think about sleep. She pulled back the sheets before turning to her dresser to get out some clothes for bed.

“I’m sure. Now get ready for bed.” I looked down at my shirt and jeans then back at her.

“I think I’m good.” She looked over her shoulder at me and frowned.

“There’s no reason to be shy Jake. It’s not like I haven’t seen you in your underwear before.”

“It’s not that. I just… feel safer fully dressed.” Her eyes softened a little.

“No one here is going to hurt you and I know I can’t sleep with denim against me, so…” Autumn walked back over to me dressed only in her bra and panties and pulled my shirt up over my head. I looked down at her and even hurt I started to react to her. I looked away, but then she reached for my pants, it felt like my blood froze as she unfastened them. What little hardening my cock had done disappeared. “Strip to your undies and get in.” She turned back around, going to her dresser. I think it was a full minute before I could move again. “Jake, you ok?”

“Yeah, just don’t to that again.”

“What?” It took her a second to realize what she’d just done. “Oh hell! I’m so sorry.” Autumn came forward, but couldn’t decide weather or not to hug me or the if there was a better way to comfort me.

“I’m ok. Go finish getting into your night clothes.” Autumn sighed and started back for her clothes again. I took a deep breath to steady myself and slowly pulled my pants off then climbed onto the far side of her bed. Autumn crawled into bed beside me in a long t-shirt, her brown hair falling around her shoulders. She smiled at me as she crawled up onto the bed and lay down with her back to me trying to cuddle up. At first I didn’t know if that was the best idea given my bruises and the slight reactions I had to her, but in the end we ended up on our sides with her curled up in my arms. She moved against me, I groaned in both pain and pleasure as the movement caused her ass to press against me.

“Sorry,” she whispered.

“It’s ok.” But she moved again and sat up, turning to me. In the dark, I couldn’t tell what was wrong, but she moved closer. “Autumn?” Her lips touched mine in a soft kiss. The closeness caused her breast to brush against my chest before she leaned back.

“Night kisses.”

“Kisses?” Her lips touched mine again, her tongue touching my mine for a second. “Autumn…” she pulled back again and I thought I saw a smile on her face as she turned back around and snuggled back down, pulling my arm over her waist as she moved. I took a few deep breaths to try to calm myself. It wasn’t just the hard on I was sporting from her kissing me, I waited for some of the flashbacks I’d been having throughout the day, but then it hit me Bethany hadn’t really kissed me. she’d pressed her lips to mine, but it had never been a kiss like this. It made it easier to sleep that night knowing that I could see past some of what had happened.

I woke to a weirder feeling then the one I went to sleep with and nearly jumped out of bed when Autumn rubbed her ass to me as she slept. My body wasn’t up to the quick movement of jumping and I was forced to be still for a moment while the pain faded, but in the process I woke Autumn. She turned over without waking up all the way and curled up to me again, her head on my shoulder, her arm across my chest and her leg over mine. We laid like this yesterday and I had to tell myself that and that she wasn’t holding me down so that I didn’t see Bethany above me again. It took a lot to convince myself that and stay laying there with her until she woke up a little while later.

As the sun started to set on Sunday night, I texted Vince to see if he was home yet. By then he was close and I left Autumn’s to walk the few blocks to his house. I was waiting in the driveway when he pulled up with Kim. There really was no saver place to go with Mom gone for who knows how long, Vince’s mom already knew about the abuse and had told me I was welcome to stay as long as I needed as long as Vince was home. “Hey Jake,” Kim called that same blush touching her cheeks as always did when she talked to me.

“Hey Kim. You two have a good time at your grandma’s?” Kim nodded and went for the front door. Vince shut the trunk and stood there holding two duffle bags with their stuff in it. He smiled and came closer. At first I thought he meant to kiss me like we usually did, but it was just as warm press of lips.

“Miss me love?”

“More than you know.” He tilted his head. “I had to spend last night at Autumn’s, my Aunt is in the hospital and Mom when out of town to stay near her.”

“She left you alone?” shock over whelmed him as he dropped the duffle bags and tried to look me over.

“I’ll ok.” Vince didn’t seem to believe me, but he picked up the bags and we headed inside.

“Your brother back at home?” Vince’s mother asked from the couch.
“Mom had to go see her sister. I didn’t want to take the chance in Jack coming home or bring Blake home and me being there.” She stood and came closer.

“Same arrangement as before, only one on the couch only one in the bed or I’ll have to send you up stairs.” She was seriously letting us sleep in the same room again.

“We will Mom,” Vince said putting his arm around my shoulders and leading me down to his room so. I sat down on his bed, but I couldn’t stay that way so I moved up on the bed to lay against the wall (his bed didn’t have a headboard). “So why did your mom just leave you at home?” Vince sat down near me so he could look at me as he talked. I told him about the car wreck and that Mom still hadn’t heard anything other than she was out of surgery.

“I just couldn’t stay there by myself last night. I had to sleep in Mom’s bed the night before because of how worried I was about them coming back.” There that was the truth without worrying him. I didn’t want him thinking he could never leave me alone again with out something happening. He nodded and hugged me, I did my best not to make hurt noises from how tight his grip was. As we settled in for the night Vince didn’t seem to notice anything different than when he left, and most of the night I warred with myself about telling him the rest of what had happened. He was my boyfriend and I thought he should know. I even wanted to tell him, but I was afraid of how he’d react. He would know I wasn’t an active participant, but I was still no longer virgin for him and that I couldn’t bare telling him. When we started to lay down for the night I pulled on my usual sleep pants for bed and climbed in on one side of the bed. Even though we told his mother that one of us would be on the pull out couch, we decided to sleep in the bed together anyway. His mother had been wrong on that part; laying next to him or curled up to him, was beyond comforting and felt better then when Autumn and I had do it the day before.

Vince watched me as I got in bed and walked over before he had his clothes on for bed. “What?” I asked him. He pulled the covers back and sat down on the bed, taking a good look at the bruises before he said anything, shit I forgot the new marks. No I didn’t have a choice in telling him.

“Jake what happened?” I didn’t say anything and looked away, I was too worried what he would say. “Tell me something Jake, cuz this,” he set his fingers lightly against one of the bruises on my hip, “is newer then the rest and there are other newer ones as well.” I felt myself start to shake. Vince climbed into bed behind me and pulled me to him. “Just tell me baby, the guessing is killing me.” He let me face away from him as I started.

“Like I said My mom’s sister got into a car crash and she had to leave. My aunt doesn’t have any other immediate family, both their parents are gone and my aunt isn’t married, no kids. So Mom had to go see to her.” His fingers touched my rebruised cheek and I had to close my eyes at the stinging. “What I didn’t tell you was that Jack came over to apologize and he seemed really sincere about it. We started watching a movie and drinking a little like we use to do when Mom would leave for a date or whatever, I guess I had more then him because I passed out. Nothing strange there it’s happened before with us, but when I woke up Jack had called Blake and a girl over.” My shaking got worse, but I didn’t have the energy to cry this time. Vince pressed his chest to my back more solidly and started rubbing my arm slowly.

“What happened?” He tried to make his own voice sound normal, but I could hear the small tremor, he had already guessed it right and was hoping I would tell him different.

“Jack and Blake held me down while she… got me hard and straddled me.” Why the hell was this happening to us? We just found each other and my stupid brother’s actions might force us apart.

“She…she had you up inside her?” I nodded. His hand stilled over one of the newer bruises, the touch was light enough that it didn’t hurt, but it was close then I hear him sniff, like people do when their crying. “Anything else?”

“She told Blake to…” I stopped and turned to look at Vince. Tears were in his eyes, but hadn’t fallen yet. I turned over more and buried my face between his neck and the pillow, curling my arms up to my chest. “Don’t ask me to tell you the rest, please.” Vince wrapped his arms around me and I thought I felt him rocking us a little.

“He did what he said he would do the next time he got you alone.” Vince hugged me harder to him as he answered it for me. I nodded against his neck. “I thought you were having trouble sitting still, but I just assumed it was from what happened before.” I laughed. “What’s so funny?” he actually sounded hurt and stopped rocking.

“After all the time you’ve spent working me with your fingers to get me ready to have you in my, you’d believe that I couldn’t sit right after eight days when neither of you actually got in. You had lube on you to make it easier and there was still some on me when he tried to…” I didn’t finish.

“I guess I wasn’t thinking about that.” Vince eased back drawing me out from hiding my face. “How bad was it?”

“No lube at all and I tried to stop it so I ended up clenching, but he just pushed harder and… if I move wrong it still burns.”

“Are you still bleeding?” his hand went back to rubbing down my arm and across my back some.

“No, but it’s been two days so…” he nodded and kissed my forehead. “Should I be?”

“I’ve never told you about my first time did I?”

“Sort of.”

“I mean any real details.” I shook my head confused on why he would tell me now. “He was a few years older then me, about seventeen, like we are now. I was fourteen. We were alone at my house and well… you get the idea, but he was use to guys that were older then him and though he liked guys he didn’t like for anyone to…be in him, so it was always him going in. He didn’t understand how tender the flesh around the ass is. We’ll just say he wasn’t very gentle and I hurt for a day or two, even bled some afterward…” he looked down at the bruises. “I didn’t want that for you, that’s why I was always trying to work you open and be gentle. No one should have to hurt like that after their first time.” He cupped my hurt cheek. “But this…this is beyond…Jake I’m so sorry that I couldn’t stay here this week. If I could have you would have been here not at home.”

“I would have had to go home eventually; they were just waiting for it. Please don’t start thinking this is your fault.” He gave me a look and I knew that that was exactly what he was thinking. “It’s not. They’re the ones doing this not you.” I eased up on my elbows and so I didn’t have to look up at him.

“But if you hadn’t met me they would never have found out and…”

“They would have found out at some point. I couldn’t stay in the closet forever.” Vince nodded and got up. “Where are you going?”

“To get my sleep pants on and then to the couch.”

“I thought we decided to sleep in the bed together?” he didn’t say anything as he picked up the clothes from the floor where he’d dropped them and put them on. As he made his way to the couch, I got up. “Jake.”

“No I’m not sleeping in that bed alone…not tonight…please.” Vince wouldn’t look at me. “Vince I serious I’d rather go home then to be here and have you sleep a different bed then me tonight. I do not need space, time maybe but never space. I want to be curled up next to you.” He finally looked up at me.

“The bruises, if we curl up I might hit one in my sleep.” I took his hand and pulled him to the bed. Vince didn’t fight me as I got him to sit on the bed.

“If I thought it would bother me I would tell you and to tell you the truth I think sleeping together it’s going to be the only touching we can do for a while.” I got him to lay down on the bed and I crawled over him to curl up at his side. “I’m too hurt for us to do anything anytime soon and after all this…I think I’m afraid to try anything at all.” Vince didn’t say anything to that, he just pulled me closer to him, his arm around me touching my shoulder.

I was just about asleep when I heard Vince whispered against the back of my neck. “They won’t get a way with this, I promise baby.” I smiled, because that was exactly what I had been thinking. Sleep that night was fitful for both of us. Every time one of us would move, it would press a bruise waking me or I would sit up and wake him, but it was a better just having him near.


“No, Mom I’m fine. How’s Aunt Nancy?” I asked after Mom had been away for almost a three weeks as I sat on Vince’s bed. School had started back again and with Vince home, I made it a habit of staying at his place. His mom still didn’t like the idea of us in the same room, but some nights Vince slept on the couch and let me have the bed to make her feel better about it and in case she came down to check on us. I hated that he did it, but even now, there were times when it was better for him to. It bothered me more to wake him up struggling to get way just because I woke to him pressing his hard cock to my ass as he dreamed than to have him sleep in a different bed.

“She’s doing ok. Their talking about releasing her in a few days, I’m sorry I can’t be there with you baby. After all you’ve been through the other week I hate being away this long,” she answered.

“It’s ok now; with Vince home I can stay over at his place so I don’t have to worry about either of them coming around.”

“I know, but still I’m your mother I should be there to make you feel better, not your boyfriend,” she sighed. “I’ll be home in a few days, a week more tops, and we’ll talk more then.”

“Ok Mom.”

“Love you baby.”

“Love you too, Mom.” We hung up and I looked to the bathroom where Vince was still in the shower then dialed Jack’s number.

“Jake?” Lord did he sound crappy; like he hadn’t slept any better then I had in that passed few weeks.

“Hey, I didn’t know if Mom called you, but she’s still out of town so if you want to you can go home and sleep in your bed tonight.” Please let him fall for it. Jack wasn’t the sharpest crayon in the pack anyway, but I didn’t think he was this dull, I hoped it, though.

“Thanks,” he sounded surprised. “I..ummm… so you’re staying at Vince’s tonight?”

“I’ve been staying at Vince’s since he got back the Sunday after,” I told him.

“Oh. So… it’s not gonna be a problem if I bring Blake over. I haven’t seen him since the… other night and well he’s one of the only friends I have.” I paused acting like I was thinking about it.

“Just keep him out of my stuff, ok.” I kept my voice soft and let it crack a bit on the next part. “He’s done enough to me already…I don’t need him moving or touching my stuff when I can’t be there.”

“I’ll do what I can; Blake’s not big on listening to me, if you hadn’t noticed. He shouldn’t want to do that and I’ll try to keep his mind else where.” I sighed.


“Hey Jake I really am sorry…about everything.” He paused. “I was telling the truth when I told you about that he threatened to tell all that stuff. The thing with Bethany was their idea; they just didn’t have a way to get at you without my help.”

“What could they have offered you to get you to help with that?” I really was curious, I couldn’t think of one thing they could have offered or given me that would have made me do that. There was a long pause. “Jack?”

“They got me to believe it would be good for you to… be with a girl and really see what it was like. That I thought made sense, when they started talking about drugging you to get you to pass out sooner I told them we couldn’t do that. I got away with that one, but once everything started happening I tried to back out, it felt wrong, even got as far as threatening to call the police on them if they tried to go any further. Blake and Bethany jumped me for that one and held me against the wall, pulled a knife on me said if I didn’t go along with what they said that they would tie me down and castrate me. By then you were already passed out and laying naked on your bed, I didn’t know how to get out of it after that.”

“And you still think the guy that threatened to rat about me being gay and then pulled a knife on you, saying he was going to cut your balls off if you didn’t listen to him is still your friend? Fuck Jack, he didn’t even care that Mom was standing right next to you when he just flat out said what had happened.”

“He’s the only one I’ve ever hung out with.” I looked at the concrete floor then took another glance at the bathroom.

“I’d think harder about staying friends with him. If you hadn’t been so determined to find your own friends instead of us sharing friends like we had in elementary this might not have happened. I might have been comfortable enough telling you years ago about me. A lot could be different.” Including what was going to happen to him and Blake for what they’d done to me.

“I’ll think about it… maybe we could get back to how we were before we started growing up, be true twins again. I know we’ve kinda lost that connection, but…I don’t know.”

“You miss it.”


“Maybe, we’ll have to see how the next few days go.” I smiled and tried to hide it from my voice. “Look I got to go, Vince finally got the last Star Wars movie and we were going to try to watch them all tonight.”

“Ok. I guess I’ll see you later?”

“Definitely.” He had no idea.

“Hey. One last thing.”


“Is…is Vince…you know…good to you?” I was shocked into silence for at least two minutes.

“Why do you want to know?”

“Because you’re still my baby brother and…well I just want to make sure he’s good to you after… all this. That he’s not… I don’t know…blaming you or himself for this shit. Is he still… good to you?”

“Vine is always good to me.”




“You do know that only being five minutes older than me doesn’t make you my big brother right?”

“Sure…” the tone in his voice said he believed he was the big brother. I shook my head.

“Later.” I hung up the phone and lay back on the bed; I wished I could stay tonight. Vince had wanted us to have a movie night with a marathon of Star Wars, but with Mom coming home soon, my time was running out. I heard the shower cut off and smiled at the thought of Vince laying down beside me, holding me to him as we watch T.V or just talking, but tonight would be bigger. This would be the first time I knew that Jack would be home and he had talked about bring Blake over if we were ever going to do anything about Blake and Jack it would have to be tonight or tomorrow morning.

Vince came out of the bathroom dressed for bed. His dark hair still wet, making it look black and his bare chest sending a nearly uncontrollable want to touch him through me. It was good to be getting back to my usual self. He looked at me and sighed. “You’re gonna go home to sleep tonight aren’t you?” I sat up. I had planed on it, but I wanted him to come with me for this.

“Yeah. I think your mom is getting tried of feeding an extra kid, after all I’ve been here for weeks. Why don’t we go to my house?” He came to stand in front of me, taking my hands. He didn’t get what I was telling him.

“You know, if both of us had half way decent job we might be able to get an apartment together. It might do you some good to get away from here and some of the memories. Maybe Autumn could help out too; it would be a good trail run for college after next year.” I looked up at him then. The three of us were talking about going to the same college and seeing about sharing an apartment instead of living in the dorms.

“Maybe we should do that. I’ll talk to Autumn tomorrow about it.”

“Why don’t you go stay over there tonight, don’t go home.” Vince pleaded with me. I needed to tell him why I wanted us to go to my house.

“I can’t it’s already almost nine and you know how her mother is about people coming over without being invited. I’ll be fine,” I kissed the back of his hand; it was pointless I’d have to do this on my own. I couldn’t let Vince get involved in this mess, now that I thought about it. “I promise.” He nodded and stepped back. I stood and for the first time in nearly a month, I pulled him into a kiss. Vince went still under my touch, he’d been waiting for me to get back to my more playful self and I was slowly working my way into it, but up until now it had been at a snails pace. I wasn’t afraid that Vince would do anything, but still the few times he’d tried to kiss my mouth, since the rape, I’d pulled away, memories of that pain flooded me each time. This time though, with me going to him it didn’t happen.

Vince melted into the kiss quickly realizing I wasn’t pulling back or just giving him a peck on reflex and that I was really kissing him again. His hand hesitated for an instant on my neck before tangling in my hair. None of the thoughts came back to me from that night, so I pressed closer to him allowing our chests to touch, with only my shirt to keep our skin from meeting skin, and opened my mouth a little for him. Vince sighed contently and slid his tongue along mine. Bellow, I could feel him hardening for me, as he pressed a little more against my hip, and felt my own cock harden as well. It was the first time since everything that my cock had responded and loved it, I felt like myself again. I eased back, wanting to run my hand over his hardening cock, but Vince was too starved for sexual contact to let me move away so soon, without knowing what I was going to do, and tried to hold me in place against him. I stilled, my whole body going ridged, completely frozen in place, when he did, as I flashed back to being held down. My cock instantly deflated and I even stopped breathing.

“Damn it.” He cursed realizing what happened and stepped back letting his hands drop, the second he let go I unfroze and could breathe again. “I’m sorry Jake…” I held up my hand to stop him, still shaking a little from the flashback I took back that step he’d taken away from me and hugged him. Vince needed the contact and I had to show him I was trying to get passed it all. That we could still end up having a fully functional relationship. That I was not broken.

“It’s ok I know you’re not going to try to hurt me, Vince. It’s just some wires are crossed after…, but I promise I’m doing everything I can to uncross them.” I hugged him tighter and he finally put his arms around me to hug me back, his hold gentle as if he thought I might break or freak out if he held any tighter. “I love you, I still want to be with you, be touched by you. I still want to touch you, but sometimes it’s like we’re starting all over again as far as my level of comfort goes. I sorry I can’t just go back to the way I was that night, but I’m still dealing with it in my head and I can’t tell when or if anything is going to come back to bite us.” He sighed and tightened his hold a little, laying his head on my shoulder.

“This is the first time you’ve kissed me since then, you know? I mean other then on the cheek that one time. I’ve tried kissing you on the mouth before, but can only kiss you on the cheek or on the top of the head without you going still on me. But you haven’t reached for me at all. It hurts a little Jake.” He eased back from the hug to look at me. “I know you can’t help it, but it does still hurt.” I smiled at him.

“Maybe we should start sexting again. It’s how I got comfortable with you the first time.” Vince laughed and touched the cheek that had been so abused, now fully healed, again something I’d jumped at or shied away from before tonight. My hand went up to cover his and I felt my chest tighten a little at the remembered pain, but I didn’t step back.

“Then I’ll text you late tonight and we’ll see.” He leaned in slowly, going for another kiss. I closed my eyes as his lips touched mine. I felt my breathing hiccup and I pressed against him again. Vince was careful at first not wanting to set me off again, but it didn’t take long for his hands to find my ass and pull my hips hard against his. My reaction from before had softened his cock as well, but now that our bodies were pressed in a solid line he because bolder and hardened again. “Stay for a little longer.” He said resting his forehead against mine.

“I guess I could stay for a little,” a smile spread across my lips as I answered. Vince lips were on mine again almost before I finished the last word. I let my fingers run through his wet hair and heard him groan. Our tongues met again and he moved us back to the bed. My knees touched the edge of the mattress, but he didn’t try to lay me down. A hand eased up under my shirt, letting his skin touch my spine, when I didn’t protest or freeze up, Vince let his hand wonder over my back before breaking the kiss and pulling my shirt up. He stopped, watching for me to back away. When I didn’t, he closed his eyes and swallowed audibly.

“Raise your arms for me.” I looking in to his eyes and hesitated before lifting them over my head. My shirt came off in fits and I ended up having to help before throwing it across the room. Vince eased his arms back around me urging me back into a kiss. This time, when the full line of our bodies pressed together for the kiss, our naked skin touched from belt line to chest. I felt a groan rise up from my chest, vibrating through me and it fueled Vince’s desire. Heat washed over me as pulled back, Vince looked confused and worried until I lay down on the bed looking up at him. He leaned over me not letting our skin touch, breathing a line of heat up my stomach to my chest as he moved up my torso, his lips nearly touching me along the way. He stopped right before our lips met. “How far can I take this?”

“I’m not sure. Just…don’t try to hold me if I start to pull away.” Vince gave a slight nod and lay his lips on mine, barely letting our skin touch. I ran my hands down his sides, feeling goose bumps form as I moved lower. His lips left mine moving across my cheek and down my neck. I gasped when he bit the space between my neck and shoulder, arched a little with it. I felt his lips curled into a smile at my reaction, when he pressed them to my collarbone. I dug me fingers in at his hips a little wanting his weight against me so that I could feel that warm touch of skin on skin, but he ignored my urgings and continued moving down to my chest. His tongue flattened against one of my nipples before locking his mouth around it. I moaned for him and felt my hips shift on their own, wanting more. Too soon, he let go to lick a hot wet line all the way to the top of my jeans. Vince’s eyes met mine again as his fingers played with the button to my fly, waiting for me to stop him. I got up on my elbows so I could watch him down the line of my body. He popped the button open and my heart jumped.

I saw Vince take a deep breath as he pulled at the zipper, letting my jeans fall open, but leaving my underwear in place. He put a hand on either of my hips and I lifted up so he could pull my pants off. I could feel my heart racing faster and I knew I was breathing unevenly, but I didn’t care. Vince needed to know how much I still wanted him and I needed to see how far I could go before my mind stopped me with those damned flashbacks. We were both starving for the others touch and right now, nothing was coming back to me. He ran his hand up my side to my chest and back down before touching my cock through the fabric. I took a shuddering breath at the gentle touch. My cock pushed back against his hand when he rubbed up the length. I closed my eye letting myself get lost in the sensation as he continued touching me through the cloth. It seemed like forever before the elastic band pulled away from my lower stomach and cool air flowed over my exposed cock. I opened my eyes to watch as Vince wrapped his fingers around me and couldn’t help pushing up into his hand. His grip was loose as his hand moved slowly over me. My chest rose and fell faster as little sounds escaped me.

“Easy love,” Vince said, softly running his other hand over my side. After so many months together, nearly a year in fact, he knew a lot about my body’s reactions and that my rapid breathing wasn’t from fear, but my rapidly approaching orgasm. “Deep breaths for me, baby.” His eyes stayed on mine as I took a few deep breaths trying to settle down some, but after a month of nothing below the belt my body was ready for this to happen. Vince’s head going lower with each breath I took until on the last deep intake, his mouth touch the head of my cock, a small kiss. Watching me the whole time, he stuck out his tongue and licked the slit pressing the tip of his tongue into it a little. My hips lifted and fell with it as his tongue circled around the head. When he finally sucked me into his mouth, my head fell back and I groaned letting that tight wetness work over me, but then the fear was back. I didn’t want to push Vince away after going this far.

It his mouth not her trying to ride you, I told myself and made point to lift my head and watch him sucking me into his mouth to prove it. he would pull up until the head was barely in his mouth then work his way down the shaft until his lips sealed around the base before coming back up to start again. The fear lifted slowly as I watched, but that fear did accomplish one good thing, I was no longer close to orgasming. Silently I thanked God that he hadn’t noticed me going still for that moment. One of Vince’s hands went to my balls as he sucked a little harder and started playfully pulled the skin of my sac, but soon those fingers moved lower. A single finger touch my asshole and I whimpered for more. He moved his hands pulling my underwear lower and I opened my legs a little more.

Vince glanced back up at me before reaching for his nightstand. I must have freaked a little or some fear showed through when he squeezed some of the lube on his finger because he came back up and kissed me. “I’ll be gentle as I can and you know you can stop this at any time.” I nodded and his mouth found my cock again. Only his mouth touched me for a while sucking me in, then the coolness of the lube rubbed against my hole came, his finger played along the outside rubbing it in. I lay back on the bed unable to take watching my cock enter Vince’s mouth anymore as one finger slide in. His tongue pressed to the underside of my cock near the head as he pushed a second finger in and my spine bowed coming off the bed. My hand went to Vince’s hair and he sucked faster. I moaned and moved with him.

“Vince…baby.” He eased up and looked at me. “Quit teasing me and strip.” His eyes lit up and he pulled his fingers out. My cock fell back to my abdomen wet from his mouth. I watched him take off his sleep pants, letting his cock bob freely in front of him as I took my underwear off the rest of the way and moved farther onto the bed. Vince climbed onto the bed with me laying down beside me, one leg over one of mine, and kissed me, his hand taking hold of my cock. I took his hand away, I wanted more then just to cum, and urged him on top of me. When he moved the head of his cock pressed against that space between my balls and ass. I pulled back from the kiss. “Take me.”

“You sure your ready?” I nodded and a soft smile spread over his face. Vince reached for the lube again and poured some over his cock then stroked it to rub it over all of him. “Ready?” I swallowed hard and nodded.

Please do not let me chicken out now. He lined his cock up and lay down on top of me, trapping my cock between out stomachs. My hands rested against his upper arms as our lips met and he pressed his hips forward. His cock started forcing me open and I tensed. “Shh baby it’s ok just a little longer, a little bit more. Relax so it will slide in better.” I tried to relax as he pressed harder and that ring of muscles opened a little further. I made uncomfortable noises and was ready to tell him to stop that I couldn’t do this, but then I felt my ass finally open up for him. Vince gave one more hard push and the head of his cock moved passed that tight ring.

“Oh God!” He stilled above me, with only the head in. He rained kisses on my cheeks and mouth trying to sooth me while I could feel his need to thrust deeper. The muscles in my ass burned some at being stretched, but it didn’t hurt as bad as what Blake had done and I was relieved at that. Slowly Vince pressed forward and I groaned when I felt his balls touch my ass cheeks, his whole cock was inside. As he always did when he stroked my cock, Vince moved slowly just enjoying the feel of finally being inside me. After a few thrusts, I found myself raising to meet him, making it faster, deeper. Vince took the hint and lifted up off me, taking his weight on his hands, then slammed his hips forward. I cried out for him and reached for my cock. It wouldn’t take much to send me over now. “Fuck baby your ass is tight.” My legs curled around his thighs as I stroked my cock, still a little wet form his mouth. He watched as I pumped it and timed each hard push up my ass with my hand. With each pull on my cock and each thrust, indescribable pleasure ran through me, making it so I had to open my mouth in order to breath passed it as it pumped through every cell.

“Let me see you cum. Shot it all over us baby.” Fire licked inside my balls and cock as I thought about the two of us covered in my cum. I heard Vince groan and his cock thickened inside me. “Come on love…Cum with me.” The fire changed from a burning need to electrical jolts that sparked through my balls and at the base of my cock. “Ahh… Jake...oh fuck!” The first shot of Vince’s hot cum inside my ass set off my own orgasm. My back left the bed, forcing his cock harder into me, and the electrical sensation pulsed up my cock sending a thick wad of cum onto the pillow next to my head.

I was gasping for air with each thrust of his cock as it spewed more cum into me. “..Vince…” my own cum shot out covering his chest as well as mine.

“Fuck baby!” his cock kicked inside me again shooting another wad. It seemed like it would never stop, as my cock continued to unload all over us and with each thrust in, his cock would unload another wad into me. Finally, the euphoria started to slip away and my hand slowed, my cock only spewing cum with enough force for it to run down over my hand. Vince’s hips stilled, but then he couldn’t hold himself up anymore and collapsed on me. I wrapped my arms around him holding on to him as we waited for the ability to move to come back. He tuned his head and kissed my cheek again. “I love you Jake,” he said raising up some. Our eyes met and I leaned up pressing my lips to him.

“I love you too Vince.” he smiled down at me then his eyes drifted down to the cum drenching our chests and stomachs. “I think I need another shower.” I laughed. “Ohh, stop laughing…your ass tightens when you do that.” When I settled back down, Vince started pulling out. With his cock somewhat softer then before, it was easier on me as his cock pulled free letting some of his cum escaped. “Let’s get cleaned up.”

“Like I could get up by myself right now.” Vince chuckled and helped me up, walking me into the bathroom. My body was still blissed out when we stepped under the spray of the shower and it took a lot of effort to stay on my feet that first few minutes.

“You still going home tonight?” he asked running the soap over my chest. I looked down at the tub and sighed, nodding.

“I need to, as far as I know no one has been home in a week. I should have went back to check the mail and phone before know, but I wasn’t thinking about that stuff.” Vince moved lower with the soap, sliding it over my stomach and hips as I talked. “I talked to Mom while you were in the shower and she asked about the mail, when I told her I didn’t know she asked if I could check it tonight or early in the morning.” My head fell back under the beating water as his soapy hands worked my cock for a little longer then needed causing me to harden a little again.

“So do it tomorrow and stay here with me tonight,” he said as he stood. I stepped back letting the water wash everything away.

“It’s not just that Vince. I’ve been here for weeks with your mom feeding me and me using up water and electricity that she’s paying for. I love staying here with you, but I’m really starting to feel like a mooch.” We switched places and I took the soap from him, working it over his wet skin. Neither of us spoke until I knelt, running the soap over his legs. Vince’s fingers touched my check to get me to look up then lifted my chin.

“It’s just that I really wanted us to sleep in the same bed after our first time, not have you run off right after.” I stood and he studied me for a second. “I know it hurts a little and after everything you’ve been through the last thing I wanted was to hurt you more, but it wasn’t too much was it?” I leaned in and kissed him.

“It wasn’t too much.” He nodded. I reached for the shampoo.

“Good… I was trying my best to be easy on you.”

“I know. And I loved it.” Vince smiled and started washing his hair out. When he took the shampoo bottle from me, his mood swung back to sexually playful.

“Do you thing maybe tomorrow night we could stay alone at your house, since no ones home?” I nodded, this time I’d make sure no one came home, unless it was Mom. “That way we don’t have to stop after one time.” He smiled. “Would have sucked for my mom to come down the stairs during that, I don’t even thing the basement door was closed.” I snickered at the idea of his mom walking down the stairs to see her son with his cock, hilt deep in my ass as I leaned back rinsing out my hair. “Maybe you could even fuck my ass while we have the house to just us.” I smiled and turned off the water.

“Maybe.” I grabbed both towels and handed him one. “But for tonight, I have to go home.” His smile faded some.

“Stay, please.” I sighed. There were things I was going to do when I got home that I couldn’t tell him right then, I was too worried that he would hate the idea and I felt it was so needed.

“I’ll stay, but I have to leave first thing in the morning, ok?” He nodded. I smiled and stepped out of the shower, drying off.

“There’s no school tomorrow, do you want to have that Star Wars marathon?”

“Yeah.” And now that I thought about it a little more it would be better to wait until the morning, after they'd stayed up all night and passed out.

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