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I hope you enjoy reading as much as I enjoyed actually doing it and writing it. Extremely detailed true story involving my friend Nathan and I...
This experience involved my American friend Nathan, who was GAWJUS! At the time, I was 15 and Nathan was 13. We met each other through matching of specific interest about 4 years before. I never went to America but he visited England on a couple of occasions. The first time, neither of us were teenagers and nothing happened, we just went into the city for the day. The second time, he came over on holiday and we were going to meet up for one whole day. So I met him first thing in the morning and we did some bowling, went to the cinema, and had some nice lunch, by which time it was only about 2pm and he wasn’t going back to his hotel further north until about 7pm. So I offered him to come back to my place, to which he agreed. As usual, my mum and dad were out so we would’ve had the house to ourselves. After catching the train back we arrived into my place at about half 4, where I gave him a tour and offered him something to eat but he said he wasn’t hungry. We went up into my bedroom and he sat down on the sofa looking around whilst I checked something on my laptop. It all seemed to come together really well. I was desperate to suck him off. I knew that from the beginning. He was so hot, so perfect, I wanted it to bad. I logged onto Facebook and somebody posted about a ‘blow job they got last night’, obviously their Facebook was hacked by someone else, nevertheless I laughed and told Nathan about it who said “lucky twat”.

I laughed and went for the next step, “Have you ever had one before?” He looked at me and chuckled “ha! I wish!”. I smiled, and then paused for a moment. I knew what I wanted to say. I was scared about saying it, but I was so desperate I just did it. “I’ll give you one if you want”. He lost his smile and looked at me puzzled. “What?! No way!”. I said “But you said you wanted one” to which he replied “Yeah I do but that’s gay”. I got up off of my chair and went to kneel down in front of him. At first he seemed a little uncomfortable with that. “Not really come on it will just be a bit of fun”. “Jake, stop it – that’s gross”. I kept pushing. Normally I wouldn’t have been this persistent, but he was my most attractive yet, and the fact I wouldn’t see him again for like another 5 years just made me feel as though it was now or never. “Don’t you want one?”. He said “Yes, I do, I want to see what it feels like, but I’m not gay”. I didn’t tell him I was, I just insisted it was ‘a bit of fun’, I said “That doesn’t matter, look we don’t have to tell anybody, you’ll love it!”. He paused for a moment in thought. I thought what was putting him off mostly was the thought of giving me one in return, so I thought ‘stuff it! I don’t need one!’ so I said before he could say anything else “If you want I’ll just give you one, you don’t have to give me one in return I don’t want anything in return”. He looked at me again “Do you really want to give me one?”. I nodded. “Why? Are you gay?”. I didn’t fully answer his question and I just said “It will be special fun for us both”. I thought again for a moment. I looked down at his jeans, at which point I could see a bulge rising in his crotch. I said “Your dick obviously wants it”. He went red, smiled slightly, and crossed his legs to cover up his growing erection, but he was obviously thinking about it, imagining what it would feel like. After more thinking, he said “Can you lock the door?”. I said “Yeah it’s already locked. Nath we are alone for at least 2 hours.” Then his next question – “Would you really give me one or are you just taking the piss?”. “Yes I really would, right now”. At which point he hesitantly opened his legs. I knew I was finally getting somewhere, he was thinking about it. His erection still pointing out. He knew I could see it. He said “If we do this, it doesn’t mean anything, like you said it’s just a bit of fun okay?” I nodded again. Then another question, he said “You promise you’ll never mention it. To anybody? Not even to me again? Just this once okay?”. I nodded, again, and said “Yes Nathan I promise I won’t mention anything, now do you want me to suck your dick?!?!”.

He didn’t respond verbally, he just lifted up his top and undid his cool belt. I knew that that meant! YES! FINALLY! He slowly undid the button and zipper of his jeans, as though he was like deliberately trying to tease me. He lifted up his bum and pulled his jeans down to his ankles as I watched. Then he scuttled his ankles out of them and kicked them to one side. Oh my fucking god! I can’t even begin to describe how hot it was. He had tight designer Abercrombie and Fitch boxer briefs on. His legs spread so wide open, his bulge in the middle prominently showing, with a bit of pre-cum seeping through the front of his oh-so hot boxers. That just made me so horny, I nearly jizzed in my pants. I was so ready. I moved closer, ready to start, at which point he put his hand on my shoulder to stop me. I thought “Oh know he’s getting fucking cold feet again! Don’t back out now!” I said “What’s wrong”. “Jake I’m not sure we should be doing this. It’s so wrong”. I said in a tongue-in-cheek tone “Nath come on you’ve come this far and you’ll come even further if you let me do this to you”. He chuckled, but still kept his hand on my shoulder. He thought for another moment as I knelt there ready to take his cock in my mouth. He said “Will it make me cum?”. I said “Do you cum when you jerk off?” he went slightly red again but just nodded. I said “Then yes, you will cum, A LOT! You’ll love it I promise”. I could see his cock inches in front of me still growing and I could feel mine subsequently ready to explode I was so horny. He said “Will you swallow my cum?” I didn’t know if he wanted me to or not, but I was hoping he wanted me to because I wanted to so I said “Yeah, yeah I will.” Yet AGAIN, he paused in thought. Then he smiled, quite a lot, opened his legs as wide as they could go, and dropped his hand from my shoulder as he continued to smile. I knew what that meant. He had given in. He didn’t care. He wanted it so bad. Before diving in, I sort of looked at him for ‘approval confirmation’. He said in a welcoming tone, “Come on then, take my dick out!” I smiled an unbelievable amount, I was so glad, so without further que, I gently grasped the top of the waistband of those hot boxers, and I slid them down, at which point this raging hard cock flung out and slapped against his belly. We both laughed. Once again I was on the verge of jizzing in my underwear without even trying. His cock was even better than I expected. Nathan had a cock that was of a good size – it looked about 5 inches – which if you ask me was pretty damn good for that age! He also had a perfectly proportioned amount of pubes, and decently sized balls which were sweating, but I liked that. But what really got me going was that I also noticed some clear sticky precum slowly oozing out of the tip of his penis. It was obvious he was really excited. I didn’t pull his boxers right off, I actually wanted them to remain in sight because I thought they were so hot, so I just pulled them down enough for access. His dick, his balls and pubes were all out, and his boxers were just below, around the top of his thighs so I could still see them and feel their soft velvet silky texture. His cock was pulsing, and with each pulse the entire atmosphere in the room and between Nath and I got hotter and hotter, more intense, more intimate. At first he was okay with me taking my time, simply admiring his cock. He said “You’re the first person who’s seen me in my underwear let alone without the underwear” I smiled and got even hornier. I said “Wow, I am very, very honoured indeed! They’re hot”. He smiled, I smiled. I leant forward slightly more until my lips touched the head of his pre cum moistened tallywacker. I puckered my lips around it and kissed the top. I then opened my mouth, but I didn’t go down. I thought I’d tease him a bit. I kept my mouth open, hovering just above it so that he could feel my hot breath brush against it. But I wasn’t touching it. He started breathing a bit heavier which was a good sign. Then I took it to the next level, with my mouth and lips floating above still not touching it, I stuck my tongue slightly out so that the tip of it touched the tip of his dick. Then I slowly stuck it out a little further. Then a little more, until my whole tongue was out. Then I took it back into my mouth, and he grunted as if to see “Again!”. So I did. I stuck it out again, and then back in. In and out it went a few times. Now that he had felt that, it was time for ‘phase three’. I kept my head hovering, but stuck my tongue out the full way, and started licking around the head of his hot, wet dick. Tasted yummy , a mixture of saltiness and sweet, and it was really warm. I was loving it so far. By the looks of things, he was too, he has his head slightly back, and was smiling an awful lot. I would occasionally catch him biting his bottom lip in sexual desire. I then decided it was time for some more teasing. So back in came the tongue, he grunted. Back out and he moaned and I swirled it around the tip in varying motions. Back in again, he groaned again. Now I was going to do something he wouldn’t expect, something I really loved and knew he would too. I stuck out my whole tongue against the head of his cock, and then used my fingers to role his entire foreskin back over my hot, wet tongue, it was now enclosed in this hot, salty chamber. I used my fingers to keep it held right up, engulfing my tongue, as though it was hungry for more! I quickly began to swirl my tongue around. He kind of screamed out. His actions were changing constantly proportionate to mine. I would keep varying the motions and pace. For a few seconds, I’d slowly swirl my tongue around and around in circles, still under his foreskin the whole time. At that, he’d let out a sigh and close his eyes. He would seem quite subdued. He’d gently thrust every now and then, and let out a sexual moan or two. Then without warning, I’d instantly speed up, and start experimenting with ‘manoeuvres’. I’d swirl around really fast, I’d pull it out and put it back in, and I’d make drawings with my tongue on his dick head, changing direction and random times. At that, he’d all of a sudden ‘wake up’. “That tickles!” he chuckled. He’d keep laughing and smiling the whole time I was doing it, occasionally jerking his entire body. Then I’d go for slow-mo again, it was like I could control him – I could make him fall asleep or wake up! But anyway, I felt I spent quite a bit of time teasing his head and now it was time to get down to the rest of the hot rod. I brought my tongue out of this foreskin. Literally within one second he said “Oh no” but I didn’t even give him a chance to get disappointed – I started licking the entirety of his shaft from top to bottom. I spat a little bit on his head, then used my tongue to mix it together with his pre cum, and plaster his cock in it until it was moist enough. But for Nathan that was an experience in itself, I’d move my tongue around his whole cock, exploring everything, whilst he lay back enjoying it. After only about 20 seconds I guess he started to crave it even more. He said “Come on take it in your mouth”. I ignored him, on purpose – to tease him a little more. I just kept my tongue moving around. He kept moaning and groaning. “Oh come on please I want to explode in your mouth”. Again, I kept doing what I was doing, his cock still hadn’t been in my mouth yet, but that was what we both wanted, I just wanted him to be so desperate for it, crying out for it. Well, I didn’t have to even ask. You could tell he was way into it now and wanted it. I moved my tongue to the head again, at which point he decided to be cheeky and try to thrust his entire dick in my mouth. But I sort of expected that, I was quick enough to move head mouth opening and tongue back to the base. He laughed “haha that’s cruel torture!” I smiled and moved down to the very base of the hottest dick I’d ever even imagined, and began licking his balls and pubes. That would make him moan even more. And then even more heavy breathing and moaning came when I put one of his balls in my mouth and lightly sucked on it. Then I put the other one in as well and sucked on both of them, he flinched and laughed again, he was enjoying it. I let them out of my mouth. He wanted me to do it again, but what he didn’t realise is that I was going to give him something even better – the thing he had been wanting me to do from the beginning – a full blow job. I thought “Right, enough teasing, the next time he asks for it – he’s getting it!!”. Well, of course, unbeknown to him, I didn’t have to wait very long at all. After only a second or two he said “Oh Jake I’m desperate to spew, please suc-“ I didn’t even give him a chance to finish. Without warning, I quickly opened my mouth as wide as I could and lowered it over the top of his dick, which was now soaking wet with spit and cum. Nice tasting cum. I locked my hot lips around it and began to suck, not too much, and not too little. He screamed with agony, but it wasn’t agony – he was making so many sexy noises. I began to slowly bob my head up and down. I was doing a bit of everything to give us both the most from it. I would vary my speed, my sucking power. As I did, he would once again respond differently – but regardless – with a huge amount of pleasure and enjoyment. I was also using my tongue to circle and explore different parts of his hot dick. No matter how much pre-cum there was, I kept tasting more. It was so sexy. My hand was a key tool which he also really loved. I spent half of the time with only the top half of his dick moving up and down in my mouth, and would meanwhile use my hand, jerking him off to compliment the sucking. He liked that. But he also liked when I’d move my hand away to replace it with my mouth, and move my head down the whole length of his cock to deep throat him. I’d suck like that for a little bit, whilst my hand became occupied by lightly tickling and fondling his balls and pubes, and stroking his legs. Meanwhile, Nathan was in Euphoria. You could feel his tension building up. He was heavily breathing, occasionally thirsting, and being very noisy with his moans and groans. I couldn’t make out much of what he was saying but could hear the occasional “fuck this is amazing” or “oh god don’t stop, please don’t stop!” Well, I had no intention on stopping anytime soon! I had done enough teasing and now I was gonna give him his hard-earnt, and long awaited orgasm of a lifetime. I once again began to quickly vary and change things, varying my position, sucking power, licking. My hand was also going between jobs. Despite the fact it has probably taken a while to read this, this probably only went on for about a minute and a half at which point out of the blue he managed to mutter under his pacing breath “Wow I’m gonna blow soon, I’m gonna shoot so fucking much”. Not that I minded! I continued to satisfy him like I meant it. 10 seconds past “Oh fuck! Shit! Here it comes! Here it comes!” his body starting shaking like mad, shagging my mouth. He thrust his head back and his hips into me. His mouth was gaping open like a snake, his eyes shut tight, his whole body tense. He was on the verge of screaming, “OHH! OHH! AHH! YEAH!! SHIT!! GET READY!!!!”. I wanted to see him come, but was more than certain he was going to any moment, so at that I took my head off of his dick, but kept it very close, almost touching. At exactly the same time, I grabbed his dick with my writing hand and jerked him off so perfectly fast as he continued to love it. I opened my mouth above his dick. As I was jacking him I felt it swell up in my hand. He shouted “OH FUCK!” at which point he finally let go. He orgasmed. Still shaking, shouting and shagging, a GIANT rush of white jizz erupted from the top of his dick, going quite high. I was actually very shocked at the amount he came. I caught it in my open mouth. One squirt, two squirts, three, four, five! He jizzed a LOT! Each one landed in my mouth as I began to swallow. Each spurt got less and less powerful as it cleared him dry. It was so awesome as he orgasmed, it was virtually giving me one watching him so out of control. When I thought he was finished, some more would dribble out over my hand, all over his balls, pubes and belly. I began to swallow everything he gave me, licking up the remains. It was the best cum I’ve ever tasted. Seriously, it was incredible. I was so HOT, both sexually and literally – really, really warm. And it was thick, creamy, with a salty sweet taste I savoured as it ran down my throat. His cock was still throbbing in my hand, and after another few quick seconds, its final pulse gave one more dribble of now more clear and watery, yet still amazing and tasty Nathan jizz. He was sweating, he started to calm down. He slowed down and eventually stopped his thrusting, closed his mouth and opened his eyes. His breathing was still very heavy. As he regained control of himself, I managed to lick up all of what he shot out, so put his hot dick which was now beginning to soften back inside those incredibly hot boxers of this. I could smell the sweet boyhood. He just said with a heavy breath “WOW!” and laughed, as I laughed with him. He lay there for about 2 minutes, with his trousers still down, just getting his breath back. I was quite tired too! After he got slightly back to ‘normal’, he sat up, and put his jeans back on, doing up his belt. He turned around to look at me and said “Thank YOU! Haha wow”. I said “You liked it?” with a smile on my face. He exclaimed “Hell yeah! It was even better than I thought. You were amazing.” It was obvious he was glad he finally gave in, and so was I!

As promised, I didn’t get a blow job back, but I honestly didn’t mind – it was more than good enough him letting me give him that amazing feeling! He loved it! I went into the loo to finish myself of with a wank. Sure enough, I thought about what I just did and that made me cum so, so much! Afterwards, we just sat down and watched some quick TV before we had to leave again for him to catch his train, which was quite sad. Upon saying goodbye, he just smiled and winked at me. He gave me a hug, and we laughed. He got on his train and left back for America from the airport the next day. Also, as promised, I never mentioned it again, neither did he but we both knew. That was over a year ago, he hasn’t come to England since, but we still occasionally talk on Skype which is fun, and I’m hoping to go to the US for a first visit in a year or two, so you never know! But there you are – that is my story! :)

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2016-05-26 01:49:04
This is good enough to make a movie of it., I had a friend from France that came here to the US and he and I got into it but he was more experienced than I. He did say I gave him really good cock sucking and he was amazed how I ate his cum with out stopping, just kept sucking and swalloing, he has a 6 in. cock and quite round.

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Made me and by boyfriend cum lots us 14s both loved it

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Now i just wanna suck a cock! Yum!

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2014-03-19 14:59:06
so hot. i'm gay and wanted to change things up on my bf, and this has given me so many new ideas. thank you. and this story was great, but perhaps a bit more paragraphs?

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2013-10-10 20:39:48
FUCK bro amazing story im a girl an i needed some tips for my bf so thanks a lot

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