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Shit, I guess it's funny. Most rape victims say they feel numb, helpless after their attack. Not me. Granted, I don't remember walking home-taking a shower or falling asleep. But besides that, my reaction is pretty fucked up. I don't think normal-sane people crawl down in the shower-cramming whatever semi-appropriate object in them to try to fill themselves the same way they were when it happened. But like I said, I guess it's funny.
It made me sick and I couldn't stop thinking 'What sick fuck gets turned on by rape?' The more I thought of it, the more I convinced myself it was everything but the truth. The fact that the dominance and abuse of a stranger turned me on was avoided. I thought it was a one time thing-that It'd be some twisted desire I'd want and need, that I'd fuck any stranger to try to feel it again.
The man came again. Lucky me.

The next night I got out of the shower and waddled my sore body back into my room. I opened the door and kicked it closed with my heel, not bothering to turn around. Instantly, the breeze threw me off. The window was wide open-and I knew I had kept it shut. I had pondered locking the whole house down but decided not to-I guess I secrectly wanted him to find his way in again but didn't want to conciously admit it. I ran over to the window and slammed it shut-a pretty fucking useless thing to do. He was already inside. Before I could gasp he had snatched away my towel and threw me onto the bed. We fought across the sheets before he managed to roll me over and pin my hands behind me. That's when I heard the sticky screech of duct tape and the bondage being placed around my wrists. Instinctively, I scrambled off the bed, the kink didn't matter-I was conditioned to fight against shit like this. We all are-sine we were kids. "Good touch bad touch" but no one ever warned us of what to do if the bad touch felt good. I found myself on the floor-back against the bed-his jeans open in my face. He pulled out his cock and it bumped against my nose. It was already rock hard. Hoody pushed his head against my lips-almost kindly as if to say please. When I didn't comply he pinched my nose, my mouth opened with a pop and he dug in. My tongue slid out-there was no room left in my mouth for it. I gulped against his head, a reflex against the unknown object that granted me a grunt. His fingers tangled in my hair-yanking my head closer. I was pinned between him and the bed-he humped against my face with his hands on my head. Tears were pouring down my cheeks-I just wanted to breathe again! Seconds later he pulled out and I gasped for air. My mouth was covered with spit, Hoody took his sleeve and wiped my face. He grabbed the zipper on his jacket-trailing it down til I saw his bare chest and he took it off. I Thought I'd see his face-but it was just a mask. A Halloween one that belonged to a skeleton constume. It fitted like a ski mask, covering everything but his eyes and mouth. His eyes were green-distractingly green. I must've been staring because I jumped when I hear his tear more duct tape. He covered my mouth before picking me up and tossing me into the door.

Hoody's feet kicked my legs apart-his body against my back. I felt him lick my ear as he rubbed his cock against my pussy. I shivered when I felt a bead of cum drip onto his head-he rubbed it around so I was wet. The shame came back and I tried to close my legs. His other hand pinched my nipple and I muffled a moan behind the tape. My thighs shivered back open, I could act like I didn't want it-but he was going to make me like it. He finally slid half his cock into me-my eyes rolled back. His arm scooped one of my legs up so I was humping the door and he gave my pussy the rest of his cock. The noise that swirled from my throat made him fuck me fast and hard! The door bumped against the frame when he fucked me-it thumped like a hammer against the wall. My head rolled back on his neck, I leaned back so the only part of me on the door was my bottom half. My pussy pushed on the wood-making little wet pats under his breath and my moaning. My pussy clenched around him-I was going to cum.

Right then he pulled out and threw me back on the bed. He bent my legs and kept them spread while he sat on his knees. I couldn't keep still-It was torture! I wanted him to fuck me but he just watched me wiggle around. After awhile I calmed down, my pussy was sore and flushed pink around the lips. I let out a long breath out my nose-but he jammed his cock back into me so fast I sucked the air back in! He was back on me-hands squeezing my ass-humping into me like a dog! My feet hovered off the bed-my toes curled and all I could hear were my own muffled pleading cries. I could feel the orgasm I wanted creeping back. The man pulled out as if he could read my mind. Before I could whine-he slammed back into me-pushing the need to cum up. He pulled out again and waited only seconds before ramming into me. It was going to take just one more of those and I'd be done! But my own pussy betrayed me-squeezing around him-telling him my secret!

I heard a chuckle before he slopped out of me. The slightest move could make me cum-it wasn't fair! He so carefully sat me in between his legs-his cock twitching on my spine. Hoody put each leg on his-hooking my feet under his calves so he could spread them. He put his cock in between my bound hands as I slumped on his chest. He was so much taller than me-he looked down and saw me in full view. He looked around before grabbing some little teddy bear I had on my bed. He was so twisted, so cruel to make it peck it's nose on my cheek-giving me a pretend kiss. He brought it down between my legs and rubbed it on my clit. So sensitive-so weak-I let him fuck me with a toy. My hips moved on it and I could feel him watching. I thought that if I moved my hands around him-he'd let me finish. So I started pumping fast-he rubbed at the same speed. A little faster-he kept going. My thighs were shaking-which might've snapped him back from my distracted because he tossed the bear aside and spread my pussy open. I felt him bend down to my ear,
"Nice try." The most quiet-controlled whisper.

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2013-05-25 18:55:22
i like that he is more anonymous, lets us put what we like in his place and pretend its us

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2012-09-03 19:01:56
You are making me so horny and wet

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2012-08-28 23:12:33
You should give more deion of the guy. But other than that amazing! Keep writing!

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2012-08-28 21:22:22
Please post another. This is one of the best stories I've seen on the site.

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I like this very much. Post a new one ASAP

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