My mother is a beautiful, sexy, woman. And dumb as a rock...

It was when I was about seven or eight years old that I realized my mom fit the mold of the classic dumb blonde. When I asked her about a math question I was stumped by for my homework, she just said, “Honey, I don't know anything about numbers. Go ask your dad.”

She also didn't know anything about geography or history or English or art or much of anything else. I finally quit asking her questions, she never knew the answers. Her only redeeming quality was her looks. She was blonde, beautiful and incredibly sexy.

I didn't appreciate her sexuality much until I reached twelve years old. That year my dad was driving home drunk and got hit by another drunk driver and was killed. He left us plenty of money to live on and that was a good thing because Mom had no salable skills at all.

Once in a while she would bring home some guy she had met, take him in the bedroom and not come out for hours. I could hear them having sex clear down the hall to my bedroom. Usually, I'd never see the guy again.

I finally asked her one late evening, just before bedtime, why she didn't try to find somebody who would like her well enough to get married. She started to cry. She said, “They only want me because I look pretty and fuck good. Then they realize I'm just a dizzy blonde and never come back.”

Of course, I knew she fucked, but had never heard her use the word. I didn't quite know what to say. I finally hugged her, told her I loved her and the fact that she was a dizzy blonde made no difference to me.

“Oh, honey. I love you, too. So, so much. If you were only older and not my boy, I'd...well...I'd...Oh, I don't know.”

“What do you mean, Mom?”

“You are like your dad was. You are sweet and you accept me for what I am.”

“Mom, you're the best. I don't care if you can't help me with my homework and aren't very smart. I love you and I think you are the most beautiful woman in the world and that's all that matters.”

She grabbed me, held me against her more than ample bosom and cried some more. My nose was right up against her left tit and it was making me horny. I started getting hard. Up to that point, I hadn't thought about her in a truly sexual way. I moved my head a little bit downward and kissed her tit.

“Mmm. That's nice Trey.” Then she pulled back and said, “Oh my God. I shouldn't have let you do that. It's insect and I'm your mother and I'm not supposed to let you do that.”

“Not insect, Mom. Incest. And I don't care if it's insect or incest, I think your titties are fabulous and I want to kiss them some more. I'm thirteen now. Almost full grown and you are a woman I want fuck. There, I said it. Feel how hard I am.” I placed her hand on my crotch.

“Oh, you are hard. You are hard for me? Let me see it.”

I dropped my pants and shorts, revealing my swollen member to my beautiful mother. “Here, Mom. Hold it. Kiss it. Make me cum. I jack off all the time and I cum and cum. Make me cum.”

She bent down and kissed my cock. Just the tip of it, tasting the drop of precum that had formed there.

“Mmm. Your cum tastes good. Better than your father's.” She took it fully in her mouth all the way down to the bottom. I could feel her tongue thrusting up and down the underside of it. She sucked it and I shot my load in her mouth.

She looked up at me and said, “My boy. My boy loves me. You do, don't you?”

“I surely do, Mom.”

“You won't run away and leave me alone. I couldn't stand it if you left me alone. I couldn't live without you with me.”

“Never, Mom. Never. Take off your clothes. I want to see you like Dad did. Like those men you screwed in your bedroom did. I want to fuck you till I cum inside you.”

She began unbuttoning her blouse and just before she undid the last button at the bottom, she said, “Oh, dammit. I really shouldn't...”. She looked down again at my still swollen dick. “You're still hard. You just came and you're still hard.”

“Mom, I'm thirteen. It's hard most of the time. I can jack off, cum and be up and jack off again in about five minutes.”

She grasped it again and pulled on it a little bit. “I...I have to tell you something.”

“What is it, Mom.”

“ I shouldn''s not right, but...”. She took a deep breath. “I can't resist a hard cock. I mean...I mean if I see one and it's hard, I have to have it. Your father tolerated it when other men...he let me...oh, what the hell. If I see a hard dick I have to fuck it and I mean I really have to. I can't help it.”

She slid her slacks and panties to her feet, stepped out of them, took hold of my dick and led me to her bedroom. She got on her bed and asked, “How do you want me? Any way you want. Just stick that thing in me. Please. Right now. Fuck your mother.”

“On your back, Mom. I want to fuck you and suck your gorgeous tits at the same time.”

In an instant I was experiencing Heaven. My mom's pussy was squeezing my dick as hard as she could squeeze it. I only got a few strokes in before I shouted, “Mom, I'm cumming!”

“Do it baby! Fuck your whore mother's nasty cunt. Fill me up with your hot...Oh, God. I'm cummmmm....”

After she regained her breath, she said, “Oh, Trey. That was so good. I'm not supposed to do that, but...oh, baby. Your cock was so hard. I had to have it.”

“It's okay, Mom. You can have it any time you want.”

“Honey, I could get in big trouble. Oh, your little dickie. It's all messy. Let me get it all clean.”

She took it in her mouth and sucked it clean of both our juices, then looked up at me and asked, “Are you getting hungry, baby. I can fix you something.”

“I sure am, Mom. How about some pancakes and eggs and bacon?”

She giggled like the air head she was and answered, “I'll go fix it for you. Anything for my baby the cocksman.”


I took a shower while mom fixed us eats. When I went in the kitchen, mom was just wearing an apron.

“Gee, mom. You look so great naked. Will you just go naked all the time you are home for me?”

“Sure, baby. If that's what mommy's little boy, mommy's little stud boy wants. I had to put on the apron to keep the bacon from popping grease all over my titties.”

“I know mom. It's okay.”

I dived into the pancakes, eggs and bacon. I was really hungry. Mom was sitting across the table from me. I felt her toes tickling my balls under the table. I reached down and tickled her foot. She giggled and pulled her foot away.

“Your dad always liked it when I did that to him. Of course, he usually had his pants on, but sometimes he would get hard and we would go back to the bedroom for a quickie before he had to go to work. If you want a quickie, all you have to do is tell me. I like quickies. I like long drawn out sex, too.”

She giggled again. “I just like sex. It is something I'm good at and it makes me feel good to do something so well.”

“Will you get under the table and suck me off?”

She didn't even answer. She just slipped under the table and started sucking like a vacuum cleaner on my cock. It didn't take long till I was spurting my teenaged seed into her mouth.

After she got back into her chair I told her, “Mom, I don't want you bringing home any more men.”

She got a stricken look on her face. “You mean none at all, honey. I really like to fuck different guys. Their cock are all different and do different things to me.”

“No. I mean not unless I am there. I want to see you getting fucked and maybe join in.”

She jumped up from her chair, almost knocking it over, ran around the table and squashed my face into her tits.

“Oh, thank you, baby. Your dad wouldn't let me do it. I got soooo horny sometimes I almost couldn't stand it.”

“I might like to bring over a friend to fuck you sometime, too, mom.”

“That would be nice. I like all your friends.”

“They like you too, mom. They all want to fuck you. They've said so.”

She jumped up and down, her tits bouncing with every step. “Oh, goodie, goodie!”

That's my mom, the dumb blonde.

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I have been fucking my mum for some time now, i walked in on my parents when my dad was screwing the arse off of her, i quickly stripped of and said can have some of that dad he looked at my cock and said help yourself son so i got on the bed and buried my cock all the way up her cunt and fucked her and emptied my cum in her till it was running out of her pussy.I was just thirteen now we often have threesome when i feel horny.

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Thats the saddening mum ever. celebrating and jumping like a kid when she learns her son plans to bring friends

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you could string this story line out with his friends fucking her. I'd love to read them. thanks for the story

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Do you have more parts?

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