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I am Zainab, a 24 year old girl from Pakistan
Hi frnd my name is zainab and i m basicaly from lahore pakistan i have ready almost all stories of this group so now i diecided that i 'll share my own experience with u guys send comments abt my stories i like lesbian sex by the way and i have a BF also

This is a true incident - memories of which are still very vivid in my mind... I am a 24 year old girl, convent educated. I have a fair complexion & consider myself attractive & have a good well maintained slim figure of 37-28-34 of which I am pretty proud. Around a year ago, I had to travel to karachi from Lahore on an emergency and as train tickets were not available at short notice, I had to take the overnight State roadways bus.

My seat was at the second last row of the luxury 2x2 seater deluxe bus & I got a window seat. Just before the bus departure, the seat next to me was occupied by a handsome man of about 40 years. To tell you the truth I m especially fond of older men. The journey commenced & after about an hour at 9. 00 p.m. the lights were switched off the bus became very dark inside. I was wearing a saree 'coz I had attended a marriage that evening & had brought my shawl & wrapped it around me & dozed off. After, maybe a couple of hours, I felt something on my leg & realized it was my co-passenger's hand --- surprised I thought he too had slept & by mistake his hand slipped onto the next seat & onto my thigh & I decided to ignore it. However, after 5 minutes or so he slowly started to move his hand lightly on my thigh & I then realized it was a conscious & deliberate move. Thinking I was fast asleep, he was taking advantage of the situation & trying to caress my legs ----- I was taken aback & shocked by this & was in a dilemma of what to do --- this was totally unexpected... I then decided to ignore it as far as possible, thinking he would get bored after a while and stop & I continued to act as if was fast asleep.

The bus was totally dark & seeing no protest or reaction from me, he then slowly & very deliberately, with more pressure, begin to gently squeeze my thighs. After a few minutes, he moved somewhat & removed his hand - I then felt his hand slowly trying to lift up my shawl from the side of my waist - all this with the full confidence that I was fast asleep. I was stunned by his boldness, but was still nervous & did not protest. I felt his hand slowly & nervously move under my shawl & touch my arm -- and after a few moments to gently caress it ( I was wearing a sleeveless blouse).

He then moved his hand further inside and much to my amazement, rested it lightly over my blouse on my breast... in spite of myself being shocked, I just could not stop / protest his actions and was very nervous but in a way strangely enough quite curious to see to what extent he would try to go. Seeing me fast asleep, he shifted closer to me and began to gently caress my breast... & seeing no protest from me then removed his hand to slowly slide it under my saree paloo & rest his hand firmly on my blouse over my breast. He now was slowly & firmly caressing my breast & then gently started to squeeze it... after awhile, he moved his hand further to my other breast and continued to gently caress & squeeze it also.

This continued for a few more minutes - --- I still acted asleep & unaware of his moves - though fully aware & shocked by his boldness. Much to my amazement ( I suppose encouraged by my deep slumber - he was getting more bolder ), he then moved his hand a bit, to now slowly try & open my blouse hooks in the front --- one by one he slowly opened each hook to totally open my blouse and spread it open & then slowly slid his finger through my bra onto my breast - this was the first skin contact & his hand felt very warm on my bosom... He touched my breast thru the bra -- & cupped my breast & slowly tried to slide his hand under my bra. I could not help being turned on further by this -- a total stranger was touching me intimately & I was, in spite of my initial reaction, was still not opposing it & in a way beginning to now enjoy it. The bus was in darkness & all the other passengers were fast asleep ; it was just him & me now. & - suddenly I felt I would not mind if he tried to continue further. As if reading my thoughts, he then inched his hand under my bra to try & reach & graze my nipple, which was already becoming erect in anticipation of his advances. He moved a little closer to me and now very slowly but confidently now was cupping my breast to assess it size, firmness etc & now moving his hand under my bra (under my shawl, under my paloo, under my blouse & under my bra too) - I continued to pretend being asleep & he believing it, was taking full advantage of the situation.

He managed to get his hand totally into my bra to gently touch & then try & pinch my nipple and then try & push his full hand into my bra & totally onto my breast. I was surprised at myself to allow this, but frankly was now enjoying every moment of this. He then tried to gently tug my breast out of the bra & finding it tight then moved his hand onto my shoulder to now push the bra strap off my shoulder thereby making my bra looser & was now successfully able to pull my breast out of my bra --- this was really too much - a strange man & that too in a public bus had touched & squeezed my breasts and now had managed to open my blouse completely, and my bra too, to now touch & squeeze my breasts - skin to skin!! His hand felt wonderful on my bosom and he now was getting very confident & bold in his attempts. My shawl was in disarray & he pulled it down and pushed my paloo to a side - to now totally expose one of my breasts - he continued to cup & squeeze it and pinch it's erect nipple. He also would have realized that after all this I could not really be so asleep & would be in the know of things & co-operated with him - by not resisting, though he was still cautious in his movements. He leant forward to now bend & try kiss my breasts --- this was really fantastic.

By my heavy breathing now he probably realised I was aware of his advances & confidently placed his lips on my eager nipples to slowly suck on them. I was unable to protest or resist & let him continue, but now enjoying his mouth on my breast, slowly & gently sucking on my nipple. This continued for a few more minutes & then with his other hand gently pulled me a little bit forward like a semi-embrace & he quickly slipped one hand behind onto my back & below my blouse, and in a swift motion unclasped my bra & pulled it up totally to release my other breast also. This was much more than I had ever imagined this would proceed to & now in the darkness of the bus, we were two total strangers involved a really strange encounter. His head was on my bosom & sucking on my breasts, & nibbling on my nipples - alternating between them and then he dropped his hand to the floor & he slipped it & moved his hand under my saree & begin to pull it up -- I was beyond caring then & did not protest, still pretending as if asleep -- he slowly pulled my sari up to my thighs and begin to caress them & then beginning to knead & squeeze them - He tried to pry open my legs & I voluntarily slowly spread open my legs for him and he pushed his hand in between my thighs. I was quite shocked when he lifted my arm over my shoulder - wondering why he would do that - and because I was wearing a sleeveless blouse he managed to kiss on my armpit... I found it hard not to budge with the tickle - Then he started licking my armpit - and wow - it was wonderful. I never had this experience before it was totally new to me. My armpit were not shaven for a couple of weeks and I normally dont use a deodorant. So I guess my armpits were a bit stubble but the way he was sniffing and licking on it I was getting more aroused with every stroke of his toungue on my armpit. I still didnt move and let him do that for a while. The bus was in darkness & no one else was aware of this erotic act between two total strangers. He knew I will not resist now & was sensuously caressing my inner thighs & moving his hand further up to rub on my panties. I shifted a little on my seat so that he could touch me better. I was already really very aroused by then.

He then got hold of my hand & placed it on the front of his trouser - he had already opened his zip / fly t & taken out his erect cock & placed my hand right on it ---- it was large 7 inch by 2 inch ( much bigger than my Boy friend) really rock hard, hot & throbbing in my palm & I loved the feel of it and also begin to caress it slowly & move my hand up & down, enjoying it's size & hardness. I was really turned on then - still no words were spoken. His head was on my bosom and he was now strongly sucking on my breasts & rolling his tongue over my nipples & licking my armpits (I was turning a bit his side now to help him do those) and simultaneously pulled my saree up to the maximum possible on my upper thighs & rubbing on my inner thighs & panty- he begin to try & pull my panty off - I also desperately wanted this & without saying anything moved up & wriggled a bit and hiked my saree up to my waist & pulled my panties off & dropped it on the floor of the bus.

The bus seat felt cold against my buttocks. I spread my legs open and he now begin to rub my vagina directly & insert a finger in to feel my moistness & with his thumb slowly rub on my clitoris too ---- I was really turned on by all this. This was really beautiful & I enjoyed it - I was already extremely turned on by then -- with his mouth on my breast, toungue on my pits, his hand fingering & caressing my cunt & I holding his cock & very soon, I had a shuddering orgasm. He then very gently pushed my head downwards towards his erection & I then too slowly kissed his cock and then slowly masturbated him till he ejaculated his warm semen onto my hand.

Still no words were spoken & I rearranged my clothes & pulled my shawl up & tried to go back to sleep as if nothing happened. I was surprised at myself at to what extent I had sex with a total stranger & had to admit to myself it was enjoyable. However, much to my surprise after 15-20 minutes he started caressing me again - much more confidently, and slipped his hand under my shawl & then tugged it off --- we started again & this time he was more relaxed, & confident with no nervousness. He started squeezing my breasts very sensuously and gently opening my blouse & bra again bent down & begin to kiss my breasts again & we started off on our erotic games again. Now he hugged me too very tightly and kissed me full on my lips, pushing his tongue deep in, and caressing my back etc.

It was really amazing. The other passengers were fast asleep ( there were two men in the seat opposite & a couple behind us & who were fast asleep). I was totally aroused then and thrilled at my own self. He pulled my saree up to my waist again & started his delightful act of rubbing my vagina & inserting his finger deep in. Much to my surprise he then moved his hand onto my shoulder slowly begin to slide my blouse off my right shoulder - I wondered why, but as it was totally dark, I did not object and then he went one step further and slid my blouse off my other shoulder and removed my blouse totally off & also my bra & I was now absolutely topless ( except for my gold chain necklace) -- - my shawl was on the floor, my panties were on the floor & now my blouse & bra too - very excited he tightly hugged & kissed me on my lips& caressed my naked back and squeezing my fully naked breasts.

My saree was in any case up to my waist & I felt I was practically naked now --- next to a total stranger and having torrid & exciting sex with him. The passion we both were generating was fantastic... He was now aggressively sucking on my breasts & nibbling / biting my nipples, kissing my neck, cheeks, ears, shoulders, licking my stubble armpits etc he was very passionate & so was I... His cock was out too & I bend down to rub my naked breasts on it and then to nuzzle it with my lips, cheeks, etc and rub it on my face, neck & then to kiss & slowly lick & suck on it till he ejaculated totally on my face & with his hand rubbed his warm semen all over my cheeks &, lips,. It was really fantastic... We then took a break for about 45 minutes - he did not let me put on my bra or blouse & for a little while I sat next to him absolutely topless & then I managed to wrap my shawl over my nakedness.

We started off again - in full confidence of our passion and lust. --- He tried to pull me on top of him & I even sat on his lap (my saree pulled up & absolutely topless), with him, kissing my naked back & squeezing my breasts from behind & let his hard cock rub on my naked buttocks & cunt, but due to the limited space nothing more was possible - though I was willing for more. We hardly slept that night - from 11. p.m. till the break of dawn we were active (much more than what my Boy friend ever was in all ). He made climax 5 times that night - I too caressed his cock and also sucked him totally thrice, till ejaculation & to his full satisfaction - it was a most memorable experience.

The next morning we did not say anything -( & it was then that I saw his face for the first time ) - and both acted as if nothing had happened at all --- we were two strangers again ( though we had shared torrid & beautiful sex for almost 6 hours ) He gave me his visiting card & asked me to call up. Soon we reached mumbai & with a slight nod to each other we got up to leave. I looked at all the other passengers & thought how they blissfully slept thru the night while we were having wild sex - they would have been highly scandalized if they even had an inkling of what we did. After getting off the bus I realized I had left my panty & bra in the bus -- it was too late to retrieve them & I just wrapped my shawl around me & left. Later on in the bathroom at home, I looked in the mirror & saw that my breasts & nipples were totally red from his aggressive & sustained sucking and there were also red marks on my back, thighs, shoulders, neck etc. The passion of this encounter was really too much & had left it's mark on me.

This has been my most stimulating & erotic sexual experience ever - letting a total stranger intimately touch me all over, undress me, touch & masturbate me, sitting practically nude on top of him in a public bus with other sleeping passengers around, pulling my sari up to my waist etc etc. The whole seduction was just so exciting - the initial surprise then the shock, then the curiosity, then the arousal and then to being absolutely turned on and reciprocate his advances wildly - to be almost stripped nude by him & sit practically naked next to him, on him, suck him etc etc - there was risk in the encounter (some other passenger could have seen us ) but it worked like a thrilling & intoxicating aphrodisiac - also this was sex with no hang-ups / pretences & where you could really let yourself go & had no images to maintain.

If I had seen that stranger on the street or met him socially, there is no way I would have ever thought or imagined to have sex with him - but then with him in the bus I had the most wonderful & erotic seduction & the best sexual experience of my life. I now fantasize about this in full detail (more than what I have experienced ) every day. I feel sexually liberated, comfortable and confident after this encounter I really wish I can have this / such experiences again. I fantasies about sex with strangers only - it is so convenient with no hassles /no expectations / no emotions / no tie ups / hang-ups etc... just sheer passion & desire (of course necessary health precautions will have to be taken). In the subsequent return bus journey no such opportunity came up... (though I was hoping for something to happen).

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I want to share my experience.... Wen I was studying 12.. One day it was Friday. I had exam after completing my exam I was waiting for bus. The bus came the bus was empty... Only one girl was sitting I went near her.. She told to sit along with me I told ok .. I went and sat near her she placed her handed in my lap I was happy... After that her hand moved near my penis.... I told her lets go to my home and we both went and we fucked well

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GV2Oru Thanks again for the article post.Much thanks again. Great.

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Bloody copied story she was in pakistan in night but in morning at mumbai? wht da fuck....

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2013-09-23 12:35:01
Bloody copied story she was in pakistan in night but in morning at mimbai? wht da fuck....

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