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Daughter will fuck anyone!
So, it's been 6 months now since my divorce and I have not been on a date or gotten laid since!
My daughter and 4 of her hot friends are taking a small 6 person motor home to a big
pot fest for 3 days. She knows that I have not been out with a female and convienced me to go! At first
I declined, but her friends were hot and I was hoping if they fucked up enough on drugs or alcohol, that
I might get lucky!
So the 2nd day we were there, one girl named lisa was wicked fucked up and making nasty commets about getting
laid and I heard she was flashing guys, changed in the woods and other shit!Then I heard the magic words...
Karen said that Lisa might be going to lay down in the camper because she was so fucked up!!!

I was SO FUCKING HORNEY and wanted to go to the camper and jerk off and when I heard Lisa might be going there too, I wanted to
beat her there!! So, I pretended to take my klonopin and stumble and made reference I needed to
go back to the camper and lay down for a little bit. My daughter asked me how many I took and I said that I took 15
in the last 2 hours. She reminded me the last I took 10 I was passed out for 3 hours and would not wake up even after she shook me
and poured cold waterin my face! I told her that is why I needed to lay down. She helped me to the camper and laid me down and
said she would check on me, I told her to wait a couple of hours! This was because I was hoping Lisa would come in!!!

So, when my daughter leaves I wanted to get ready for Lisa... I took off all my clothes and covered with a sheet... About 45min.
go by and I was jerking off then I heard 2 of the girls talking outside the door and I heard "Those guys were drunk and spilled a huge jug of beer
all over me! I am all soaked down to my bra and underwear, so I'm going in to change and wipe this shit off me!" Then I heard her ask
"Oh, do you have any lotion in there? My skin is still peeling from my sunburn last week." The other girl explained where the lotion was.
The girl telling her where the lotion was told her "Hey, maybe you should use your finger and the lotion to releive your hormones! That lotion is sae
for the vagina! It's also a stimulating lotion"
The girl coming in the camper said "I just might, I'm so horney I would fuck a bear if it was near me!!!" she also added "If you see that
group of guys we were talking to, tell them to call my cell phone so I can atleast get some action, I'm so fucking horney right now!!!"
OH MY GOD! I though for sure this was Lisa, but at worst case any of the others will do! So, I laid on my back, I put a cloth around my head and left a
small hole so I could see what was going on... I had the sheet pulled aside a little but nothing could be seen unless I moved my legs.

The door open and a girl came in, she saw me laying there and came over and tried shaking me to see if I would wake up. she kept doing this and
even flicked cold water on my chest and legs! I pretended to be OUT COLD!!
Then she locked the door behind her and went up to lock the cabin doors too.
I could not see what girl it was because all background noice when she was outside talking.
She grabbed some clothes and threw them down on the love seat in front of me.
I could NOT see above her tit level so again, I could not see who it was! I heard her sniffing lines, which they all were including my daughter.
I over heard them all talking stating how coke made them all horney!!! I was concerned for my daughter because I heard her say it makes her so
horney that she would fuck a dog in heat and how in the past she fucked strangers just to get laid! So, this girl was getting her fix on, turned on
the music and came over to the clothes she laid down. She moved to the left and I shifted very slightly to see her... She slowly got a grip on
the bottom of her shirt and just held it for about 20 seconds... Then she lifted it over her head! WOW!!! There she was in her bra, my dick wanted to
explode! But I knew there was more... She stood there for a few seconds, came closer to me and started waving her wand near my face and started shaking
me again!!! Then she grabbed the clothes and headed to use the bathroom to change! So, I made a loud grunt and when she turned around, I shifted my leg
which exposed my balls and about 2 inces of the base of my shaft leaving it a peep teaser...
She came closer, threw the clothes back on the loveseat and sttod close to me, I still could not see her face, but because of the position she
was in, I could tell she was staring down at it and it was turning me on BADLY!!! Then she shook me again about 5 times and when she thought
she was in the clear, she stood back in front of me... then she reached behind her back, un-clipped her bra and held it for a few seconds and
then let it drop... WOW FUCKING WOW! She had NICE tits!!! They were not big, probaly a B-Cup, but they were firm, round and young! Her nipples
were a light tan color and her nipples were hard as a rock!
Then she got closer to me, as if she wanted me to touch her but then she backed up, and instead of taking of her shirt and bra over
to the left of me, she now stood directly in my view! It was like she would hope I would wake up, or that she was pretending I was awake and
watching her!!!

Either way, she slowly unbuttoned her pants, unzipped them and very slowly slid and wiggled them down to ankles. But I still could not see her face because
she put her head down so fast to get the pants off her ankles!
Then, again she stood there and moved closer to me and shook me just a couple of times and stood back again. She spun around slow, so all
sides of her could be seen! She had on a cute black thong and her ass was small, tight and beautiful! Her beautiful teen body was making me
so horney I just wanted to grab her and fuck her hard!
So, the faced me again and slowly pulled down her panties and let them drop to the floor using her foot to kick them to the side.
Her pussy was perfect! It was shaven with small lips that were round and tight!
I wish I knew what girl it was! All of them were hot, but it still would be nice to know!

She stood there in front of me, completely naked showing me her beautiful teen body without knowing I could see it all! But, I still could not see higher than
her tits! Then, she grabbed the small facecloth she had and got it wet. She wiped her tits and down to her pussy, she took one leg and put it up so she could get a
good cleaning and then the other leg. I could see her pussy lips open slightly exposing some pink! Then she wiped her lips slowly and gentle,
almost like it was turning her on!
Then, she reached in the drawer and grabbed the lotion. She started on her stomach and moved down right to her legs. Then she sat on the loveseat arm
and put up one leg on the cusion and starting rubbing her thigh. In this position, her lips were open enough to see her clit exposed
and it was BEAUTIFUL! Then she slowly starting rubbing her thigh again but closer and closer to her pussy lips, she was told this is a sex cream too
and then she starting rubbing her lips, and the second that she touched her lip, she let out a 'OH'... Then she rubbed more and more, as she got more intense
with the rubbing, the more'Oh.. Oh.. Oh...' the breathing got more intense too!

I made a plan on how I could see who it was, I would grunt a little and shift my body just a little to adjust the small hole in the cloth
over my head. SO, I made the grunt and started to grunt then I started to lift my leg to move and I felt the sheet slide and start to uncover my croth!!!
I peeked down and noticed that my balls and about 2 inches of my shaft were exposed almost in a '
Peek-a-boo' way. OH SHIT, I thought... I did not want to scare her away or make it akward so that she leaves!!!
Instead, She turned and stood in one spot just staring! Then she moved closer and leaned in a little.

She whispers the following BAFFELING comments while I try to figure which one of her friends this is:

"I should not be doing this! I can't beleive I am staring at his dick and actually getting
horney! It is wrong, but it feels so good"

"I have never been able to take the time to take any time to actually
stare and examine all the parts of a man's cock and balls, just in porn. Let me tell you, YOU HAVE NICE SHIT!!!"

"I know this is wrong, but NOBODY not even him know what I'm doing... I jUST HAD TO fulfill what had been burning in me SO BAD, FOR SO LONG!

"I almost want to wake you wake up, because then I can get NON-Judgemential answers on how I do cercain things about am I good at head? About my
body, things like that."

"I've wanted to do this back I was 15 and saw jerking off in his bed!"

"I wanted to do it once when I peeked in on you fucking that chick Tammy who definatly did not know how to fuck! But seeing you pump her, I could see your cock
sliding up and down in her pussy! It made me so horney, I played with myself outside your door! But, WHAT REALLY MADE ME ORGASM was watching
you eat her pussy! She screamed, clentched the sheets and much, much more it was the first and only time I saw that in real life, but I've see
porn when guys eating pussy and even those girls who are acting don't do the shit that chick did! I went to the other bedroom, played with myself and thought about
you doing that to me, and that was the first time I squirted!!! Matter of fact, thinking about you doing things to me always made me squirt, I have NEVER
squirted and Nobody has ever ever made me squirt!!"

"I mastrubated in my bed with the door opened a crack, moaning and slightly yelling hoping you would find me mastrubating, and watch!!"

"I would sleep naked and the light on and have sheets off enough where you would see my tits half of my pussy... But never happened!"

"I know you used to fuck chicks you met on craigslist, I was going to pretend to be one, wear a disguise like a mask then

NOW I CANNOT FIGURE WHO IS this chick fucking me, because some of the references she made happened before my daughter met these girls..."

WHO THE FUCK IS THIS GIRL??? She has obviously know me for a few years, because all these girls are 19 & 20
She has slept over many times, knows about craigslist dates??? I'm baffled, but still have to play this right.

What is funny is All the stuff she is doing to me DOES NOT require me to be 'Awake' but this reference made me WANT TO BE AWAKE!!!!
But... She made this reference that just made me decide that I will reveal that I am now awake... BUT that I was sleeping.

"I love getting my pussy eaten, but the problem NONE OF THE GUYS I'VE BEEN WITH KNOW HOW TO! There are some that I can tell that they just do not want to..
Then the others, well... SUCK! Not only have I NEVER had an orgasms either by fucking OR oral, fucking because they suck or they cum in 5 seconds!
I KNOW you know how to eat pussy!!! I have spied on you doing it and the women went WILD! They made that clean during the yells and the
orgasm! AND I WANT THAT, and the first time with you to show me HOW IT'S DONE RIGHT!

Then she made one last reference to me that sounded like this WILL NOT be the last time, and that she might even want a closer relationship
and since I have nobody right now... It is a possibility!

WHAT THE HELL DID TAHT MEAN?? I never knew one of my daughters friends caught me jerking off!!! But, hey she obviously liked it so that is awesome!
So, she made another statement "I wish it was hard! I want to play with myself looking at a hard cock!"

I still could not make out the voice! All of the girls had horse voices because of the screaming all night, but I realy wanted to know!
She then whispered "I wish it was hard right now! I just think I would do things now that I am HORNEY and on coke because coke lets me do things
that I would like to do, but not the courage to do it and I probaly will never have the chance again!!!"
Then what suprised me was when she said "I've wanted to do this many times and I almost did the time you were out cold on Klonopins
last year!" I cannot imagine which one of my daughters friends knew I was passed out, this is baffeling to me who this is!!

But now I know she wants it, but I do not want to 'Wake Up' otherwise she will know I was watching her and it might embarass her. ALSO, I want to have
her start touching me first so I know she truely wants me! But actually I think no matter how far she takes this, I'll wait for a hint
that it would be ok to be 'Awake".

So, she whispers "Maybe I can give a massage and get it hard, because a hard cock always makes me horney and then once I'll sit down and play with
myself staring at a hard cock! But, I'll need more courage first." She went over to the table and sniffed up a few lines.
Then she sat down in the love seat, spread open her legs and started rubbing her pussy. It sucks because I cannot see above her tits! Immediatly she starting
moaning and growning pumpung her hips up and down! SHe rubbed her tits and pinched her nipples!
Now, usually this would make me HORNEY and stiff! But, I had been doing coke that day and up until I came in the camper it makes me so
that in order to get hard, it MUST be touched! I cannot get hard with visual stimulation alone!
So, just then she yells.. "FUCK ME! OH, FUCK ME!!!" and with a lower voice says "I want to get fucked so bad, right now, by anyone!!!"
Then she gets up and comes back to me, hovering over my dick... She grabs the oil and starts rubbing my stomach and then over the
area where I used to have pubic hair and then she started in my thighs, but with my legs closed it was hard to get deeper, so she
took my legs and spread them apart herself.
Now she could get in deeper, so she got down deep in my thighs and then she said softly "Ok, here we go..."
She starting massaging my balls, and she rubbed over my dick, she did this for a couple of minutes and said "That's not making it hard yet?"
Then, she used her hand to cuff it around my cock and slowly starting jerking it, the with the other hand she played with my balls. I know
I should be hard right now, but again the coke makes it MUCH more difficult to get hard and also, I was a little shy too... I know it will
get hard if she keeps at it.
While jerking me, she threw one leg up on a small fridge near the bed I was on, it alowed he pussy to open and she starting playing
with herself while jerking me off, she moaned and groaned! After a few minutes, she stopped jerking and playing with herself. I thought, she's all
done and I did not even get off!!!!
But... Then she says "I should not do this.. But I may never have the chance again! Hey, Ive been wanting to do this for years now! but,
I need some more courage." She did a few more lines, stood next to me and grabbed my slightly hard cock and said "Let's see if I can get
you hard now!"
Just then, she started kissing and licking my balls and then she slowly worked her way to the head and then I got shivers down my whole body
the moment she opened her mouth and slid her soft warm wet lips down my cock! When she hit the bottom of my shaft, she waited a few seconds
before she returned to the head. She continued for about 2 minutes and she stopped, stood up and stood there and was rubbing her pussy and
said softly "I wish you would get hard, there are things I want to do to you that I have only thought of when I play with myself!!!"
WHAT THE FUCK! This little hot teen masturbates about me??? So, after she said that, I will have to try to get it hard to see what is next!
So she went back down and let me tell you, THIS WAS THE BEST BLOW JOB I HAVE EVER GOTTEN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
iT was partly the way she had her lips just tight enough where you could feel the warmth and wettness like a nice hand in a glove!
She was also massaging my balls firm yet gently. Then her other hand rubbed her pussy, all of this was the perfect recipe for an EXPLOSION!
So, I started to loosen up and my cock got harder, she would lift her head and hold her fingers around my cock and see what the stiffness looked
like and then smash her face back down in my crotch! She moaned and breathed heavy while sucking it, and her finger went faster on her own pussy
which told me she was at stage to FUCK!

So, now she lifts her head, looks at my cock and while still jerking it she says "It looks ready. Oh yea, your in for it!"
She climbs up on me and sits in a reverse cowgirl, ya know her back facing me. Now I know she cannot see me, so I can move the
cloth from my eyes and pull it back if I have to... So, I move the cloth and I can see her beautiful skin and long brunette hair.
I see her bend down and as her ass cheecks spread open, her pussy is reveled with her lips spreading as well. It was beautiful

So she sits over my cock reverse cowboy style and she grabs my cock holding it tightly she slightly touches it just the ouside of her pussy hole
much! As I see her pussy over my cock, I see her pussy stretched around my cock and pulsate as it slided up and down!!!
The she said "Well, I've gone this far..." Then, she slid her pussy down my cock very slowly till she hit the base of my shaft! I felt wamth,
Then she slid it back up, then back down... She did this slightly faster and faster as the pumps progressed!

She got into it more and more, she would change her position to either upward or face down with her face into my legs, this nice because you could
see the pussy clear going in and out of the pussy or sitting almost straight up, I loved every
position but perfered where I could see her pussy slide up and down my cock!!!!

She stopped and got off me, she went over to blow a few more lines I still had the cloth over my eyes, but where I had pulled it down enough
to see, but she could not tell, BUT, if my eyes were open... I'm busted and I do not want to chance that because I think the only reason she is
doing this with me is that she does not want me to know.
So, I hear her coming and she stands next to me and say's "I almost want to know if you can feel this! Because I never, never felt like this!!
It feels so good, because I trust you... Ive been teased and you would not be judgemential! You have an awesome cock, it's great to suck
and definatly to fuck! I've waited so long for this!!!"

I have to know who this is!!! It would just make me feel better knowing, but I'll have to see how this plays out.
So, she climbs up and puts a leg on each side of me hovering over my cock, but there is a half bed above me that is preventing
me from seeing her face even if the cloth was off! But, at least I can see her beautiful round brests, her tight stomach and her pussy
lips which are right above my cock which is illuminated by the light on the lamp behind her, so I can clearly see the gap between her lips, and the light
from behind me illuminate the front of her smooth shaven pussy!

She starts off slow again, but quickly starts faster and more aggressive while yelling sexual expressions like "Oh yea, fuck that pussy, You like my pussy
don't ya" Then I could not take it anymore, I have to join it! She was on top riding my cock and bent down with her head near my neck. She was pumping like crazy
panting harder in my ear! With everything she has done suggests to me she would LOVE is I let her know I'm awake and would like to help her

NOW I PRETEND TO WAKE UP AND Then I lift my hands and place them on each side of her hips, I then placed them on her hips... She barely even flinched! But she whispered
in my ear while still pumping slowing "OH MY GOD!!! Are you mad?" I answer "NO, why the hell would I be mad?" She replied "Well, ummm gee, I don't know,
what would people think if mom or anyone found out about this???" Now... There are only 3 of my daughters friends who use to call us 'Mom & Dad'
and only one of them is traveling with us and I think that would be 'Megan'. Megan is HOT, with a body to match and ALWAYS like a daughter to me,
she on vacations with us and would sleep over my house. THIS HAS TO BE MEGAN, I KNOW IT IS HER!! WOW, I have wanted to fuck her so bad this past year
because she has blossomed into a hot little teen, I think she is 18, but at this point if she was 16 or 17 and fucked and sucked like this and had
the body I see now... HELL YA!

So, I say to her well to solve that we just don't tell anyone! I asked her "So... Is this just a one time thing or can we do this... even again and
again???" She said "I'll do this as many times and as long as you want to!!!"
I asked her"You know, I'm wondering... Nobody has made you squirt? even with your pussy being licked?" She laughed and replied "Nope, never... ESPECIALLY
with my pussy being licked!!! Are you kidding me? I've always had to suggest giving me a little pleasure, and they just do it to get it over with!"
I explained "That is because they are doing it just for the sake of saying they did it! There has to be a want and desire to do it, otherwise you
will never experience the pleasure! Me for example, have to eat a chick BEFORE I have sex! Because, I LOVE doing it and their pussy responds to that AND
gives me a reward by squirting me better than a water gun but more like a water cannon! It takes techniques, passion, time and SHOW that you like
the pussy and you like treating it like a god!!!"
She then whispered to me "Yea, maybe some chicks that would work on, but I highly doubt ANYONE will ever make me squirt no matter what they do...
I have had some good fucking, never licking, but still I tried and tried and NOTHING!"
I said"Uh, ummm I beg to differ... I have had women tell me they never squirted till I licked them OR they say that they never squirted that much
before!" She paused and said "Umm Na! I can't" I asked her you can't what?? She said "I have fantasied MANY, MANY, MANY times of doing all sorts
of things with you, but the ones that made me freak out was when I thought of you licking my pussy!"
I replied"Well, first... How long exactly have you thought of ANY sex with me?"
She replied since she started masturbating at 14 she did not get a lot out of it and 15 the same, but 15 1/2 after she saw me jerking off and having sex with other
women that is what started making her into a horn dog!!!

So, she asked me "So what do you think?" I told her "I DON'T HAVE TO THINK!!! I would love to eat your pussy!!! I'll show you the feeling
you should be getting and what should be done to you!!! Unfortunatly, you'll never get it as good as I give it to you!"
She said, well say I'm in a relationship... I'll fuck them, but come to you to eat my pussy!! Well, I will still have to fuck you too..."
Just then She sits up and turns facing me! I still can't see her face because of the half bed in front of me, but I see her pussy and tits
now in arms reach of me... She sits above my cock and as I look down at her pussy, she has her hand around my cock guiding it in!!!
I still cannot see her face because there is a fucking 1/2 bed right over my head and it hangs over and I am under it so I cannot see above her tits!
So, while during the pumping I notice a notice next to the half bed saying 'Pull Lever To Retract Bed' So, I pulled the lever and
it slowly went up to the wall without her even noticing! But, just as the bed was retracting, she thew her head back and kept on pumping, I just loved seeing her enjoy
it, especially since she has wanted to to this for a long time! While her head was back she was saying and asking things like 'Do you like my pussy?'
'Do you like fucking me?' 'I want to fuck you all the time' 'I've waited so long for this' and so on...


Now... Here is the shocker of my life:
Then she said "Just think, I know there many fathers would think about their daughters sexually whether they want to admit it or not!
and even some might would love to have sex with their daughters, but you are lucky, because your dreams come true!!!
I LOUDLY said, STOP! "WHAT?????????" Then I saw her face... I looked at he dead in the eyes and said "JULIE?????????"
(WHO WAS MY 18 YEAR OLD DAUGHTER) I said "Julie, what the hell is going on???" She looked at me and said she was confused!
I told her I thought I was just fucking one of her friends and then she said she thought that when I woke up I knew it was her!!
She looked down at me, looking scared and saying me she embarasses, scared was sorry and not to tell anyone and she was going to leave!
Then she quickly got off my dick and laid next to me, while covering herself with my sheet I said "Hey, all I was saying is I thought you were one of your
friends, that's all. I just never knew you felt that way! She said "Your not mad?" I said "Mad, hell I cannot lie to you, I thought about it many times myself... I first got the same sexual feelings
When you were around 15 when I saw you shaving, then playing with yourself in your bedroom and once in the shower! I kept hoping to see it again but
all I saw was you getting you getting changed, which was nice, but not as fulfilling!
She asked me "Did you ever jerk off and think of me" I said "HELL YA, too many times to count!"
Then she asked "Did you ever think that if I agreed and the conditions were right that you would agree to have sex with me". I hesitated just for a moment
and said "Yea, I have thought about it many times and tried something ONCE." Baffled, she asked "What do you mean by that?"

I asked " Do you remember the time you got fucked up on Klonopins and Vodka and found out someone slipped you a Roofie and the next day
you woke up in my bed naked??" She responded yes. So, I breifly explaied "You got fucked up came home and passed out in my bed COMPLETELY NAKED!
I ended up finding you when I went IN NAKED to go to bed! I saw your body laying there and one leg was spread which left your pussy exposing
pink meat and your clit! So, I started jerking off and then knowing from experience of a girl I knew and taking roofies and Klonopins I fucked her
so hard and she never ever knew it OR remembered it! So, while jerking off... I REALLY REALLY wanted to touch you, YES even fuck you... But I was afraid you would wake
up and I'd never know how to live with myself! So, all I did was cum on you..." She asked "On me? Where one me?" I hesitated and said 2 places,
your tits and your face."

So, then she looked at me with a look of releif and she asked me "Well, you did like it anyway?" I told her Yes, it was the best I ever had and that
I have something for her... I pulled her to the middle of the bed, I got on top of her... I slowly lowerd my lip to hers and started giving her the
most passionate kiss and kissing her felt so good, so right! She gave the same in return... Then, once I released myself from her lips, I slowly went to
her tits... I licked, sucked and kissed them! Then to her belly and then her pubic area... She started getting bouncy because she knew what was coming.
I got to the very top of her pussy and just dropped my tongue into her lips and when my tongue touched her clit, SHE SCREAMED!!! I did this for about 10 mins. and
I heard the loudest scream, her hips went upward, she pushed and there was a jet stream of lady juice I had ever sseen!!!!
Next, I went back up and she pulled her legs back and I saw her pussy facing directly, I grabbed my cock and stuffed it into her pussy!
I fucked her so hard and for over an hour, we fucked until we BOTH let out our last and loudest orgasm and then we laid down next to each other
and discussed all the time that we wasted not allowing our true feeling to come out... Well, this time forward will be in better spirits and MORE FUN TO COME!!!!

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My daddy is a teacher and has every summer off. Last year he rented an RV and me and him spent two months traveling the country seeing all the sites. I got a bad sunburn on the third day and couldn't wear tight clothes. I only wore a soft robe and it didn't cover much. He would rub aloe all over me a couple times a day and eventually it was just easier to be naked. After the third time he was rubbing my tits and my ass. I told him it felt great and was moaning. He ended up fingering me to orgasm. By the end of the trip we were fucking almost nonstop. We are planning another trip this year and I might bring my friend Amber along!

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my brain fell asleep reading this. it was like keeping up with an amtrack and your on foot.

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Story is o.k. but the ending seems rushed, like you got the cat out of the bag, so to speak, and couldn't wait to finish the story. I don't mark down for spelling or punctuation, as long as it is not to bad enough to bog me down when reading, this is not English 101 class. The haters should find another hobby than this site.

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