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Simple teen love...hope you guys like it it's my first one so yea...enjoy.

hate you!," I threw my phone across the room in a tantrum. Just as It hit my floor with a thud I heard it make the familiar 'beep' of a text. I was off my bed within seconds to see what the text message said; 'Ronnie Lain, HEY:)'
Not the person i was hoping for. I threw my phone again at the floor.
"Argh! Why can't you fucking answer me? It's not that big deal of a question!!"
But it was a big question. It tells me if he sees me as just a friend, his little annoying text buddy, or a girl he likes...but he wouldn't answer...he just stopped texting...and I knew then there was no hope. The one time I went after a guy instead of them coming after me, I screw it up! 
Leaving my phone where it is I went to have a shower to cool off, thankful I could rant and rave and scream all I wanted thanks to dad being at his girlfriends for the night. The water was refreshing and had me calmed down in no time but the water did not wash away the hurtful disappointment. Soaped, shaven and clean haired I stepped out of the shower while turning it off allowing the hot steam to surround me. I was just out of the shower and dressed in a long shirt and a loose hoody when my phone started to ring on the floor. I looked down at the screens and saw the contact picture, my heart stopped for a moment as I realized who it was. I picked it up as I mentally prepared myself for a heartbreak.
"Hello" I said hoping my voice was level.
" Erica it's Adam"
"Yea I know it's you what do you want?"
I couldn't stop myself, I get so angry when I'm upset.
"Look I'm sorry 'bout not replying I had to think but can you please just come to the front and let me talk to you face to face?"
I gasped. "Your out front??" Before he had a chance to reply I was hanging up, pulling on some tights and rushing to the door. I opened it to look up into the brown eyes of a dark haired, pale skinned, not to mention tall nineteen year old hottie.
"Are you out of your mind? What if my dad was home?" I demanded still not able to remove my eyes from his (something I have difficultly with everyone else).
He was breathing heavily, his hair was a mess as if he had run his hand through it all the way here and he was wearing only a tight pair of jeans, his favourite shoes and a tee. "I remembered you had told me you had the house to yourself."
I crossed my arms, "yea whatever just tell me why the hell your on my doorstep at nine-thirty at night" I was silently jumping with a small shard of hope.
"...All I know at the moment is that all I want to do is kiss you right now..."
Again I gasped. "But-"
"I know I mentioned the age difference and all a while back but that was just me trying to make up excuses for me not to feel this way...-"
I stopped him with a wave of my hand. "feel what way?"
His eyes where staring right into my own and I felt as if he was looking right into me.
"I feel for you in a way like no other"
And with that sentence he leaned in and kissed me. His lips soft on mine. At first I was shocked and unable to react but I soon was slipping my arms around his neck pulling him closer so I could kiss him deeper. Slipping his tounge inside my mouth nudging against mine. I was in a frenzy.
He pulled away in a rush, "Your fifteen!"
I was four years younger but I was in no hurry to let that stop him from kissing me.
"Yes I'm a minor until next year but I don't think I care much for that right now so will you just shut up come inside and kiss me!" I practically dragged him over the threshold and into my room. Continuingto kiss him feircly. 
I felt the most intense feeling radiating off our bodies, like fireworks as our passion deepened and for the first time i could feel the effect I had on him. 
Adam’s lips moved to my thoat where they lingered, nipping, sucking, an licking. Causing my toes to curl.
His hands found their way to my ass and cupped each cheek, his touch sending shots of electricity through my body before peaking at my nipples and clit as I moaned out loud. 
I couldn’t help but laugh a little at how many times I had fantasised about how he would turn up at my door step, say he loved me and whisked me to the bedroom.
Suddenly i was lifted up by Adam and laid down on the bed with him supporting his weight on top of me, tour lips meeting again as I stuck my tongue out and probed at his soft lips looking for an opening. He immediately opened his mouth and my tongue brushed up against his as I wrapped my hands around his back and pulled him closer, his large erection poking at my stomach through his jeans. With him on top of me, he used his legs to spread my legs open. I reached down, unbuckling his belt and pants with much difficulty before i slipped my hand inside to massage his throbbing cock for a moment before removing my hands to wrap them around his waist. Somehow my tights, hoodie and panties had all disappeared and I was left practically naked with only a shirt covering my breasts and lower region. 
I felt him shift as he removed his pants and draws before breaking the kiss for a fraction of a second to remove his shirt. 
Naked he went back to his position of holding my legs apart with his own so he could settle between them, his hard cock a few inches from my tingling opening that cried out to be touched. I looked into his eyes and saw my  own lust and need mirrored in them and in less than a second Adam buried his full length deep inside her, his balls slapping against my ass with a satisfying smack as I cried out in pain and pleasure as the only thing that said i was still a virgin was gone in a rush of blood and pre-cum. I dug my nails into his back just above his nicely toned ass and used the grip as leverage as I tried to introduce a blissful pace for him to drive into me. I could feel little scratches pop up under my nails and for a moment i feared I had hurt him, but when I looked back into his face I saw nothing but pleasure, as he thrust in and out of me for all he was worth.
His movements were powerful and each time he sunk his full length into my tight pussy we’d both slide a few inches further up the large queen bed. Feeling every single little bump and groove along his shaft as he sank it repeatedly into me. 
I wrapped my legs around Adam's waist and pulled his face down to mine as our lips mashed together again. The pleasure was too intense and I felt my body start to tighten up, my pussy muscles pulsating along his cock as the powerful orgasm ripped through me causing me to scream out at the top of my lungs, my toes curling and my heart pounding behind my breasts so fast that I was worried it was going to pop out of my chest.
Before my intense orgasm slowed Adam's teeth gently pulled at my bottom lip and I  ran my hands through his hair as his pace picked up even more and he used his cock like a jackhammer on my soaking wet pussy. 
Faster!!" I cried out as another smaller orgasm washed over me and I clenched every muscle in my body, "I want to feel you explode inside me!"
As if he was just waiting for me to beg Adam became erratic and I could feel his rock hard cock tense inside me as the first spurt of burning hot cum splashed inside me sending waves of pleasure through to my core. Gob after gob of his sticky hot cum filled me up until it felt like I couldn’t hold anymore and I could feel it dribble out of my pussy and along his cock as it fell onto the bed soundlessly. His arms squeezed me tightly and I clung to him for all it was worth as we both breathed heavily in time.
When Adam could move again he moved so he was laying next to me with his arms around me. As I pulled a blanket over nothing us as we fell asleep. Our final words to each other only a whisper.
"I love you" He spoke softly.
I smiled, "as I love you."

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2012-08-28 04:31:31
A good, quick story that is worth continuing.
A comment though. The muscle in your mouth is a Tongue. Please run a spell check before going to post a story.
Other than that, a well paced story.

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2012-08-27 22:33:15
Nicely done, but also give more detail about both characters.

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2012-08-27 20:18:41
I would love a second part oh and it wouldn't hurt to add more details

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