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Pete was an executive with ADB Corp. Millie had gotten a job in the secretarial pool. Millie was a dark red hair Italian girl, she was 33 years old had three kids and a pain in the ass husband. She had 40D tits a tight ass great hip and was always horny. Pete had discovered her on day as he was telling the head of her department what one of the top executives was looking for. Millie flirted with him and was shocked that the department head said nothing to him. When he left the other girls gave her the scoop. Pete was the muscle for the Chairman of the Board; he was a director of one of there many operations and spent a significant amount of time on the road.

No one who worked there would mess with him because it seemed the ones that had got demoted or fired.

She was hot for him, when he walked by she would pinch his ass or make lewd comments. It didn’t take long for him to ask her out. She resisted for a couple of weeks using her husband and kids as an excuse, but the simple truth was she wanted to fuck him in the worst way.

Friday night all the girls in the pool were going out for drinks at a local watering hole. Millie was asked. She told them she’s check with her husband and let them know. She invented an excuse to go upstairs to the executive suites. It didn’t take long to find Pete’s office. His secretary was at her desk outside the office but his door was open. His secretary’s name which was Pat challenged her, “What do you want”? “I have some paper for him from Mr. Levine the President”. “Well leave them as you can see Mr. Spelling is in there with him and he is the Chairmen”. She put the papers down and started to leave when the two men came out of the office and headed down the hall.

Seeing Millie he stopped “what are you doing up here”? “I have paperwork for you”. “Leave it on my desk I’ll get to it later I’m busy”. He and the Chairmen walked off discussing something.

In the stack of papers was an envelope with his name on it. When he got back to his desk he looked at the envelope, “who the hell sent this”? Pat responded with “beats the hell out of me”. He closed his door opened the envelope and read the note. Pete I’m going to JR Duns with the girls from the pool after work, I’d like to see you if possible, my only problem is I’ll probably have to be home by 9PM or so. Please try to get there I’d really like to see you.

The girls got to the bar in three car loads and headed for the bar. Carol the girl next in line for a permanent job on executive row looked in the valet parking, “holy shit we have mister hot shit here. Millie looked at one of the other girls and asked “what’s she talking about”? “See the copper colored sport car”, “yes” “it belongs to Pete A.

Inside she saw him immediately and waved, he got up and headed over to her. “Hi Millie it’s a surprise to see you here”. Carol was behind Millie, “Why don’t you find someone else to harass Pete”. He stopped in his tracks, the fire welled in his eyes “Shut the fuck up bitch”. He took Millie’s hand and they walked toward his table. The other men at the table just picked up there drinks and left.

Ten minutes later they were in his car, there tongues were locked together, he had one hand in her blouse under her bra and was squeezing her large hard nipple. The other hand was in her panties working he clit. She was moaning softly, she had taken his cock out and was slowly jerking it. “Can we fuck in this car”? “I really want your cock in me know”. “I’m not sure but we can try or lets get a room”. “I can’t I have to be home by 9”. “That really sucks”.

At that moment her cell rang, she leaned over and took it out of her bag, looking at the number she whispered in his ear, “my husband” should I stop rubbing your” “No way I’m almost there keep it slow and quiet”. “Hi hon what’s up”? “Probably around nine give or take”, “Yes I’ll take car of it when I get home”. The rubbing Pete was giving her clit was causing a ripple at the bottom of her pussy that was on its way up.

“By Sal” and she hung up. Dropping the phone she grabbed Pete’s hand and muffled a scream of pleasure as her pussy orgasm flooded her panties, pants, Pete’s hand and the seat. She had her tongue down his throat and she trembled for at least three minutes. “That was great I can only imagine what your cock will feel like”? “Well I can’t wait to find out either but now I’ve got a case of blue balls”. She leaned over the consol, “baby I was voted the best cock sucker in AK High School”.

She put the head of his cock in her mouth and started a slow and steady up and down bobbing. With each downward movement she got more cock in her mouth until finally it was at the back of her throat. She started rubbing his nut sack and moaning softly. This kept going for five minutes when she felt his cock stiffen, she pulled back just as his cock exploded sending jets of warm thick cum into her mouth she gulped twice as to swallow all the cum being milked out of his cock into her mouth. Finally his balls were empty; she sat up and opened her mouth showing him a load of cum, closing her lips she swallowed.

“All gone and it was delicious”. “You are a great cock sucker Mill” “You must be an unbelievable fuck”. “You’ll be finding out very soon”. She put her tits back in her bra and buttoned her pants. “Oh my goodness I’m soaked”. “Is that going to be a problem when you get home”? “No Sal never even looks at me unless I’m serving dinner”. “Mill I really want you” “Baby I want your cock in me more then anything, but now I have to go so we can continue our relationship”.

Millie got out of the car and walked to her car, she drove home thinking about the first orgasm she’s had in over a year.

Monday her phone rang “Hello this is Millie”, “I know who it is, meet me at noon behind Dillard’s”. “I’ll be there and she hung up”.

At noon she pulled into a parking spot at the department store next to Pete’s car and got in the passengers side. A long tongue kiss, some crotch groping when Pete pushed back. “I’ve got an idea for us”, “What is it”? “Thursday morning you head out for work like usual, meet me here”. “Ok then what”? “You call in sick, we leave your car here and drive out to the north shore Hyatt where I’ll have a room”. “That’s great but what if someone calls me”? “I’ll have it arranged that Neil will call me and tell me who called and for what reason”. Her pussy was doing the thinking for her so she leaned over stuck her tongue in his mouth moaned and whispered “I can’t wait”.

The next fourth five minutes were spent having lunch, Millie was nervous as she only got forty five minutes and they had been gone over an hour and a half.

“Pete baby I’m in deep shit with Neil because I’ve been gone way to long”. Pete smiled “ok let’s go”. He paid the check and they parted, she arrived back at work and walked in as his car was pulling in. Once at her desk the other pool of five women all glared at her, Carol hissed “bitch where have you been we’ve all been covering for your sorry ass”.

Before she could answer Neil walked over to her desk, “Millie can I see you for a few minutes please”? Following him to his office she sat down in a chair as he closed the door. Oh shit I’m getting fired was her next thought. Neil came around and sat at his desk. “You are being sent upstairs to Mr. Levine as his new personal secretary”. Her mouth fell open. “Effective tomorrow eight thirty you will be at your desk out side his office”.” You will handle his messages, typing and all other secretarial duties do you understand”? “Yes sir but I thought Carol was next in line for that”?

Neil sat back in his chair “I guess Mr. Spelling decided your up next, it came from him”. “Now I will make the announcement at four this afternoon”. She looked really puzzled “how does he know I’m any good”? Neil leaned forward “he doesn’t even know who the fuck you are, but I’m guessing Pete sure as hell does”. Without another word she stood up and went back to her desk.
Four Pm Neil told the girls of the new appointment, Carol was shocked. After she left work and was on her way home her phone rang. “Hi babe”, it was Pete. “Hi sexy I had quite a day”.” Really”? “I got promoted to Mr. Levine’s personal secretary so I’m thinking Thursday isn’t a good day to take off”. “Nonsense Bernie’s fine with it”. “Are you sure”? “Tomorrow tell him you have a doctors appointment for Thursday it’s all arranged, oh babe got a sexy out fit”? “Yes I do”, by babe” she hung up.

Thursday driving to work she was trembling with anticipation. There was Pete’s car. She jumped out opened the door get in gave him a tongue kiss and cock rub “lets get there I’m wet just being here with you”.

They entered the room and she ran too the bathroom. Five minutes later she emerged dressed in white lace bra that had her nipples exposed, a white lace thong, white garter belt and stockings. “Wow I like the look babe”, “good because your about to become a mother fucker”. She pulled off his slacks and his cock was in her mouth in a minute. Pete pulled the thong to the side and was slurping and nibbling on her stone hard clit. She kept moaning, sucking his cock and grinding her pussy into his mouth. With a powerful thrust he rolled her over, pulled his cock from her mouth and got between her kegs.

She spread her legs as wide as she could as his cock pushed past her lips and the head plopped in. Looking into his eyes she cooed, “Your cock is bigger then my husbands and it feels wonderful”. She pulled him down on her and started sucking his neck; “fuck me baby I really want you my cunt has been boiling for three day”. “Deeper Pete, deeper”, there was a flowing coming from deep in her cunt quickly rising to the surface it burst out as a screaming, moaning trembling orgasm. Pete kept up a deep steady rhythm but she could feel him getting ready. Her pussy muscles had his cock locked tight in her.

With her mouth near his ear she moaned blast your cum deep in my cunt, fill the bitch. Pete stiffened and cum flowed out into her waiting hot pussy. The feeling of him cuming deep inside her made her have another orgasm. Digging her nails into his back she screamed “keep cumimg I love it”. It took five minutes for them to catch there breath. His cock was still in her hard. “Baby could I have another great fuck”. Pete didn’t answer as he just started pushing deep into her sloppy cunt. They fucked for ten minutes, every time he would push down she would move her pubic area up so his cock was buried as deep as possible in her. Moaning she dug her nails into his back, “Baby fill my cunt with cum I really need it” a moment later he came again inside her the feeling of warm cum shooting into her pussy made her orgasm with a deep low animal screams.

They lay together for ten minutes. She smiled at him “Well”? “Well what”? “I hope you enjoyed yourself”. “My god look at my face it was great”. “Good because right this moment I am a very contently fucked woman” “Good”.

They both dozed off, Pete heard her yelling “Pete get up its three thirty and we’ve got a two hour drive”. “Ok it will be alright”. “I’ve got to get home by five thirty or my husband will get suspicious”. “I told you not to worry we’ll be back by five thirty and you call him and tell him you have a flat, most all the people who you work with left and he has to come and change the tire for you”. Tell him it happen as you were pulling out and you only got to the department store”.

Over the next few weeks Millie and Pete fucked at every opportunity. She knew many things she probably shouldn’t have. Her and Carol started a friendship as soon as Carol discovered who she was fucking. Once she confided in Carol, “laying in bed with a naked man with just the head of his cock on your lips gently kiss and sucking it there is nothing you can not find out”.

Millie had found out plenty, Neil was the company drug dealer. Pete was the fixer for Mr. Spelling and apparently there was a lot of fixing. Thursday found Millie and Carol eating lunch when her cell buzzed. She read the text and smiled Carol looked at her “is it from Pete”? “Yes he wants to know if I can get out Saturday night and come home Sunday”? Carol looked at her “that shouldn’t be a problem”. “How do you figure that”? “Tell Sal my mother is bad sick and I’ve asked you to help me with her”. “Come over Saturday morning and Pete can pick you up from my house”. Without hesitation she replied I’ll be there.

Saturday at noon Pete showed up at Carols, the three sat having coffee and he explained Neil was having a get together and they were going to have to stop by. Carol asked if she could go “sure just take your own car”.

They left at two thirty in the afternoon to get to Neil’s; as they drove Millie was rubbing his cock. “I can’t wait to get him in my pussy babe”. “Relax just a few things to do and were at the Hyatt”.

Neil lived in a large apartment complex, in a penthouse. At three thirty there were about eight guy she didn’t know and Neil. The cloud of pot smoke was all over the place. Pete’s phone rang “Yeah boss what’s up”? Millie realized it was Spelling and walked away. Carol was standing in a group of five guys drinking smoking a joint and laughing. Carol handed her a joint and she took a drag without thinking. When she realized Pete was heading in her direction he appeared to be moving in slow motion.

“Mill something has come up go back to Carols and I’ll call you later or in the morning” A peck on the cheek and he was gone.

Millie looked around and saw Carol standing in a corner with two guys. When she got up to them she realized Carol had two very nice looking cocks in her hands and was slowly jerking them off. The guys were squeezing her tits and rubbing her crotch.
“Hear Mill help me with these cocks”. She placed a cock in Millie’s hand and turned to the man whose cock she was slowly jerking off. Millie kept up the slow steady jerk off motion. The guy looked at her, “I’m Jeff and you really are doing a wonderful job with my cock”. She smiled “this isn’t exactly what I was thinking when I came over here”. She felt a tug and realized someone had unzipped her pants and pulled the down. She was standing in the room in her black panties with a strange guys cock in her hand someone who she didn’t know was putting two fingers in her cunt. She heard a voice whisper “wow you are wet”.

Someone pushed her down to her knees, she let go of the cock she was jerking off but as soon as she was kneeling that same cock went into her mouth and a moment later was blasting her mouth with cum. The cock was deep in her mouth and she had no choice but to swallow all the cum he pumped out which was quite a good amount. Looking to her left she saw Carol legs spread wide on the floor fucking someone. An instant later she heard Carol moan and realized the guy was cuming.

The guy fingering her, had her close she was going to have an orgasm right there and she did. Before she could catch her breath she was carried off to a bedroom placed on a bed. Now a black guy gets between her legs and she felt a large cock on her pussy lips, plop in the head went. “Ug your cock is huge guy” “thanks wait till I get the other 11 inched in”. “Oh my god she screamed as 11 inches of hard black cock pushed deep into her pussy, past her cervix and finally bottomed out. It was the most intense feeling she ever had. Instantly she felt an orgasm coming to the surface she dug her nails into his back, screamed and the juices flowed. He kept pumping her for five minutes and seven screaming orgasms until he pushed his cock deeper and started pumping cum into her pussy cannel. All that cum being pumped into her pussy cause her to have screaming orgasm number eight.

The guy rolled off and her pussy started flowing pussy juice and cum, she was in a half conscious state. There were two guys naked on either side of her, they took off her blouse and bra and rolled her on her stomach. Her asshole felt a cold liquid, now she felt pressure, a cock was being pushed in. “No please I’ve never been fucked in the ass”. She heard a voice say “wow virgin tight ass”. Then the entire length of a very large cock was buried deep in her bowls. She cried for ten minutes until she felt the cock blast cum deep in her bowls. It plopped out and she felt cum oozing out. There was another cock at her rear entrance and again in it slipped. “ a voice from behind her said this ass is still tight” another voice responded well fuck it until it loosens up a bit”. The pain wasn’t as bad as the first time, it still hurt but this cock wasn’t as big so it fit better. Ten minutes later the cock went deep and cum flowed into her bowls. The cock was removed and instantly another cock replaced it. As this cock went deep into her bowls she moaned it really didn’t feel all that bad at this point. “A voice from behind her push your ass up and you’ll get more cock”, she did and as the third cock was on the brink of flooding her bowls she felt an orgasm hit her. Screaming her pussy convulsed and the cock in her bowls spewed cum. She passed out.

Hours later she woke her and Carol were in bed, they were covered with cum, shaking Carol awake “Carol lets get dressed and get the hell out of here”. “What yeah get the hell out of here”. They were in the car driving home. Millie looked at her” “What do we do now”? “No fucken clue but I’m sure as hell not telling anyone”. At Carols they bathed drank so wine but never discussed the episode.

Pete texted her about eleven thirty to say he was in L.A. and would be there for a couple of weeks, they’d talk during the week.

Tuesday she was at her desk when Carol called. “Meet me in Neil’s office at 12: 20” and hung up. The area was empty everyone was at lunch. She heard noise from Neil’s office gave a gentle knock on the door and walked in. Neil was sitting there pants down cock out. “Just what the hell do you think your doing Neil”? “Sit down and shut up cunt”. She was horrified to see herself on the computer screen being ass fucked by a large black dude. “Millie you and Carol are now my cum sluts do you understand or would you rather your husband and Pete see this”?

She nodded yes. “Now first pull down those pants and get you ass over her I have a load in my nut sack since Sunday and your going to get it out”. She started to protest but he pointed to the screen. She pulled her slacks and panties down came around the desk and he just jammed his cock in her ass with very little lube. It didn’t hurt as bad as she thought it would and pushed back to get it as deep as possible. Five minutes later he shot a big load deep in her bowls. “Ok get dressed” “I’m leaking cum do you have a tissue or something. He opened his draw took out a butt plug and shoved it in. “There that will keep you from leaking”.

She was heading towards the door “Mill Saturday you and Carol will need to be at my apartment by 11:30 as I’m have a cock sucking party and you two are the cock suckers”. You will be allowed to leave only when every cock in the place is completely drained”,” Anything else Neil”. “No, not unless I need my nut sack drained before Saturday”.

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