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Yes this is a true story, I finally plucked up the courage to tell on him, but it took a long time. I was only a child when this was happening to me, and it makes me feel better to tell the story. I bottled it up for a long time. There are a couple of more parts to the story, trust me when I karma got its revenge on him in the end.

The day after he put his boy part into me, I did end up with a massive migraine. Obviously the stress of the situation took hold and made me physically ill. It meant that I got to hide in my room for a couple of days, and my Mum and Dad looked after me till I was better. It was a relief not to have to face my brother. I had managed to be sick all over the bed, so my Mum had no choice but to change the sheets. I was secretly glad as it meant that his smell wasn’t on my pillow case anymore.

Once I felt better, I acted like things were normal between my brother and I. I didn’t know what else to do, obviously the migraine was bad, and I needed help, but his warning of ‘killing me’ sent me spiralling into a fear oblivion.

Nothing happened between us for a long time after that, and we moved house in the process. I was glad as my room had a lock on the handle. It had to be opened from the outside, and only I, my Mum, and Dad had a key. It made me feel safe.

My brother stayed away from me for a long time, this I was thankful for as well, and I threw myself into school work, he had moved to 1st year in High School so I didn’t have to walk to school, or walk home with him anymore. I was dreading having to go to High School and deal with him, but I was happy in the knowledge that it wasn’t for another couple of years yet.

But the quietness from him wasn’t to last……….

My brother and I were outside in the garden, our parents nipped out to the shops, and my sister was supposed to be looking after us. She decided that she was bored and left us to find her boyfriend and friends. I hated the fact that we had been left alone, as I had been lucky that we weren’t left alone with each other for months. I told my parents that I wanted to spend time with my friends when I wasn’t at school, instead of my older brother. They agreed, but fate took hold and we were left alone anyway.

He cornered me in the garden and put his hand up my dress, feeling my girl vagina through my pants. I knew the name of this part now as I was 10 and we briefly learnt about Sex Education at school. ‘Stop it!!!!’ I screamed at him, there was no way he was going to do this without a fight. ‘This is sick and wrong, and you know it,’ I continued whilst trying in vain to push him away from me.

He looked at me and snarled, ‘this is going to be so much better that the last time Ann. You’re older now, and I’ve already broken you in.’ He pushed a finger into me through the pants as if demonstrating what he had done before. ‘Now shut up, and take what’s coming to you!’ He shouted before slapping me for shaking my head.

The fear froze me to the spot, he kept rubbing at my vagina, playing and poking me through me pants. I began to cry silent tears; I knew this was wrong, he knew this was wrong so why was he doing it to me? He pulled my pants away from my waste, exposing me. The embarrassment and shame flooded my face causing me to blush furiously. The tears fell so much harder.

He pulled at my ankle, to remove my pants from one leg, putting my leg back down; he pulled at my other ankle, and removed then completely. Then he placed my pants into his pocket, I noticed a shift in his shorts when he did so, and I begged him. ‘Please no, don’t do this, not again!’ My voice was barely audible, I knew what was going to happen, and I prayed that my parents would return soon to help me.

‘No Ann, you’re going to take it like the little slut you are,’ he leered at me. I started crying loudly at this, which made him laugh. He grabbed my arm and started pulling me toward the house. I was frozen my legs refused to move with him, and I started to dig my heels into the grass. Realising what I was doing he spun round and faced me. ‘We can either do this the easy way or the hard way, either way you are going to take what’s coming to you.’

I reluctantly took a step forward, ‘there’s a good girl.’ He said, ‘now come with me to the house I have something for you.’ He continued, pulling me by the arm to the house. Once inside, he pulled my bedroom door open, I couldn’t believe that I had been so stupid that I left my door unlocked from the outside. ‘Take of your dress,’ he commanded. I froze not wanting to do this, knowing that I would be fully naked if I did this. Seeing my obvious discomfort; he chuckled.

He slapped me over the bum twice, making me wince in pain as he did so. ‘I said take off your dress,’ he shouted obviously loving the fact that we were home alone. I started to tremble with fear; I didn’t want to do this. Tears ran faster down my face and I shook my head. ‘Fine the hard way it is,’ he sneered at me. He then yanked the hem of my skirt up, pulling it up, and trapping my arms and face under the fabric.

He then forcefully shoved me back on the bed; I hit my head on the walling which knocked me out with the force. Moments passed and when I woke up I could feel him moving inside of me. My arms and head were still trapped under the fabric of my dress. He pounded me faster and faster and the pain was excruciating. He started to make strange grunting noises, as he was pounding his way into me.

I just wanted it to stop; I could feel the tears streaming down my face, as he kept entering me over and over and over again. He made his strange shudder again, and it was all over. ‘Stay still!’ he shouted at I tried to move. I could feel his weight lift of me and something wet hit my stomach. It felt like he had peed on me. I felt so disgusted; why had he done this to me again?

‘Now there, that wasn’t so bad was it?’ He asked me, when I didn’t reply he slapped at my stomach were the wet stuff was, making me cry out in pain. ‘I must say I enjoyed doing that to you again, and you lay there and took it like a good little whore you are.’ He continued. His voice was making me feel physically sick. I had been safe from this for months, and I couldn’t believe it had happened again.

He pulled me upright and smoothed down my dress, ‘I’m going to do this again, and if you fight me again, I will make it so much more painful than this time.’ He said whilst his hand rubbed at my vagina again. ‘I may even teach you how to do things to me next time.’ I just wanted to curl up and die at that moment. I didn’t understand what he meant by do stuff to him. My head was so clouded with fear and I was in pain. It was almost like he enjoyed the pain he was inflicting onto me.

We suddenly heard a key in the lock, and I was relieved that our parents were home. He rushed out of my room into his own, with a warning glance which told me that if I told he would kill me like he told me months ago. I locked my bedroom door, and slumped against it. I felt so dirty and ashamed, obviously this was my fault that he was doing this to me I had to stop wearing dresses and skirts around him maybe then he wouldn’t do this to me again.

To be continued

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2016-12-28 04:46:19
If that actually happened, I feel so bad for you. I hope he gets severely punished!!

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2015-12-05 18:44:21
Next part wow

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2014-03-14 20:06:28
What's karma??

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2013-05-23 19:35:42
Girl vagina? As oppossed to a boys vagina?

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2013-02-20 18:14:17
if he said he will kill u he will not kill u my coson rape me once i told on him and he had to go to kid jail for three days a was 11 he was 14 i told my mom my mom told his mom and both of r mom called the police

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