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Double Dose of Bad Seed

Part 4.2
The Academy Days Continued:

I called Stacy on Thursday, apparently she was properly
motivated last Friday. She gives me an address to meet her
on Saturday at 4 pm, she will be babysitting from Friday
night till Sunday night. She made sure I knew I had ruined
her entire weekend. Like my behavior thus far gave any
indication that I cared.

“I have Friday and Saturday off so I will be by both
days, Friday to inspect my new toy and Saturday to play.
What time will her parents leave Friday.” I say

“Well I can not risk them seeing you Friday. Her parents
have a 8 pm flight so they’ll be gone by 7pm. Her bath
time is 730 so you can come then and get a peak” she says.

I arrived Friday at 730 and Stacy quickly pulled me in the
house so no one would see me. Once inside she lead me up
the stairs to the bathroom. Stacy opened the door and went
inside talking to the girls.

Girls I heard more than one voice, the other sounded really
young but I couldn’t see the tub from the crack in the
door. I did catch their names Cindy and Beth, Beth sounding
like the older one.

Stacy slipped back out the door leaving a crack when she did.
“stand here, you can she her thru the mirror” she says.
I move and look as she had said. There was a full length
mirror on the wall. I could plainly see the young girls in the tub.

They looked much younger then they had sounded.
“How old are they” I ask.
“Well I’m sure that it won’t stop you but Beth is 10” she replies.
“And Cindy” I say.
“Your not here for her JJ, only Beth understand. She’s 7 though
If you must know” she says giving me a look.

I look back inside they were definitely sisters, besides their size
they were basically the same. Beth had dirty blonde hair and
Her breasts were not much, she had some dark nipples and
I could see the beginnings of some breasts but basically
flat chested.

I couldn’t see their butts or pussy since they were sitting.
My cock did get hard watching them play and bathe
each other. “Get on your knees Stacy, I want to fuck
you while I watch” I tell her.

She looks at me but says nothing she takes her panties off
and get on her hands and knees. She flips her skirt up
on her ass and back up to me. Putting her head to the floor
and spreading her legs. Her pussy was in full view, she may
act like she doesn’t like being my slut but her pussy told
another story.

I could see the moisture on her spread lips, and smell her
sweet musky aroma. I was short on time but couldn’t resist.
I leaned down and licked her pussy. Her pussy always
tasted so good.

I wanted to continue but pulled myself away after a few
minutes. Kneeling behind her I slid my cock between
her wet lips stopping at her pussy hole. I pressed slowly
in until I was all the way inside. I grabbed her tiny hips
and slowly fucked her as I watched Beth and Cindy.

I finally got my look when the girls got up and rinsed
the bubbles off with the shower head. Cindy was just
bones no ass or hips at all. All I could see of her little
pussy was a bald slit between her legs.

Beth had a little more promise, she had the makings of a
nice round butt going and her hips were starting to
develop. Her little pussy hand a small mound and I
could see her slit and little lips. Both girls were very
small for their age.

I began pumping Stacy harder and faster as I imagined
taking Beth’s little virgin pussy. The girls were drying
off now so I quickly filled Stacy with cum. She started
to get up, but I gave her a look and she knelt and took my
cock into her mouth.

Just as I walk out of sight the girls walked out the
bathroom. As I left I stopped and looked at the pictures
on the wall. Their mom was maybe 5 feet tall they must
take after her.

I head out the door and walk to the gas station two blocks
away and call a cab. Along the walk I notice this place is
only a few blocks from where Julia lives. My cab arrives
and takes me back.

The next day was long and boring, I thought 330 would never
get there. The cab was late so it was 415 by the time I arrived
and Stacy was outside waiting on me.

“She ready” I ask walking up to the door.
“Yes, their out cold in bed. Lets get inside we can talk there”
She says.

We go inside and Stacy turns to me “I’m not sure about this JJ, Beth
is only 10 and she’s so small. You might really hurt her and she’ll
be out so we won’t know till she wakes up.” she says with a worried look.

She was right Beth was maybe 3 ½ feet tall, and had a very small frame.
She maybe weighted 60 lbs. I consider what Stacy said and turned to her.

“And what do you purpose we do instead” I say.
“Well you could just play with Beth, even play with Cindy and fuck me”
She says with hope in her eyes.
“I like your pussy Stacy but you know that is not going to happen” I say.
“Please JJ you can do anything to me, I just can’t let you hurt them” she says.

Now I knew she was right of course. Beth was way to small to fuck
and not cause serious damage at my size, When I had fucked Nicole
I hurt her pretty bad and I was smaller then. Nicole was younger at
the time but her body was bigger then Beth. The night before at the house
as I looked at Beth I already knew I couldn’t fuck her. I also know that Stacy
would drop a dime on me if the girl ended up in a emergency room.
The cops would surely be called when she showed up bleeding.

I did have a plan and Stacy just walked right in.
“Ok, but one word or the slightest hesitation and I fuck them both” I say.
She has a look of concern but a smile thinking she had saved the girls.

I may not be able to fuck them but I wanted to see my new toys.
We head up to Beth’s room, she was laying in her bed,
across the hall Cindy was in her bed.
“You get Cindy and put her in the master bedroom, and take the
Little sluts clothes off before you put her in bed” I tell Stacy.

I walk over to Beth and begin undressing her. She looked like a little
angle, even had a smile on her face. As I removed her t-shirt I got a good
look at her breasts, she had some large little nipple about the size
of my pinky and actually had some breast, enough to squeeze at least.

I played with her nipples and breasts for a moment before
removing her panties. I spread her legs and leaned over I could smell
her little pussy. I parted her little lips and was surprised
to find her lips were wet. That made my mouth water and I had
to have a taste of her.

I took a nice long slow lick from her little ass hole up thru her
sweet lips to her clit. She stirred slightly when my tongue hit
her clit. I suck on her clit and she stirs a little. She’s out but
obviously not gone she seems to be feeling things. That means
I should be able to get her to cum later.

She has a very nice pussy, to nice I think looking at it her lips
are full and puffy. I place my index finger at her hole and
begin pushing it in her, it slides in with ease all the way to
my knuckle. I slide a second finger inside her again she takes
It, she was a little tight. I slip a third finger in definitely her limit.

She squirms a little as I work it in. This changes things she’s no
virgin and somebody with a nice sized cock has been using this
pussy regularly. Only one person with that kind of access her
dad I’m sure. I wonder if Cindy is as innocent as she looks.

I pick Beth up and carry her to the master bedroom and lay her next
to Cindy’s naked body. I go back down stairs and retrieve my bag
and start setting up. I have multiple video cameras all feeding into
my laptop.

Once done I go over and sit on the bed beside Cindy’s naked body.
She looked even smaller up close, No tits at all she could easily
Pass for a boy if not for the little slit between her legs. I move down
there next spreading her little legs wide. I spread her little
Pussy open wide, she has all the parts just in miniature size.

No moisture on her lips so I like my index finger and place it at her
hole. I press it inward she’s very tight. Tighter then any girl I
have been with, she definitely hasn’t been playing.

Stacy comes back in the room. “Go to the girls room and get
their school outfits and dress them. Then I want their hair
in pigtails, we‘re going to make these girls stars, Also take these”
I say handing her 2 extacy pills.

She give me a look but takes the pills and leaves to retrieve
the clothes. I head down stairs to the study and start looking around.
My mom and dad keep videos of their fun so maybe her dad
did as well. I find on of those lock box safes you get
at Wal-Mart.

I take it to the garage and use a hammer and chisel to pop
it open. I hit the mother load, it full of naked Polaroid’s of
Beth, Cindy and several other girls and 3 CDs. There also
a paper with a bunch of internet addresses and password
an account names.

I head back to the study and turn the computer on and pop
the CD in it has a list of files I start click. Most are Beth
and her dad having sex her mom is in a few.
From the date the video’s started 7 months ago.

The 2nd CD is more recent about 2 months ago. There
are several other girls and men in these. Beth is with a lot
of different men and some of the girls. Also some of the
Other mothers are in there.

The 3rd is from 2 weeks ago, Beth with 2 men and her father
doing anal with her, from her screams and obvious pain I
guess it was her first time. Cindy was also in this video as
well, no penetration just licking and teasing with Beth.

With this new knowledge I change my plan, I’m going to fuck
Beth for sure. Even if I hurt her nobody in this family is
going to the cops. Cindy she’s still to small. But for now
I’ll keep up the old plan and use and abuse Stacy.

I want to see just how depraved she will get to protect
Beth. She did say anything we’ll see if she meant it.
I head back upstairs and Stacy is just finishing dressing the

They look even younger then before. I pop the CD in my laptop
and start copying it to my hard drive. I start the cameras “Ok slut
I want you get naked and then your going to undress the girls
for the camera and have oral sex with them. You better make it
a good show” I say.

Stacy must be feeling the effects of the extacy. She doesn’t
Think twice about stripping and going to Beth and holding her
Up and undressing her for the camera. She was putting on
Quiet the show with Beth’s limp body. Licking and sucking
her breasts.

Then eating her pussy, Beth squirmed several times and even
moaned when she cam. I joined Stacy for that I had to taste her
juice, she was sweet as expected. I was super horny by
Now so I took Stacy doggie style while she ate Beth’s ass.

I came on Beth’s naked body and had Stacy lick her clean
for the camera. She moved to Cindy next repeating the process
Cindy never moved or orgasmed like Beth had though.

Next I had Stacy put a 12” strap-on on and start playing with
The girls. Sticking it in their mouth and putting the doggy style.
Then I broke out a bag of toys nipple clip, clit clips. Small anal
Butt plugs. Stacy didn‘t blink an eye she went right to putting
The things on and in the girls. I had enough and bent Stacy
over and took her ass this time.

Cumming on Cindy’s naked body this time. While Stacy cleaned
Cindy I used her cell to make a call, she never even noticed.
Stacy was hot and horny from the extacy. Just one more thing
to do. “Stacy come in the bathroom I have something for you”
I tell her.

She walks in and I have 2 lines of cocaine on a mirror. She doesn’t
hesitate to snort both then kisses me. “ok back to eating little girl
pussy for you” I say.

Stacy was more interested in getting some dick in her but she
did as she was told. I left the room and came back with the last
part of Stacy’s surprise. Their was a big chocolate lab in the
back yard I had noticed him the night before.

When I come into the room with the Dog. Stacy went from a
look of pure pleasure to terror I an instant. “No fucking way
JJ” she blurts out. I just laugh “You said anything slut so you
decide you fuck the dog or I fuck both girls” I say and walk
over to the bed.

Rusty goes straight to sniffing at Stacy and the girls pussy.
Stacy closes her legs and covers Cindy. I’m between Beth’s legs
My hard 10” cock pressed against her hole. “Either you open
your legs or I open her” I tell Stacy.
She opens her legs slowly and rusty dives right in. After a few licks she
stops resisting at all and lays back having 2 orgasms before I make her
have rusty lick the girls. Beth was moaning during most of her licking
And orgasmed several time.

I’m sure her drugs are wearing off. I look at my watch 730, I only have
an hour left and its time for my guest to arrive. “Ok slut get on your knees
at the foot of the bed and bend over, rust is going to get him some pussy
now” I say. The drugs must be working cause Stacy did it with a smile.

I watched as Rusty mounted her, humping wildly her ass was covered in
his precum. He hit his mark and no sooner his head entered her
he was fucking her hard and fast. He had a fat cock which was causing
her some pain but way more pleasure judging from her moans.

The door to the bedroom opens and in walks Julia, She is already naked.
She looks at her sister being fucked hard by Rusty and just smiles.
Walking over to the bed she drags Beth down so Stacy’s head is between
her legs. “Eat on that sis will you get fucked you lil slut” she says giggling.

Julia comes over to me and kisses me. “I only got 20 minutes” she says.
Then walks over and kneels beside her sister and pull Cindy to her.
Bending over she begins eating Cindy’s pussy. I go and kneel behind
her and slide in, her pussy is dripping wet as I pound her hard
And fast trying to keep pace with Rusty next to me.

Julia is moaning with her first orgasm as Stacy screams out as
Rusty’s not is being forced into her. Me and Julia cum together and
Laugh as we watch Rusty pump his cum into Stacy, their stuck.
Me and Julia kiss and she cleans my cock.

I go over the plan and give her the pills. She kisses me and leaves.
Stacy and Rusty are still stuck so I walk over and slide Beth away
from her. She’s waking up her eyes are little slits now. I hold my
hand over her mouth forcing her to breathe thru her nose. Then put
a little cocaine on my finger and make her snort it.

Stacy is trying to break from Rusty to stop me, but their stuck and Rusty
starts growling at her. I feed Beth a little more coke then I slap her hard.
She’s awake barely and high as hell. I spread her legs wide and line
My cock up with her hole and drive in all the way in one hard stroke.
She’s tight but offers not resistance, screaming out when I hit bottom.

Stacy is in shock the girl took me so easily, I kiss Beth and begin
Pounding her as hard as I can, I want to make sure when dad gets
home tomorrow night that her pussy is still sore. Beth is in and
out of conscientious while I fuck her.

Rusty and Stacy finally get unstuck and he retreats to lick himself.
Stacy just lays there watching me fuck Beth. I could feel the urge
So I roll Beth on her belly, as I line my cock to her ass I notice
blood on it, Ya she’ll be sore, now for her ass. I lube her
with KY and she cries out as I drive into her.

I’m ready to cum but I hold off pounding her hard,
I want her ass sore and bloody as well. Finally filling her
ass with cum I pull out and place my cock in Beth’s mouth.
She sucks in like it was a normal thing to her.

I look at my watch 8pm time to pack up and go. I slide
Beth to the edge of the bed and call Rusty over and he starts
licking her clean. Then he mounts her easily, I leave the camera
Recording until Beth screams as Rusty’s not is forced inside
her. The close shot Rusty’s cum dripping from Beth’s pussy
As she sucks Rusty’s cum from Stacy’s pussy.

I head out and catch my cab. Stopping to drop everything at
My storage locker since I’m not allowed a laptop at academy.
Plus they frown upon drugs there.

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