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Hi there. Once again I had some free time to write the next part of this story. This story will contain incest. If anybody does not like this or does not want to read about it please read something else. Now have fun and enjoy it.
Some night ago dad, Chris and Sarah went to watch a movie while mom and I had a really nice ladies night. We chatted about this and that and of course about what mom had seen. The night before she saw me giving Chris a nice blow job and how he shot his load onto my face.
Our little conversation ended with some seroius masturbation and some really hot lesbian sex. Mom taught me so many things about girl‘s sexuality. For example she showed me that fisting was a hell of a fun and much more.

But now the story continues...


When I woke up one morning (some days after our ladies night) I heard no sound in our house. I stood up, got dressed and walked into the kitchen to find a note on the table.

'Good morning sweety. Dad and I went to the city. We will be back around 6pm because Sarah is visiting a friend of hers and we have to take her back. We hope that‘s OK with you.



PS: Chris wanted to go surfing‘

While reading this note I started smiling. Even after finishing my breakfast I couldn‘t stop smiling.

In no time I changed my outfit to a very skimpy bikini and went to the beach. All the way down all I could think of was Chris‘ hot body and his hard dick.

Running down the stairs I noticed this warm and lovely tingling in my pussy.

When I reached the beach my pussy was dripping wet only by picturing his big cock.

Chris must have seen me because he came out of the water and went directly towards me.

“Hi Sweety. I guess you read mom‘s note. Otherwise you wouldn‘t wear such a sexy and naughty bikini, right?“

“You are right, lover.“ I smiled. “Have you planned anything until 6 this afternoon or have you some free time for your sister?“

“Of course I have nothing planned. I was hoping you would come here. And of course I would love to do some nice and naughty things to your beautiful body.“

With that he gave me a quick but passionate kiss on my lips.

“Let‘s go back and have some seroius fun.“ he smiled.

Entering our house Chris dropped his board and started kissing me immediately. In no time we were french kissing like horny teenagers. (OK, we WERE horny teenagers)
Our tongues met and started wrestling while his hands opened my bikini top.

I ran my hands down his back into his swim shorts and started kneading his ass while he threw away my top.

Without breaking our kisses his fingers found their way to my nipple and he started to tease them. With his other hand he slowly pulled down my bikini string and i stepped out of them.

His shorts disturbed my fondling so that I pulled them down as well.

Chris stepped out of them and pushed me slowly towards his room.

Our tongue-battle increased as I noticed that. To tease him even more I grabbed his hard member which pressed against my belly and started to rub it a bit.

He moaned into my mouth while one of his hands slowly ran down my belly and stopped one inch above my waiting slit.

For one long moment his fingers rested there. Then he pushed his fingers slowly between my swollen lips and started to draw circles around my clit.

All I could do was moaning and pumping his meat harder.

When we reached his room Chris didn‘t push me in there but further down the hallway.

I didn‘t know what he had in mind and I did not want to interrupt this moment so I didn‘t protest.

Closing my eyes all I could do was moaning, kissing and rubbing his fat cock.

He pushed us into our parents’ bedroom and onto their big bed.

Finally breaking the kiss Chris smiled. “I love you.“

“I love you too, Chris.“

I lay on the bed my legs still hanging down while Chris stood in front of me.

All I could think of were the memories of myself sucking his enormous cock. I slid down from the bed onto my knees grabbing his dick.

Kissing the head of his prick he smiled “I hoped you would do that...“

Slowly I started rubbing his dick while pushing his head into my mouth. My tongue began to caress him while my other hand tickled his balls.

Deeper and deeper I sucked his cock until his head hit my throat. I started to moan and increased the suction. Chris loved the vibrations of my moaning because he began to moan as well.

Soon my throat was relaxed enough so that I pushed his dick deeper into my mouth and down my throat.

“Ohh ... my ... god! This feels amazing! Suck it harder!“

I controlled my gagging started to swallow and suck harder.
His balls tightened a bit and as soon as I noticed that I stopped and pulled my head back. His cock popped out of my mouth and Chris looked at my disappointed.

“Why did you stop? I wanted you to eat all of my cum.“

“But I don‘t want to... I want all your cum deep inside my belly... Please Chris, fuck me! Fuck me good and long...“

He looked into my eyes and started smiling “Really? You really want my dick deep inside your pussy?“

“Ohhh yes... That‘s what I want. Since the night you blew your load onto my face I'm thinking of your dick penetrating me... Now, come here and do me!“

With that I climbed the bed once again and spread my legs. My pussy was still dripping wet, swollen and opened.

“Come here and fuck me, please.“

He followed me onto the bed and positioned himself between my legs.

Chris lowered his body and as his muscular chest touched my erected nipples thrills shot though my body. He kissed me passionately and our tongues met again.

His dick touched my swollen pussy lips and sent thrill after thrill through me. Moaning loud and breathing heavy I waited. But he just teased my by sliding his dickhead up and down my waiting slit. Splitting our kisses I couldn‘t stand it any longer.

“Stop teasing me! I want to feel that beautiful cock in me. Fuck me!!“

Chris lined up his dick with my pussy and pressed against my entry.

With a little push his head entered my cunt. Instantly I started moaning again.

“You are so fucking tight, Sis...“

With that Chris pushed his dick 2 inches deeper into me only to pull it almost out again. With the next pushes he went in deeper and deeper.

My dildos were big but the feeling of Chris‘ big dick in me was a so much better feeling.

Slowly he started to pump in and out so that I had to moan louder and louder. Every time his dick pushed in I thrust my pelvis against his only to get him even deeper into me.

“Ohhh Chris... That‘s good... that‘s so fucking good... fuck me... fuck me... harder...harder!!“

With that Chris picked up his pace and started to slam his cock in and out. When his head hit my cervix the first time it was just pain but every hit made it feel better.

He took one of my legs pulled it up and laid it against his chest. In this position he could enter me much easier and deeper and once again he quickened up.

Soon I wasn‘t able to speak any more, all I could do was moaning and screaming.

Suddenly he pulled his dick out completely.

I immediately went mad. “Stick your fucking dick in me!! Don‘t stop you fucking bastard!“

Chris slapped me in the face. “Shut up you fucking bitch. I am fucking you and you have to obey me! Now, turn around and get on all fours!“

In shock I turned around and did what he said.

He stepped between my legs and lined up his dick. „I will fuck you doggy-style. You are my bitch and that‘s what bitches deserve.“

Without any further warning he rammed his dick deep into my cunt and started to fuck me hard and deep.

For one moment I couldn‘t breathe but then pleasure overwhelmed me.

Chris thrust in and out like a mad man pressing my face into a pillow. My screams were damped a bit until I turned my head a bit.

“You little fucker! You son of a bitch! Fuck me harder, harder!!!“

That was what he did. Slamming his cock in and out I could hear and feel his balls slapping against my clit.

I was near the edge of my first orgasm when I felt his fingers caressing my ass. Two of his fingers entered my butt and stretched my sphincter.

The feeling of being filled in both holes took me over the edge. My legs started to spasm while my whole body was shaking. I screamed and buckled while wave after wave of pure pleasure ran through me.

All the time Chris still slammed his dick in and out and slowly my orgasm subsided.
His pushes got even harder and deeper just before he screamed "I‘m cumming... I‘m cum...ming!!!“

The moment in which his dick started to shoot his cum another orgasm hit me hard.

Stream after stream of his hot goo filled me and I joined his screamings.

Finally Chris collapsed on top of me still his dick in my pussy.

Sticky white goo dripped from my slit. When he pulled out his dick one huge glob of cum followed.

Exhausted he kissed me. “I love you Chris... This was so fucking amazing...“

“That was amazing but we are not finished yet... You should get ready for round two... after a little recovering break this will go on...“

I smiled and closed my eyes waiting for what to come.

I must have been fallen asleep because when I woke up Chris spooned me fucking me from behind.

“Hi there, I couldn‘t wait for round two until you woke up so I already started.“

He slowly worked his cock in and out and from the feeling of my pussy he must have been fucking me like this for some minutes.

“Now it‘s my turn.“ I said as I pulled away.

„Lie on your back.“

Chris smiled and did as I said.

As soon as he was ready I positioned myself on top of him and mounted his rock hard dick deep in my still cum dripping pussy.

With one hard thrust I rammed his dick deep inside so that his head once again hit my cervix.

“Ohh yes... That‘s it... I will ride you until one of us is sore.“

And so I did.

In no time we both were moaning and breathing heavily. He pinched and played with my nipples while I was bumping my hips up and down, for- and backwards and left and right.

When I closed my eyes and started to breath deeper Chris had grabbed my throat and started to strangle me.

I don‘t know why, maybe the lack of oxygen or the feeling of being dominated, but within seconds I exploded. When the orgasm hit my body all I could do was shaking.

Huge spurts of pussy juice flooded Chris‘ body and the bed. My pussy pulsated contracting every muscle inside.

This brought Chris over the edge as well so he started screaming while his dick once again pumped hot cum deep inside my waiting belly.

Now I collapsed onto Chris‘ chest and went to sleep immediately.

I woke up from Chris‘ kisses and smiled.

“Hi there sleepyhead. What do you think, are you ready for round three?“, Chris asked.

I smiled at him: “Of course I am... but I‘m not sure if my pussy is ready. I think you fucked me sore... but I have another idea... You like my ass, don‘t you? Would you like to fuck your dirty little slut in her dirty little ass?“

Chris watched me checking out if he heard right. “You mean I can stick my dick in your little ass?“

“Yes, I want your big fat cock all the way my dirty little ass.“

With that I turned around and got on all fours presenting him my ass.

“Right there...“ I spread my ass cheeks with my hands to show him my little butthole. “But at first you have to stretch me a bit.“

As soon as I said that Chris started to kiss my ass and ass crack. One of his fingers drew circles around my sphincter and caressed it. His kisses moved to it and soon I felt his tongue tickling it.

I tried to relax a bit and soon I felt his tongue enter my asshole. This sent shivers through my body and soon my pussy was wet again.

With his fingertips he played with my clit and pussy until they were lubricated enough.
He slowly entered my sphincter with two fingers and started working in and out.

All the time he bet his meat with his free hand to stay hard.

I concentrated on relaxing my ass and soon I felt a third finger entering me. He stretched me more and more until four of his fingers fit in easily.

“OK sis, are you ready?“ With that he pushed his cockhead up and down through my slit and spit in my gapping asshole.

“Ready when you are. But please be gentle.“

“I will.“

He pushed his head straight against my sphincter and spit again onto his cock.

“Now, relax.“

Slowly he pushed against me and his head entered me.

“Ohhh my fucking god... this is so fucking strange...“ was all I could say.

Chris pushed two more inches into me and stopped. "Your ass is so fucking tight...“

He pulled out and in again and got more in. Doing this for several minutes I started moaning.

As soon as his head entered me my fingers were striking my clit.

I felt his balls pressing against my pussy and knew that he was now going to fuck my virgin ass the first time.

“Everything OK with you?“

“Yeah, I‘m fine Chris... now please fuck me...“

Chris started to fuck me slowly. He almost pulled out his entire dick only to thrust it in again.

He more and more quickened up his pace until he was fucking my ass in a normal speed.

All the time my fingers were caressing my clit and I adjusted the speed to his fucking. I started to moan as soon as it didn‘t hurt anymore. Instead of pain I felt pure lust and ecstasy.

“If you want you can speed up. Fuck my ass as if it was my pussy!“

Chris heard that and in an instant he began to bang me harder and deeper.

I adjusted the speed at my clit and entered my pussy with my free hand. This new feeling of being filled was unbelievable and I started moaning.

“Your ass is so fucking tight it‘s hard not to cum immediately.“

“Hold it back Chris, I want to cum with you!“

In this moment my fingers touched my g-spot and his dick pressed against it as well.
Immediately I felt an orgasm building up. I got goose bumps and my whole body started to tickle when I felt Chris shooting his load deep inside my ass.

The orgasm hit me hard and all my muscles started to contract and spasm. Chris groaned as his dick was clamped by my sphincter and I screamed in pure lust.

Wave after wave shot though me feeling his dick pulsating in my ass.

After I calmed down and relaxed a bit he finally pulled his dick out and fell onto the bed.

Big globs of his semen blobbed out of my gapping asshole and onto the sheets.

“That was amazing Steph! I love you! I really love you!“

“It‘s the same here... This was un-fucking-believable... I love you too, Chris. We have to do that again...“

Chris spooned me and we both fell asleep.


When we woke up we both got a shock. It was 5pm and in the whole room you could smell sex and other lust.

In no time we got a shower, replaced all dirty sheets and opened the windows.

Just in time we got ready as we heard our parents car parking.

Chris gave me one last long french kiss which ended when the front door was opened and mom, dad and Sarah entered the house.

to be continued...


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