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The bus ride from New Hampshire to Massachusetts was pure hell . A 45 minute hot ass stuffy ride. Amy sat on my lap again which didn’t totally suck but we didn’t do anything. Which I was ok with. I was still a little tired from the shed. Any way after we got back to school Amy and I walked home and talked about Max and Trish coming over for a Nighttime swim and Movies. “So wait what exactly am I suppose to do?” Amy asked in confusion. Unlocking the door and opening it up I answered her question. “Simple nothing. Just do what you usually do and lets hope it peaks Trish’s curiosity.” Amy sat her back pack on the floor. “Sounds fine to me.” Amy said. “What sounds fine?” We both turned around to see Miss May walking into the kitchen asking us what was going on. “Oh we’re gunna have some friends come over to chill out for a little while.” I informed her. “Ya just 2 people. We wont be any trouble mom.” Amy said with a smile hugging Miss May and kissing her on the cheek. Miss May acted surpised. “You haven’t kissed me on the cheek in a long time. And you seem happy whats gotten into you.?” Miss May asked with a laugh. “My Penis.” I said under my breath laughing before Amy punched me in the ribs not hard but hard enough for me to shut up. “I dunno guess having another teenager in the house to talk to and hang with has sorta changed me.” Amy said with a shrug to which Miss May came up and patted me on the back “Told you she would open up to you sooner or later.” May walked out of the kitchen and back into the living room. “She opened up to me all right.” I laughed before a bag of hamburger buns hit me in the face. “Shut up.” Amy laughed.

“So how was Lilith?” Amy asked. It took me a second before I knew what she ment. “Oh She was good. Different than you.” I said. Amy hopped up on the counter next to me confused. “How so?” She asked. Grabbing the ketchup from the cabinet I explained “Well with you its awesome like its Hardcore. But with her it was slow. Sorta like making love but without the love. Plus she gave me these.” I finished saying before taking out Liliths panties and putthing them on the counter. Amys eyes went wide and she jumped off the counter and pushed me. In a Angry whisper she asked me “What did you do to her?!?” “Nothing We just fucked.” Amy still angry looked at me prodding for an answer “So you didn’t say two words to her?” She asked. “No All I said was we didn’t have to do anything she didn’t want to do, and then she jumped me.” Amy tilted her head back with her eyes closed before chanting “Stupid Stupid Stupid.” And hitting me in the chest. “you’re an Idiot.” She said before smacking me in the face with Liliths panties. “Why? What the hell did I do?” Amy corned me in the counter and got close to my face explaining my mistake. “You gave her a choice! Listen We treat Lilith like a submissive not cause we want to but because we know her. We know that as soon as someone warms her up shes all over them. She usually shows it by talking to them non stop. Roses or in weird fucked up cases she gives them her Panties.” Amy said shoving Liliths panties back in my pocket. “Please tell me you didn’t do anything else.” Amy said almost pleaded. “Well I came in her but shes on the pill right?” I asked. Amy Bit her lip and looked the other way. My eyes widened. “SHES NOT ON!!” I looked into the living room not wanting to disturbed Miss May. “She’s not on the pill!” I said in a whisper. “No shes the girl I get my pills from.” Amy said worried. I thought for a minute and laughed “Oh you had me worried. She cant have kids.” “I said I don’t THINK she can have kids. I don’t know for sure.” Amy said. Damn I thought to myself I cant even risk being a dad right now.

I stood there for a second and realized what Amy told me. “Lets not worry about it now. Get the grill in the backyard working.” Amy said blowing past me to open the refriderator and tossing me a pack of Hamburgers and Hotdogs. “They should be here soon.” Amy said before she walked up to me putting her hands in my pocket and grabbing 20 out of the 80 bucks Miss May gave me. “Why do you need 20 bucks?” I asked. “Grab some beer. This homless dude chills near O’Malley’s Liquor Store. A 12 pack costs like 15 bucks. Ill give him 5 dollars profit.” Amy said Matter-of-Factly. “Fine.” I said. “Get either Heineken or Budweiser .” “Dually Noted.” She said before walking out the front door.

An hour passed before the doorbell rang. Amy opened the door. I was finishing cooking up the rest of the food. By the time Amy, Max, and Trish came out to the back deck the food was all done. Saying whats up to Max and hugging Trish we all joked around while we ate Amy and Trish sat on one side and Max and I on the other. It was fun to hang out with Max and Trish but it was hard to concentrate on all the conversation with Amy playing footsies on my crotch. After eating our weight in burgers and hotdogs (One which Amy ate half a hotdog in one bite.) We all went upstairs to change into bathing suits. Max came into my room and closed the door. “Dude so how is tonight gunna work?” he asked putting on one of his bathing suits and tossing the other one he brought for me at me. “Simple we’re all gunna relax and chill out for a little bit. And when we go watch the movie Just make sure Trish gets a good look at me and Amy.” I said putting on the suit. “Sounds good. Hey can you something?” “Sure.” I said nonchalant. “How was the Asylum.” He asked. “Its Mental Facility. And It was alright I guess. Couldn’t Flirt with the girls and couldn’t masturbate cause there was always someone watching you. But besides that it was ok…Oh plus when you freaked out they put a straitjacket on you…Not the best.” I said tying the bathing suit. “Must be glad to be out.” Max said laughing. “Hell ya.” I said smirking.

We left my room and went downstairs grabbing a beer each and diving into the pool. Leaning on the sides on the pool drinking Budweiser and talking when the doors opened up. Amy walked out wearing a Camo bikini with a Skull on each Bikini top cup and a small Bikini bottom. Trish came out next wearing a blue and yellow Bikini. I never knew how cute Trish looked. Small Mousey. Her orange hair went down to her shoulders an her Green eyes light her face. She was Hot but Amy was Gothic Hot. The dove into the pool and Amy swam over to me and grabbed my beer drinking half and giving it to me. Trish grabbed her own out of the cooler and drank it within 5 minutes. “Damn that girl can chug.” Amy said laughing. “Ima Mick. Im no Lightweight.” Trish said laughing. Max grabbed 4 more beers out of the cooler and passed one to each of us. “Lets see who can drink the fastest. GO” Max yelled. Cracking the cans open We all drank as fast as we could. Max coughed and sputtered as the beer fell from his hand went to the pool water. Amy snuck her hand in my bathing suit gripping my cock which made me A) Grow a stiffy and B) drop my beer. Trish finished hers fist with Amy coming in second. “IM THE WINNER IM THE WINNER!!!” Trish said swimming a victory lap. “No fair.” Max said with a laugh. “You grabbed my dick an made me drop my beer.” I laughed as Amy yelled. “SO DID I.” Trish swam back to Max and kissed him on the cheek. “Im sorry. Can I make it up to you.” She said with a weird tone of voice. Max looked at me and I quickly chimmed in. “Lets see which girl can hold her breath the longest.” Amy laughed and added “Im Down for that.” Trish shrugged “Sure why not just let me go put these emty cans away. Trish grabbed the 7 cans and walked oout of the pool I looked at Max “Dude pull your dick out of your pants.” “Why?” He asked in confusion. “Because she’ll brush your dick with her face and get the hint. She’ll only be down there for a minute or so but atleast you’ll get a quick Blow job and she might want to go further. Like for example Im jerkin off this loser.” Amy laughed before kissing me on the cheek. Max looked at us and smiled he shifted a little bit in the water and Trish came back inside the pool.

“ready? GO” I said before Amy and Trish disappeared under the water. I instantly felt Amy’s mouth clamp around my cock and she started sucking like a Vacuum. I looked over at Max who had his eyes closed. Trish must have gotten the hint. I focused beck to Amy I slid my head under the water and grabbed Amys head face fucking her under the water. Felt different. Seconds turned to minutes and about 2 minutes In Amy poked her head up stroking my dick. We looked at Max He had his hand moving under water at lightning speed most likely giding Trish’s head and than he stopped moving his hand and moaned loudly before letting trish up. Trish popped her head out of the water looking like she was swallowing something. Amy and I laughed Soo did Max. Trish didn’t get why but we decided to leave the pool and start the movie.

Well all sat on the couch still wet in our bathing suits. Switching on On Demand and turning to the blood and guts section we all decided on the old Texas Chainsaw Massacre. Amy rested her body on me and Trish did the same to Max. Max already seemed eager resting his hand on Trish’s bikini covered boob and giving it a squeeze. I chuckled Halfway through the movie Which I was actually concentrating on. For some reason I love horror movies. Amy started rubbing her hand on my bathing suit cock. I looked down at Amy and puller her up Kissing me Having out tongues dance around each others mouth. I looked out the corner of my eye to see Max looking at me. I made a motion with my hand and pointed at Trish who was still wathing the movie. Max picked up on the idea and nudged trish. Trish looked over at us as I closed my eyes, Focusing on Amy. Amy broke the kiss. Tracing her tongue from my lips to my neck. Kissing a spot on my neck once she than started to suck and bite my neck. There was a huge tent in my Bathing suit. I looked over at Max who seemed far ahead of me as Trish was tongue wrestling with him and had one hand down his bathing suit. I had to pry Amy off of my neck to show her Max and Trish. “Nice guys.” Amy said with a laugh. Trish quickly withdrew her hand from Max’s pants and looked at us Blushing. “Hey dud want to show her that thing I showed you in my room?” I asked. It took Max a little while to figure out what I was trying to do before he smiled and took her hand leading her up too my room. “Good we need privacy.” Amy said kissing my before sliding my bathing suit down to my legs. I pulled Amy on top of me into my embrace swirling our tongues around eachother. I slid her bikini top aside and grabbed her tits. I kissed down too her neck and started to lightly suck on her neck. Hearing her moan and feeling her wiggle around in my arms. After I gave her what I thought was a nice sized hickey I kissed down to her chest kissing to the top of the left breast taking the nipple into my mouth and started to suck on it. She put her hand on my head and lightly pushed me forward. My top teeth brushed against the nipple causing her to shudder. I figured that she liked to so I lightly bit her left boob which caused her to moan. I slide my tongue across her chest to her right tit doing the same thing. I decided to take it slow and to make this a nice experience. I pushed her onto the couch and kissed down to her stomach poking my tongue on her belly button making her laugh. I pulled the strings on her bikini bottoms and I looked at her beautiful pussy. I put her legs on my shoulder and kissed each of her lips up to her clit. I wet two of my fingers sliding them into her pussy as I licked her clit upside down and side to side before sucking it to my mouth and humming lightly. She was bucking and humping my face like crazy. “Im close Joh---Psycho.” I opened my eyes and chuckled which sent more vibes to her clit I took my fingers out of her pussy and sunk them into her ass which made her squeal and cum. She shook and shuddered and I just lapped up the juices. I sunk 2 fingers into her pussy and rubbed them on her lips (On her face). I kissed her tasting her pussy still.

Amy pushed me till my back was on the couch. She took my rock hard cock in her hand and stroked it. Before she could put it in her mouth I stopped her. “Lets take this upstairs.” I suggested with a smile. Amy complaid by taking my hand and leading me upstairs to my room. The door was open as we walked in to see Trish on my bed with Max’s cock in her mouth. We snuck in with Max trying not to laugh. Trish was still in her bikini. My Amy however only had on a bikini top with her tit’s out. I grabbed my coputer chair and set it up next to the bed sitting on it and kissing Amy before she kissed down my chest and traced her tongue down my cock to the head of my cock. “Oh Shit!” Amy and I looked over as Trish was staring at us. “don’t worry. We’re cool with it.” Amy said before engulfing the head of my cock and slowly going down more. “Ya we are.” I said closing my eyes. “thata girl.” I heard Max say so im guessing Tirsh went back to sucking his dick. I couldn’t get over how amazing Amy was at sucking cock. She licked the underside of my dick and everytime she bobbed her head up, cold air would take over part of my dick only to be welcomed back by spit and a warm mouth. I didn’t face fuck her I let her take control for once. This feeling was too much to bare as I pulled Amy up and told her “I want you Now.” I said. She smiled and whispered into my ear “You want me Psycho….you got me.” “No Psycho.” I said helping her sit on my cock. The head sank in and she sank down little by little in the reverse cowgirl position. “OH BABY!” Amy said as Trish looked up and saw us fucking. “We can’t let them have all the fun.” Max said. Trish thought for a moment before laughing and stepping out of her Bikini bottoms and taking off her top. I spun the chair so Amy and I could fuck and watch the happy couple go at it. I had to move my head because Amy was bouncing happily on my cock it made it hard (No pun intended) To see what was going on.

Trish closed her eyes as she sank onto Max’s dick. And immediately he started to pound into her. No warning at all just Jack hammering like it was nothing. Trish was a screamer. Trish was like Lilith. Orange landing stip above her pussy and small but handful tits bounceing up and down. Amy tilted her head back and looked at me. “I think I should shut her up.” I laughed and hammered her cunt harder. Amy leaned forward grabbing Trish’s head and bringing it to her’s shoving her tongue in Trish’s mouth. I could see Trish try to pull away but after a few seconds Trish closed her eyes and I can tell started to like it. Trish’s hands roamed from Max’s chest to Amy’s tits They kept at this for around 10 minutes before Max Yelled and shot his load. Trish got up breaking the kiss and attacked Amy’s tits. I got Amy off my chest before spitting on my cock (not like it wasn’t wet enough) And sliding it into her tight Asshole. Amy moaned as Trish stared in amazement. “Doesn’t that hurt?” She asked. “Not in the least.” Amy said with a smile bouncing on my cock. It only took a few pumps before I was cumming hard and fast inside her asshole. I couldn’t even move. Amy got off my cock and jumped on Trish attacking her pussy. All of Max’s cum seeped out of Trish so I was sort of happy that she wasn’t tasting him. I could tell Trish enjoyed it as she was moaning and begging for more. I could only look on in amazement. I looked at max passed out in my bed from exhaustion. I turned back at Trish. She must have really needed to cum. Amy was only at her for 4 minutes before Trish starting to buck and twitch on the bed. I heard Amy slurp up Trish’s juices. Amy got up and looked at me. “Taste good, Here.” Amy frenched me as I tasted Trish. Not as good a taste as Amy or Lilith but she was up there. We looked over at the happy couple again. Max was sleeping and Trish was drifting in and out. “Looks like we tired them out.” I said with a laugh. Amy and I went into her room and closed the door. The dark wall paper took over the room. Amy lit some black candles on her nightstand and lied down on her bed. I joined her and snuck under the covers with her. I snaked my arm over her pushing my cock between her ass cheeks. She positioned her leg and let my cock slide in her warm wet pussy. “John.” She said wondering if I was still awake. “Ya.” I said. She snuggled up to me sliding my cock deeper into her. “I love you.” She said. I nuzzled up to her and chuckled “I love you too.” I said before I drifted off to have another sweet Nightmare.

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My heart breaks haireng this news. There is no way to explain to others the pain and worry that comes with having a child with cancer. All the nights spending awake, the learning to rewalk because of meds, new words that you never heard before, watching the ANC, the child crying because they want to do what their friends are and you have to break their heart and tell them no. Nothing can ever prepare you for what she is going through. Kristy, you are doing any amazing thing by helping them and being there. The breaks from others are blessings. The days are draining and long but keep it up. As for Grayson and mom, hang in there!!! You guys will fight this and you guys will win!!! Montana and I are praying for you for the cancer to go away, for a cure, for strength and for hope. Much love to you all!Jessica Oatmanmom to cancer survivor Montana (6yrs)

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i dont care if he did stell it its a good ass story and i dont see the other one on here so it dosnt matter

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great story ,look forward to seeing more from you


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no no no no fuck no you dont have the right to steal this story WRITE YOUR OWN SHIT DICK ...... LONG LIVE KING OF REJECTS .........

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