Golf is the game I play for relaxation and enjoyment, so it was surprising that today I was standing on the first tee waiting for my friends / opponents with a feeling of, erm I suppose, trepidation. I believe that when you play a round of golf you’re effectively playing yourself. Thanks to the handicapping, if you play to your best, nothing your opponent can do, other than play even better than his best, can spoil your game. The reason I was so uncomfortable today, was that I knew I would be playing against David and that, thanks to my performance last time (Authors Note: see Day Five) he was going to be given an extra shot on each hole. David is a better player so, unless my partner and I played out of our skins, or he and his partner had a shocker, then I was going to lose the game and, more importantly, get my arse fucked!
I was just thinking this when Carol, Susan and David came walking towards me, all with big smiles on their faces.
As usual Carol took charge, “Hi John. We’re playing mixed doubles today and the only combination we haven’t had yet is Susan and you versus David and me.” Oh great, I love Susan, but she’s nowhere near as good a golfer as Carol, she just doesn’t concentrate, I think she only plays as a warm-up to a good fucking. I was looking even more likely to get fucked, Susan and David are the two better golfers and David was getting an extra shot a hole, as Carol happily reminded me.
The incentive worked quite well for me and by the ninth hole we were only one hole down, Susan had won one of the par fours and between us we had managed to scrape halves on six other holes. Unfortunately, when we reached the sixteenth green, I had a twenty foot putt to keep us in the game. Of course I missed it, so we lost three and two. We played the last two holes for fun and then headed off to Carol’s house.
At Carol’s we had a couple of drinks in the lounge and chatted for a while, although I must confess my mind wasn’t really in it. Eventually Carol took charge again, “Okay guys, shall we move this party downstairs?” We followed her through the hall and down into the cellar. She opened the door into the play room and ushered us inside. “You two strip off and move over there.” (meaning Susan and myself) We did as instructed, in the cellar Carol is the Mistress and must be obeyed. “Your performance out on the course was dreadful and you deserve to be severely punished. David, you take care of your wife and I’ll look after John.”
David led Susan to the climbing bars attached to the wall, tied her hands together with a silk rope and looped the rope over a hook near the ceiling. This meant she was facing the wall with her arms stretched above her head, her feet just touching the floor, on tiptoes really. The stretching made her buttocks look even more beautiful and I started to get hard even though I knew I wasn’t going to get anywhere near her.
Carol pulled me to the middle of the room where the vaulting horse was waiting. I’d seen it in use and I knew what was expected of me. I was bent over it, facing the wall and Susan and David. Carol strapped my hands to buckles at the base of the front legs, my legs were spread and my ankles attached to similar buckles on the back legs. She noticed my hardening penis, “I can see you’re already starting to get excited by the thought of what’s to come.” No not really, it’s the sight of Susan’s backside, but I didn’t say that out loud.
By now David had stripped off and selected, from a well stocked cabinet, a short riding crop. He ran the crop up Susan’s left thigh, over each buttock and down the right thigh before slapping it onto each cheek in turn. Susan yelped either in pain, surprise or excitement and David continued to alternate the blows, counting as he did so. He had a look on his face which gave the impression that, however much he was enjoying it, he’d rather have been on the receiving end. Susan on the other hand was squirming and groaning like a woman on the verge of orgasm.
I felt the presence of Carol behind me, and I guessed she had also undressed and selected a whipping tool of some kind. I was right, because I felt the blow of a wooden paddle across my backside. I cried out definitely from pain not excitement. “Oh yes, you’re really enjoying that aren’t you.” I wasn’t sure if Carol was being serious or just playing for effect. I decided on the latter and joined in. “Yes Mistress. I played rubbish today, I deserve to be punished. Please hit me again.” Which she did, but not as hard this time. She hit me yet again and started to count.
David had already reached ten and that was more than enough for him and Susan. He had stopped smacking her, turned her around to face him, lifted her legs, wrapped them around his hips and slipped himself into her dripping (I assume from the sounds she was making) fanny. She was holding on the ropes, taking some of her weight and was moving to meet his upwards thrusts. I can honestly say that it was the sight of this that was hardening my dick, rather than the beating my backside was taking, whatever Carol thought. She reached ten strokes, stopped and whispered into my ear “I told you I would get my revenge. (Authors Note: see The Captain’s Ball) If you enjoyed this, you can join my clientele; I’ll give you a special rate.” “Sorry Carol, it didn’t do a thing for me.” “Oh well, perhaps you’ll enjoy what’s coming next.” She move away and I carried on watching Susan and David.
A few moments later she was behind me again. She pulled the cheeks of my backside apart and a greased finger started to rub around the rim of my arsehole. After a short while the finger applied pressure to the hole and then pushed in a knuckle deep, she rotated it and then pushed it fully in. A second one soon joined it and they were rotated, withdrawn and thrust in. They were withdrawn a final time and I felt the head of what I knew to be her double headed strap-on dildo push against and enter my anus. Despite the lubrication, I gasped at the pain as it was slowly pushed into me. Oh god, I loved that feeling of being penetrated and the pain soon subsided until I just felt the pleasure. Carol quickly established a rhythm of pushing into and then quickly pulling out of me. I was watching David slam into Susan while experiencing the wonderful things Carol was doing to me.
I could tell that Susan was close to coming, when Carol stopped fucking me and said “Stop David, I don’t want you to come in her, it’s time to swap.” Susan cried, “Oh no Mistress not yet!” “Be quiet you! You lost it’s not about your pleasure. Besides, I’ll take good care of you.”
David did as he was told, pulled himself from Susan and moved behind me. Carol had withdrawn and I felt the dildo replaced by something warm and velvety but still firm. He pushed his rock hard well lubricated dick straight in until it reached its full length. That felt even better than the dildo. David wasn’t interested in a gentle rhythm; he started to slam into me with no finesse at all. He was close to coming and that was all he wanted. I have to say I was enjoying it, perhaps I’m gayer than I like to think. Although the sight of Susan and Carol in the missionary position was greatly adding to my pleasure. Let’s just say that I enjoy sex and I don’t care who’s doing what to whom as long as I’m getting some!
I could tell David was at the brink and I wasn’t far away myself. “Wank me David.” “Sorry, it’s not allowed.” However, Carol was listening, “It is if I say so. Wank him David.” “Yes Mistress.” David reached around and started to rub my dick. Not very gently, but I didn’t really care. He also started to fuck me even harder, again I didn’t really care I was just enjoying it all so much. Suddenly he let out an almighty groan and I felt a warm, no, hot explosion inside me. Oh my god how good was that, and then another one, and I could feel his spunk squeezing out of me around his prick, and then it started to trickle down the crack of my backside. Oh, that was all so good. It pushed me over the edge and I came in an almighty spurt over his hand, the vaulting horse, the floor, everywhere.
I looked up and saw that Susan and Carol had stopped fucking and were looking at us with their mouths slightly ajar. I hoped they had both orgasamed, but to be honest I didn’t really care I just knew I had to experience that again sometime soon, no matter how gay it made me.

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