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Someone asked what this was a fanfic of. It's from Slenderman...yeah the creepypasta stories-the youtube "marblehornets" clips about Slenderman. In this case-this is of Hoody-one of Slendy's proxies. I dont know man, he's hot...I don't get it-he's everywhere. Anyway...If you love it-hate it-leave a comment. I read them like the morning paper ...& as always-I love you kinky lil fuckers <3
There is something about exposure that shames me. Being wide open infront of someone makes me automatically cover up...if I can. It's not that I think of myself as unattractive-no not at all. I have a beautiful body, ripe and soft . But It's the fact of being exposed and someone looking at private bare bits of you that shames me. Not having control over something like that makes me feel helpless.

I only say that because my green eyed man turned me around at some point, stuck me on his dick-more like impaled me there...stretched over his big cock. We were face-to-...well mask. There was no door covering the front of my body, no darkness in the room-nothing blocked me from him. Just the grip on my hips, the furious bounce he made me do in his lap that rolled my eyes back. He scooped me up and slid me back down, over and over making me moan wildly. My head bobbed up and down and my tits jiggled around. He watched every move I made and that made me really wet. He stared so intently that I closed my eyes and tried to ignore the holes he burnt into me! I couldn't HIDE anything. He saw the pleasure, the sweat, the violation. Everything was in full view.

If I shook my head or tried to wiggle away he would drag me back and fuck me harder. He was the rapist and I was the victim but it all felt so fucking good. I did not want him to know how wet I got from just trying to fight him off me. I just didn't want him to know that I liked it-that I liked being raped!
But suddenly, the motherfucker stopped everything he was doing.

I was so confused-I even looked up at him wondering what happened. He just stared and then his eyes slid down to my chest. He ducked his head down and sucked my nipple into his mouth. My throat mummbled a moan, I never knew something so small could feel so good. His teeth nipped and pinched the hard skin . It was almost as if he remembered everything that turned me on. His tongue was the softest goddamn thing-it circled around and left the skin warm. Then he'd blow cold air on the wet spot so my nipple puckered again and I let out a hum. All of this made me even wetter than before. I didn't notice that I had started moving my hips back and forth on his dick until I felt his smile stretch under his mask.
"See? You do like this." He said, taunting me.
I got so angry that he knew...and was laughing at me! I snapped my head away-pouting. In a matter of seconds his hand found my hair again-pulling my head so our foreheads touched-his other arm tangled around my waist. Then he bunny bounced me harder than I thought he had the strength to do-no matter how built he was. I cried out from the ache-the way my body screamed when it built up orgasms that never were not released.

In all honesty, I deserved what he was doing to me....I get that. But teasing is mean! I fucking knew he would stop again-right when I was about to cum! I feared it-all he did was toy with me.
'I was tired'...that's my excuse.
'I just wanted him to go'-that's what I would tell anyone if they ever asked why I did what I did.

But all I thought was 'Please just let me cum! oh god please! I'll do anything-'
"Please!" I mummbled through the tape. Oh shit. It slipped out...there was no going back-I knew he heard it.
He stopped and his head tilted to the side,
"what?" That milky voice again, full of curiousity. He removed the tape gently from my lips. The cat was out of the bag so I had to own up to it...
"I...I said...I said please..." My voice cracked and was weak compared to the authority in his.
"Please what then?" He demanded.
I was quiet...but he twisted and rolled my nipple til I cried it out-
"Please don't stop...!"
I'm not sure if he waited a long time or if it just felt like forever before he actually responded. Hoody picked me up off him-I was almost heartbroken.
Yet, when he stood up-he held me back up with him. I felt him slide back in and a wave of relief gave me goosebumps-I nearly smiled. Except the man whispered in my ear,
"I'll let you cum...but I want to you beg for it."
He rammed my back into the wall-causing pain in my arms. I yelped out and he almost growled,
"That doesn't sound like begging."
My face heated with embarressment as a murmured, "Please don't st-"
"Louder." He demanded.
It made me even more shy but the feeling of him fucking me against the wall distracted me. His cock felt so fucking good I really didn't want him to stop so I cried out,
"Ahhh~please don't stop! Don't stop fucking me-please!"
His nails dug into my ass-breaking the skin. I didn't care-he just pushed into the little button in me that made me wiggle and writhe against him.
"Please make me cum-make me cum!"
A series of moans and breathy groans poured from was the hottest fucking thing I ever heard. I felt the warmth of his cum trickle down my thigh and the frantic twitch of his cock. My legs had tangled themselves around him and before I knew it my back was arching against the wall. I came hard and long, he had calmed down before I stopped squeezing the rest of my orgasm out of my body.

I must've passed out because I woke up the next morning clothed and in bed. I had been cleaned up but every inch of me was sore. You know the weirdest part?
At the foot of my bed was that same teddy bear with a note in his paws.
"Watching" was all it said.

I dont even know how I feel about that anymore...


2015-12-08 21:01:52
Would love to read more of this story maybe him making her into an accomplice

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One of SM proxies I'm gusseing that raped her.

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Very hot

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I love this please write more,please:(

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