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Double Dose of Bad Seed

Part 4.3
The Academy Days Continued

Things had worked out pretty good last night. I got
A little dog sex video of Stacy to keep her in line. I got
to fuck Beth and play with Cindy. With the video’s I
copied from the CDs no worries about police being

I also put my plan in motion for Julia. It’s a simple
plan really, the pills I gave her were nausea pills so
she can fake morning sickness. The second part was
getting her doctor to go along well luck was on
our side.

His daughter was friends with Stacy and
was getting her spending money as an escort.
She arranged for her dad to lie for a small fee.
Only problem with the plan is the result is

I’m gambling being their church people they
will decide the best thing is to try and make
Me and Julia work for the baby. Not that I care
about Julia.

Her dad could check me out and with summer
break in a few weeks I would like the extra free
time. We’ll have to see how that plays out.

This week we have finals prep, next week is finals.
Then Friday after finals we have 7 days of
field exercises and evaluations. It’s a big deal
here in the Academy.

I call Stacy on Monday just to see what happened.
She was obviously upset about the dog fucking. Beth
according to her enjoyed it and did it again with out the
drugs on Sunday.

Also she won’t tell her parents and cover for us about the safe
box if Stacy baby sits from now on. Worked out good for me
I get another shot at Beth and maybe dad will start fucking
Cindy soon.

Finals prep week was long all we did was study and quiz,
Monday thru Saturday then Sunday we got the entire day
of to relax. We were even allowed to go to town.
I got up at 6 am and headed to the storage locker. I wanted
to edit my video and watch a little more of the ones
I copied from Beth’s house.

Once arriving I check my cell phone. Julia left me a massage.
The she went to the doctor Friday and he told her
parents she was pregnant. Now just waiting to see
what they decide to do.

The videos didn’t yield anything new but definitely
got me hard. I pack up my laptop and head to the
motel a block away. I log on to the internet and
start going thru the list of web site. Their mainly
chat groups for pedophiles.

I read some of the old emails on his account.
They swap their kids or set up group share
parties. I’m surprised at how many local people
are members of theses groups and how young
of the girls are.

I decide to set up my own account, maybe I’ll
find some new toys to play with. All this has my
cock hard so I call Stacy to come take care of it.
Its 9 am I’m sure she’ll be pissed. I finish editing
the video while I wait for her.

She arrive about 10 and I wasted no time chatting.
“Strip and get on the bed, I want to taste that sweet
pussy of yours slut” I tell her. She complies but
I can tell she don’t like her new name. I’m already
naked so I lie on my back and we do 69.

After she cums on my face we switch around and
she slides my cock inside her and sit bit taking
me all the way inside her. The laptop is on the bed
so I start the edited video of the dog fucking her.

She can say she didn’t like it but her pussy says otherwise.
She’s dripping wet just watching the video. I start sucking
her hard little nipples and she rides me slowly, never
taking her eyes off the screen. She begins fucking me hard
and fast, reaching her orgasm as the dogs knot enters her
on the video.

The feel of her pussy milking my cock puts me over the
edge and I began pumping her full of cum causing her to
cum again. We lay there and watch the ending of the video.
Once my cock slides out she slides down and takes it
into her mouth.

I start browsing the web sites again. I got an email. I had
posted some pics of Stacy and the dog with the caption.
“20yo Bitch ready for breeding or anything else, What you
got to trade.”

I open the email it has a phone number and some pictures.
The first is a girl in pigtail and a school uniform. The next
is her in the shower. The third she has a cock in her hand
And a stream off piss splash on her large breasts. The last
is her sucking on a mans asshole.

The girl wasn’t a model but she was pretty, slim, and had a
nice body. Stacy speaks up having been looking at what
I was doing.

“You don’t think your trading me I hope JJ” she says.
“No slut I don’t THINK I’m trading you” I pause a moment
“I KNOW I’m trading you slut, and when I do you will
do whatever you are told like the slut you are” I tell her.

I dial the number. “Hey this is Jacob from the site” I say.
“Hi I’m Brad” he says. “Her name is Stacy she is 20 and
my sister” I say.
“Mines Alice, she’s 15 and my daughter” he replies.
“we are new at this what is next” I ask.
He laughs “well what does she like, what will she do” he say.

“Well Stacy is a little slut so anything you want as long as
you don’t hurt her she is not a pain slut. She loves being
humiliated” I tell him.
“Alice is a little slut as well and enjoys mild pain , but she loves
potty games. She won’t do bestiality ” He says.
“Giving or receiving on the potty games” I ask.
“She enjoys both” he says.
“Ok, what is next” I ask
“Well next we meet in a safe place and see if we all feel
comfortable” he replies

We set up a meet at the mall for 1pm. Its 11 now so we head
Out, I need to buy Stacy a new sexy outfit to show what
She has to offer. She picks out a black miniskirt and low
cut top with knee high boots. I wanted to fuck her again
in the store. I had her leave her panties off.

We head to the food cork and get a bite to eat, then sit on the
bench by footlocker and wait. A few minutes before 1 they
arrive and sit on the bench next to us. He is older
Probably late 30’s early 40’s. Alice is about 5’3” and slim, She
has a school girl outfit on and pigtails making her look
even younger then 15.

I hold my hand out “Nice to meet you Brad, your little slut
Is more beautiful in person” I say.
“Thanks Jacob and yours as well is better in person” he says.
“I did expect you to be older, if I may ask how old are you”
He asks.
I laugh “well I can fuck your daughter legally, is that a
problem” I ask.
“no that’s even better means your not a cop” he replies.

“Here take this and we’ll meet you there, we can let the girls
get to know each other then go from there” he says and hands
me a key. Him and Alice gets up and leaves. Me and Stacy
head to her car.
“Ok slut you best do whatever Brad asks understand, and Alice
Is a potty slut so be ready. I don’t care if she wants to shit
on you, best do as they say” I tell her.

She nods her head yes already looking humiliated. As I slip
my hand between her legs, her pussy is already dripping.
I think she actually does get off on being humiliated.

We arrive and slide the key in and open the door. Brad greets me,
They had just arrived also. He takes Stacy’s hand and walks her to the
bed where Alice is sitting. Alice stands and kisses Stacy. I grab a chair
and sit down for the show. Brad hands me a drink and takes a seat
next to me.

The girls continue kissing and start undressing each other.
Alice has almost perfect breasts, almost D cup, very big
for her age and size. She has red hair and when her panties
are removed she has a little red patch on her pussy as well.

She looks better naked her fire red hair contrasts with her
pale white skin, Breeding hips and a nice round butt.
Naked now Alice climbs on the bed and Stacy follows her.
After some kissing and touching, they end up in a 69.

Both girls softly moaning and licking. After several minutes
Alice cums and Stacy follows a minute later. Stacy again
takes the lead and crawls off the bed and over to Brad,
removing his pants and licking his cock.

Alice follows and crawls up between my legs. Unfastening
My pants and removing them, When my 10” of hard cock
pops out she gasps. From her look she hasn’t seen on that big
before. Her father is about 6” and thin.

She starts licking it and takes it in her mouth, she was
definitely a good cock sucker and was trying to get it
all in her mouth. Brad is grunting next to me, filling
Stacy’s mouth with cum.

That was hot but when Stacy pull Alice off my cock
And hold her mouth above Alice and lets the cum stream
from her mouth into Alice’s. As soon as Alice’s mouth was
Around my cock again I cam hard.

Alice took the lead next and got up walk over to a bag
On the dresser she rolls out a thick plastic cover over the
bed. She then lays in the middle spread eagle and begins
playing with herself. Brad walks over and begins pissing
on her.

This seems to set her body on fire. When he finishes I go over
and start to piss on her as well, she rubs it all over her body, even
trying to get it inside her pussy. I had never really do this but
it was exciting.

Next Brad reach in the bag and got out a box of suppositories.
Walking over to Stacy she just bent over and spread her cheeks.
Brad kneeled and reamed her ass then inserted the suppository
in her ass push in as deep ass he could with his finger.

Stacy climbed on the bed and began kissing Alice.
They kiss and tease each other softly for awhile wait for the
suppository to take effect. I could see Stacy clenching her ass
she was ready.

Stacy squats over Alice’s face only inches from her open mouth.
A dark yellow stream of piss flows from Stacy’s pussy
into Alice’s mouth. I watch as Alice drinks the piss happily,
like I would drink pussy juice.

Stacy could hold it no longer and shit exploded from her ass
Spaying Alice’s chest and stomach with runny shit. The smell
Was a bit off a turn off but watching Alice rub it all over her
body made my cock twitch.

Stacy was still shitting on her chest when Alice moved down
Allowing the shit to go in her mouth and cover her face.
When Stacy finished she laid beside Alice and smeared the shit
around her body.

Alice was Cumming hard from just the shit being rubbed on her.
Once done the girls get up and head to the shower. Me and brad
talk while their gone. He wants to see Stacy with a dog, he wants
to take her home and have her put on a show for him.

I’m welcome to go to his house or I can stay here with Alice. I
decide it best I go just incase it gets out of hand, I’d like to
be there to watch. Since we came in separate cars we’ll meet
them there.

When the girls come out the rooms cleaned up and bagged.
Alice comes over and kisses me hard rubbing my cock as
she does before she leaves. On the ride over.
“Stacy you will be putting on a dog show, not just let him
fuck you. You need to suck his cock, swallow his cum” I tell her.
“I’ll try JJ, I’m not sure if I can do it” she says.
“Here this will help” I say handing her a small vile with coke in it.
She takes the vile.

As we drive thru the neighborhood, the same one Stacy lives in,
I wonder just how many freaks live in this area. They should have
block parties. We pull in the drive way.

Alice comes out and meets us, taking my hand and leads us inside.
Stacy takes a hit of the coke and follows. Once inside Alice strips
and her personality changes she becomes real submissive. When
I sit she kneels beside me with her head down.

We are all in the living room, Brad and Stacy are already naked.
I’m just watching for the moment. Alice kneeling next to me. I notice
A tear roll down her check. Curious I ask.
“Why the tear Alice”
“It doesn’t matter” she says.
“You’re here to serve me, so tell me what I asked” I say.
“You don’t want me after you seen me covered in shit,
this is the first time we did that with anyone, Daddy said,
you may not want me after. I was just hoping you would”
She says with a few more tears.

I laugh and pull her into my lap and kiss her. “Don’t worry
I want you still and I intend to fuck each of your holes. I’m
just enjoying this submissive thing it turn me on” I say.

She smiles and kisses me then returns to her kneeling
position. I remove my clothes and sit back down. I hold
my cock up and Alice moves and kneels between my legs.
She takes my cock into her mouth and begins sucking.

Once she has reached her limit about 8” I place my hand
On the back of her head and force her down. Repeating it
Over and over until she takes my entire cock. She has
long streams of spit drooling from her mouth as
I fuck her mouth. As I get close to Cumming I start
holding her down longer each time. The last time she
squirms for air as I pump cum down her throat.

When I release her she comes up gasping, laying her
head in my lap, while catching her breathe. I’m ready to
taste her pussy so I push her back to the floor. She
Spreads her legs wide as I kneel between her legs.

I lean over and kiss her, then suck on her nipples as
I work my way down to her pussy. She jumps as I suck
her clit into my mouth. She moans as I lick her sweet
Juices from her lips and suck it from her hole.

I work 3 fingers into her making her cum as I eat her
pussy. Licking up all the juice her pussy has to offer.
She may like to play in shit but she tastes sweet.
I return to my chair and Alice come sit in my lap facing

She kisses me “I’ve only been with 2 men besides my dad,
they were both his size. I’m yours to take how you wish sir”
She says looking in my eyes. She raises her body up and
places my cock at her pussy hole and lowers her self slowly.

She makes it down to about 8” and hits her cervix and stops.
Her pussy is hot and wet, she is tight I love the feel of a
stretched pussy around my cock as it tries to adjust. It feel
like its milking my cock.

She raises up and slowly begins riding my cock as I suck
on her nipples. She pushes down harder with each stroke
Pushing my cock past her cervix into her womb. In obvious
pain she doesn’t give up until she has me
completely inside her. Her whole pussy twitching
around my cock as she cums.

Once she recovers she begins to ride again. I look
And Stacy is on all fours sucking Brad as a German
Sheppard licks her pussy. I have Alice stand and bend
over and I lick and finger her puckered anus.

Its been well used and loosens up quickly accepting
2 fingers. Ready and lubed she straddle me with
her back to me and guides my cock into her ass.
She never stops taking my entire cock despite the
Look of pain on her face.

Once my cock is buried in her she leans back against
my chest and begins rubbing her clit and squeezing her
breasts. I kiss her and move her hands replacing them
with mine. She grinds her ass back and fourth
on my crotch while she tighten and releases her
anal muscle.

My cock explodes in her ass causing her to cum as well.
We lay back and enjoy the feel and watch as the dog tries
to get his huge knot inside Stacy.

Once Stacy is filled with dog cum, Alice slides off my cock
And cleans me until Stacy comes unknotted. Then she goes over
And they 69 again. Stacy sucking my cum from her pussy and ass.
While Alice sucks the dog cum and her dads cum from Stacy.

They both cum again. I grab Alice and lead her to the bathroom.
I look back and Stacy is helping the dog clean his cock. I take
Alice in the shower and slide my cock back in her ass.
I turn the shower on and begin to fill her with piss.

“Oh god, I’ve never, I love this, I’m going to cum” she cries out.
I fill her till her belly swells slightly. I remove my cock and spin
her to face me and we kiss as she expels her bowel on the shower
floor Cumming again.

We clean up and Stacy is knotted again by the dog when we go back.
After they break I make Stacy dress with the dog cum in her and we leave.
Alice kisses me and gives me her cell number. “call me anytime” she says.
I take Stacy to a nice steak dinner with dog cum dripping from
her cunt.

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