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ive never really had a thing for guys. Im really not into being gay. but somehow i found myself messing around with this boy from my building. i was 13 and he was about 15 or 16. Our parents were really good friends. One day, both of our parents went out to go have dinner. So the other kid invited me over to play games and watch tv. If you want to know the kids name, its john. if u dunno already, my name is mike.
So i went over at around 7 o clock when both of our parents left. We started it off watching tv. we watched some show. i dun remember what. after a while it got boring. john suggested we watched porn. i didnt really want to but i decided to watch anyway. the movie started off as a guy and a gurl fucking. the girl was sucking the guys dick. I looked over to john. he had his hand in his pants and he had a bulge sitckin out his pants. i started laughing. he looked and me and diidnt pay any mind. i mean after all... it was normal for guy to be hard. im not gonna lie, i had a hard on too. john said that he was really horny. he asked me if i wud like to suck his dick. i sed no way man. but after a while, i got really horny. i went up to him and said i wud like to suck ur dick now. he smiled and took off his pants. oh man was his dick big. i thought i had a big dick, his dick was twice my dicks size.
anyway, i took his dick in my mouth. it was leaking precum. just to get him even more hornier, i licked his precum and swallowed it. i spit a big wad of spit in his cock and started stroking his dick wiith my hand. i cud telll he liked it because his eyes were closed and he was moaning. then i took his dick in my mouth. it tasted good to me. i kept on suckin it and suckin it for what i toguht was 5 minutes. after that, he sed he was cumming. i left him cum in my mouth but i didint swallow it. i spit it out. his dick shrunk back into its normal state. i asked him if he wud suck my dick. for sum reason he sed no and that he wasnt hornier any more. i ended up jerking my dick off while watchin porn. our parents came home later and before i was about to leave he asked me if i wud like to do it again sumtime. i sed ok.
our parents had work the day after and so both our parents wernt home again. i came over his house again. when he opened the door, he was only in his boxers already with a hardon. as soon as i saw his hard on, i started gettin 1 too. after about 2 minutes part, i had his cock in my mouth. he sed that he had masturbated all nite thinkin about our experiance. he then sed that he wanted to try sumtin. he lied down on his back. he thne sed for me to go on top of that in a way that his dick was in my mouth and my dick was his. i soon found out that that was waht a 69 position was. when my dick was in his mouth, it felt so good. he started sucking faster. i started sucking faster on him too. within 5 minutes we both came. we both swallowed each others loads. he sed it my cum tasted good. i sed that his cum tasted good too. we then got cleaned up and put our clothes back on.
we then watched tv for about an hour. after that, he put on porn again and started beatin his meat off. he then sed that he wanted to fuck me. since i was horny too, i agreed. he got out a bottle of lotion. he put sum on his dick and sum on my asshole. the cold lotion felt good on my ass.
he then put his dick in. his head went in first. then with one quick motion, he stuffed all his meat in me. it was a mixture of pain and pleasure and i liked it. "ur ass is so tight" he sed. i just smiled. soon he started pumping faster and faster. iit felt really good. he sed that he was about to cum. he was about to pull his dick out when i sed that i wud like it if he came in me. with that he put his cock back in and pumped as hard as he cud. it felt good when it came. i felt his load go in me.
he then took his dick out. he asked me if i wud like to fuck him. i sed hell yea. i put sum lotion on my dick on sum on his asshole. i put my dick in fast. his ass was so tight. i didnt think i wud last long. i started pushing my dick in and out. faster mike, faster, john said. i pushed and pushed. he sed that i cud cum in him. i came with such force that i thought i wud pass out. i then pulled my dick out. i saw sum extra cum dripping frum his hole. i went and licked it up. i didnt swallow it though. i went to john and kissed him and put mu cum in his mouth. we then stopped kissing and he swallowed my cum.
we both had hardons again. we went back into the 69 position and sucked each other off. when each of his came, we helled out cum and then kissed and swallowed out cum. our cum tasted really good.
our sexual relationshop went on and is still going on today. but the only time we have sex is when we see each other alone.

hope u liked the story.

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2014-04-15 14:23:17
that was hot

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2013-06-28 20:38:58
that was a good storie I like it alot

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2010-08-21 11:01:10
obv you were in the navy mate XD

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2008-12-20 16:54:28
me and a friend took turns sucking our dicks when we were 11. I did not suck cock again till I was about 20 in the navy it was a black shemale with a nice size cock, she/he made me suck it for a while, the first time I made a guy come sucking his cock was after I got married, a guy in the brinx ny, fat cock, I couldn;t stop sucking it, I swallowed it.
Now once in a while when I get the urge I suck cock at video stores.


2007-10-07 21:24:14
.00000000000000000000000000... 78 67r5676io

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