Becca losses her suit, and her virginity
On the first day of the Topper family's annual camping trip to Wichim reservoir the sun was shining brightly in the August sky. After setting up camp Greg busied himself tuning up the jet ski while Cindy prepared lunch for the kids, Becca and Richie. Both kids were eager to get out on the watercraft, but after the deciding match of rock, paper scizzors, Becca was first to strap on the life jacket.

The camp spot was in a channel of the lake where the speed limit was 10 mph, so with Becca holding on to his waist in back, Greg motored the mile and a half out to the open water where they could really have some fun.

"Are we almost there Dad? I can't wait to go fast." the twelve year old asked her father.

"Yeah, hun almost there. You just be ready to hold on tight!" Greg teased.

They reached the mouth of the channel and Greg gunned it. The lake was much choppier out here than the channel and the jet ski bounced roughly over the waves, but Becca still laughed and screamed with joy as Greg expertly made turns.

"Faster Daddy! Let's see what she can do!"

Greg knew the water was too choppy to go much faster but he was ever helpless to deny his beautiful blonde daughter anything so he obliged. Opening up the throttle they sped in to a straight-away then he banked a hard left turn right in to a wave. The force was to much for Becca's grip and she was thrown from the jet ski. She screamed in fear as she hurtled through the air and hit the water with a large splash. When she came up she was in tears.

"Oh my god! Honey are you ok? I'm so sorry baby!" Greg called to her as he approached.

"Y-yeah, Dad. I'm not hurt. It was just scary and..Dad?"

"What is it baby?"

" Oh daddy I'm embarassed."

"Embarassed? What for honey?"

"My suit came off in the crash. I'm naked on bottom."

Relieved she wasn't hurt and surprised by her misfortune Greg let out a laugh.

"It's not funny Dad! How am I supposed to get all the way back to camp like this?"

"I'm sorry baby," Greg said, still chuckling, "I'm just glad you're ok. It is a long way back to camp though. I guess you'll have to take my suit."

"But then you'll be naked."

"Better me than you, honey. We'll just have to hurry back and you can try to cover me up a little."

"Thank you daddy."

Greg began slipping off his trunks. Before he could toss them in to the water Becca was climbing up the back of the jet ski.
He wasn't expecting that, perhaps she wasn't as shy as he thought. Without thinking about it he glanced to her naked, naturally hairlesss vagina. It was glistening in the sun and he was struck by the perfect form of it. Becca was every bit as small as any twelve year old, but the shapelyness of her body suggested that of a fully grown teenager. The childish puffyness of her little vagina that he had last seen when bathing her in years past was gone, now replaced with a more firm looking mature pussy.
Finally he got ahold of himself and looked away as he handed her the shorts. As she took them Becca stared shamelessly at her fathers penis. She had never seen one in real life before and was very curious after two years of sex ed in school. Albeit her father's she was shocked and delighted to lay her eyes on one in the flesh. It was only a brief moment, but it seemed to swell slightly before her eyes.
Both of them cleared thier throats and looked away from each other's nakedness as Becca slipped on her father's suit. Greg looked around nervously at the other boaters on the lake.

"Okay honey this is what we're going to do. Scoot as close to me as you can so your legs cover me up and wrap your hands around my waist."

Becca did so and they set off back for camp. The waves on the lake were really picking up now and the jet ski bobbed and jumped roughly in their wake. Greg struggled to stop thinking of the image of Becca's pussy. He had never seen one so small, cute, and perfect. Daughter or not it was consuming his thoughts.
Eventually these thoughts, combined with the natural rhythm of the bouncing waves and the vibration of the motor took thier coarse to the inevetable. His cock began to swell. He looked down to her little hands around his waist. The wrongness of his building erection so close to them should have stopped it but it only seemed to turn him on more. Soon he was fully erect, his cock just inches from her hands.
They hit a particularly large wave and his cock colided with her hands. Again and again he was being thrust in to her. They passed several other campers along the shore as they entered the channel and Greg realized his hard-on was clearly visible above his legs.

"We're coming up to some people now honey, try to keep me covered." he said.

"Sure Dad. Uh, Daddy? It's uh, It's hard."

"I know Becca. I'm sorry. Try not to think anything of it. It's all this bouncing around and stuff. Please don't be embarassed."

"It's okay Dad. I know about how that happens. You're not worried about me touching it?"

"Of course you shouldn't but It could be real trouble if anyone saw. Just try to cover me up."

Becca brought her hands around her father's cock and pulled snuggly to his waist. It was effective enough in hiding his erection. Immediately she felt a warming in her pussy as she touched a penis for the first time. She allowed her hand to close around it, feeling it's warmth, firmness, and strength.
Even though it was her dad, the sensation exhilerated her. She could feel a moistness building in her pussy and she badly wanted to touch herself as she had so recently learned to do.
Greg shivered as he felt his daughters hand close around his cock. The waves were calmer now in the channel, but they still bounced the watercraft in a slow rhythm causing Becca to effectively jack him off as they puttered through the water.
He couldn't help but enjoy it for awhile, but eventually got ahold of himself somewhat.

"Honey, this, uh, this is kind of becoming innappropriate." he said.

"I'm sorry Dad, I just, uh.."

"It's not your fault. This is just an akward situation. I don't think your mother would understand me walking in to camp like this though. I'm going to pull over to this island beach for a bit untill it goes away. And, and honey?"

"Yeah Dad?"

"Do you think we can keep this between us? We haven't really done anything wrong, but your mom..."

"Don't worry Daddy. Our secret. She wouldn't be very happy with me either I think."

They beached the jet ski at a secluded part of the island along the channel. Greg climbed off and pulled the jet ski up onto the beach. Becca now had a clear view of his hard-on standing out from his body. It looked big and powerfull to her in the sun. Her pussy throbbed inside her father's shorts. They removed their life jackets and Greg was helpless not to look at her shapely breasts in his state of arrousal.
They were barely handfulls, but were scantally clad beneath her bikini top and were clearly firm and perfectly round.

"What are you going to do now Dad?" she asked. Still staring at his cock while holding up the too large shorts around her waist.

"Well I'm hoping it will just go away now that I'm not bouncing around. Maybe if I cool off in the water it will help. If not I might have to go take care of it in the woods."

Becca giggled. "You mean masturbate?"

"Well, yeah. That's the only sure way."

"Okay, don't mind me. A swim does sound good though."

Greg layed down on the beach as Becca entered the water. He tried to clear his mind. This whole situation was so crazy. He never imagined discussing his hard-on with his baby girl. Jesus, she was a knock out though.

"Dad, these shorts are way to huge for me, is it okay if I skinny dip?" she asked, already slipping them off underwater.

"Um, I guess honey, just stay in the water if any boats came by."

She tossed the shorts to the beach and as if on cue a fishing boat came puttering around the corner. Greg quickly jumped to his feet and got in to the water to hide his nakedness. Becca ceased her swim and squatted down to be well hidden from the passing boaters. After they passed she pushed off into a backstroke. Her pussy rose out of the water clearly visible to Greg for the briefest of moments.
Whatever cooling off effect the water had was instantly undone and he was fully erect again. There was no lying to himself now. The half-naked preteen before him had him enthralled with lust. That little girl pussy was calling to him. He took hold of his cock underwater and began stroking.
Becca slowly approached him.

"Is it working Dad? Is it going down?"

"No honey, to tell you the truth it's worse than ever. I, I'm so ashamed honey, you shouldn't be seeing me like this."

As he hung his head Becca took him in an embrace.

"Oh Daddy, It's okay. I don't mind really. Actually I think its kind of sweet."

She hugged him tighter and he returned in kind. He felt her breasts squeeze against his chest. As she released slightly he allowed his hands to drift down to her bare bottom. As he lightly caressed the perfectly formed cheeks of his daughter's ass she looked up at him and smiled. Just then a wave from the fishing boat pushed her up and into him. Her legs parted and surrounded her father.
In an instant her pussy was thrust against his cock. They both gasped at once but did not move. Greg could feel her heat. He now knew it was not only himself that was arroused. Her legs tightened around his waist and she slid her pussy lips up the length of his throbbing cock.

"Becca, what are you.."

"Shhhh. It's okay Dad. It's our secret."

"Honey we can't, it's not right. If..oh. Oh my god."

His protests were cut short as Becca grabbed hold of his cock and pushed it in to her. She gasped at the feeling of fullness it gave her. Little by little she pushed down onto him and he now returned in kind with thrusts until he was fully inside her.

"Baby are you sure, this is.."

"I love it Daddy. Please don't stop. I want to do this."

There was no going back. He had never felt a pussy so tight and hot. It squeezed his cock amazingly as he slowly slid in and out of her.

"Alright honey, but lets do this right. Come on in to the woods."

They made sure the coast was clear and scampered in to the tall grass and trees of the island.
Greg kneeled down in the sand and removed her top. Becca moaned as he took each one of her small breasts in his mouth and hands in turn. Everything about her was so small, yet proportioned and firm.
He grabbed ahold of her ass and lifted her up meeting her mouth in a passionate kiss. Their tounges swirled as he grinded his cock up and down her pussy. Finally he laid her down on the sand and kissed his way down her little body until he was looking directly at the little girl's opening. It was so small he could take it entirely in to his mouth, sucking in the labia, then licking up her slit. He kissed, nibbled and sucked her clitorus, then furiously ate her completly.

"Oh my god Daddy. That's amazing. It feels so good. I, I think I'm cummmmmminnnng...OOOOH. OOOH Yes!"

Her whole body shook. Her legs clamped around his head as she had her first real orgasm.
Finally it subsided and Greg positioned himself to enter her.

"Are you ready honey?"

"Oh god yes Daddy. I could do this all day. That was amazing but I want to feel you inside me again. I want you to fill me up."

His cock slid in to her dripping pussy easily now. On his knees, he lifted her 90 pound frame easily too him by her ass. Her tight little pussy massaged his cock as he pounded in to her with all his force. Faster and faster they fucked under the summer sky.
Her moans became screams as she built to another orgasm.


Greg exploded in to her. He could feel his cum overflowing out of her tiny pussy. The sensation sent Becca over the edge. She came two more times as his seed squirted deeper and deeper into her.
They collapsed on the sand in an embrace.

"Wow Dad. That was so cool. I can't believe it."

"You sure you're okay."

"Yeah Daddy. I loved it. Don't worry. Our secret."

"I love you honey."

"I love you too Dad."

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