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Corinne wasn't getting what she deserved from her husband.
‘Corinne, can you come into my office please?’ I said over the intercom. ‘And bring your notebook with you.’

‘Coming!’ she replied almost instantly.

My name is Jimmy Small. I’m 30 years old, single and I’m the director of Small’s Business Solutions, a small company which, like it’s name says , provides professional help to various businesses. Corrine Thomas is my beautiful, 25 year old secretary.

The door opened a few minutes later and Corrine walked in.

She is about 1.5 metre tall with light brown shoulder length hair with natural blonde streaks in it. She has a beautiful oval face with forget-me-not blue eyes and a smile that could brighten the saddest hearts.

Today, she was wearing a light blue button-up blouse over her (I figured) c-cup breasts. A matching above knee-length skirt completed her attire.

Corrine had just given birth to a beautiful baby girl three months ago. Unlike most women I know, she had quickly regained her beautiful figure; the only thing that gave away the fact that she was a mother were her enlarged breasts.

‘Yes Jimmy?’ she inquired as she sat down on the chair opposite my desk and crossed her lovely legs.

‘Um’ I mumbled, my eyes momentarily glued to her sexy tanned legs.

‘There is this letter that is supposed to be sent tomorrow to Michael and sons, the law firm downtown.’

I paused as I lowered my eyes once again to her thighs, smooth and brown. I could almost see my hands stroking them in long strokes, under her skirt to her…

‘Jimmy,’ she said, abruptly bringing me back to reality, ‘You ok?’

‘Um… yes. They invited us to the opening of their new building. I thought you could write them a letter thanking them for their invitation’ I said my eyes dropping to the swell of her breasts, slowly rising and falling with each breath.

She looked at me with her beautiful doe eyes and I could feel my cock twitch in my pants.

‘Ok lets start.’ she said taking the initiative.
_ _ _

We were halfway through the letter and unconsciously I was staring at her breasts when I noticed a wet patch growing on her blouse over the left breast. A similar one was growing as rapidly over her right breast.

Corrine, wondering why I was silent all of a sudden raised her eyes from the notebook, and then following my gaze looked at her blouse.

‘Oh my God!’ she gasped as she saw the patches.

She dropped the pen and notebook on the floor and tried to cover the patches with the palm of her hands.

Before I could utter a word, she had stood up and was turning toward the door. However she tripped in one of the chair legs and fell down on the carpeted floor. I rushed to her rescue.

‘You okay?’ I asked her as I helped her into a sitting position on the floor.

It was then that I saw that she was crying, tears running from her eyes and down her cheek. Her face was red.

‘Nothing broken?’ I asked her.

She shook her head and continued sobbing.

‘It’s ok, it’s ok.’ I whispered soothingly as I held her close and gently rocked her back and forth. I felt her warm tears seep through my shirt but I did not care. Her small frame and large breasts were pushed against my hard body as she continued sobbing softly.
_ _ _

‘You must think me weird crying like that’ she said a few minutes later after I had gotten her a cup of coffee and she had sat down on the couch next to my desk.

‘Not at all’ I said smiling gently. ‘It’s good to cry once in a while. It helps clear the system.’

‘Now do you mind telling me what’s going on?’

She looked at me timidly and she blushed deep red.

‘It’s embarrassing’ she said, avoiding eye contact, her fingers trembling slightly in her lap.

‘That’s what I’m here for, for all those embarrassing situations’ I replied encouragingly.

After a few seconds of uncertain silence, she began her story.

‘I got pregnant with Annie about a year ago. My husband, Paul, wasn’t very happy about it but he insisted on us getting married before the birth. I always had a feeling that his parents put him up to it. They are very strict, you know, being fervent Catholics and all. Anyway, I gave birth to Annie a few months ago. When I was in maternity leave, I always breast-fed her during the day but now that I’m working, I can’t do that anymore.’

She paused and looked timidly at me. She continued.

‘When I’m working here, my breasts…um…they always leak a little milk but today, it looks like…milk has gushed out from them.’

I looked at her and smiled gently.

‘I understand.’ I said, my eyes fixed on the drying patches on her blouse. ‘I had a lady friend who had the same problem as you. However, unlike you, she wasn’t at all ashamed of it. She said it turned men on.’

I looked at her face intently.

‘Including me’ I added as an afterthought.

I slowly brought my left hand to her left breast. I touched it gently, running my fingers over the wet fabric. I could see the outline of her nipple, slowly getting hard.

‘What are you doing?’ she moaned, her voice thick with desire, as she realised that it was my hand caressing her breast.

At that moment, a gush of warm milk erupted from both her breasts.

My forefinger gently circled her nipple, watching it poke out through the blouse. I removed my hand and brought it to my mouth, tasting her milk on my finger.

‘It tastes like canned milk,’ I said watching her blush yet again. ‘And it’s warm too.’

My hand returned to her left breast and I cupped it. It was heavy with milk. I fondled it gently, my thumb grazing the hard nipple. She closed her eyes and her breathing quickened.

A gasp escaped her parted lips as another surge of milk erupted from both her breasts. I leant forward and brought my face to her left breast, my tongue snaking out and licking around the nipple, savouring her sweet milk. She moaned in pleasure.

‘We can’t!’ she protested, as my hand moved upwards to her blouse and started to unbutton it slowly.

I opened her blouse and her breasts, enclosed in a beige bra, were exposed to me. Her hard nipples were clearly visible through the thin material.

‘No, please stop’ she begged.

I kissed her on her lips silencing her. Her lips were soft as I moved mine over them. Her hands went behind my neck, pulling my body to hers as the kiss deepened.

I parted my lips and my tongue darted out to caress hers. Suddenly, her lips opened and her tongue timidly touched mine. We both groaned as our tongue intertwined. She drew my tongue into her mouth and I explored her mouth.

While kissing her my hands cupped her cotton-clad breasts and I gently squeezed them. She moaned in pleasure. My hands went behind her back and I expertly undid the catch of her bra.

I broke the kiss and pulled away from her. I removed the bra from her and threw it carelessly on the floor, my eyes glued to her beautiful breasts.

I was speechless as I took in their beauty. The white globes hanged high and firm on her chest. Their small, hard nipples pointed slightly upward, surrounded by brown areolas slightly darker in hue.

‘They are beautiful’ I said when I finally found my voice.

My hands cupped each one and I stroked them lovingly, my thumb moving up to graze the nipples.

‘We mustn’t’ she groaned half-heartedly as my fingers circled the nipples so that they rose higher off her chest.

I lowered my mouth to one of the nipple and I kissed it. I circled my tongue around the areola, watching it deepen in colour while my fingers pinched the other nipple.

She gasped when I pulled the taut bud in my wet mouth and sucked on it gently. Immediately, a warm flow of milk filled my mouth, some running down my cheek. I swallowed rapidly as more gushed out from the nipple.

Her hands cupped my head to her breasts as I sucked harder and I was rewarded with a continuous flow of warm milk. She pushed her body against mine, urging me to take more of her breast in her mouth and I obliged willingly. I had the distinct feeling that I was a baby once again, sucking on my mother’s life giving milk.

Very soon, her breast was drained. I raised my head from her breast and licked the last drops of milk off her nipple.

I looked at her face. It was flushed and glowing. Her blue eyes were smiling into mine. I smiled back.

I cupped her right breast in my hand and I squeezed it roughly. A jet of warm milk shot out from the hard tip and landed on the crotch of my pants. My mouth descended on the breast and I sucked hungrily at it, paying skilful homage to it as I had the other.

Meanwhile, my hands moved down her body. I stroked the small waist and firm, flat belly, my forefingers exploring her navel.

She trembled as my hands moved over her hips and down her thighs. My hands met the hem of her skirt and I gently stroked her warm thighs, pulling the skirt higher up with each stroke.

My hands moved to caress the soft skin of her inner thighs. Then skin felt warmer as I moved a hand higher in between her outstretched legs.

Suddenly, my fingers met wetness in between her legs. My mouth abandoned her nipple abruptly and I looked down at her crotch.

‘Good God!’ I gasped.

Her pussy was covered with a white cotton panty. Her love juice had seeped through it so that it was very wet. I could see her juices running down her legs and onto the leather of the couch, forming a small pool in between her outstretched legs. The panty was stuck wetly to her pussy and I could clearly see the two fleshy lips of her outer labia and the pink slit in between. My semi-hard cock in my pants swelled to full size at the sight.

I looked up at Corinne. Her face was red and strands of her dishevelled hair were stuck on it. My eyes moved downward over her breasts, the hard nipples wet and glistening with my saliva.

I brought my hand in between her legs and placed my fingers over her wet crotch. I stroked gently up and down, running my forefinger in between the lips. Her pussy produced more love juice and soon my fingers were coated with it. I brought my fingers to my mouth and gently sucked on them. She tasted sweet and tangy and I wanted more of it.

My hand quickly found the waist-band of her panty and she helped me pull it off by raising her ass of the couch. Now, her bare pussy was exposed to me.

The outer lips were bulging deep pink and were coated with her love juice. The thin slit in between was a pale shade of pink. Above the slit, only a slight fuzz of light brown pubic hair attempted to protect her feminity.

Without delay, I ran my forefinger in her slit, with more force this time and I watched the inner lips open slightly.

I brought my finger to my mouth, wetted it gently and introduced it in between her slit, finding the opening of her hot, wet vagina.

‘You’re so wet!’ I gasped as my finger slipped easily through her surprisingly tight hole like it was a knife cutting through warm butter. I watched, fascinated as her pussy swallowed my finger and the lips closed slowly around it.

I burrowed my finger deep inside her, as far as it could go. My fingertip explored the smooth, slippery wall of her pussy, feeling the warm tightness enclosing my finger.

‘My God woman, how can you be so tight?’ I asked amazed. Her pussy felt like it belonged to a 14 year old virgin.

I pulled my finger slowly out of her and I watched the lips of her pussy clinging to it. I pushed it back in forcefully and she gasped.

The smell emancipating from her sex was intoxicating. I was drawn to it like an ant to sugar. I needed to taste her. She cried out in disappointment when I removed my finger from her and opened her legs wider.

I moved my body downward and I lowered my mouth to her burning pussy.

‘Aaah!’ she cried as my mouth made contact with it.

I inhaled the smell coming from her. It was so damn sexy! I ran my tongue up over one of her outer lips and down the other. My tongue then ran in between them, applying pressure and the lips opened like a blossoming flower. I licked upwards, moving toward her clitoris but not touching it, then licked downward. I repeated this for a few minutes, never making contact with the small hard clit. I could hear her groans of frustration as my tongue ignored her clit each time.

Finally, she arched her back, pushed her hands in my hair and pulled me to her. She stopped breathing for a moment when I touched the clit with my tongue. The silence was followed by a low groan of pleasure as her body spasmed repeatedly and she came.

I continued to tease her little nub of hard flesh, my penis’ equivalent, as she rode out her orgasm. She finally became still, her lithe body spread limply on the couch, her hands on either side of her outstretched legs.

My tongue left her clit and moved downward. Her pussy juice had formed a small pool in between her slit and I lapped at it hungrily, relishing the sharp taste and smell. It was like my tongue was savouring the finest scotch whiskey, smooth and liquid fire in the mouth. My tongue moved lower, prodded gently and found the entrance to her pussy. I slid it in, feeling its hot wetness. I slowly pulled it out and pushed it back in. She groaned and her hips started moving in rhythm with my tongue thrusting.

My left hand moved between her legs and I gently tugged at her sparse pubic hair while caressing her mons. I slid my thumb downward and found her clit. I pulled back its hood and I stroked it, using her pussy juices for lubrication.

Her ass was raised in the air as my tongue lashed at her inside. She was bucking like a wild horse trying to unsit a cowboy as she rubbed her pussy against my face wildly.

‘Yes, yes!’ she cried in the throngs of passion, ‘Make me come again!’

I couldn’t believe it. Here I was in my downtown office tongue fucking my young married secretary on the couch in the middle of the day and she was crying for more. If her husband could see her, what would he think?

Her thighs clamped down hard over my head as she rode my tongue hard and she came. Pussy juices filled up her cunt, gushing out all over my face while my mouth drank it up.

Her legs finally relaxed their grip on my head so that I could raise myself from in between her legs. I must have been a sight: messy hair, face glistening with her juices and lips swollen with too much sucking.

I lowered myself onto her body, holding myself up on my hands. Her lips were quick to find mine, her tongue licking the juices off my face, tasting.

‘I taste good’ she would say later and I would reply, ‘I never doubted it.’

She managed to pull me down on her almost naked body and turn over on the narrow couch so that I was lying beneath her. She raised herself up slowly, giving me a good view of her breasts hanging down her body, and straddled my thighs.

She bent down and kissed my neck, her small hands fumbling with the many buttons of my shirt. She finally got it open and she immediately went down on my nipples, attacking them like I had done hers earlier. She sucked them avidly while pulling almost painfully on the sparse hairs around them.

I could feel my cock straining inside my pants, impatiently wanting to get out and pound that tight pussy inches below it. Her mouth moved lower, licking and caressing my belly and navel. Her right breast rested heavily on my penis, making it even harder, if that was possible.

She licked the hairs that led from my navel to my crotch, pulling on a long one with her tongue while eyeing me seductively. I groaned deeply in my throat. Her belly and thighs had started moving in a slow, sensual rhythm as her hands quickly undid my belt and opened my pants.

She raised her head slightly, allowing me better view of my lower body, and looked down at the hard rearing bulge inside my boxers. A dark spot of precum had already formed on the white cotton fabric. She ran her hand over the outline of my manhood.

‘Take it out!’ I whispered hoarsely.

She looked at me, smiled and did as ordered.

I could feel the moistness of her hand as it firmly grasped the shaft of my penis. It was a modest 7 inches long and pretty thick. Her hand moved up over the head of my penis and she slid it back down, retracting the foreskin. My penis suddenly jerked angrily in her hand and she released it.

A drop of precum formed at the tip of it and she watched it, fascinated, like a mongoose eyeing a cobra. She lowered her mouth to my cock and her tongue licked away the drop of precum. The feeling of her hot tongue on my equally hot penis almost made me cum but I mustered the courage to held back.

As if she had felt that I had almost cum, she abandoned my penis and I felt her small hands cupping my swollen balls, rolling them around like marbles.

When I was in control again, she opened her mouth wide and slowly lowered it over the purple head of my cock. I groaned as I saw the head being swallowed, her mouth moving slowly to engulf first one-quarter, then half, then three-quarters of my hard cock. She then flattened her tongue along the length of it and started sucking.

The feeling was exquisite. It was as if she was trying to suck my seed from my balls into her waiting mouth. She sucked slowly, with skill and finesse.

‘Oh yes baby,’ I moaned as my fingers combed her long, brown hair. ‘Suck it good.’

And she did, giving me pleasure beyond pleasure. Her red lips around my brown cock were like the finest art…and it reminded me that the pleasure could not last. I had to cum finally.

She sensed it before I did and in one sensual stroke, my cock was out of her mouth, standing tall, proud and glistening with her saliva, in my pubic hairs.

She moved up, gave me a sensual kiss on the mouth and straddled my hips. She raised herself upwards, her right hand going around her body and grasping my cock firmly while her left hand bunched up her skirt and held it up. This gave me a wonderful view of her pussy, the thin, pink slit like the finest scar on unblemished white skin.

She lowered herself gently on my raised cock. From this angle I could see the purple head of my cock embrace her lips, gently prying them apart and slip slowly inside. It was like watching a movie frame by frame.

My penis met hot wetness as it slipped inside her slowly, inching its way upward into her tight passage.

The whole time her eyes were fixed on my face.

I came to rest solidly inside her, my pubic hairs tickling her in between her legs.

She started to ride my cock, going up to leave only the head inside her and then plunging down with amazing speed and force, impaling herself. She gasped with every downward stroke.

I gazed up at the wonderful woman above me. Her face had a look of pure ecstasy on it, her large breasts jiggling up and down with her infernal rhythm, her pussy dripping juices over my cock and pubic hair.

I brought my hands to her breasts and I squeezed them. White drops of milk, like huge pearls, formed on the nipples and fell onto my chest. I pinched her nipples hard.

‘Yes, pinch them’ she moaned in between gasps of pleasure. ‘Harder!’

My right hand came to rest on her pussy lips and my fingers searched for her clit, nestled in between the two lips.

‘Yes, yes!’ she screamed as I rubbed the little nub of flesh frantically.

She lowered her breasts to my face. My mouth captured a hard nipple and I sucked hungrily, milk flowing into my mouth.

I was lifting my ass of the couch to drive my cock deeper inside her in rhythm with her rapid thrusting. My left hand moved to cup her ass. My fingers explored into her crack and I found the little rosebud of her asshole. I played with it.

‘Push it in, push it in’ she begged.

My fingers went lower so that they were coated with her pussy juices. I thrust one of them (I don’t remember which) inside her tight asshole. It resisted only for a moment before it went in, up to the second knuckle.

She cried in pleasure as she engulfed the whole length of my cock and came hard, her body shaking madly over mine. I continued to pump into her from below, also feeling the unmistakable tingling in my balls. I could feel with my cock the long finger going in and out of her ass across the thin membrane that separated her pussy and ass.

My balls contracted suddenly and I pushed my cock deep into her one last time as my hot seed erupted from my swollen cock. I lost count of how many times my cock spurted inside her but it felt as if my all my strength was being pumped into her.

Through the minutes that our body trembled together, I secretly wished that I had gotten her pregnant.

She lay on top of me, her head resting on my sweaty chest, my long fingers running through her sweet smelling hair.

‘When was the last time you had sex?’ I asked, impressed by her aggressivity during our fucking session.

‘Before my husband and I got married’ she replied, somewhat embarrassed. ‘He stopped being interested in my body once my pregnancy started to show.’
- - -

‘What time is it?’ she asked a while later.

‘2.30.’ I replied lazily.

‘Oh God, it’s late. There’s the letter to write, memos to send…’ she said jumping to her feet.

My cum mixed with her juices were starting to run down her legs from her puffy pussy lips. Seeing this, I grabbed her waist and pulled her down to me.

‘No baby’ I said gruffly, my cock getting hard again. ‘We aren’t finished yet.’

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