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The sun was peeping through the dense foliage of the trees surrounding the event as it unfolded on the forest floor beneath. Insects and small animals scurried to safety in the thick undergrowth, hurrying to hide away from the ruckus, emotional screams and evil laughter coming from the clearing even the birds that normally went about a daily routine and sang in the branches had flown away at speed. Beautiful, serene and fresh over looking the ocean and at least an three hour hike from the city outskirts, this was a clearing that now accommodated and witnessed the office bitch and flirtatious tease stripped and staked firmly down to the forest floor with her long, shapely, slender and tanned legs spread eagle unable to move in any direction exposing the neatly trimmed platinum blonde landing strip with the cute little pink bulb of her clitoris poking through into the cool mountain air.
The ropes held her ankles tight without any give or mercy, the same way she operated in her office teasing all the male co-workers and any other foolish man or female unfortunate enough to cross her path. Her mind raced analysing this predicament trying to find any angle to allow her a opportunity to escape or to summon help but there would none at any moment for the foreseeable future. The nipples on her firm round 38c breast stood at military attention trying to touch the rays of sunlight that danced through the shadows of the swaying branches overhead whilst the summer breeze cooled by the proximity of the ocean swirled and harassed the fine minute silky barely visible hairs that covered her body. She could really feel this from her breast to her pussy and then down her thighs and even in the small of her back which was held slightly up off the forest floor because of the firmness of her athletic bum forged from miles of jogging everyday.
One of her attackers, a female colleague had tied her long platinum blonde locks into a bun knot with a length of rope tightly woven in and secured down the middle of her back to the rope around her waist which was also staked down pulling the head back straightening the neck and to prevent Clarissa from moving her body from side to side. She wanted this bitch to feel every last inch of everything she was going to get and not be allowed to shake off anything whether it was pain or pleasure. She wanted her to know what it was like to be made to experience something one could do absolutely nothing about but just take it. Just the way Clarissa had made many of her female peers suffer her administration at the office since joining the management.
The day had started out as a company team building exercise including an overnight camp out in the forest but little be known to the upper management team whom had chosen Clarissa to lead the expedition alone what had developed by word of mouth through out the company and not just the offices. This was the perfect payback opportunity that lot of co workers had prayed for and it was not hard to get employees to volunteer for this weekend exercise. In fact out of 40 employees 15 women and 25 men had paid the trip fees upfront by the next day after it had been posted.
The rope which was tied and bound both her wrist above her head stretched her slender arms painfully because of the ropes securing the elbows and staked tightly outward to trees either side of her. Clarissa could not move any part of her body an inch in any direction only the movement of her chest heaving was noted because of her breathing.
A camp fire was built and coolers of wines, beers and hard spirits where sat up just out of the heats reach. Tents were pitched in a circle around Clarissa but far enough away so that she became the centre focus. She could feel the warmth of the camp fire which was just out of reach of her feet and as evening fast approached the festivities commenced. Some one had bought a ghetto blaster along with music Cds, a few others had hauled up all the food but everyone had either bought along cameras or video recorders with extra film, batteries and compact discs to document this bitches demise. The men gathered logs for the fire whilst the women started cooking over the camp fire, the music was turned on and a game of who’s first ensured amongst all present. Each one would be given a number with no time limits and what ever ensued was agreed by all as fair, she deserved it.
Roy won the first bid, he was a 6’4” black ex rugby player very well endowed and his bulk and bulges testified to his power . He wasted no time as she had made him feel as small and demeaning as she possibly could have. Clarissa had stated to a fellow management member some time ago, whom she thought had the same biased philosophies, what she really thought about people of colour. Unfortunately this had turned to gossip and slipped around the company which immediately turned 40% of the work force against her completely. So it was no wonder that all betting stopped to watch whatever Roy was going to do to this bitch.
He strolled up between her legs and stood admiring his prize but she was well aware of his presence and had seen him coming with an anticipating smile on his face. Momentarily she stopped breathing at the thought of what might be about to happen and to her horror he stepped between her legs and just stood looking down at her nakedness. The tears of anger swelled up as she could feel his glazing stare at her exposed pussy, her trimmed pubic hair, the outline of her clitoris. Her breathing quickened causing her chest to heave much more distinctively now as her pert juicy nipples stood at least half an inch proud of her large firm breast. She then realised that there was an gathering crowd egging him on. He unzipped his trousers, loosened his belt and let them drop, the crowd went deadly silent except for the few gasp from many of the women amongst the gathered They had all heard the rumours but never witnessed the proof. Then she heard men betting sums of money of how he would destroy her or how long before she would scream.
Fear finally satiated her mind and her eyes widened. She tried to move but was pinned down solid from the ropes staked to forest floor. She felt his large black hands feel up and down her milky white, shapely thighs as he knelt down. Her mind was racing at full speed now. How could this be happening..? No black man had ever touched her smooth goddess body and she had swore not one ever would…!! Roy rubbed her creamy white thighs and enjoyed the look of distress in her face but he wanted pure revenge on this biased white bitch to the fullest. He was grateful his friend and colleague Dave who, drew 2nd and known him since joining the company 5 years ago, had kind of fixed it for them both. Dave’s Ginger hair blew across his forehead as he watched his best friend prepare to break the bitch in for he knew Roy would be the first ever Black man to fuck this piece of talented, uppity assed pussy and he could not wait to record it on his camcorder.
Roy looked at Clarissa and only said in his deep smooth voice “ Tonight Bitch..! You conceive black babies whether you want too or not !” and with that he lined up his hard throbbing giant black cock and speared her with all his might driving it to the hilt in this soft pink vestige of white womanhood causing his big, black, hairy ball sack to slam violently against her virgin ass sending waves of pain, pleasure and revolt like a tsunami ripping through her very essence from head to toes.
Clarissa felt this giant beefy Black man line up his cock to her pink little tight pussy and she knew what was about to happen but didn’t expect the force or violence of what he was going to do. She reeled in pain as his cock which seem to have the girth of a coke can, 12 inches in length with large strong veins running up, down and across jaggedly with the occasional coarse hair here and there along the length tore into her soft, tight, white young love tunnel. She was 28yrs old, 5’7” and weighed in at only 8.5st. She had boyfriends in the past and sexual experiences which some were pleasurable, some left her wanting but none, absolutely none had been black or even near black. Non of her friends at schools past had been black, some of her family members had married outside of their race but she had no time for them.
Her love tunnel resisted this invasion as much as she could mange but the pain and determined fulfilment was like nothing she had ever experienced in her life even when she lost her virginity at university. This black man was tearing her a new pussy, it was intensified by the way she was tied down and could not move in any direction to ease the hurt. Roy rammed his big dick harder and harder, each time taking a longer stroke. He marvelled at how tightly her cunt wrapped around his tool and sucked it almost like there was a velvety gloved hand up there trying to squeeze it lifeless, choking the blood flow but to no avail. He also marvelled at how loud she could raise her voice in a scream, it was ear shattering and seem to go on forever the crowd was at fever pitch. This only drove him into a frenzy and like a animal, he wanted more and louder. Roy squeezed his bum driving more blood into his swollen cock causing it to grow ever bigger. The feeling of her tight little cunt beginning to lubricate intensified his pleasure. Whether it was blood from the rips in her pussy lips trying to accommodate this monster or the juices flowing from the multiple orgasms that were now racking her body continuously, perhaps it was a mixture of both or the fact that she could not move at all to acknowledge her bodies rape , all Clarissa could concentrate on now was how full she was, the feel of his muscles as he slid up and down between her legs, his six pact abdomen and the coarse hair that covered every inch of his body that came into contact with hers and how dim the evening light was going in her eyes sporadically every time he rammed her spluttering pussy.
She was in pain and pleasure all at the same time so intensely that her mind was fading in and out of reality, shutting down and then exploding back into life with each orgasm, each time his dick collided with her cervix pushing it invading with every stroke raping her most private of places. The screaming was continuous, the orgasms compounding and becoming stronger each time, the gathered crowd clapping out the rhythm, her body sweating under it onslaught, convulsions after convulsion of orgasms, doing just what he told her, conceiving his will, his seed, his legacy.
Dave and another dropped their trousers and started to stroke their cocks in anticipation whilst many of the women had already cum just watching or taken matters into their own hands and were giving other colleagues blow jobs. Many of the other men drank and hooted at the show on the ground.
Melissa, one of Roy’s co-workers in his section, undid and stepped out of her denims and sandals, revealing a lace baby blue g-string, walked over after downing a large glasses of strong wine, knelt down and started kissing him full on whilst he continued to hammered away mercilessly. He pulled her closer causing Melissa to straddle Clarissa face and gaping vulnerable mouth. Melissa did not hesitated to thrust her sopping wet aching pussy onto the screaming woman’s mouth muffling the screams. The vibrations of the screams and the soft wetness of her mouth caused Melissa to shudder and orgasm at once to the delight of the baying crowd who were now forming up in groups of 2 and 3 or more. They all wanted revenge on this office bitch and Roy with Melissa were leading the way. Cameras and video recorders caught every movement, every trembling, every spastic jolt of Clarissa body, her screams right down to the moment she betrayed herself and became the company whore for both men and women alike but best viewing of all was descent from arrogant racist bitch to black cock loving slut in 2 hours. Melissa unbuttoned her blouse and unclasped the front catch of the matching baby blue bra she was wearing whilst looking deep into Roy’s eyes invitingly. She said in a low soft sultry tone as sweetly as possible “ Don’t waist all your energy on this…let me show you after some rest and supper what a real woman is” and with that she smiled. Roy repositioned his hands onto Clarissa huge breast and squeezed as hard as he could, kneading them as a baker would bread for the oven working his way to her erect nipples and said” This one is for you babe” as he viciously twisted and pulled her nipple trying to pull them off the mounds of soft firm flesh they were attached too. Clarissa tried to scream as loud as she could from the searing pain but Melissa just drove her now dripping wet pussy harder into her mouth. Melissa began to shake and shudder as gigantic multitude of orgasms gripped her tiny frame. Her pert tits wobbled from the shivering and as Roy leaned down to suck her nipples she began to buck wildly on Clarissa bruised mouth but the squirts of female love juice that expelled from Melissa pussy into Clarissa mouth caused her to buck back best she could. Roy pounded away even harder and with much more gait, his dick began to swell beyond the size it was stiff as his climax drew near.
Clarissa’s mind reset itself almost instantaneously and she without realising squeezed her vagina as hard as she could making it suck his bludgeoning dick even harder, deeper and deeper Roy drove his dick twisting and ramming it home to her cervix pushing it almost all the way in each time until he finally with a sweet lip lock kiss from Melissa drove it as deep as he could get causing Clarissa to scream louder than she had when he first violently entered her, sending Melissa off into mental space with an atomic explosion of a orgasm from the vibrations making her collapse in Roy’s arms as he clinched his ass and exploded deep into the cervix copious amounts of molten hot cum, rope after salty rope, billions and billions of black mans seeds, whilst he maintained his thrusting until his cock relaxed.
The crowd erupted in cheering and clapping praising the pair for paving the way forward. Roy leaned back causing his dick to pull out of Clarissa with a popping sound it seem to take ages to egress and dripped of cum and pussy juice mixed with blood. Many of the men crowded around Clarissa and vied for the best view of her destroyed pussy as the undulations of orgasms caused her outer lips to quiver and spasm before their eyes. Cum leaked and slowly ran down her now extended lips over her pert little ass hole dripping onto the ground. Melissa stood slowly onto wobbly shaking legs, her g-string pushed to one side and completely soaked up the crotch area. Many of her female peers congratulated her with hugs and kisses expressing how erotic her performance had been and how they could not wait to punish Clarissa.
Clarissa’s tensed body began to relax never had she felt so much and been so abused. She lay staked down in natures garden of beauty sobbing, tears streaming down from the corner of her big blue eyes and through the blurriness of her vision she spied another large weapon aiming toward her bruised and battered mouth. Dave was endowed as well but not as monstrous as his best friend Roy. He positioned himself perfectly and rammed home his cock down Clarissa throat. “Mmmummmpphhh !!!!” she bellowed as it pushed past her tonsils, past the back of her throat “MMMmmmmmuuuupppppphhhhhh” “Aaaaaaaccccckckkkk” Mmmmmmmmuuuuuuppppphhhhh” gagging as it hit as far as it could. His ginger hairy giant balls coming to rest astraddle her slender well shaped nose. Julia now took the rampit rabbit from her rucksack as she watched Dave’s assault on Clarissa and calmly walked over knelt down between her legs and turned the dildo on full pelt, oiled it before shoving it all at once up her ass.
The evening had nearly turned to night, stars invaded the sky above and replaced the dying rays of last sunlight. The camp fire now roared and sent comforting waves of heat out into the surrounding area. The smell of steaks and burgers along with the music and drink created a memory that none would quickly forget and the team bonded as Clarissa suffered tearfully, regretting her evil ways. Her night was not over, it was going to last well into the early morning light. “ MMMMMMuuuuummmmmpppphhh” glug, glug, glug as she had no choice but to swallow her fifth bellyful of cum as the small river of seed slowly ran down the forest floor a few feet away from her aching sore pussy. Already despite the onslaught she knew she was developing half black child in her body and everything else had just ensured she accepted first contact for pregnancy.
She cried the entire time, begging for mercy but receiving no notice. She had been a bitch far too long. She spied a shooting star and made a wish of freedom. Someone cut her head loose and for the first time in many hours since, she was able to raise her head and look down her outstretched body only to see Roy slowly walking back taking position between her legs again. All he said to her was “ Round two Bitch”…


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This is my 2nd offering, hopefully better than the first but just as entertaining..... Please read Rachel Desires, my 1st offer. The 3rd offering will surpass both. Thanks Stelladreams...xx

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