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We both know we have a few hours, and that no ones knows we are together. I can feel in the air that you will need me soon, but I do not know when you will make your move. I feel your hand on my shoulder and realize that you need me now. I feel the pressure on my shoulder as you silently and gently push me to my knees. I look up at you longingly believing that I need this as much as you. I began to say “please”, but I see in your eyes that you will not be letting me beg this time. You begin to unbuckle your pants, and I know my part. I quickly remove my shirt and skirt. You help me unclip my bra and now I am kneeling before you in nothing but my lace pantys. You put your hand under my chin and slowly slide it into my mouth. As my lips move over your penis, I hear you moan. It is music to my hears and I begin to lightly suck as I slide my mouth over your penis. I place my hands on your hips and begin to move more quickly. I listen for your moan and when I hear it I can’t help but moan myself with pleasure. I feel you lightly place your hand on the back of my head and I smile on the inside knowing what comes next. You begin to move your hips and press your penis further into my throat. I can no longer keep up sucking and I focus on breathing around you. You are pressing further into my throat now and your moans drive me wild. I want so badly to hear your pleasure. I move my hands to the inside of my legs now. I am wet with desire and I begin to rub my clit. I can’t help but to moan, and as I moan with your cock down my throat you thrust harder. I gag on your cock, but you know I secretly (and some what ashamedly) love gagging on cock and you smile to yourself (at least I think you do). Between my hand on my crotch and your hand on my head I am finding it harder to catch a breath, and I am needing it more as my heart races. I feel you thrust hard and deep to the back of my throat and hold there, my whole body clenches, and you moan. After a few seconds you pull out quickly and begin stroking yourself. I turn my face up towards you and close my eyes. The next part isn’t my favorite, but if you say you need it, I would do anything for you. Your breath comes quicker and I know you can’t last much longer. Your final sigh comes, and I feel your cum on my face. The side of my mouth twitches up, I love knowing I did my job well. I feel your hand on the side of my face and I know what you want. I lean in and lick your penis clean and gently suck the last bit out of the head of your now tired penis. You turn and begin to walk away from me as you button and zip your pants. I am left kneeling on the floor smiling. It was just the way I wanted it, but I know you wanted to kiss me thank you. I can feel the release inside of myself and I stand and begin dressing. I am no longer sure who is using who more, but I know I am glad we have each other. I smile at you and wave good bye as I slip out the door. Until next time, My Pseudo Savior. ;)

You grab my wrist firmly and lead me towards your room. I can feel the urgency in your steps as you pull me until we are facing each other. A smile twitches around my lips as I slide slowly to the floor. Kneeling in front of you I glance up and you run your fingers down my cheek. I can see something different in your eyes, but I am not sure what is on your mind. You kneel down in front of me until we are face to face. You lean in and touch your cheek to mine and whisper into my ear. You want me to swallow it and my eyes get wide. You have always been aware of my distaste for semen, but you telling me what to do excites me and my stomach turns flips. I am taken off guard and unable to respond. Words swirl in my mind, but I am not sure which to use. “Yes, sir” is my obvious first choice, but using your name and saying “no” would ensure that you would nod and we would go on as always. The mixture of excitement and fear render me dumb, and I suddenly realize you are standing above me again. As I look up at you I resolve in myself, to be a good girl. Still unable to form words (from all the extreme emotions that you evoke) I open my mouth. I see the smile spread across your face and it suddenly occurs to me what I must look like kneeling on the floor in front of you mouth agape. You reach down and pull my shirt off, unfasten my bra, and I am kneeling in jeans. I hesitantly open my mouth again, pleased with myself and your smile. I see you snicker as you begin to unfasten your pants. They drop to the floor and you move towards me. As you push your penis into my mouth I realize you have positioned me against your bed. You move in and out of my mouth and moan softly. I am surprised when you pull yourself out of my mouth and pull me to my feet. You unfasten my jeans, pull them down, and push me back onto your bed. I watch you closely as you walk around the bed, I am fully prepared to use your name if you move to join me, but you do not. You are smiling down at me, you realize I am both nervous and excited, and at this point naked. Once at the other side of the bed you reach under my arms and pull me until I am laying across the bed with just my head hanging over the edge. You are grinning now, and it occurs to me that you have a perfect view of my nakedness. You place one hand on my sternum and I open my mouth for you. I wonder to myself if you are imagining that this is my ass, but I do not ask. As you slide your penis into my mouth your hand moves to my throat. You can feel your penis hit the back of my throat, and I hear you moan. You are thrusting faster and deeper now and I am moaning as well. I feel your hand move to me breast and you squeeze and my back arches. Oxygen is harder to come by as you get excited and thrust faster. You lean over me and slide your hand down my torso and onto my crotch. Your fingers are already wet from me and you begin to rub my clit. My toes curl and my body twitches but I move my hand to your wrist to stop you. I hear you moan no as you continue rubbing and fucking. My mouth is open for you, but I am still unable to catch my breath and my pulse begins to race under your touch. You begin rubbing harder and I become aware of the orgasm growing inside of me. I move my hand from your wrist to your hip silently requesting oxygen, but I feel you hit the back of my throat again and you linger there. I feel your penis move only slightly as deep in my throat you begin fucking. I squeeze your hip for oxygen, and arch my back as you to continue to rub me. I’m gently grinding against your hand as your fingers flick over my clitoris. My mind is spinning and I know I am almost done. I finely begin pushing your hip away longing for a deep breath when I feel your cum on the back of my throat. I arch my back and cum in your hands. I can hear you moaning but I can think only of breathing. You remove yourself from my mouth and the last of your cum runs down my chin and over my lips. I am gasping for air, and the orgasm is rolling through me. You kneel down and I can see in your eyes that you are sorry. You begin to whisper it to me and I shake my head. You already know I think it was perfect. I roll over on to my stomach and finally begin to catch my breath. It occurs to me this is the first time I have been in your bed. The thought of all our sexual encounters that have happened outside of your bed would make me giggle if I was not breathing so heavily. I gently reach up and begin licking your penis clean. I hadn’t realized until this moment that in my rush to get oxygen to my brain I had greedily swallowed everything you had offered me. I know next time you will want me to do it again, I am still not sure I want to, but I know for you I would do anything. You turn, pull up your pants, and walk out of the room. I lay there for a moment catching my breath and smiling. I realize I am most certainly using you, and you are a dumb man for allowing me to. I roll out of your bed, wash my face once again in your mirror, and slip out silently. Until next time, My Pseudo Savior.

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2012-08-31 09:58:31
u should really resubmit indented and with the Bb, forget, tags cuz dat Shit was hot!!! Only shame if no one reads it cuz they don't see tags

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