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Library Science goes a new direction
School was finally behind him, and summer had begun at last. Daniel was a guy whose secret desires remained hidden from his classmates, and needed the summer to come to grips with things that were beyond his understanding. He was deathly afraid of what lay ahead in high school, yet was determined to figure it out.

Daniel was a shy, introverted young teen who never really had any friends. His father, who had been a police officer in their small town, was shot and killed when Daniel was nine, leaving him alone with his mother, who worked as a nurse at the local hospital.

With a slight build for his age, he didn't fit into the athletic crowd. Standing only 5' 5” he was nonetheless handsome, with pitch black hair and blue eyes that seemed to glow in contrast with his dark hair and thick eyelashes. He loved to read, which he did non-stop. The books would carry him away into fantasy land where he could be and do anything he wanted.

Daniel also loved to write. After reading a book, he would pen his own adaptation of the story or add a small part of his own. Now that summer was here, he intended to spend as much time as possible at the small public library in town.

Carter was 18, and had graduated from the same high school where he had been an above-average student, but not a brain. He was 6' tall, had a muscular build, brown, neatly-trimmed hair and hazel eyes. He had had several girlfriends throughout high school, but not a steady relationship with anyone. What only a few people knew was that he was also bi-sexual. Later in the summer, Carter was headed to college out east, but was working part-time at the public library until then to earn some extra money.

Daniel was already waiting when Carter arrived at 10:00 to open the library. They knew each other slightly just by living in a small town, but had never spent any time together. Carter actually knew more “of” him than about him, due to his father having been killed, sending a shock wave through the town.

“Morning, Daniel,” he said. “Hey, Carter,” Daniel replied in his soft voice. They went inside and Daniel immediately chose a small table where he set his book bag down.

That would be his spot for the rest of the summer. Daniel never even bothered with the catalog, but rather went straight to browse the shelves manually, looking for whatever type of book suited him that day. Returning to his table, he would then read until the library closed at 4:00, stopping only to take some paper from his bag and write.

Carter was the only librarian there at any given time, and watched Daniel follow his same routine each day. Sometimes, when no one else was in the library, which happened often, Carter would strike up a conversation with him. He learned about Daniel's fear of returning to school, but Daniel would never explain why he was afraid.

One boring day, with nothing else to do, Carter asked Daniel what he was writing. “Oh, nothing,” he replied. “May I read it?” Carter asked. “No. It's just for me. No one else can ever see what I write; never!” Daniel replied sternly, and put his arms over the paper to shield it from view.

The summer continued uneventfully as Daniel and Carter came to know each other better. On one steamy August day, Daniel had been writing and, apparently overcome by the heat, had put his head down on the table and fallen asleep. Since it was already past 4:00, Carter locked the door, went over and gazed at the sweet kid sleeping peacefully. He knew he was breaking the rule, but couldn't resist and carefully slipped the paper Daniel was writing on from under his hand. He noticed that he had been reading “The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn.”

“Tom Sawyer and Huckleberry Finn spent the hot afternoon swimming naked in the cool Mississippi River. When they had had enough, both got out and lay down on the soft grass of the river bank, watching the clouds roll by overhead. 'You gonna let the Widow Douglas civilize you?' asked Tom. 'Hell, no!' Huck said. 'The Widder Douglas don't leave a body have no fun a' tall. Gots to wear shoes, no smokin', no cussin' and, worst thing of all, twouldn't be no more a' this,' Huck explained, as he rolled over and kissed Tom's lips. Tom put his arms around Huck's tan, slender body and pulled him close. 'That would never do,' he said with a smile. Their hot lips joined in deep kisses until Huck pulled back and shifted himself to straddle Tom's face, leaning forward and taking his cock into his mouth. Tom slid his mouth over Huck's hard cock and ran his hands over his smooth ass as he sucked him.”

Carter reflected on his own youth, and now understood why Daniel kept to himself so much and what his fear might be. He was carefully trying to replace the paper under Daniel's hand when he suddenly awoke.

Rubbing the sleep from his eyes, Daniel saw Carter next to him with his hand on the paper. He pulled it away in a panic and stuffed it into his bag. “Did you read it?” Daniel demanded.

“Yes, I did,” Carter answered truthfully.

Daniel stood up and said, “I trusted you. No one was supposed to know. No one!" He turned his back on Carter, then quietly said, “and now you do.” Daniel felt his body go limp and was taken by complete surprise when Carter put his strong arms around him and firmly pulled him against his body. He leaned into Daniel's neck and whispered, “yes, I do, and it's okay. It really is.”

Carter continued to hold him and gently began to kiss his soft neck as his own cock, held tightly against Daniel's little ass, stiffened ever so slightly. Daniel didn't know what to do. He was frightened, but also knew that Carter would never hurt him. He felt Carter's warm breath on his neck, wrapped in his embrace, moist, hot lips kissing him, and the bulge against his ass.

Daniel's head began to spin as Carter lowered his right hand to his groin and gently ran his hand over Daniel's crotch. Was this really happening? Should he stop him? Were his dreams and fantasies actually coming true? As Carter rubbed his crotch and tenderly kissed him, Daniel's cock hardened quickly.

He couldn't believe it when Carter opened Daniel's snap, lowered his zipper and pulled his white briefs down just enough to free his cock and balls. Daniel jolted and gasped when he felt Carter's warm hand wrap around his hard 5”, the first time anyone had ever touched his cock. Carter slowly stroked Daniel's hard shaft, stopping only to gently fondle his smooth, hairless bag, then returning to his cock. Although doing nothing to make him stop, Daniel kept whispering, “no... no... no.”

Ignoring his feeble pleas, Carter tightened his grip and stroked faster. He moved his left hand up from Daniel's chest to his face, where he softly ran his index finger across his lips, finally poking the tip into his mouth. Daniel pulled the finger into his mouth and began sucking on it. Carter timed the strokes of his cock to match the short thrusts of his finger into his hot mouth.

Daniel started to moan and breathe heavily and, when he felt him reach behind, grabbing Carter's jean-clad ass with both hands, he knew that Daniel was ready. Carter took his finger out of Daniel's mouth and put his left hand over the top of his cock while stroking furiously with his right.

“Ohhhh, ohhhh, ohhhh,” Daniel grunted as his body shuddered and jets of hot cream shot from his cock into Carter's left hand. When he felt his small body finally going limp, Carter pulled his left hand up to his mouth and swallowed down every drop of hot sperm in it while still milking Daniel's softening cock with his right.

Once sure that he had completely drained him, Carter brought his cum-drenched right hand up to Daniel's mouth, who licked it clean, running his tongue between his fingers and sucking each one of them.

Carter reached down, tucked everything back into his pants and zipped him up. Turning him around, Carter walked him to the door, bringing his book bag with him, unlocked it and said, “I can be here an hour early tomorrow, if you'd like.” Daniel impulsively hugged him tightly, picked up his bag and, with a bright smile, left for home.

After eating dinner, Daniel helped his mother with the dishes, as always. She noticed, however, that he wasn't as focused as usual. “Is everything alright?” she asked. “It's fine, mom. I'm simply tired tonight. I read too much today at the library, and just need to go to bed,” he answered. She gave him a kiss on the forehead and let him go.

Daniel went to his room and stripped to his underwear, then threw himself onto the bed. He wasn't really that tired; it's just that he couldn't turn his reeling brain off. Carter now knew that he was gay. He would have no reason to tell anyone else, but could he be sure? And what about Carter? He must also be gay. After all, he had stroked him off and eaten his cum. Daniel thought of Carter's strong arms around him and those hot kisses on his neck. What would happen tomorrow? A hundred options coursed through his mind until, after nearly two hours, he finally drifted off into a fitful sleep.

It was 9:00 and Daniel was waiting outside the library. His heart started to race as he saw Carter approaching. “Morning, kiddo,” he said with a smile. “Hey, Carter,” he said, as he always did. Once inside the library, Carter locked the door as Daniel went to his usual table, setting down his book bag. When he turned around, Carter was standing right in front of him. Without saying a word, he put his right hand on Daniel's cheek, softly caressing his face.

Putting his left hand on Daniel's shoulder, he leaned down and kissed his lips. Fireworks went off throughout his body as Daniel experienced his first kiss. It was soft, gentle, moist, hot and he nearly fainted. Carter pulled back and gazed into his star-struck blue eyes with a smile. After all, he hadn't forgotten his first kiss either. “Are you okay, Daniel?” he asked quietly. The only response Daniel could manage was, “uh, huh.” Leaning back in and putting his arms around him, Carter gave Daniel short, tiny kisses, sometimes just barely touching his lips.

“Slowly we go,” Carter thought. He would back away slightly, giving Daniel the chance to start returning his own little kisses, learning as he went. Holding each other closer, their kisses became longer, deeper and more passionate. Being taller, Carter could feel Daniel's cock harden against his thigh as they tightly embraced, and his own cock was beginning to rage against his abdomen.

Needing a break for air, Carter buried his face into Daniel's neck, and gently began licking his soft skin and nibbling on his earlobe while running his right hand over Daniel's round, firm ass. Recalling countless dreams, Daniel did the same, licking Carter's neck and taking in real man scent for the first time in his life.

Carter was the first to break away. He stared into Daniel's eyes for a moment, kissed him, and sank to his knees. Running his hand over the flaming bulge in Daniel's pants, Carter undid the button, lowered the zipper and pulled both his pants and underwear down to his ankles. He paused to take in Daniel's beautiful circumcised cock, small patch of black pubes and silky, hairless bag, then began kissing and licking his smooth, milky-white inner thighs, purposefully avoiding his cock. Daniel's head shot back as he felt the hot, wet tongue move its way around his sensitive groin, but never touching his cock.

Breathing heavily now with closed eyes, Daniel put his hands on Carter's head, awaiting what he knew would come next. Taking the cue, Carter flicked his tongue over his bag, then took the entire thing into his mouth, gently sucking his balls as he inhaled the sweet aroma. Knowing that this was all new to him, he decided that too much teasing would be a bad thing. He wasn't going to let Daniel's first blow job end up with a load on the floor.

With that, Carter took his entire cock into his mouth and began to suck. Daniel nearly shot through the roof as he felt the hot, wet mouth engulf his aching cock. He had imagined it a thousand times before in his mind, but never knew it would feel like this. Grabbing his firm, little buns, Carter bobbed up and down on the hard boy rod with a passion, knowing it wouldn't take long. Daniel was quivering, on fire as bolts of pleasure roared through his body. Unable to stand it any longer, he gave in.

Daniel let out a yelp as his cock exploded in Carter's mouth. Seemingly endless blasts of hot batter flew from his cock into his mouth, Carter sucking down every drop as he continued to bob. Knowing that he wouldn't be able to think straight after such a huge blow, Carter let the sweet cock slip from his mouth and stood up. As expected, Daniel collapsed against him. Carter had to hold his body in his arms to keep him from falling to the floor.

Daniel was panting like a dog. “Oh......huh, huh, huh..... I...... huh, huh, huh......think I might die......huh, huh, huh.” Carter held him tightly and, smiling to himself, said, “no, you're not going to die. It may feel that way, but I would never let that happen to you.” He held Daniel closely and nuzzled into his neck until it was clear that he had recovered.

Before the inevitable after-orgasm regret and doubt set in, he pulled Daniel's underwear and pants back up, making sure everything was closed. Wrapping his arms around him, Carter whispered, “it's okay. It's really okay,” as he had told him the day before. Daniel felt his warmth and caring float him to a height his imagination hadn't even thought possible before. More than anything, Daniel wanted it to be love, but somehow knew that could never happen.

A loud knocking on the door reminded Carter that it was time to open the library. They had been together for an hour, and Carter rushed to unlock the door as Daniel sat down at his table, taking pencil and paper in hand. The hours dragged by and the hands on the clock seemed frozen in place. There were more people than usual in the library that day, and Daniel could only stare longingly at Carter, but made sure that he didn't give himself away to anyone else.

When 4:00 finally arrived and the library was empty, Carter asked, “are you ready to go?” as he stood by the door. Daniel walked up to him and said, “not yet.” Carter locked the door and Daniel took his hand, leading him to an armless chair, gently pushing him back.

Once seated, he put his legs on either side of him and sat down on Carter's lap. He gazed into his beautiful, hazel eyes, then wrapped his arms around him and pressed his lips firmly against his. He kissed him passionately, tilting his head from side to side. Carter felt he was ready, and probed his lips with the tip of his tongue. Daniel readily accepted it and they intertwined their tongues. The passion and intensity grew as they dined on each other like a gourmet meal, kissing, nibbling, tonguing. Sitting astride him, Daniel had been grinding his cute, little ass into Carter's groin and could feel his hard cock through his jeans.

Daniel broke his kiss and stood up, then backed away a couple of steps and sank to his knees between Carter's legs. He stared at the bulge in his pants, and started rubbing it with his right hand. Eager for his first real cock, Daniel undid the snap, lowered the zipper, and pulled Carter's jeans and boxers down below his balls. After unleashing the beast, he could only stare at the hard, cut, slender 7.5” cock before him.

He regained his senses, and tightly wrapped his left hand around the shaft, feeling the warmth and soft skin. “Oh, yes,” Carter moaned. Daniel held his cock while moving down to fondle Carter's wrinkly sack with his right hand, gently squeezing his balls. Bending down, he began to run his tongue over the silken bag, taking one of his balls into his mouth. They were too big for Daniel to handle both at once, so he suckled on one hidden orb while stroking Carter's dick. “Oh, Daniel, that's so good,” Carter whispered, giving him extra encouragement.

Desperate now for his first taste, Daniel let Carter's ball slip from his mouth and ran his tongue up the underside of his shaft from the base to the tip, feeling the blood coursing through the large vein. He licked up the huge glob of pre-cum oozing from the slit, savoring the sticky man-juice like it was nectar. Daniel slowly curled his tongue around the sensitive underside of the head, then flicked it around the rim, finally taking it into his mouth. “Oh, fuck!” Carter gasped as the sweet mouth enveloped his insanely hard cock.

Daniel gobbled on the succulent rod, taking only as much of it as he could handle while jacking the rest with his hand. Carter grabbed Daniel's head, but wasn't going to force anything. He just let him suck at his own pace, holding him gently as he slid up and down. His eyes closed, Carter felt him pick up speed; sucking, jerking, sucking, jerking.

Carter couldn't hold out any longer and gave Daniel his prize. “Ah, ah, ah, ah,” he grunted as his body was torn with mind-numbing pleasure, shooting sperm into his mouth like a fire hose. Daniel felt the geyser erupt in his mouth and swallowed every delicious shot he fired. As Carter's wild orgasm slowed and his cock began to soften, he kept his mouth firmly around it, relishing the last few drops on his tongue.

As Carter had done for him, Daniel tucked everything back in and zipped him up, sitting back down on his lap. He held him closely and burrowed into Carter's neck. “Was that okay?” he asked softly. “Oh, yes,” Carter said, his breathing finally returning to normal.

“Since we're both gay, could I ... well...just your boyfriend?” Daniel asked sheepishly. Carter had to think this out quickly. “You see, Daniel, I'm not really gay. I'm a switch-hitter.” Perplexed, Daniel asked, “what does that mean, Carter?” Although knowing that he might crush his innocent perception, Carter decided to be truthful. “It's like in baseball. Some guys can hit both right- and left-handed. That means I like both girls and guys.”

Carter could feel Daniel's body deflate against him, but never released his close embrace. After several moments of silence, Daniel said, “I understand. Will you find another guy at college?” “Maybe,” Carter answered. “If you do, please don't forget me, because I will never forget you,” Daniel mumbled, forcing himself to hold back the tears welling in his eyes.

“Daniel, you can't be my lover, but you can be my boyfriend. Even if I meet someone else, you'll be the only boyfriend I will remember forever, and that is my promise.” Daniel pulled his face away from Carter's neck and looked at him, locking eyes as though welded together, and knew that it was true. As if saying good-bye for the last time, they melted into each other with a sensuous kiss.

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I like ur writing. I lose the suspension of disbelief , however, when you use the expression 'draining his balls', or 'sucking his balls dry.' Semen is storied in the seminal vesicles inside the body. Also, using the word bag for scrotum is off-putting.

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