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I had been seeing men for quite some time. Not exclusively, but enough to know I liked sucking another man's dick. Without knowing where to to go and probably being too shy to go if I did, I used Yahoo Personals to find men to play with. In the day, it was a free service and I could experiment as much as I wanted.

I started answering ads, looking for ads within 25 miles of my home. There were many. I selectively answered based on age, distance, deion and cleverness of the ad. It was very disappointing. Few responded, fewer still came through with a date. I started submitting ads of my own. I offered a place to do it and safety of reputation. This was a much better tactic and yielded maybe a dozen responses and one actual date each time I ran an ad. As I got more and more graphic with my deion of what I'll do and what I like done to me, the more numerous the responses I received, resulting in more dates. Unfortunately, the best ones always turned out to be one nighters. This is my memory of one such date...

Dan answered my ad, he was one of a mass of responses. I answered each diligently, as usual, a difficult chore, knowing that maybe only 3 at most would return a followup reply, and maybe one of them will actually come over.

Dan was the one to show up this time. It took some doing, usually, if a guy wasn't coming right over after reading the ad, it never became anything more than a teasing situation. I told that to Dan when he suggested "we get together sometime soon", he said he'd noticed the same phenomenon and eventually agreed to come over the next day.

The next day, this was a new thing to me. I anticipated it all day long at work, making it difficult to focus on the job. I decided that I'd like to greet him at the door naked, then thought a neighbor might end up seeing that and threw on a robe at the last moment before answering the doorbell. I opened the door and invited him in. When I was certain it was my expected guest, I told him "I'd always wished I'd go to pick up a date for the first time and find her naked and horny" as I dropped my robe and exposed myself in all God's glory with a beautiful boner begging for attention. "if this is too much, I apologize, otherwise, enjoy." Dan took his que and dropped to his knees.

He began licking my erect penis slowly in long deliberate strokes from base to tip and kissing the tip before returning to the base to start over. At first, it was a gentle action, almost like testing the waters before going all the way in to the lake, picking up an urgency with each passing moment. He took my cockhead in his mouth and held it firmly between his lip covered teeth while removing his own clothing. As soon as he was naked himself he took my expectant 7" long erection all the way to the balls in one quick, breathtaking movement.

My knees started buckling. I had to lay down before I fell down. Dan's mouth never lost erotic contact. This was a totally new sensation. None of the guys before him was as enthusiastic giving a blowjob as they were of receiving one. But this man, he was very into sucking my cock! He stroked his lips and tongue up and down, making a swallowing action everytime he bottomed out. I couldn't control myself, this was the best blowjob I've ever, EVER had! Just as I felt it ready to spew, I lightly took Dan's head in my hands and held it firmly against me sending my seed deep down his throat, leaving little of it for me to lick out of his mouth afterward. It was the most mind-blowing orgasm of my life. Since then as well. I nearly passed out. I had heard about this kind of orgasm. I was responsible for many of them when eating pussy. I never thought men were capable of such earth moving climaxes and yet here I was experiencing one first hand.

I could do nothing but lie there while he kissed, first my ears, then eyes, neck and finally lips. I had never enjoyed kissing a man before. Truthfully, I usually told men not to expect it. I either forgot to tell Dan or he ignored. Either way, here I was kissing this man with as much passion as I normally reserve for a truly sexy woman. The entire time, his hand is gently stroking and caressing my softening member occasionally stopping as he licked up more of my draining ejaculate.

I suggested we smoke a little pot and move to the bed where I would do my best to return the favor. He didn't smoke any, but continued to lick, nibble and suck on my exhausted manhood while I smoked a joint while sitting on the bed. When I finished my smoke, I pulled him up onto the bed and laid him down on his back, kissing that magic mouth of his and gently fondling his very firm penis with my hand, periodically taking his balls in hand and giving them a slight squeeze while rolling them against each other. I loved it when someone did that to me and, it seemed, so did Dan.

I kept trying to pull away from his lips to finally taste his precum, but his lips were so irresistable...

Finally I managed to untangle my tongue and his and started leaving a trail of kisses down to his nipples, where I paused to kiss and nibble each one to ball bearing hardness and sucking it as though I could actually get milk from it. I honestly don't know which of us was more heated up. I continued on my trail to his throbbing stick, showering his lower abdomen and inner thighs with kisses and rubbing my beard on them, occasionally brushing my lips across his head and sucking up the drops forming.

I took a moment to reflect on this exquisite example of manhood in front of my face. How interesting, his cock looked exactly like mine. I'd bet if I got out a measuring tape they'd even measure the same. His balls were slightly larger and he kept himself shaved clean where I just trimmed mine short, but other than that I could have been looking at a reflection of my own meat. This realization just made me that much more excited!

I sucked both his balls into my mouth and licked them all over while stroking his shaft and massaging the head between my thumb and forefinger, using his precum as a lubricant. Dan's hips raised from the bed to allow me greater accessibility. I spit on the fingers of my free hand and sent it exploring the region between his ass cheeks, eventually finding and penetrating his willing anus. At that moment, he pulled my head to his waiting hardon and guided it between my open lips. I took as much of it as I could. I had tried to deep throat before and was never able to defeat the gag reflex, so I only his pecker to my tonsils to avoid the reflex instead.

He seemed totally happy with that. I stopped to spit on the fingers playing with his man pussy again. I took his dick back in my oral love hole and pushed my middle finger straight up his hole at the same time as I took him back to my tonsils again. This caused him throw his hips up to meet my mouth and I found my nose pushed up against his stomach. He was all the way down my throat and I didn't feel like gagging. I started to deliberately take down the the balls and found that while my gag reflex was not as insistant, it was still there and I had to stop and get my breath from time to time.

I suddenly wanted this man to come in my mouth so bad that I tempted the reflex over and over again, weaking its hold over me a little at a time. I stopped to once again admire this thing of beauty, pulling my finger out and massaging his anus at the same time. The head was a perfect heart shape, also like mine. I licked it with a broad, soft tongue. It remained very soft and pliable while the core of his penis was extremely firm. I circled the rim of it ending in the front where I stuck my tongue as far into his peehole as I could. I was rewarded with more bucking. Moving down somewhat, I licked his foreskin where it meets the peehole. I sucked it into my mouth and softly chewed it between my front teeth and was rewarded by the sudden expulsion of more precum. I hungerly lapped it up and returned to deep throating this prize.

He came with little warning. Basically, he shoved my head as far down as it could go as he bathed my throat with his love. I was a bit disappointed as I had really wanted to taste his sperm and he injected so deep in my throat I had to be content with the salty-sweet drips leisurely draining from his love stick.

With his dick still enjoying the hospitality of my mouth, Dan managed to roll us over so he was on top and rotated himself until he was able to suck mine at the same time, 69 style. Dan was one of those lucky people that loved continued contact on his dick after cumming. He
was so good, I was hard again already!

I lay there swallowing his limp dick while he mouth fucks mine and felt him hardening up again in my throat. What a turn on! I never felt anything like it! FUCK! To have this man hardening in my throat was the sexiest thing I'd ever experienced. This was really a night of firsts!

He seemed to be inhaling my manhood. Could it get any better? I was about to find out. Dan pulled his mouth free of my erection and started licking and sucking my balls one at a time. I moaned and parted my legs farther and raise them in the air to give Dan easy access to all my sex.

I stopped sucking him long enough to tell him I'd always wanted to have man come on my cock and balls and asked him to do that for me when he was ready. I greedily returned to sucking his now fully erect member. Dan started licking that very sensitive area between the absolute base of my cock, down under the sack, and my anus. I was so horny and happy, I moved my legs to give him all the additional access I could. When he finished there, his tongue danced on and teased my anus, circling and brushing across, relaxing me to the point he could have fisted me had he so desired, and drove his tongue in, straight and deep.

I was in fucking heaven! Sex with this man was as good as sex with a woman. I mean, usually with a man, he takes out his dick, I suck him dry, he says "thank you very much, gotta go" and I masturbate to my own finish after he is gone. I could probably get more from these other guys, but they are no turnon. This guy! This guy I love kissing! That used to be reserved for women only. The hotter he made my the harder I tried to suck in his entire body starting at the dick. I wanted to return the pleasure I was getting from him!

And this rimming. Fuck. I wanted him in my ass at this point. I wanted to feel that heart-shaped head massaging my prostate. I pushed my anus out to meet his tongue. He pulled his tongue out and replaced it with two fingers, fucking them in and out as well as wiggling them independently. His mouth paused momentarily to pay additional attention to my testicles. I was on the verge of shooting a second load. Wow! two in one night, actually two in an hour! I hadn't done that for at least two decades at the time and not again since:(

I told Dan I was close. He bit my balls. Hard! That took care of that moment. He then licked and kissed them so I knew he wasn't angry, just slowing down the arrival my orgasm, returning shortly to my dick.

Fingers still dancing inside me, he took my maleness back into his throat and started to fuck me with his it again, this time moving his hips so he was fucking my mouth as well. I had saliva frothing out of my mouth. I collected so of it in my hand and massaged his anus until in accepted two of my fingers. From that moment on, I felt like I was deepthroating myself and playing in my own asshole. How fucking awesome. Had he not pulled out of both of us and positioned himself to give my cock and balls a cum bath, I think we would have had a simultaneous orgasm.

This was cool too. It was way different than I thought it'd be. I expected it to be sexier. It was more animal. More intense. Smoking hot, but different.

I asked him if he was going to finish me. He said no, he'd rather watch me finish myself, using his cum as lube. He lay with his head so close to my cock, I could feel his breath on it, and watched as I finished myself.

By the time I was done, my hand was covered in a frothy mixture of both of our sperm. I raised it to my lips and licked it clean while Dan cleaned my cock and belly to same way. He came up next to me and held me for a few minutes and told me he had to go.

As I helped him dress, he promised me the next time he would take some Viagra before coming over so he could just walk in the door and stick his dick up my waiting ass. I walked him to the door, he kissed me goodnight, opened the door and left my life for good.

Too bad. We had communicated by IM for several days afterward, making plans to get back together, and a couple of days later he just stopped answering my pages. A shame, really. I was looking forward to having him walk in the door and bone me without further ado.

But, that date is a memory that will always be near and dear to me.

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2017-03-05 02:24:23
Great story, why did you stop writing?


2007-10-18 22:57:09
Too bad that you all could not continue this lovemaking at a later date. Good hot story. Keep writing.


2006-10-21 02:02:46
i did nt like it does not turn me on


2006-03-15 22:16:04
Oh Hell! I'm a straight woman and this story made me so wet that I had to call up someone for me to suck off. I applaud you!


2006-03-11 09:22:55
nice storie

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