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a camp out you will never forget.
Befor you read this know that it contains gay rape, insest, and cannibalism amoung other things. If any of these topics offend you dont read and dont bother posting how fucked up i am i will just skip over those replys. this is my first story so advice would be apriciated.

We had it all planed, everyone knew what to do and everything was set, we just needed the pig. Since we read our first dolcett story online (searching for porn) we just couldn’t get it out of our heads. We read about all kinds of cooking from whole to parts, pan and particularly spitted. We read every story we could and watched all the fantasy enactments but it wasn’t enough. It took a lot of time and more than a few close calls but we managed to get a few of the other guys in school interested in it too. Once when we told Dan about our fantasy he ran straight to the principle, but lucky for us principle smelding thought he was lying and suspended him for a week for “telling such filthy lies”. After that he never said another word about what we told him.

At this point we should probably explain, I’m telling the story of how I and my twin brother killed our younger brother Billy (16). I (jimmy) and my twin brother Johnny were 17 at the time; I and Johnny are about five foot six, about 125 pounds, with blond hair and green eyes. Billy is about five foot three and 110 pounds, with brown hair and light grey eyes.

Me and Jimmy saved up every piney we got for over a year to by what we needed, we laughed a lot about how Billy thought we were saving for a sex toy (from a senior in school) to jack off with. And in a way we were. To be clear we didn’t hate Billy, quite the opposite we truly loved him to the point that we could think of no one better.

When we finally had everything in place and our closest friends were ready we started planning a camp out (as we often did). We decided the three of us would head out to spring cave a five mile hike for the nearest road, not nearly the longest or farthest we had gone but near enough for our friends to make it. We made sure they had a good few hours head start then set out with Billy for the last time.

We made good progress and had an early lunch beside a large pool, setting sights on the cave mouth about two hours before dark. The cave itself was narrow at the mouth only about five foot wide and six high but almost immediately opens to a series of large caverns the largest over twenty foot high and almost two school bus lengths wide. There are several smaller side tunnels but none all that deep. The caverns are good shelter for campers and have both a small spring and enough cracks in the roof to allow for smoke to escape and light to filter in for a few hours every day.

We got out our flashlights and went in the cave (which was dark at this time of day). As we entered the cave our trap was sprung. Seven of our friends were waiting just inside and before he could do more than yell he was bound and gagged grunting in a side tunnel as not to see what was waiting. They had already started the fire in the largest cavern but it still had a few hours before it burned down to the point it was workable. That meant we had plenty of time to play.

Getting Billy form his tunnel we put him on the rugs dragged in by the guys along with other special equipment for later. As two of the guys held his arms as we removed the gag. “What the fuck are you guys doing, why are you guys here” he asked. “Shut up” I said, just barely raising my voice. “We have decided that we are going to use you to play out a fantasy later tonight but for now we are just going to have a little fun” Johnny said. “What are you talking about, let me go” he yelled, as he continued to struggle. Jason helped hold Billy down as he said “what we are talking about is fucking you till you bleed”. That got his attention; Billy looked like he had just been slapped. “You’re what” he asked shocked, I said we are going to fuck you I say. “You can’t your my brothers” he says almost in a whimper. “We can and we will, now shut up”. Adam put something in his mouth to keep it busy, I say. Adam pulls down his pants and holds his throbbing seven inch in Billy's face; he opens his mouth to say something but what he would have said we never found out as Adam thrust forward and plants half his length in Billy's mouth.

Billy is frozen for a second before spiting and trying to force Adam out, he has no chance as Adam grabs his head and begins to face fuck him. Billy bites down, not as hard as he could have but enough to make Adam shove him off. SLAM, they didn’t even see my leg move before I gave him a strong kick to the head. As his senses return I say very clearly “that is the last time you do that, am I clear, we can do a lot of bad things to you here and if we broke your jaw it would hurt more”. “Now Tim try Billy again” I say to a rather nerves looking Tim, but he complies.
Billy, still not quite focused, is lying on his back propped up with one arm. As Tim walks over again, standing over him, he slowly pushes Billy's head toward is rock hard member. Billy only cries as Tim begins to push Billy's head further down on his cock, burying it deeper with each thrust. We could see Billy starting to gag but if Tim noticed it only made him thrust harder (Tim still has a mean streak to this day). In a last burst of speed he exploded into Billy's mouth, barely letting him breathe. When he finished I asked “anyone ells want a turn”?

Derrick was already pushing toward Billy when Johnny stopped him. “Stop, try his ass this time” Johnny said as Derrick started to protest, “Let’s see how he rides that monster of yours”. With that Adam jerked down Billy's pants causing him to try to crawl away (probably knowing what was next). Derrick mounted behind him and as Adam held him down he thrust all 8 inches of rock hard, uncut, unlubed cock balls deep in Billy's ass. The scream Billy made had me wondering if we shouldn’t have gone farther from the road, as derrick with only the slightest pause started fucking Billy like he had the best hole on earth (as a virgin Billy was certainly tight enough). By the time he came we were all naked jerking our various sized cocks as fast as we could and Tim was getting a pretty good looking blow job from Johnny.

Over the next two hours we all took out turns both with Billy and each other (and more than one at a time). Billy had given up to the inevitable and wouldn’t even look at us his ass and mouth both responding automatically to what we did. As I pulled out of AJ’s ass totally spent I heard mike call from the other cavern that the fire was almost ready. He had been watching it with Ken, switching every so often so one of them could come unload.

I told the others to get the tools as I said to Billy “it’s time for the real fun to begin”. This of course made his eyes snap up but he knew better than to ask questions. As the sturdy camp table Mike had borrowed from his father’s tools shed was brought in we laid Billy on the recently scrubbed chipping green top. Billy finally had to ask what we were going to do. I answered “ we are going to prep you ready for dinner”, “but what do you need to do for that I can feed myself” he said. “No Billy you don’t understand you aren’t going to eat dinner, you are the dinner” I told him. He thought I was joking of course but when I didn’t laugh he screamed “what the hell, you can’t do that its illegal and you get put in jail for doing sick things like that”. “You had better let me go now before I tell everyo-” he cut off as I shoved a piece of rag in his mouth, “you won’t tell anyone anything, you don’t just walk way after being roosted on a fire” I told him.

His eyes go wide as he realized what I was saying, he tried to struggle again but between the 9 of us he didn’t stand a chance as his legs and arms were tied down. His smooth slightly tan stomach was left free, held down only by our hands. As we washed him with spring water and shaved away all of what little body hair he had with one of our spare razors (paying close attention to the groin and balls which had only a few short blond hairs). We then shaved his beautiful short brown hair and eye brows. Finally we got out the tools we would need for the prep (a flay knife from kens kitchen, our dads propane blow torch, a large empty bowl and a bowl of diced vegies).

I kissed him one last time on the lips, his eyes frantic with panic as we put tools all around him. I decided to make this quick, saying only “we have to fix you the same as uncle frank fixed the hogs when we visit his farm for Christmas”, that made him absolutely frantic as I picked up the knife. Rubbing my hand on his smooth stomach I put the bowl close by and lit the torch. The other guys watch as I put the tip of my knife an inch below Billy's ribs, right below his chest. I pushed in and inch and Billy screamed threw the gag, but I didn’t stop. I quickly sliced down his stomach to the navel and his blood swelled up.

Acting fast I reached in and finding part of the small intestine I pulled, removing moor and moor until all the intestine both small and large as well as bladder were removed. I tried to avoid the arteries and any big looking veins but I know I nicked a few, time worked quick with the torch burning anyplace with too much blood to stop the bleeding.

I put my brother’s guts in the large empty bowl and used the torch to burn the ends left inside so they wouldn’t bleed as much. I then put as many vegetables, garlic cloves, lemon slices, as I could in the empty stomach, tying it shut with a pair of pliers and some wire from the local hardware store. Billy looked like he had passed out but as I watched his eyes twitched, he just shut his eyes against the pain (tough little guy). With that done there was just one last thing to do before spitting him. After his insides were removed I guess he decided it was over as he gave no more resistance or complaints to what came next.

We all wanted a piece of that ass before it was full of something ells. So gathering around the table one of us (Derrick) stood in front of his ass (now slightly red from the blood) and pushed in. after a few minutes he finished and we each took our turn in kind, Billy's mouth was not empty for more than seconds the entire time as he willingly took cock after cock (sometimes with his own blood on them). When my turn came I positioned right before his hole, pushing in slowly his now very loose ass gave no resistance. As I started thrusting the way in my 7 ½ cock felt like it hit a big hole and I realized I was pushing into his stomach cavity, I could even feel pieces of hard stuffing rubbing against my cockhead. His ass was so well lubed with cum or bloods (probably both) that I shot after only a minute or two and Johnny fished him off with a big load on the face.

Finely it was time for the main attraction, we wanted him alive for as long as possible and with his bleeding we needed to move fast. Johnny brought in what we had saved up for so long to by, a large steel spitting rod, its sharp end looking like an oversized needle. I of course had the honor of doing the spitting; laying him on his back, rock hard cock straight up in the air. “Relax” I said “it will only hurt moor if you clench so lay back and stay as still as you can, it will hurt a lot but it will be over soon. When I get to your throat lay your head back and straighten your neck. You will have to tell me where it’s at because if I get it wrong it will go up your wind pipe and you will suffocate”.

He nodded his head and you could see him try in vain to relax his fear hardened body as I place just the very tip of the spit in his red loose asshole. Everyone’s eyes were glued to the spit as I slowly pushed its broom stick thick length in Billy's ass. One inch, two, and three I went slowly so as not to stab him before I had to. After a few more seconds he gave a jump and I could tell I had scathed his rectum with the tip. I adjusted and pushed forward, feeling little resistance I knew I was in his abdomen and angled down.

We had studied for months to make sure we knew just how to angle the spit, there wasn’t much online but there were a few medical sites that showed how things were situated. I went in low under the lungs and heart, slightly to the side, avoiding the major arteries and following his back muscles. You could see Billy was in a bit of pain as I scratched some things inside but I got to where I knew the esophagus should have been. “Do you feel it” I asked, “yes it feels like its pressing against my throat”. “Your throat or your wind pipe”, “my throat I think”. “Ok I’m going to push it in, it’s going to hurt a bit but mostly you will feel like you’re choking, just focus and breathe”. He tried to nod but AJ held his head back so he wouldn’t move, is I adjusted my grip and tried to feel exactly where the tube was.

With a small push I punctured the throat and Billy tried to cry, I pushed a few inches in the tight tube which cut him off from crying. As he started to choke I slid the spit farther up his throat, Billy seemed to be breathing but his choking still made his throat tighten. Finally he opened his mouth and the tip started to emerge, which was my cue to finish, quickly pushing the spit another two foot out of his mouth. After a few moments of gaging he started to get control, gagging less with each moment. I could only imagine what he was thinking when he looked at the sharpened poll he could feel all threw his body, or for that matter the stuffing filling his stomach.

Knowing it was time we lifted the spit by its end and carried it to the middle of the cave where the large pit had been built. We had spent weeks bringing cinder blocks stolen from AJs dads construction job so that we could build the perfect pit, just the right size for Billy. It was basically a big rectangle five blocks high and a foot or two taller and wider than Billy. His hands and feet were tightly secured by wire so he wouldn’t slip as we turned him. The charcoal fire was burned down to a hot but small pile in each corner, perfect for the slow cooking. The frame of the spit was set up on either end to hold the spit which curved sharply twice at the end to form a crude handle.

As Billy was put over the coals he started to sweat very quickly, the heat already going to work. For a few minutes it seemed he was managing as he made little sound and only squirmed a little, but that ended pretty soon. He was sweating profusely and I gave him an hour maybe less before he would die of heat stroke or shock, which was all too likely. He ended up lasting a full twenty minutes (being turned occasionally by one of us) before his burns were enough to make him groan. By and hour in he was truly crying, the pain obviously intense but mercifully short as after about an hour and a half of low heat his third degree burns were enough to make him numb.
We kept turning him all night and most of the next day. He lost consciousness after about three hours and sometime around five he stopped breathing. We spent the night watching him cook and fucking each other at every chance. Billy cooked until his skin was a deep tan color and stretched tight, we built the fire up hot near the end to finish the cooking. Around 9 the next night I poked him with a knife and his meat parted like butter, I knew he was done. We lifted him off the frame and laid him back on the green table to cool, which took about an hour. Derrick wanted to fuck his ass one last time but we all said it would be too much and he reluctantly agreed.

There was only one way to dress him and it was fitting enough, we laid the table with lettuce leaves and placed apples around him, Johnny put one in his mouth. Everyone agreed his dick and balls should go to us his brothers, so we lifted him enough to cut them off. I won’t even try to describe the taste except to say it’s kind of like pork but still not like any other meat. We ate as much as we could, (I liked the thigh and ass meat myself) but there was more than even we could eat. We buried what was left in the woods by the cave and cleaned up.

After we hid everything but the pit in a side cave so that it wouldn’t be found by hikers. We fucked one last time, as we started heading back ken said “guys I know it’s crazy, but could I be the pig next month?”, which maid us stop. We thought for a minute about what ken would be like spited and slowly Tim began to smile, soon we all were. “Sure ken you would make a great pig, maybe we shouldn’t wait till next month, and we have a three day weekend next week. Why not have another roast” and with that we headed home, giving ken extra special attention….

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