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the teaser to test my wighting skills and see if u guys want more to see what happens next this is an incest stroy so dont read it if u are not in to it
Hi here is my first story I have dyslexia so it makes it hard to put words on to paper and my spelling is bad I will spell check my work but I often get words that look like how they are spelled when it’s not the right word so just excuse that and I am bad with using periods I just read without it so I never use it but I will try to use it so some things may be long points without stop any way here we go

Jack threw the phone down with disgust. He ran his hands threw his hair started up his 1972 MGB GT and slammed it into reverse and screeched out of the school parking lot. Jack was in 10th grade and was 16 5’ 11” brown hair he was skinny almost bony skinny but he was built like a runner so he had long strong legs his upper body wasn’t toned but he wasn’t weak ether he has all the potential to be tone and look strong but he didn’t believe that being super strong was the best thing to put his time into he'd rather work on his car or build something than spend all his time at the gym. He was really smart but his dyslexia stopped him from As in school but he was full of facts and things he could fix almost anything he had his few good friends that would stand by him he wasn’t popular but this was by chose he want a loser but he want the coolest he was the middle guy the guy u didn’t see coming the one u understate he liked it that way and intended to keep it that way
As jack drove to the middle school to pick up his sister as he did he was mumbling about how much a bich his now ex-girlfriend was and how he should have broken up with her before she dumped him jack turned in to the middle school drive way and stopped at the front of the school there was his sister who had been waiting sense school got out at 2:15 it was now 2:38 jack wasn’t late in fact he was earlier then normal the high school just gets out later than the middle school he sister spotted his car and side bye to her friends and ran to his car. Her name was Amanda she was in 8th grade and she was 14 she was about 5’ tall had breast length hair blond and had long legs like her brother her breasts where c cup and that’s all she really knew she didn’t ware underwear or a bra she found them uncombterfull she was skinny but not bony like her brother she had a firm ass any guy would be chough looking at
Amanda got into the car and knew right away something was wrong she asked what was wrong he brother just side nothing and slammed down on the gas and burned out of the parking lot.
Come on something is wrong u have to tell me
Her brother was just silent
If u tell me was can take the long way home
Jack lighted up a bit he liked the back was it made a 20 min drive home a 40 min drive but it was a nice twisty road with no cops but Amanda didn’t like it because it took 40 min instead of 20 min
Ok fine I broke up with my girl friend
Because she was cheating on me with a jack ass
Oh well she couldn’t have been worth it if she is a cheating type
I know but we were to gather for almost a year
You where the one who told me that any relashonship u get into doesn’t matter till u are like 20 and not to worry about the brake ups
I know that’s not why I am really mad
Ok why are u so mad
I bought her a birthday gift a 2 weeks’ salary
Wow she must have made an impact u always spend your money on your car
I know
What did u get her
Her dad gambled away her grammars family alum that was hers and I tracked down the guy who he lost it to and he had gotten drunk and lost it somewhere so I called the casino and asked if they had found it no they didn’t so I found I knew one in a store and I bought it 360$ later I gave it to her today she side oh thanks and we talked then I had to go get u and when I got to my car she called me and told me that she had been chatting on me and she was braking up with me what a bitch
Oh so she broke up with u
Jack gave her a glare saying don’t push it
Ok ok sorry
Ok set the timer
Each time jack took the back roads he would set the timer and see if his upgrades helped or if he had gotten any better at driving fast. The rest of the car ride was in silent so jack could concentrate on driving drifting around corners for fun and the two of them sliding around in their seats the whole way home. When they got home they went to do their own thing jack to his computer in his room to look at the car forum and Amanda to the TV. Their mom wouldn’t be home till 8:30-9:00 so they would fill the time till she got home. After jack was done reading the car forum he pulled up some porn and then went to masturbate to try an release some stress. Amanda was sitting avoiding the urge to play with herself to she would get horny form the adrlen from the car ride on the back roads she wasn’t scared when her brother drove it was just so agzlrating to go so fast and around the corners soon she couldn’t resist she went to her room and pulled up some porn to watch as she played with herself when she got a massage from one of her online friends saying what are u doing she replyed what do u think (;
Touching yourself
U need to get a bf
Ik I do but I only like one guy and it could never happen
Really who is it?
I don’t think I should say
Why not I wouldn’t know who he is if u told me member I live across the country
Ummm idk
Come on please
Fine jack
Your brother?
Sorry but that’s hot
Haha really u don’t think its gross
No not at all
Cool but I still know how to get him
U can seduce a guy its easy
But my brother he wouldn’t think of me that way so ether he would be like hell no or her wouldn’t catch on to what I was doing and I don’t want to ruin the relationship we have
Ok what if I told u I had a plan
Then I would listen
Ok here is the plan u get a movie one where it’s a comedy but lots of boobs and hot chicks in it like American pie or something and where a really revealing clothing have him watch it with u and when he gets hard just watch him see if he takes any looks at u then if he does make your move
Ok sounds good but what if I get nerves and don’t do it
Idk try once more
Ok well I have to finish Cumming and get this plan ready
Ok see ya
Amanda got up after she was done and watch TV till dinner then she goggled what foods make men horny and there was a site with the top ten
She took out the ones she didn’t know or couldn’t put in a dinner without him knowing what she was up to witch left
Avocado, Chili, Celery, Chocolate, Nutmeg
so she got a can of chili and put it in the pot to cook and she got some Avocado to make some chip dip stuff she put Celery in with the chip dip and she got some chocolate bars and mixed it in with some ice cream for later with a dash of nutmeg so she side
there a nice horny dinner hehe
she went and changed in to her sexy cloths and called jack down for dinner jack started to eat as Amanda put her plan to work
so do u want to watch a movie after dinner
sure what one
idk I want to watch a comedy
ok how about date night
no we can watch that when mom is home I want to watch one of the movies that are unrated like American pie
haha I like that ok American pie it is
the rest of dinner whent on with what did u do in school today and what did the forum say
but then it was time for ice cream and the movie they went upstairs and started the movie and Amanda sat closer to jack than normal in a sexual way a sister souldint sit. Half way in to the movie Amanda saw jack was hard and trying to hide it so she started looking out of the corner of her eye waiting to see jack looked and he did but each time he did he would look away and kinda shake his head as if to say no that’s wrong so Amanda was going to make her move but she couldn’t she didn’t want to mess anything up so she didn’t make her move so after the movie jack side that was funny and got up and waked away
jack went to the bathroom to jackoff cuz the movie made him horny and his sisters cloths was not helping he got in there and pulled hid jeans down and started when he heard the door opening
shit I forgot to lock the door. Jack thought
jack quickly jumped into the shower behind the citrons and he saw his sister walk in and she sat down and pulled her skirt up and her skirt up and started to play with her tits and he pussy she was thinking
he made me so horny knowing he was looking at me an oh why didn’t I make my move I should has done it I should have I could have played it off
jack coulding believe this his sister was masturbating he would have never guessed that she would do that he then felt his dick twitch and he looked down at it and surged his shoulders and started to jackoff once more all the way up and down his 8 in cock as he did this he brushed the side of the curtain and it made a noise he held still for a few seconds and when he was sure Amanda didn’t hear he continued
but what he didn’t know was that Amanda did hear him and she was making a new plan she turned a bit so jack could see better and then started to mone a bit speeding her legs more grabbing her tit and rubbing it as she put her fingers inside of her and then she stood up rubbing her self still and walked over to the shower jack was slowly moving as he had relied she must have hrad him and she was teaching him a lesson Amanda grabbed the shower citron and pulled it aside
ok prev come on I saw u looking at me during the movie and now u are watching me masturbate
I was not watching
So your hard on is just what happens when u are in showers
Umm no I..I..
U where what
I was idk
Exactly well u haven’t cum and nether have I so let finish up here u give me a show I give u one deal
No not a deal
What’s mom going to say when I tell her u where watching me get undressed in the shower
But I want
And who will she believe
Jack was a talented lire but he knew dam well he couldn’t lie his way out of this one mommy’s little girl crying telling her that her brother was watching her undress there was no way he could win but was she bluffing
Ok deal
Jack figured he gets a show and stays out of trouble it was a win win whether she was bluffing or not
Ok good so u stand there and do your thing and I will sit over here and do mine
So Amanda continued rubbing her clit and grabbing her tit and moaning and jack keep stroking his shaft
Amanda knew jack was a good lire and might get out of if but she was bluffing she wouldn’t do that it would destroy her chance of doing anything more it was just to keep him here so she could do her next part of her plan
Jack started to go faster and faster and from all the porn armada watch she knew he was close and right as he started to cum she got up and moved right in front of her brothers dick as he came all over her tits and this threw Amanda over the edge and then she came hard after she was done jack side
What are u doing
I love getting cum on my tits what’s wrong with that
Well I am your brother we shouldn’t have even masturbated together
Amada took her finger wiped up some of the cum and put it in her mouth making a hmmm sound smiling and giggled and side
Ok I am going to have a shower so get out
Jack just shook his head not behaving what just happened
Amada was so happy and horny once more she started to play with her little pussy once more as she showered she had to pee also so she covered her pussy with her hand and peed she loves the feeling of the pee running out all over her hand and pussy and down her legs that time she came she hard she squirted all over the piss covered hand and then she slid down the wall of the shower shaking and sat there eating her brothers cum and tasting her pussy and pee on her hand till she revored

Jack was back in his room trying to process what just happened and if it was real or not he couldn’t believe what his sister had just done and what did she mean by she loves the test of cum has she had it before has she had sex before jack had twice with the same girl last school year so jack did what he always dose when he has a lot on him mine left to go on a drive till he was done thinking
Amanda finished her shower and knew jack had left because he would go on drive when he had a lot to think about and she bet he did right now she dried off and got into some cloths and watch TV then her mom came home
Sorry I am late work was really busy today
Oh its ok me and jack had some good quality time. She side with a smile
Where did jack go his car is gone
Yea he had an idea for something to build so he left to think
Oh ok well I am really tired I think I will just show and go to bed
Ok cool night
Jack was driving randomly around on some back roads trying to think I wonder if I could fuck Amanda no I can she is my sister my hot sister where did that come from maybe but oral would be ok no no nothing is ok it can’t go any father ahh I didn’t need this today

Ok this is just a teaser to test out my weighting skills and to see if u want more
If u have any idea what should happen next or how to improve the story email me at
And put the subject as jack and Amanda so ik to read it not spam it

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