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a group of friends get carried away on their long journey
The bad suspension caused an annoying rattling that kept me
awake, if no one else. Only me and Jane, my girlfriend (5"8,
caramel skin with Brown hair, healthy C cup)  were
awake. The others: my sister lucy (red hair, white skin, and,
if I had to judge, low ccup) and Sophie(5"7, light brunette
with a massive 36D), will, and tom, were all asleep. 

We were taking a taxi from, essentially, one side of the
state to the other. Crazily expensive, yes, unnecessary, yes,
but thankfully shauna had very rich parents who had been
willing to pay for the taxi. Luckily for us, they had gone to
the liberty of buying super-expensive, meaning we had luxury
seats, blacked out windows and a blacked out screen in the
wall between our compartment and the driver. There being six
of us, we had an extra big one, where three of us were on the
seats against the driver-passenger wall, facing the seats
against the back, with a space in the middle where our legs
were. I was in the middle of the back row, with my sister (
who wasn't part of our friend group despite being the same
age, 17,  she just wanted to go where we were going as
she had a friend there , why pass up a free trip?)  on
my left, and my girlfriend on the right. 

As I was saying, the others had drifted off, and halfway
through our six hour trip, I was bored but coudnt go to

Apparently Jane was in a similar situation, as a delicate
hand started creeping up my thigh towards my crotch. 

"Jane no! Everyone else is here, including my sister!"

"I don't care if u don't" breathed Jane sexily into my ear,
whilst slipping a hand below my waistband and onto my now
semi-hard seven inches. 

Under her warm hand I melted like butter, started to kiss
Jane as her hand started to move faster on my shaft. She
quickly undid my jeans button to make it easier, stifling a
moan into my mouth as my hand cupped her pussy through her

She started to pull my dick out of my trousers but I stopped
her, gasping "no, let's have fun but I'm not getting it out
where anyone can see it, especially my sister."

Jane gave a sigh of frustration, "comon just do it, its easy
, see?" With no warning she pulled off her top, and quickly
unclasped her white bra, letting her perfect boobs come free,
with delicate nipples that were already hardening. Seems my
girl was a bit of an exhibitionist, as she gave a little moan
of pleasure and couldn't resist giving her own breasts a
little squeeze.

I quickly glanced around to make sure no one was looking, and
shoved her top in front of her, concealing her pert mounds.

But looking down, she knew I was fighting a losing battle, as
I had hardened all the way, begging for attention. 

Jane sensed my hesitance," here let me perrsuade you" she
whispered, and bent down, her hair falling over her shoulders
and onto my lap. she impatiently shoved my boxers down and
engulfed my dick in her warm mouth. Bobbing up and down, she
couldn't resist giving off a vibrating moan of pleasure. I
sighed with pleasure and leaned back, fully submitting
myself; i had to admit, it made me even more excited, knowing
my friends and sister could wake up any moment and see my
topless girlfriend deepthroating me . The cars zooming past
gave the illusion that everyone could see us.

Jane Apparently was equally turned on, as whilst keeping my
cock in her mouth she slid her skirt and knickers down,
revealing a shaved and wet pussy. I couldn't believe this; my
girlfriend was completely naked in the back of a car with
five people. But before I could comprehend this, she quickly
moved across and impaled herself upon me, burying my dick
right to the hilt. We both gave a gasp, her hot, tight wet
pussy squeezing my shaft.

She started to slowly move up and down, holding back a moan.
I kept glancing around to make sure no one was awake. The
exhibitionism clearly got Jane going, as she came and kept
going, juices coating my dick and one drip sliding down her
inner thigh; it was pure animal lust for us now. Breathing
into each others mouths we breathed ragged hot breaths as I
felt myself get lost in the hot, sweaty tangled sex in front
of everyone  and the feeling of Jane's boobs rubbing my
chest up and down, my dick sliding in out of her pussy faster
and faster.

We both gasped and panicked as my sister started stirring
next to me. Her eyes opened slowly and I squeezed mine shut,
knowing Lucy was about to wake up to find her brother balls
deep in his naked girlfriend not two inches away. 

"What. The . Fuck!" My sister said.

"Jane hugged herself to me, concealing her nipples and the
joining of our dick and pussy to Lucy, whilst jabbering
"please Lucy we got carried away we thought you'd stay asleep
please just stay quiet, we don't have to wake everyone

Lucy hissed "fine but I can't believe you", she said, turning
to me, "how can you have sex with ur sister in the

I give no reply but watch my sister who, I noticed, kept
staring at Jane's boobs and our hips.

She bit her lip, then snapped "well what are u two waiting
for, stop it!" 

But Jane , perhaps seeing the same as me , drew away not so
she came off me, but leaned back so that Lucy had a full view
of us having sex.

Lucy, before she could stop herself, let out a gasp, her face

A light had come on in Jane's eyes, seeing Lucy's evident
unintended arousal. Lucy had frozen, obviously trying to
bring herself to yell at us but unable to look away from our
naked, joined bodies, and my dick buried in Jane's

Perhaps unconsciously, her hand had come to rest on Jane's
hip, mere inches away from our sex. 

"You two...should stop now..." She whispered, not quite
seeming to believe it. 

Jane, seeing what was Happening and taking advantage of my
evident frozen shock, took Lucys deadweight hand placed it
quickly on her boob.

Lucy gasped again, "Jane...!" With no further ado, Jane
leaned forward and airways and kissed Lucy. 

Lucy seemed to forget to resist, as my girlfriend slipped her
tongue into my sisters mouth. I sat frozen, watching my naked
girlfriend make out with my sister, her pussy still
clenching around my dick  and her boob in  Lucy
hand, who didn't seem to realise she should let go. 

They continued to make out, then Jane pulled back. Lucy sat
there, breathing hard, her hand still on gorgeous tigress
Jane's breast. Her eyes slightly glazed over with lust, she
started to lightly caress it. Until Jane took it to the next
step. With Lucy still completely passive, she took Lucys head
and pulled it to mine for a kiss.

a thousand thoughts went through my mind at once: this was
incest, wrong, messed up, imprisonable , our mouths had
frozen over each others, both weighing up the incest with the
sheer electric desire that was racing through us. 

We both came to the same conclusion. We started making out.
Jane seemed to be relieved, as she slowly started to move up
and down on my cock, milking it exquisitely. Lucy swapped to
make out with Jane again,  undoing her seatbelt as she

Ten seconds later and I was lying on my back across the
benchrow of seats, Jane still fucking me hard, and Lucy on
the floor of the taxi kneeling, sucking Jane's tits. 

Jane, letting out a groan at last, inpatiently grabbed one of
Lucy's hands and moved it down to rub her clit. lucy,
gasping, tentatively touched my cock, slick with Jane's

All this was taking place silently so as not to wake sophie
will or Tom, so when I could take it no more and came in
janes pussy, it was silent.

Momentarily spent, I sank to the carpeted floor of the taxi,
and watched the most erotic scene of my life unfold.

Jane lay Lucy tenderly down on the bench seats, and drew off
her top. I watched , dumbfounded, as my girlfriend
removed my sisters bra and skirt, leaving her creamy c tits
to sway with the taxi and her thong the only thing on her as,
lying down, she gazed into janes eyes. Jane, still naked, lay
ontop of her, and started kissing down her body, slipping a
nipple into her mouth and out as she went down. Knowing what
was coming, Lucy closed her eyes and put one hand on her tit
, tweaking her nipple. Jane slipped Lucys thong off and
plunged her head onto my sisters pussy. 

Lucy immediately arched her body in ecstasy as I saw janes
tongue slip deep inside lucys pussy. Lucy managed to gasp
out, "come here!" And Jane got the message immediately;
turning herself backwards and moving so that her pussy
lowered onto Lucy's face, whilst Jane herself started to lick
my sisters wet folds.

I watched in awe as my sister and my girlfriend started to
69, my cock starting to rise again. Both the girls noticed
this and, throwing caution and shyness to the wind in her
lust, Lucy took my cock in her hand and started to move her
hand up and down whilst licking into and around janes folds.
What she then did took my breath away. She saw some mycum
left on janes inside thigh and , whilst tossing me off and
staring into my eyes with pure Desire, licked it slowly off
janes thigh.

Then I noticed, toms eyes were open.

To be continued

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very good wanting a second one so bad

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