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things escalate fast
Please comments and constructive criticism wel one, as well as any ideas for more stories continued. 

We froze as tom stared at the situation in front of him: in
the luxury taxi, along the back . Me on the floor naked, my
sisters hand around my dick. Lucy lying on her back across
the seats, naked, my girlfriend janes pussy in her face, the
juices on Lucys mouth. And my girlfriend, stretched out naked
over Lucy, her face between Lucy's thighs, which she was now
resting her head upon as we froze, waiting for toms reaction,
hoping he wouldn't wake shauna and will. 

"I can't believe this," he whispered hoarsly. But like Lucy
and I earlier, his resistance was given away by a bulge in
pants. He was staring at janes naked body, her boobs swaying
slightly when the taxi was on a obbly road. 

He opened his mouth to yell, but Jane jumped up and hissed
"no, shhh!" 

Tom seemed taken aback by this full frontal view of my
luscious girlfriend, and Jane, seeming to realise her
advantage, let a hand slip down to come to rest gently over
her pussy. 

"You could have this. If you stayed quiet."

When tom remained hesitant, Jane slipped a finger into her
pussy, her other hand coming up to caress her own breast.
"And this..."

Her hand left her breast to caress Lucy's inner thigh."and

Tom still made no move, frozen in indecision. So Jane decided
he needed more convincing. She stop up slowly and came
to stand in front of him, swaying slightly with the taxi. She
turned around and started to grind herself on him, letting
out erotic little gasps. His hand came up to her breast and
she slapped it away. She slid around and gyrated, swinging
her hips in an erotic dance. Whilst swinging her hips her
finger again went to her pussy, and she Inserted a finger
deep inside while thrusting her ass into toms face. She
withdrew the finger and licked half of it off. The other half
she delicately drew across Toms lips. 

I saw the moment where he cracked. Jane did too, unzipping
his fly and drawing out his six inches. She licked her lips
and , looking almost regretfully at Lucy's neglected pussy,
engulfed his shaft in her warm mouth, her tongue slipping
round and round the head as toms eyes rolled into his head in
ecstasy. I looked at Lucy, she was gazing at the unfolding
spectacle as if she couldn't quite believe what she was

She looked at me, and i knew we were both thinking the same
thing. It was one thing to fool around with your sister, but
another entirely to have sex with her.

She seemed to know what was going through my mind and said
quietly, "I want this." With that , she lightly pulled on my
cock, and I sat up and lay over her. We kissed delicately, a
kiss which escalated fast. Within moments we were making out
, desperate for each other. Tongues swirling , breathing
fast. Taking a split second break, she gasped "do it." 

I obliged, sinking my dick slowly into her pussy, feeling the walls expand. she gasped and stretched, whilst pulling at me,
as I slowly entered her.

Soon I was in to the hilt. We both sat still, brother and
sister savoring the feeling of her warm pussy slowly milking
my dick. We started a slow rhythm, getting faster as our
kisses built in intensity.

Perhaps spurred on by the incestuous sex going on, Jane and
tom lay on the floor, carefully avoiding Sophie and wills
legs, and Jane sank herself down ontop of him, she started
riding him hard, her breasts bouncing up and down, her mouth
open in a wordless soundless scream of ecstasy. 

Lucy and I were in also in full swing. Our sweaty bodies
colliding again and again as I pumped in out of her tight
pussy, her gasping in rhythm. Her nipples rubbing against my
chest as we made out frantically.

Three things then happened almost simultaneously: the can
went over a speedbump. The resulting movement from me and
Jane, who were both on top of our respective partners, caused
a wave of pleasure from everyone and this caused the third
event. Lucy and Jane came at the same time, coating the dick
they rode upon with their juices . Their moans as this
happened, whilst not loud by themselves, caused, together, a
loud noise which woke Sophie and will. 

For the third time that journey everyone froze in judgement,
as the two remaining occupants took everything in: me,
entangled and penetrating my sister on the benchseat. Jane,
my girlfriend, on tom, his dick buried in her wet pussy and
her bare breasts heaving. The road outside, where cars were
going past oblivious to the orgy taking place in the car
nearby. and finally the window to the driver, blacked out
and, boasting the organizations' privacy measures,

Sophie took the least time to come to terms, grinning a
lustful grin, she swept her top over her head and unsnapped
her bra, leaving her massive 36Ds to swing free. Every boy in
the cabs mouth dropped upon at the sight, and will, the last
fully clothed member of the taxi, muttered "oh what the hell"
and quickly flurried out of his clothes, revealing an
impressive 8 inches. 

Sophie wasted no time, quickly revealing her pussy, shaved to
landing strip, already aching for attention and, facing away
in the reverse cowgirl position, mounted wills cock,
muttering something that sounded like "I've always wanted to
Fuck you". 

Seeing the danger had passed, Jane resumed fucking tom

I yelled out " wait!" And everyone stopped riding to look at
me, "let's be practical." I had noticed the seats could be
pulled up, obviously for when there were fewer people but
more bags. Everyone hurried into the middle and I noticed
tom eyeing Lucys pussy, now mere inches away. 

We pulled up every seat, leaving a much bigger space in the

Everyone smiled, and a minute later , the air was full with
cries, sucking and licking sounds, slapping sounds and gasps
of pleasure. The air was full of the sounds of the orgy, and
it was thick with the heavy smells of sweat, cum and sex.

I couldn't take it in: I was still tucking Lucy, she was
holding on to the walls of the taxi for dear life, writhing
and moaning as I slammed into her again again. I couldn't see
her face, sophie was sitting on it, gyrating her pussy on my
sisters face , whilst leaning over to make out with Jane, who
was getting the best treatment out of everyone.

Tom was lying on the floor , his dick buried in her ass as
she lay with her back on him, as on top of her will was
ramming into her pussy. all she could do was let out gasps
and small screams of pleasure at her double penetration, her
neck craned to reach Sophies mouth. Sophie, with a yell ,
came on Lucy's face, and fell forward onto her back, and Lucy
couldn't seem to help herself; moving round on my dick to
lick Sophies body, biting kissing and sucking every part she
could reach, including Sophies swaying mounds. It was the
sight of Lucy plunging two fingers into Sophies pussy that
triggered the best orgasm I had ever had, spurting deep into
Lucys pussy. 

I pulled out with a wet slop, this withdrawal caused Lucy to
cum hard, screaming as juice ran down her leg. sophie moaned
out of sheer horniness and dove into Lucy's pussy, licking
around the fragrant folds, getting a mixture of Lucy's cum and mine. Lucy returned the favour, and the two girls engaged
in a sweaty hormone-driven 69. Jane, still being reamed
through both holes, reached out and pulled my dick into her
mouth. Perhaps it was the sheer sluttiness of having every
hole filled by a guys dick, naked in basically a public
place, but she came hard, moaning a vibrating moan against
my dick as she came all over wills dick. This in turn caused
then both to cum, and cum drizzled out of both her holes as
we three guys leaned back , pulled down a seat and sat to
watch, momentarily spent.

But the girls weren't. Jane, lying down on her back, utterly
exhausted from having every hole filled, just lay there, as
Lucy and Sophie strove to please the caramel coloured goddess
who had started this orgy. Lucy lovingly licked the cum from
between her thighs, giving her pussy a quick lick as she did.
Shauna kissed and nibbled her heaving, sweat-shining breasts,
cum-streaked lips and succulent neck. 

Soon they had formed a daisy chain, with Lucy licking out
Sophie with all the horniness of a bisexual redhead, whilst
her own pussy was ravished by Jane, her tongue darting deep
into Lucys folds.Jane's pussy was in turn being thoroughly
eaten by Sophie, who couldn't resist pulling and tweaking her
own double D breasts and friggin her clit as she did
The next hour of the journey continued in a similar fashion. everyone took everyone at some point, a highlight being when I came on sophies face after sawing between her huge tits, or eating out Jane whilst my sister rode me like a wild thing.The orgy started to break up when all three boys came on Lucy's face and tits, and Sophie and Jane proceeded to lick it all off.Half an hour later, I was sitting in the corner, Lucys creamy tits swaying in my face as we gently and sensually fucked. The others were a pile of asleep naked bodies ( Jane was asleep with toms cock still in her) ."Do you think we'll continue this?" Lucy asked, slowly riding up and down" when we get back? Sure, I'm game if you are" We gently fucked for the next half hour, and when we neared our destination, everyone reluctantly put their clothes on. The taxi driver seemed to notice nothing strange, but a glint in his eye made me glance back; I saw a small hall in the driver-passenger wall. The driver saw me look, winked, and drove away.

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very very good, some small spelling problems, but other than that it was amazing

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