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Thanks again for your feedback. It has taken a while to get this one finished, but again hope you enjoy. This one is a little longer as it has a part described by Ashleigh and so hope that you enjoy.

I woke up for the first time since my wife died with someone else in my bed, and it was OK. Maybe Ash was helping me move on. Ash was curled up and still sound asleep, so I got up and made some breakfast for us both. I felt good, and was happy for the first time in a while. I brought back the food to find Ash awake and on the phone. She motioned for me to stay quiet. It was Nick. I had not heard the first part of the conversation, but it was probably ‘Where were you last night. I waited up for you but you didn’t come over.’
Ash said she would come over later and hung up.

“Morning gorgeous, how did you sleep?”

“My ass hurts, your dick’s too big.” She yawned, “but I’m glad you were my first. Nick’s dick is way smaller than yours but I’m not sure I really want to do it again for a while.”

“Well then I’m glad I stack up against Nick.” I laughed handing her the breakfast.

“Don’t ever compare yourself to anyone else Uncle Will, you will always be a special part of my life.”

We ate in bed like a couple might after a night out. It was a good feeling. After we finished I scooped her up and carried her to the bathroom for a shower. I turned on the water, when Ash stopped me.

“Would shave my pussy? I love the smoothness of your dick, and want to feel that too.”
I nodded and kissed her before going to my ensuite to retrieve my clippers, razor and shaving gel. I returned to find Ash sitting on the vanity with warm water in the basin.
I got to work with the clippers first, reducing her soft pubic hair to a short peach fuzz. I grabbed her hand and let her feel the difference.
“Oh wow that feels so good, I can’t wait for you to shave it all off. My pussy’s leaking already.” She gasped.

I grabbed a wash cloth and got her all wet before applying the gel into a lather. I took my razor and began to gently remove what was left, leaving a small patch above her clit, which was pulsing with each stroke of the blade.

I carefully rinsed her off and applied some body lotion, to reduce any razor burn. Again I grabbed her hand and guided it over her smooth mound. A smooth shaven pussy is a wonderful feeling and Ash gasped as her hand wandered all around, feeling her clit, and exposed pussy lips.

“Fuck that feels so incredible, Renee had told me what it’s like, but it is such an incredible…..” her voice trailed off as she stuffed two fingers into her wet cunt and appeared to orgasm instantly. Her eyes were shut tight as the waves of pleasure came over her. I stood up and moved closer my dick pointing towards her. I took her hand away and replaced it with my cock. Her pussy almost sucked my dick into her and she wrapped her legs around my waist, making sure I could not escape.

“Oh fuck me, fuck me fuck me with that dick of yours.” Her eyes still shut as we fucked quickly. Ash orgasmed again strongly, which sent my dick spewing a load deep into her smooth wet pussy.

“Oh fuck that was wonderful you are amazing I will have to come here all the time so you can shave me,” she panted. “And of course I will need the cream too, to keep me soft.”

We took a long shower our hands feeling the beautiful smooth skin on both our bodies. We dried off, dressed and then discussed how and when we would tell Renee about our new relationship. I was still worried that this would start a chain reaction that could not be stopped. We decided it would be here at my place next Saturday. By now it was nearly noon, and so Ash kissed me good-bye and said she was going to teach Nick a thing or two about what she wanted from sex. I almost felt sorry for Nick, as he probably had no idea what was going to hit him. Ash knew what she liked and wanted e ven more now, and if Nick didn’t learn, he might get replaced.

The rest of the day was spent cleaning up and getting ready for work. I spoke to Mario after dinner and again thanked him and Nora for their (and their daughters) hospitality. I went to bed early and slept well.

Going back to work after six weeks away was hard, but I needed it to, like therapy. Speaking of which, therapy had been a little awkward, as I couldn’t really give the real reason for my improved happiness.

‘Oh yes I am fucking my niece almost every day. She is really helping me rebuild my life!’ No therapist is going to say ‘well done, keep on with this, it’s doing you really well’, are they.

It was good to be back at work until my boss told me I was to go interstate for three weeks, from tomorrow night, to manage a project we had won. No matter what I said, I was catching a plane tomorrow night and that was that. The consolation was that I would be staying on the beach in an apartment our business used when travelling.

I rang Nora and asked if the girls wanted to house sit for me, then organised some other things before heading home.
There was a message on the phone from Renee.
‘Hi uncle Will, we would love to stay, but only if I can sleep in your bed. Ring us when you get home.’

I rang after dinner, and after listening to much pleading in the background Nora and Mario agreed. I told them to come over tomorrow afternoon and I would show them the ropes and give them the keys.

My day was spent packing and arranging extra keys and the rooms for the girls. I had turned the study into a spare bedroom for one and the other could have my room. I cleared out some wardrobe space and put away my porn DVD’s.

They all showed up around 4.00pm and spent 10 minutes arguing over who would sleep where. We had coffee in the kitchen and I laid out a few rules.
“Now I don’t mind a few friends over but no big parties. Mario nodded in agreement as I continued. “John next door and Murray across the road both have keys and I have told them you will be here. There numbers are on the fridge.”

My neighbours have become good friends over the many years and we always look out for each other. Both said that they would check on them every couple of days.

“Oh, almost forgot, the Chev’s off limits. This is my number 1 rule!!” My old Chev was the car we all went cruising in and my kids loved it. I drove it most weekends as is helped to remind me of all of the good times we had.

It was time to go, so headed to the airport to catch my flight. Four hours and two flights later I was in the lobby discussing with a stupid young concierge why the apartment our company used was not available. A few calls later, I was standing in a three bedroom apartment spread over three floors with private rooftop lounge with lap pool and a spa. Not a bad upgrade from the one bed studio we normally got.
The first week flew and by late into the second, I thought of calling the girls to see if they wanted to come up for the weekend. My company would cover one of the tickets as a return trip for me, and I would pay for the other one. There are a heap of things to do as well as a great beach. I also thought it was time to tell Renee about Ash and I.

Both agreed and flew up on the Friday night. It was after 9.00 by the time we were having drinks on the rooftop overlooking the beach. They were telling me about all the things they had done while living in my house.

“Uncle Will, your bed is so comfy, I felt like a princess” laughed Renee.

“So you won the room then.” I could picture Renee sleeping in the middle of my King size bed. She would be so small curled up in a big bed.
“No we shared it. WE both slept there together” Ash piped up.

I thought that it was time to tell Renee about the relationship the Ash and I shared, so it was now or never.

“Ash, can you help me get some more drinks and food please.” I said moving towards the stairs leading back to the lower floors.

“Sure. Renee do you want anything?”
“Nah, I’m good.”

We stopped in the kitchen and I turned to Ash

“I think we should tell Renee now. I have been thinking about it for a couple of days. Let me talk first then you can tell her anything else you want to as well.” I was nervous about this.

Ash kissed me before speaking, “It will be OK I think I know my own sister. She is not as naïve and un-educated as you might think”

We spoke for a few more minutes, talking about what we would say, before heading back upstairs. We returned to the top deck to find Renee sitting in the spa, having a whale of a time. She said that she couldn’t wait for us. The spa was so large she could almost swim laps.

“Renee, I need to tell you something, but I need you to listen carefully, its important.” I started. “You know I love you both so much, and nothing will ever change that for me.”

“Yeah I love you too Uncle Will, you’re the best Uncle we have.” She was giggling a little as the spa continued to buffet her around.

I was nervous; it felt like I was asking a cute girl out for a date for the first time.
“Ash and I have taken that love a little further than you might normally expect an uncle and niece should.” I was sweating a little as I spoke. “It’s gone off in a direction that we didn’t expect and have developed a relationship that is more like the one you and Robbie share.”
Renee looked puzzled. This wasn’t as straight forward as I had thought.

“What I am trying to say is Ash and I are like a …….. like a couple. We love with each other have started to spend a lot of time together and it’s a sexual….” I didn’t get to finish the sentence as Renee’s expression changed as the penny dropped and the information now made sense.

“Ash, are you fucking Uncle Will?” she cried out cutting me off. Her expression was a mix of amazement and shock.

“Yes.” Ash said quietly. She was looking down a little and was blushing.

“I can’t believe that you would do that Uncle Will. You said we were like your daughters.” Renee was totally focused on what was unfolding before her. I could tell her mind was racing, replaying all the events of the last couple of months.

“We wanted to tell you earlier, Renee, but didn’t know how to.” Ash continued. “You’re my sister, but this was a big secret to keep.”

“I knew there was something up with you. I thought Nick had got better at fucking you, but never guessed that you were having sex with your Uncle. How long has this been going on for?”

“About six weeks,” I said. “We have been in this relationship since a week after I started staying with you guys.”

Renee stood up out of the spa wearing only her bra and panties. I could see a dark patch of pubic hair and her dark nipples through the wet material. She walked over to me and Ash sitting together, and grabbed Ashleigh’s hand. “We need to talk now!” and they left to go back downstairs. Ash turned and I could see a very puzzled expression on her face. This was not quite the reaction from Renee we had contemplated.

I let them to talk as I cleared up the drinks and food, then grabbed their bags from the lounge and knocked on their door. I needed to talk to them and understand where this situation we were now all in. Ash answered it but only opened it a little.
“Are you two OK?” I asked. I was not sure what to expect.

“Yeah I think she will be alright. It’s a bit to process though.” She opened the door and I could see, Renee had dried off and changed her underwear, and was sitting on the bed. Ash also had undressed was in her underwear too.

There were a couple of glasses and a half empty bottle of wine on the bedside table. Alcohol seems to be the helper we all turn to during challenging times. I dropped the bags near the wardrobe and joined them on the bed. Renee spoke first. “I can’t believe you have been fucking my sister right under my nose.”

She was clearly still upset by this, and was not letting it go.

“Well it’s not like I woke up one morning and decided to fuck your sister. It is more complicated than that.” I replied. “This has evolved over the time and yeah things have changed and our relationship will never be the same again.”

“Tell me how it started Ash, please.” Renee had now sat up in bed, hugging her knees to her chest, exposing her panties with her pussy lips straining at the thin material.

“Well, OK but I will skip some of the bits.” She too was sitting up cross legged, with her nipples pointing through her bra.

I was going to ask what they had talked about for the past half hour, but thought better of it. I was also a little curious, as it was not a question I had asked of Ashleigh either.

Ash’s Story – How it started. (These are her own words that I have added in to this story)

Uncle Will had come to stay with us while renovating his house. He had been with us for about five days, and had come home while mum and my sister and I were out getting pizza. I wanted to wash my face before dinner and barged into the bathroom not thinking anyone would be there. How wrong I was!!

“Oh fuck. Shit I’m so sorry Uncle Will.” I was in shock. Uncle Will was standing in the bathroom and was drying off. Fuck he looked so hot standing there and his big shaved dick was hanging between his legs. I couldn’t take my eyes off him. I had seen him at the beach, and always thought he looked in good shape, but here in our house just standing there I realised how hot he looked. He kept in better shape than most of the guys I know. My pussy was getting wet and tingly just looking at him. I quickly closed the door and rushed to my room. I locked my door and was on my bed with my hand in my pants so fast. I was so aroused, but he was my uncle, I shouldn’t have those feelings. I sank two fingers into my twat and rubbed my clit with my thumb, very quickly reached orgasm, only coming back to reality with the sound of knocking on my door.
“Ash it’s dinner time.” It was Renee my sister. “Are you OK, your doors locked?”

“Yeah” I was panting a little, “Coming.” How true that was.

I was embarrassed by what had occurred and couldn’t look at him through dinner, and even after dinner still didn’t know what to say. The phone rang and mum and dad left to see her mum. My pussy was aching, I was horny and I could not get the image of has fat dick hanging between his legs. It was wrong but was thinking of how I could see his dick again and even to touch it. I also thought of his hands on my body, even kissing him. I was so confused about these feelings for someone who I shouldn’t lust over.

I got into my pyjamas and joined Uncle Will and my sister in the lounge room. Renee was stretched out on one couch so I grabbed a blanket and curled up next to him on the other. He smelled so good. I covered us both with the blanket and grabbed his arm and gently laid it on my right breast. I wanted this more than anything and hoped Uncle Will did too. My nipples are super sensitive and hard most of the time, so I know he could feel them under my top and bra.
‘Oh my god it felt so good. His hand totally covered my tit.’ He stroked my nipple and I moaned softly and snuggled in closer. This was almost like heaven. It felt so right, I shut out any other worries, except being caught.

Renee stopped the movie to make popcorn and Uncle Will went to the bathroom, so I ran to my bedroom. My panties were soaking wet so removed them and put my PJ pants back on, then took off my bra. I needed him to touch my skin feel his hands and get so close to him. I went back into the lounge and sat next to him again covering us with a blanket. There was no turning back now I needed this so much. I grabbed his hand and placed it back on my breast with only my top separating us. I shuddered at this sensation, and he kissed my forehead. I knew he wanted to touch me and it was OK. Slowly I pulled up my top and as his hand moved down he touched my bare skin. His touch was like an electric shock and I am sure I jumped. Fuck it felt so good, his hands and arms just wrapped me up. We stayed like this for a while, with his fingers gently rolling my nipple between them. I gently kissed his chest a couple of times, but I really wanted to tear off his top and jump on top of him as my pussy was tingling and leaking all over my thighs.

I checked Renee a couple of times, but was pretty sure she couldn’t see what we were doing. Renee then got up off the couch and went to her room then shortly after I heard the shower run, so I kissed Uncle Will on the lips. Wow they were so soft. We were both smiling so I grabbed his hand and pushed it under the band of my pants. I just about came as his hand brushed my pussy hair and continued to my clit. I think it shocked him a little but I wanted him to touch me so much. I kissed him again the stroked his cock through his track pants as his finger slid up and down my pussy.
‘Oh my god his cock felt so big and I could feel it twitch and move as I slowly massaged it.’ His hand was also making me hotter and wetter. We slowly caressed each other for the rest of the film and then Renee returned, and mum and dad also came home which meant we had to stop. I am sure I could have orgasmed if we kept going.

We all talked for a bit, then Uncle Will said he was off to bed. He kissed us all goodnight, and I whispered to him not to go to sleep yet. There was no way I was finished. I needed to hold his dick, and now. I waited for about 20 minutes to make sure things were quiet and everyone else was asleep, then got out of bed and knocked on his door before going in. He was in bed with the bedside light on. I am sure he was waiting to see if I came in. I closed the door and nearly jumped on the bed, ripping back the covers. I kissed him urgently then grabbed hold of his hard cock through his boxer shorts.

“Fuck you are huge Uncle Will, I need to see it in the flesh” I whispered fishing out his throbbing dick.

His cock and balls were shaved smooth, and his skin was so soft, it was incredible to feel, something that I had not ever felt before.
“Your skin is so smooth and soft, do you shave?”
“Yeah I do, it’s something both Nat and I did together”, he said softly. “I like the feel so kept going, do you like it?”

Like it, my response was to slowly jack him off and then I kissed to top of his pulsing cock. It was hot and smooth and like a lovely sweet, so I popped the top into my mouth. I have not given my boyfriend Nick blowjobs as it never really turned me on, but this beautiful cock in my hands needed sucking so I did.
I must have done a pretty good job because Uncle Will warned me he was going to cum and moments later he erupted in my mouth, and I swallowed it all. What a great taste. I snuggled up to him in his arms, and felt so safe and loved. We talked a little before I went back to my room, my body was so charged I grabbed my vibrator and plunged it into my pussy, orgasming almost immediately. I replaced it with two fingers and drifted off to sleep dreaming of fucking him as soon as I could.

I did fuck him the following night, after we all had a great night out. We went back to his house and he sucked my nipples and my clit until I thought I would pass out. My orgasms were so intense, something I had never experienced before, and of course we fucked. His cock was so big it pushed into my cervix, causing an almost continuous orgasm. It was so passionate and intense and I loved it, he knew how to treat me and to more than satisfy my sexual needs. When we went home, again I went to sleep with my fingers buried in my hot box.

Since that fateful time, we have fucked and sucked almost whenever we can. I love him and love being with him, even though I know we can’t be in a permanent relationship. This is like a wonderful affair that doesn’t hurt anyone else. It has changed our relationship for ever; we can’t go back to being just Uncle and niece.

I even fucked him at home, when everyone else was out. It was the day Uncle Will went back to his home, and then I spent the night with him after the party he held. I actually slept with him in his bed and woke up next to him in the morning, I felt so special and loved.

Back to my story.

Ash finished her recount of how we had ended up where we were now. Renee was taking it all in like a sponge, and was more than a bit aroused by what she had heard. Her nipples were hard and the crotch of her panties was wet. It was strange to hear our story played back like this, but it made me happier than I had been for a long time.

“Uncle Will took my cherry too” Ash said, with a wink and a smile.

“What, you said it was someone from school after a party!” Renee laughed, then stopped and stared. “Uncle Will did you fuck her arse?”

“Yeah after shaving my pussy as smooth as a baby’s bum” Ash said quickly, before standing up and removing her panties to show off her smooth and wet pussy. She had even shaved off the little patch of fuzz above her clit too. “It matches Uncle Will’s shaved dick and balls too.”

Ash grabbed me and kissed me slowly before whispering in my ear to show Renee my shaved dick. I slowly stood up and removed Ash’s bra letting her breasts fall free, before removing my shorts and turning to show my semi hard cock swinging between my legs. Ash and I were standing next to each other now with me hugging her close. Her skin was soft on my chest, and her legs straddled mine.

“Oh my God your cock is beautiful Uncle Will, no wonder Ash can’t get enough of it.” Renee gasped.

She stood up and walked over to us. She kissed Ashleigh and then moved away picked up her bag and turned to leave the room.
“Enjoy the night you two, I’ll take the other room”

And with that she was gone.

“Ash is she OK. You two were talking for some time?” I asked.

“Yeah, she was a bit shocked at first, but we just talked about what it means now and how we need to all be careful, and she is OK with what we are doing.” Ash responded.

We fell onto the bed and made love slowly and passionately that night before falling asleep together wrapped in each other’s arms.

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