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my self exploration continues
I appreciate all the comments and feedback you guys are giving me. My story will only keep getting better, hope you guys keep on reading.

I was in love with my mom. I dreamed of her, I wanted to be around her, I loved her smell, I could feel her taste. I fantasized of having her almost as much as I fantasized of being her. I began mastubating constantly, and my mom was on my mind all the time. She was the perfect woman with a perfect life. I became pretty good at pleasing myself, but I did not tell mom of course.

About 3 nights after her birthday, mom and I bathed together again. Like always, I was hot looking at my mom's big boobs, except when she noticed this time, she didn't turn around.
Mom,"here, touch them".
I reached over and started massaging her breasts as she leaned forward towards me.
Mom," how do you like them".
Me,"they are really nice, I hope I grow mine like yours".
Mom,"I'm sure you will, your grandma and I were blessed up on top, I'm sure you will also. Have you been practicing what I showed you?"
Mom,"well tell me about it."
Mom," how do you feel".
I had gotten the masturbation thing down to perfection, but said,"I can't nake myself feel the way you made me feel, how did you do it."
Mom smiled and spread my legs. She reached in between them and massaged my clit. I could feel a glorious sensation immediately.
Mom,"pay attention, you are gonna have to continue to practice to get it right."
I continued playing with her breasts which made me even hotter. She used her other hand put it between her legs. We were both moaning, and her big boobs swelled in my hands. I lost control, my mouth reached for them and I started sucking on them. I squeezed for millk, and my mouth was filled immediately. My mom had an almost immediate orgasm while I kept sucking her tits. She she moaned and shivered, then she pulled her hand from between her legs, and grabbed me by the hair. She pulled my head back and kissed me. Not a gentle kiss on the lips like she always did, but a wet savage one, sticking her tongue deep in my mouth, licking the milk from my tongue. I had an orgasm as she kept kissing me. She felt me shivering and said,"let it go baby, just like that. Do I make you feel good?"
I squeeled,"yes".
Mom,"do you like me baby".
I reached the end of my orgasm and mom gave me a beautiful kiss on the lips. She said,"remember to practice, I want to hear all the details later on, and remember, it's our secret."
She finished bathing, then she bathed me, and took me to bed.
Me,"love you mom".
Mom,"love you too baby, have a good night".
She kissed me again and left.

Not long after, mom went back to the stripclub and her usual whore routine. Bill would come over and fuck her. So would John. And so would some guests of Bill, some which I knew to be our neighbors. She was loud as always, and I tried to peek as much as I could. I would look for every excuse to look at her naked and touch her. I masturbated constantly, and my every thought was of her.

Some time after Bill went to my room and filled me in on a little treasure.
Bill came over one day mom didn't work and spent the night. He left the door open and lights on as he fucked my mom most of the night. I kept looking through the gap on my door. Bill kept looking over to my room as he fucked my mom from behind, I wasn't sure if he could see me or not, but I didn't care. I was obssesed with mom's big boobs, and couldn't take my eyes of them as they moved back and forth with every stroke. Bill turned mom around and fucked her tits. My mom was holding her big tits close together as Bill pumped his dick between them. I was really turned on, and wished it was my hands holding her breasts as she got tittyfucked. Bill began grunting and shot his cum all over her tits. Bill stopped pumping his dick and mom started cleaning it with her mouth by sucking on it. She continued holding her breasts and massaging them. Once Bill let go of her, she began licking the cum of her tits. I ran straight to my bed and started masturbating with a fury. Thoughts raise through my head of groping my mom's big tits, and sucking on them. Then of holding them while she got tittyfucked, and then having Bill cum all over them. I orgasmed thinking of licking the cum of her tits. I felt out of breath with the intensity of my orgasm. I began to wonder what cum tasted like before going to sleep.

I woke up wet the next day. I took a shower and masturbated again, thinking of the scene the prior night. I finished once again thinking of licking my mom's tits clean of cum. I thought back to all the times I had seen men put their dicks in my mom's mouth and groaned and shivered. I realized mom was eating up their fluids, and wondered what it tasted like. It couldn't be bad if mom was doing it all the time. I finished up, got dressed, and bumped into Bill as I came out of the bathroom.
He said, "I left you something in your room".
I had no clue what he meant but responded,"thanks".
I went over to my room, and my computer was on. Didn't know what it was at the time, but I saw my mom naked in the homepage. I scrolled through it and saw various videos and options for playing. I saw various girls as options, and one was my mom. I clicked on mom's picture, and it took me to a screen with various videos. I pushed play on one, and it started with mom seating on a couch in her bra and thong. They ask her a couple of questions, like her age, which she said she was 18, so I figured it was recorded some time back. A balck guy walks into the room and puts her on her knees and fucks her face. The guy had a huge dick, and it was the first time I could see a dick that close. Mom swallowed him whole, but gagged and slobbered. She undid her bra and her breasts looked huge. They got covered in saliva, and the black guy would go back and forth fucking her tits and face. I was really turned on and immediately started touching myself. The camera took an angle from above and mom looked beautiful with her mouth full, and her blue eyes filled with tears. She gagged and seemed to want to vomit multiple times. Her breasts were covered in saliva, and glistened in the light as they bounced with the thrusting of the actors hips. Another black guy walks into the scene and fucks her face as the first guy fucks her tits. The camera zooms out a bit and a recognize the first guy to be Bill. They go back and forth fucking her face, and they bend her over towards the camera opening her up. The other guy keeps fucking her mouth as Bill fucks her face. Bill then sits on the couch, and mom gets on top of him and sits on his dick, while the other guy fucks her face. After a few minutes of my mom and her tits bouncing up and down, the guys switch positions with each other. Mom sucks Bill for a bit, then he goes behind her as she bounces on the other guy. He opens her butt up, and sticks it in her ass. My mom screams and moans, and shakes her hips back and forth for a few minutes, until suddenly, she gets back to her knees. Both guys start stroking their big dicks next to her face, and shoot the cum into her mouth. Mom plays with the cum in her mouth for a bit, then she swallows it, and opens her empty mouth at the camera. The scene ends with mom saying," thank you guys for giving me black dick". By that time, I had reached an orgasm touching myself and watching her. I gathered myself and kept looking through the videos, and saw one with mom and another girl. I was about to put it on when I heard footsteps nearing my room. I had to close the webpage as grandma came in. I had forgotten it was a school day, and mom was gonna go drop me off.

At school, I began to notice boys. Everyone would always tell me my mom was pretty or hot, but I started hearing boys saying I was pretty. I looked in the mirror and thought I was pretty. I had mom's blue eyes and straight long blonde hair. My mom had bought me lots of clothes, and I insisted on certain clothes which I thought resembled hers. Her condition was that I could not take them to school, so I wore them around the house or at grandmas. Physical education was my favorite class. Most of us girls would wear short shorts, and I liked looking at the girls and having boys looking at me. I liked lining up behind the girls, to see them stretch, I thought they looked cute in their little shorts. The boys seemed to line up in the back also. I felt flattered when boys would line up behind me, I made sure to give them a good show, and I noticed more and more boys would line up behind me. Our gym teacher was Mr. Lopez, a hot 30 year old muscular Mexican guy that all the girls in school liked. He was fairly new, and had the attention of all the girls in school. We were little girls to him of course, and he would smile as we would try to flirt with him, but he paid little attention. He was my first male crush, with mom being first female. I had no tits yet, but I was a good runner, and boys and girls always complimented my legs. I figured it was my only attribute, so I liked to wear my shorts really small and tight, and I would not put anything on that would not show my pantyline. While stretching, I would always try to bend over with my butt facing Mr. Lopez. I would spread my legs and stretch to both sides. I was really flexible, so I could get my legs open all the way, and a couple of boys seemed to like what I did. No matter what I did though, I could not get more than a smile from Mr. Lopez. I wished I was my mom, so I could get any man I wanted. Checking out the other girls in class made me feel alot better.

I kept looking through the website and saw various other videos, including the one from my mom's b-day. I wasn't sure what was going on, why the videos were on the internet, but I didn't care much. If anything, I wanted to thank Bill letting me watch my mom. Most videos had mom getting fucked by men of all races. Most of the men were muscular, and looked much older than her. My favorite video was one with mom and another girl. The other girl was a beautiful Mexican girl. There were more videos of mom and other girls, but she was the first that I thought her beauty rivaled my mom's. She had straight black hair, brown eyes, and white skin. She was skinny, but her body looked amazing. She didn't have big tits like mom, but her small waist opened up to wide hips and a big butt. It started with the girl and mom dressed in slutty clothes, which they slowly removed. They would kiss and touch each other in a gentle way. They laid in bed naked, taking turns touching each other, kissing each other's bodies, and sucking each other's breasts. They took turns eating at each other's vaginas, and then kissed and repeated. They would moan and hold each other close as one gave pleasure to the other. The videos pauses briefly and the other girl appears wearing what I would later learn was a strap-on. Mom suck on it a bit, then the other girl starts fucking my mom as she lays on her back, with her tits bouncing all over. Then mom gets on tops and rides the other girl. Mom's tits bounce wildly, and she often holds them as they seem to be about to bounce off her body. Mom orgasm's, and goes straight down to suck on the strap-on, that is dripping with mom's fluids. Mom lays on her back, and opens her legs, the other girl starts eating her again.
I wonder what mom tastes like as the video shows mom moaning and smiling in pleasure, and the other girl eating at her. They reverse roles, my mom puts on the strap-on. The other girl bends over showing her big beautiful butt, as she sucks the stap-on. Then she turns around and mom enters her vagina from behind. The other girl pushes her butt back, as mom moves her hips forward, meeting halfway. The other girl moans in pleasure, as my mom grabs her buttcheeks, pulling her ass back towards her. Her big butt bounces with every pump, and mom's tits bounce in place. The girl shivers and moans as she climaxes, then turns around and sucks the strap-on clean. When she is done, mom goes behind her and eats at her vagina. They kiss at the end with what seems to be a passionate kiss. The first time I saw this video, I orgasmed before it even ended. Then again at the end, then again afterwards. I was dripping wet as I lay in bed and wondered what mom tasted like. I decided I could give it a try and taste myself, so I shoved a finger inside my vagina, and pulled a bit of fluid out. I took a deep breath and put the finger in my mouth. I could not tasted anything, so I put two fingers in, and tried going in deeper, but felt pain and pulled them out. They had fluid on them, so I sucked on them, and tasted myself. I did not taste bad, or good, but I still thought it was ok. I masturbated once more thinking of mom and the mexican girl, wishing I could have both of them, having them eat me, and having me eat them. I needed to find a way to have my mom again

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You're getting better and I'm getting more excited. Keep up the good work. Thanks :)

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