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I've decided not to state the ages of the young girls in this story. This is to allow the tastes of the reader to fill in the blanks with their own preferences. there is a recap at the begining, if you have no intrest in the recap, just skim till you reach the text indicating it's over. either way, I hope you enjoy, and welcome all constructive critiscisum. If you do choose to give a negitive vote, please at least say what you didn't like, so I may improve.
Part 4

Madison looked on in rapt attention, as she watched her best friend Becky, who had a strong dislike of panties, on her knees, with Becky’s mother, Marie kneeling beside her, in front of Richard, Becky’s father. Richard was sitting in his favorite comfy recliner, with Becky’s little hand wrapped around his cock, while she prepared to demonstrate to Madison her best techniques for getting at her father’s cream. According to Becky, every morning, one of the first things she would do was sneak into her parent’s bedroom, and try to get to her daddy’s ‘morning wood’ before her mother could beat her to it. Whichever one of them got to it first would get to suck the cream from his cock, which Becky said tasted like pineapple.

But the reason for this little demonstration was because Madison wanted to know how to do this correctly, for when she tries to seduce her own daddy into letting her get his cream. You see, Madison’s father, Greg, didn’t know it yet, but Madison had seen him that morning when he was preparing an ice-cream treat for her. Only he had added the cream he shoots from his cock before he put the ice-cream into her dish. As he did so, Madison had been hiding around the corner and watching to try and figure out why he was rummaging around in the cupboards, and decided to stay hidden when she saw what he was doing. When she heard his words as he shot his cream, “Oh, Madison. That’s a good girl. Swallow all of daddy’s cream, like a good little girl.” She decided that she would eat the treat when he called her to try it, because nothing was more important to her than staying ‘her daddy’s good little girl’.

When she tried it, Madison decided that she loved the taste of it and wanted more. But her daddy was trying to keep it a secret from her that he had even done anything to the ice-cream, so she turned to her best friend Becky for advice. And that was when she found out about what had been going on in Becky’s house for nearly as long as she could remember. At first this had made them think the odd behavior on her father’s part was that he tried to hide it, instead of trying to explain that all little girls enjoyed drinking up their daddy’s cream. And that the only reason she hadn’t started to learn how was because her mother had divorced her father when she was too young to remember the break up, but it would have been her mommy’s job to encourage and teach her little girl to learn how to get it.

So they went to Becky’s parents to ask if they could help, and found out that the odd behavior of her fathers was that he wanted Madison to drink his cream at all, and that if anyone found out that either Madison or Becky had been enjoying their daddy’s cream, then the parents could get in a lot of trouble, even though both girls are obviously eager to continue getting more of the cream they love. So they promised not to tell anyone else, and Becky’s parents agreed to let Becky show Madison how it was done, with her daddy’s help of course. But as her father had already throat fucked Becky, and fucked Becky’s mommy, within the past half hour, Marie explained that Becky sitting on her father’s lap, and rubbing her naked little girl cunny along his shaft, would probably help get him hard again. It definitely had the desired effect, and made Becky very eager to have her daddy’s cock slide inside of her little cunny. After getting her parent’s okay to actually fuck her daddy at a later time, she was now ready to proceed with giving Madison the promised lesson.

Becky says to Madison, “You should come closer. You won’t want to miss this.” As she takes her daddy’s cock into her little hand and begins lightly stroking it.

(End of recap. Now, on with the story.)

With Marie watching from her right side, kneeling by the armrest, and fingering her mommy cunny, having lifted her skirt over her shapely waist line, and having Madison moving into a position where she could easily look over the opposite arm rest for a clearer view, Becky leaned in close to her daddy’s hard cock, and placing the tip of her tongue at the base of his shaft, just above his balls, began to lick upwards towards the bulbous cock head. It was only the second hard cock that Madison had ever seen, and it both made her mouth water at the thought that soon, if all went well, she’d be sucking on her own daddy’s cock, and made her little cunny wet at the thought that her best friend had just gotten the okay from her parents to try getting her daddy’s cock inside of her cunny at some point in the near future.

Madison listened to the sighs and moans of pleasure escaping from all three. As Becky’s tongue reached the underside of the helmet shaped head, she saw Becky begin to make rapid circles around the head with it, before closing her mouth around it, and letting out a humming sound. Then she realized she had a question. Seeing that Becky’s mouth was full, and that Richard was too distracted to pay attention to much else, she got Marie’s attention and asked, “When my daddy was rubbing his… his cock, I saw that it had some skin at the top that your husbands doesn’t. Why is that?”

“Well, all men are born with what is called a foreskin, but most men these days had it removed by the doctor when they were too young to remember, shortly after they were born. Your father is simply one of the ones that didn’t have the procedure, and just needs to be extra careful about keeping the area clean. But it also means that under the foreskin, the head will be even more sensitive.”

As Madison, thought about what she’d just been told, she watched Becky start to slide her mouth further down the shaft. She hadn’t gotten very far before she stopped and began to move back towards the head. When she reached the tip, she leaned her head to the side, her eyes closed, and keeping most of the head of her daddy’s cock in her mouth, her tongue poked out in a licking motion, gathering up what looked like some drops of cream from the hole at the top. After doing this for a few licks, Becky opened her eyes, and straightened her mouth in line with her daddy’s cock. She looked towards her daddy’s face, and seeing the look of ecstasy on his face, she couldn’t help but give a toothy smile, with her daddy’s cock filling the space between her top and bottom teeth. She then, with her eyes locked on her daddy’s, closed her lips around the head of his cock, and began to rapidly bob her head up and down. To make up for the fact that, in this position, her daddy’s cock couldn’t enter her mouth very far, she used her hand to rapidly stroke the portion of her daddy’s cock that remained.

Richard let out a deep moan at that point, “Oh, yeah… That’s the way… Mmmm… I want to slide my cock deep into your throat again. Think we can do that baby girl?”

The cock popped out from between Becky’s closed lips, and smiling again, said, “Ok daddy. Just remember, when you’re about to let your cream out…” He cut her off with, “I know… Make sure that I pull back to your mouth so you can fill it with my cream.”

As Becky hopped up from her knees, and found a good spot to stretch out on her back on the floor, her daddy rising from his chair to join her, Marie explained to Madison, “He’s going to throat fuck her now.” The smile on her face was huge, “I love watching this. In order to make sure that she can breathe, he needs to remember to pull out every few seconds, so that Becky can take in a few breaths. If he forgets to pull back, and gets carried away, she can tap him on his thigh and he’ll pull out immediately. But if he still doesn’t, that’s why I’m here. If her gets that carried away, I can pull him out of her throat.”

“But what about the gag reflex? I know that if you stick your finger in your throat, you start to gag, and if you don’t pull it out, you could throw up.” As she asked the question, Becky had tilted her head back as far as she could, thus causing the path from her lips, down her throat, and to her stomach to become a practically straight line.

“Well Becky has had a lot of practice, and has learned to suppress her gag reflex. That lets her take her daddy’s cock all the way to the root, and she still won’t throw up. But she still needs to breath.” Then Becky’s daddy got on his knees, over her head, and leaned forward, so that his cock could line up with her throat. First placing the tip into Becky’s mouth, he leaned his weight on his palms, as he started to slowly thrust forward.

Madison crawled down onto the floor so she could get a clearer view, of her friend’s mouth wrapped around her daddy’s cock. “Oh, wow, that’s amazing! He’s going deeper than I thought she would be able to. Then she heard Becky making a sound like muffled humming, and she moved her hands up to grasp her daddy’s butt, pulling him deeper and deeper into her throat. After a few strokes, Richard began to pull out of his daughter’s throat, allowing her to draw a few breaths. When he did, she let out a chuckle through her smiling lips, and said to Madison, “It took me a long time to get good at this, but now I can take him all the way in, and when he does that it feels like… I don’t know… It feels like I’m the one in control, because I know he’d do anything I wanted to keep doing it, and mommy would do anything to keep seeing us do it.” Then she let her daddy shove his cock back into her throat, and she started humming again.

At the same time, Richard was not only enjoying the sensation of repeatedly having his cock swallowed all the way to the root by his daughter’s tight little throat, but he had a perfect view of her little cunny. The realization that soon he’s be sliding his cock into his daughter’s tight virginal cunny, had him rapidly approaching climax. “Oh, Baby girl, I think… Oh, damn… I think I’m gonna…” and he quickly pulled back so that his cock head was resting in his daughter’s mouth. As the shaft came into view, Becky closed her lips as tightly as she could around the head of her daddy’s cock, and with one hand, started rapidly pumping up and down on his shaft. With the other hand she cradled his balls, as she massaged the patch of flesh between his balls and his butt hole. This was all the stimulation her daddy needed as he began to explode like a cannon into his little girl’s mouth. Becky tried to swallow as much of his pineapple flavored cream as she could, as fast as she could, but it was too much, and as some came out from her mouth, through the gap between her lips and his shaft, still more made its way to the only other escape route, and began to shoot out her nose.

As Becky coughed and sputtered after her daddy finished his climax, she sat up and began to wipe her face with her hand. Even though she was coughing because of it, she still made sure to locate every drop she could and slide it into her mouth, to join the rest in her tummy. Then she said, “Daddy? What happened? You shot so much cream! You’ve never shot so much at once before!” she didn’t sound upset, only surprised.

“Well, Sweetheart, I had a clear view of your little cunny, and all I could think about was that I could hardly wait to fill your little cunny up with my cock, and leave a belly full of cream behind.” Suddenly all eyes shot to Marie, who was having an orgasm, and moaning loudly. “Oh, my god! Oh, yes! Yes! Yes!” As her climax finished washing over her she said, “I was hoping you’d want to, but didn’t think you’d want to risk it. Of course, Becky has to give her approval to let you, but… When I was little I wanted to have my daddy’s baby, but he said he’d never allow it, because the risk of getting caught was too great. But the thought of Becky getting knocked up by her daddy, makes my pussy twitch just thinking about it.”

End Part 4

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