A true story of me and my mother
When I was around 13 years old I started to become horny all the time just like a typical teenager and masturbated 4 times a day, but was never really satisfied. I did all the usual things at that time like looking at porno magazines and trying to peep into my neighbours windows with my binoculars.
One day I was snooping in my parents room and came across my dads porn stash. He had some good magazines and a couple of VHS porno movies. Every chance I got when they went out I would check them out and have a good wank. One day while I was digging through the box I found a picture package with some polaroids stuffed in it. I opened it up and wow! There was my mom posing naked out in the
woods, I almost came in my pants right then and there. I flipped through some more, there was pictures of her sucking a cock, I assume it was my dad's and a few more of her with a dildo in her pussy. Now my obsession with mom had begun.
Let me describe her, she was a regular mom type about 5'2" around 110 lbs with a nice curvy ass and legs, flat stomach and nice boobs, I guess they were about 34c.
After finding those pics I looked at her quite differently and I was always trying to catch a glimpse of her. I needed more but I couldn't think of a way to get a better look. She was very private and when she took a bath or shower she always was covered up on her way in and out and she locked the door. One day I decided that I have to figure out how to open the lock, the challenge was on. I knew if I could open the door that I could see her in the mirror and she wouldn't be able to see me because she would be sitting too low in the tub.
We had those door knobs that you push in to lock from the inside, so I had to figure out how to open it from the outside. The knob on the outside had a hole in it to push something through to open it in an emergency. I found a very small screw driver that fit into the hole and practiced opening it without making any noise, because if you pushed too hard it made a loud popping sound.
So mom's bath night came and I waited for her to turn on the water and get settled in, I was shaking from the excitement of this moment. I gathered up the courage and walked towards the bathroom door, my legs were shaking. I thought I better look under the door to see if she is in the tub, good thing I did, she was standing right beside the door.I had to wait now, so I kept looking under the door to see when she got into the tub. Finally the moment arrived and she turned and got in. I tried to calm myself so I could open the door as I had practiced without making any noise. I pushed the screwdriver in the hole and slowly gave it a push.
It opened, now I had to summon the courage to turn the knob and open the door a crack. As I slowly opened the door I was fairly certain that there was no way she could see me. At first I could just see her sitting down in the tub with lots of bubbles and really couldn't see much, I changed my angle a bit as I opened the door a little more and I could see her a little more clearly.
She was washing herself and would lift a leg and then the other but I still couldn't see much. Then I froze, as I thought for a second that she had glanced my way, then she went back to what she was doing. She starts to wash her breasts and that moved the bubbles away and I get a good view of them, my dick was so hard right now.Then, all of a sudden she stands up and is washing herself all over, she is washing her tits and her belly and gets down to her pussy and spreads her legs, now I am about to cum.
She does her ass and legs, then she turns on the shower head and starts rinsing. I was getting a way better view now that the soap was rinsed off. I was so horny that I didnt realize that when she was standing she may see me in the mirror, I was too horny, no turning back now, so I watched as she finshed rinsing. My plan had worked and I got quite a view. I slowly reached in and locked the door and left, my heart was racing and I just had to go let go of the pressure in my balls. I think I came harder then I ever had.
After, I started to get a little scared, did she see me? Of course once my horniness caught up to me again I didn't care. Every time she went for her bath I was ready. One time while she was getting ready to get in the tub, she was at the far end of the bathroom and I was peeking under the door, all of a sudden she came running to the door and opened it really fast, thank god I was able to take off into my room before she got there, I'm not sure if she seen me or just forgot something in her room.
As time went on I started to get a little braver. I would be naked while watching her. Sometimes she would not have bubbles inher water and that made it a lot better and after a while it seemed she would stand up much more and clean herself. While I am watching her, I start to stroke my 7" hard cock, which was a good size for someone my age, and I am questioning whether she can see me as she seems to stand up a lot longer than before and rinse herself off, even spreading her as ass cheeks and pussy for the showerhead once in a while, that was an awesome view.
This went on for about six months until my dad almost caught me and I thought I better cool it for a while.

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2012-09-02 06:38:52
Rushed the story. "7" hard cock, which was a good size for someone my age". your tag needs to read fictional

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2012-09-01 18:35:53
7 inch cock at 13...34c tits...ha ha ..bull fucking shit!


2012-09-01 02:33:36
the same a 7" cock lol i hate it when they say true story and put that

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2012-08-31 23:57:20
It was good until I found out you had a SEVEN INCH cock.

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