This story is very long and not just sex .
Thanks to the many who gave actual constructive advise. To the others i say this is a work of fiction if you don't like it don't read it.

Chapter 8.
A Not So Simple Life

I finally get to bed around 1 am Samantha’s friends are bigger flirts then her.
I wake up at 8am and make the final arrangements for Samantha and Rachel’s surprise.
The girls are all still sleeping but not for long as the smell of eggs, bacon and pancakes
drifts through the house. One by one they begin arriving at the table. Most only wearing
a t-shirt and panties. After breakfast the girls begin leaving, by noon everyone is gone
except the clean up crew.

Samantha and Rachel are packed and ready by 1pm when the helicopter arrives
“Where we going tonight daddy” Samantha asks the curiosity killing her.
I just laugh “to heaven baby girl” I say jokingly. “Please tell me where daddy” she
says. I just smile and grab the bags and head for the helicopter. Samantha sit on my
left and Rachel on my right. Both snuggle into me for the flight watching as we fly
up into the mountain.

We land at 3pm and there is a car waiting on us. it’s a short drive up to the cabin and
we arrive and take the bags inside. I hired a chef to cook our diner, steamed seafood.
I grab the bag from the chief and I take the girls for a walk to a small water fall
a few minutes walk from the cabin. We walk holding hands, Samantha’s are a little
sweaty I’m sure she is nervous about losing her virginity.

Once we get to the water fall I kneel and kiss her. Then spread a blanket and open the bag.
Pulling out three glasses and a bottle of wine. I pour us each a glass and the girls one.
Next I lay out an assortment of cheese and crackers and assorted sliced fruits. I lay back
and the girls lie on either side of me as we feed each other and watch the sun set over
the water fall. We kiss and finally as the sun all but disappears we gather our stuff and
walk back up to the cabin.

Samantha and Rachel head up to one room to shower and get ready for dinner. I take
the other, I’m done way before them naturally and head to the kitchen to wait. I put the
final touches on everything. I have a table set up in the living room. Candles and flowers,
a nice fire going and some soft music. Everything set I go wait for the girls to come

Rachel comes down first wearing a teal green evening dress with heels, The side slit up
to her mid thigh. The front cut low exposing most of her breast. She walks to me with
a smile on her face and lust in her eyes and kisses me. She stands beside me and gives
a little whistles and Samantha steps out and starts down the stairs.

My heart stops as I look at her, obviously I wasn’t the only one with surprises for
tonight. She has on a white wedding gown with a tail and all. The top just comes
across her breasts which look twice as big. Her smile lights up the room, but her
eyes tell the real story. I could see the tears ready to come out she was happy
and scared, in love and nervous.

She walked slowly to me and I knelt and kissed her hand. “If I could marry you I would”
I tell her as I slip a diamond wedding ring on her finger. I stood and kissed her then
walked her to the table and seated her then Rachel giving them each a kiss as I did.
The Chief brought out the appetizers smoked oysters, shrimp cocktail, and fried crab
claws. Nobody said much we just fees each other and kissed and drank the wine.

After the appetizers came the steamed seafood and more wine. We started flirting
under the table as we ate, only light teasing. After we finished desert I thanked the
And he left. Its just me, Samantha and Rachel now we kiss and they head up to change.
I head up to the other bedroom and change. I start the fire and light the candles.

I put on some soft music and uncork the wine. Sprinkle the rose pedals over the bed and wait.
I’m in just my boxers and Rachel comes in wearing a short black nitey and panties Rachel
kisses me passionately then steps to the side. Samantha is right behind her wearing a white
almost see thru nitey.

When I take her in my arms and kiss her I can feel how nervous and excited she is. I turn the
lights off and lead her to the bed just the glow of the fire lighting the room. I lay her down
And kiss her, her body shivers as I do. I look her in the eyes “ Samantha, My love I have several things to say before we go any further”

“Yes daddy” she say looking me in the eyes. “First and always I will always love you. you will always be my baby girl. No matter what happens tonight that will never change” I say as her first tear tickles down her cheek. “second, what happens tonight is entirely up to you, you can stop at anytime you wish. Third after tonight if you ever decide to change your mind just tell me as I said in the beginning you will always be
my baby girl and I will always love you no matter what choice you make” I say.

Samantha has several tears rolling down her cheek as I continue. “I choose this place for one reason
my love, tonight is all for you. 10 years and 9 months ago I came to these mountains and stayed
in this cabin. I ate the same meal we just had and that night you were conceived in this bed baby girl”
I say and kiss her softly.

Samantha is crying now looking into my eyes. “Daddy I love you and will always love you. I’ve
wanted this since we meet, before I knew you were my father. After we found out you were my
Father I loved you even more if that were possible. I am scared and nervous and about the future
I admit but I have no doubts that you love me and will always love me as I will you. I also have
Mo doubts about what I want. And I could never have dreamed of a better place to become
a woman and your lover then here, the place I was conceived” she says crying.

I pull her up and remove her nitey and kiss her as I lay her back down completely naked.
Her body trembles and goose bumps pop up as I run my hand across her stomach and up
her chest to her breasts. “and Rachel, do you wish her to stay or would you prefer it
be just you and I baby” I say.

Samantha looks at Rachel who is crying also an puts her hand out and pulls her on to
the bed next to her. “Rachel I love you and feel you are my family already. I want
you to stay with me and share this moment with us and guide me along my path
as I become a women” she says and kisses Rachel.

As they kiss I move down and begin licking and sucking on Samantha’s hard nipples.
She moans softly as I do. I kiss my way down her body and her body shakes as I place
a soft kiss on her hard throbbing clit. As I sucks and lick on it a soft long moan escapes
from her. Her legs spread wider allowing me better access as I lick her juices which
have already started to flow.

I continue eating her as I side my index finger past her wet lips and into her tight pussy.
She reaches her first orgasm with a faint scream. I work a second finger into her as her
orgasm subsides. She cums again after a few minutes, this time much harder. I look up
and see why Rachel is sucking her breasts as I eat her.

I kiss my way back up her body and stop as my cock presses against her entrance and kiss her.
She looks into my eyes “not yet daddy, I want to do everything tonight” she says pushing me
on my back. Her small body climbs on top of me and she kisses me. I feel her wet pussy
against my cock slowly stroking it.

She kisses her way down stopping to suck on my nipples. As she reaches my cock she
nervously looks to Rachel. Rachel quickly slides down and takes my cock in her mouth.
Samantha watches then when Rachel stops she takes over. Her small mouth barely fits
on my cock but her passion and effort more then make up for her inexperience.
Rachel continues whispering pointers to her and with in a few minutes she has me in her
throat and taking about 6 inches of me.

I lay back enjoying the short lived attention from my two loves. The sight of Rachel
Teaching my baby girl to suck my cock is too much. She gets her first taste of cum as
my cock explodes in her mouth without warning. The first shot covering her face before
She quickly takes it into her mouth. Unable to swallow quickly enough, my cum runs fills
her mouth and runs down her cheek. Finally coming up for air Rachel quickly takes over
and milks the last few drops she left behind. They kiss sharing my cum for several minutes
before Rachel breaks the kiss and licks my cum from Samantha’s face.

My cock was still rock hard and I sit up and kiss both girls the taste of my cum still
heavy on their lips. As I kiss Samantha I lay her small body back on the bed. Her legs
Instinctively spread to invite me in as I position my self my cock pressed against her
pussy. She looks into my eyes as her leg wrap up around my waist to hold me.

She’s gently squeezes her legs letting me know she’s ready. I kiss her softly as I slowly
slide inside her. She is very tight but so wet that I slide in easily until I bump against
her barrier. She moans as I hit it, I hold still and wait as I feel her pussy pulse around
my cock adjusting to it. Rachel reaches between us and gently rubs her clit.

I feel Samantha squeeze her legs once more and begin a slow each pace fucking just
those few inches, she moans each time I hit her hymen. I could feel her pussy tighten
as she was about to cum. I stop and was going to ask if she was sure and ready but
when I looked in her eyes I didn’t have to ask. I began slowly fucking her again.

When her body tensed up I pushed hard only intending to break her hymen but she pulled
pulled herself with all the strength she had and broke thru her hymen stopping about 8
inches in against her cervix. She cried out in a scream but it was more of joy and love
then pain from the look in her eyes. We lay there as she came hard and her pussy tried to
adjust to me.

Although I had just came minutes ago the feel of her tight pussy squeezing and milking
my cock as it tried to adjust had me on the verge of Cumming again. The look in her eyes
was only making it worse, I looked down at my baby girl she was now a women. I knew
As badly as I was ready to cum, I had to hold of for her to make this everything see
wanted. So I used all the self control I had and began slowly moving out.

Each slow stroke in becoming easier and less painful for Samantha. She never said a
word but I could tell by her face. Eventually she began humping back meeting my thrusts
and moaning each time I hit bottom. We slowly increased the pace and soon her body
tensed up and she was moaning loudly and shaking as she orgasmed. I almost lost control
but managed to hold out and slowly fuck her until her breathing had slowed to normal.

We kissed and her and Rachel kissed. She looked into my eyes “Daddy I’m ready for you
to fill me with cum now, but I want you all the way inside me when you do even if it hurts”
she says in almost a whisper looking down seeing that I was still almost two inches from
being fully inside her and pressed against her cervix.

I begin moving at a faster and deeper pace she moans loudly with each stroke as push deeper
into her, I was more then ready to cum as I finally thrust fully into her my cock buried deep
into her young womb as my cock began to fill her with cum. She moaned loudly and her
whole body shook as she orgasmed again with me. We laid there for several minutes
my cock slowly shrinking until it slipped from her. I rolled off her looking down Samantha
Had her eyes closed and was rubbing her belly I a look of pure pleasure engulfed her face
As my cum leaked for her red swollen pussy.

My baby girl was now a woman, I laid on my back and she snuggled into me. Rachel snuggled
on my other side. After we rest for a few minutes Rachel whispers in Samantha’s ear and they
both look down at my limp cock covered in cum and traces of blood. Samantha slips down and
takes me into her mouth laying her head on my stomach. I doze off as she softly licks me clean.

I wake a little while later to the sounds of soft moans and licking. Clearing my eyes of sleep,
Samantha is on top of Rachel her pussy grinding on Rachel’s mouth. Her own head between
Rachel’s legs I watch as she lick up Rachel’s cum as it leaks out from her recent orgasm.
I watch for several minutes as my cock twitches and grows hard again.

Samantha notices it and smiles at me with Rachel’s cum covering her face and dripping from
her chin. That sight alone would have made it rock hard if it were not already. She just smiles
and wiggles her butt gesturing at me, I know what she wants. I slip behind Samantha and take
her hips, my coak pressed against her entrance. Rachel looks up and takes my cock into her
mouth and covers it with spit then teases Samantha rubbing it up and down her pussy several
times before placing it back at her hole.

Samantha eager to be full again pushes back against me taking my cock inside her. She lets
out a low whimper obviously sore from earlier. She doesn’t let it stop her though and pushes
back until I’m fully inside her and stops, exhaling heavily and moaning as she does. Rachel
Begins licking my balls and sucking on them. Alternating between me and licking Samantha’s
clit as I begin to fuck her slowly.

Samantha looks over her shoulder at me and smiles. She takes her finger puts it in her mouth
covering it with spit and slide it back and teases her puckered little anus lubing it before
she slips her finger inside. Next she remove my hand from her hip and slides it down to
her ass. She gives me a evil little smirk the turns and goes back to eating Rachel’s cunt.

There was no doubt in my mind what she wanted. I guess when she said she wanted to do
everything tonight she meant it. I leaned forward and allow a large stream of spit to cover
her little anus and rubbed it in circles with my thumb. She let out a loud moan as I slipped
my thumb into her asshole. I worked my thumb in circles inside her, stretching her anus
as I fucked her slowly.

She came twice as I did this, finally feeling I would cum soon it was time to take her anal
virginity as well. Knowing I can’t take her like this her first time I lay her on her side.
I get behind her and she raises her leg to allow me access. Her hand raps around my cock
and lines me up with her anus. With firm pressure and a little thrust I slip inside her.

Rachel slips down between her legs and begins sucking hard on her clit as I begin fucking
her tight ass slowly going deeper with each stroke. Samantha is moaning and panting like
like a dog she cums several times before I thrust on last hard time and begin to fill her ass
with hot cum.

As we lay there resting Samantha kisses me “I love you Daddy, I can’t tell you how happy
I am and how perfect tonight was” she says with a glowing smile. She has one surprise left
for me as my cock slips from her ass she instinctively moves down and begins cleaning it
with out even thinking about it.

We all cuddle up and fall asleep. We sleep till 9am the next morning.
Running late we shower quickly and head for the helicopter pad. It’s a short
flight to the airport where we board a private jet and take off. Both girls begging
to know where we are headed I just kiss them and smile

With the time difference and flight time we land at 7 am local time on Tuesday morning.
As we exit the plane the girls see the airport sign Venice, Italy. Our car is waiting and we
Check into a nice sweet at the Palazzo Sant’Angelo sul Canal Grande Hotel. We have
breakfast while they prepare our room suite. We head up and shower and change Rachel
knows today is her day and she is definitely ready.

We start the day shopping in the local markets, then after lunch I give the girls some
money. “We’re going out tonight for a nice dinner so buy you something to wear and
Although you both look beautiful if you want stop and get your hair and nails done.
I have several errands to take care of for tonight and the rest of the week so I‘ll meet you
At the hotel at 5 pm” I say and give them each a kiss.

I head off back to the hotel and make the final arrangements and make sure everything is
perfect. I drive out with the real estate agent to view the property. It’s a nice 4 bedroom
villa on one of the main canals. The islands are densely populated so the high concrete
wall is all we can hope for as far as privacy.

Its 30 minutes from most of the attractions by boat so perfect. I head back to the hotel,
The girls are just arriving as I do with arm loads of bags. I just laugh as I help them
carry the stuff to the room. Rachel pins me to the wall and kisses me, obvious she doesn’t
want to wait until tonight as she tries to undue my pants. Samantha just giggles but
offers me no assistance as I finally mange to pull away from her.

“Go take a cold shower you little slut” I say laughing as I push her into the bathroom and
close the door. She gives up trying to get out and I hear the shower start. I walk over to
Samantha and take her hand and lead her to the bed and sit her down. I give her a kiss
“Baby girl you know tonight is Rachel’s night so everything will be about her. I don’t
want you to be jealous of feel left out” I tell her. “I know Daddy, I’m looking forward
to repaying her for helping me last night” she says with a sly grin.

“Daddy are you going to give her a ring like I got last night, you know a wedding ring”
she asks. “I have one for her, but I’m not sure if she’s ready for it and how you would feel
about it” I say looking to her for my answer. “Well you can actually marry her Daddy,
I would be happy with that and from what she has told me she would also” she says with a
smile and a wink.

I leave Samantha and go to the other bedroom to get dressed while the girls dress.
Samantha comes out first wearing a very short sexy red dress that hugs her body tightly.
Making her hips and butt look more curvy and her breast larger. She walk over and
kisses me. Rachel comes out next wearing a matching style dress but in a purple/black

Her red hair was a sharp contrast to the dark dress. She looked good enough to
eat right there and I find out later she was ready to eat as well. She walks over and
kisses me hard taking my hand and sliding under the short dress to her bare
dripping pussy. No panties I slide my index finger inside her, but only for a minute
before she give me a sly look and walks away.

She teases and flirts all the way to the restaurant, I’m sure trying to get me back
from earlier. Its was working my cock was hard and throbbing but her we got
Out the cab there was a wet spot where she sat. I just laugh to myself she may be
teasing me but she’s torturing herself. It’s well worth the price of admission to
see this show.

We have wine and appetizers then a local seafood dish followed by dessert. After
dinner we walk out and across the side walk is the canal where our gondola is
waiting. We board and before we even start down the canal Rachel is kissing me.
I wait for a few minutes and after some heavy kissing as we slowly pass all the shops
and night life before I get down on one knee. She starts crying before I even take
her hand. Her hand begins to shake as I reach into my pocket and pull out the ring.

Rachel my love, I love you and Samantha loves you, I want you to be part of our
family. Will you be my wife” I say hold the ring and her hand waiting for her
answer. She looks at Samantha who is crying as well with a smile on her face
then turns back to me and says “Yes, oh god yes. right now if we can” she says.

Me and Samantha both laugh and I kiss her and place the ring on her finger.
The gondola takes about 45 minutes to reach the villa. Rachel spends the whole
time kissing and snuggled up to me. When we stop and I get out and help the girls
out, then lead them inside. “Girls the master bedroom is up the stairs on the
left your bags have been moved from the hotel so head up and change into
something more comfortable” I say.

I go into the living room and start a fire the mattress and bear skin cover are already
In place in front the fire place. I turn out the lights and open the doors to the canal.
You can see the city all lit up down the canal. I put out the chilled wine and go and
change. When I return Samantha is already lying on the bed pouring three glasses
of wine. Rachel is sitting next to her “I guess I’m over dressed” I say and we all laugh.
Both girls are completely naked and I have my boxers on.

I remove my boxers and sit in front of her and take her hands and kiss her.
“Rachel my love I did my best to make this night special for you, this villa is yours,
well ours after we marry. I know your parents vacationed here during the time you
were conceived and they stayed in a villa here. Unfortunately that villa burned many
years ago, this villa was built in its place” I tell her looking into her eyes.

“I love you Mike, the fact that you tried is all that matters” she says with a tear and
kisses me pulling me down on top of her. Her legs wrap around me locking and
pulling me into her. She’s on fire from all the teasing and not interested in any thing
but getting my cock inside her now. Resisting in futile at this point I decide and
give in as my cock presses against her hot wet pussy. It easily finds it way to her
entrance and with a little grunt she has it inside her.

She is tight but not like Samantha. Her pussy quickly adjusts to me and she begin
taking me deeper into her. I roll over on my back keeping my cock inside her,
she likes this, now she can get what she wants. She sits all the way back taking all
of my cock inside her and deep into her womb. She cums for the first time and lays
on my chest for a moment before she begins riding me again.

Samantha lays beside me rubbing her self as she watches. When Rachel sits up and
starts riding my cock Samantha straddles my face and begins sucking on Rachel’s
nipples. Samantha grinds her wet pussy into my mouth which I eagerly lick and suck.

Rachel reaches her second orgasm and her pussy tightens causing me to cum as well.
Samantha cums on my face when she hears Rachel moaning from her own orgasm.
Samantha rolls off me and lays snuggled into my side and Rachel lays across my chest.

After we rest a minute Samantha passes us each a glass of wine “to our new family,
may we always be this happy” she says tapping each of our glasses. Rachel finishes
her wine and immediately slides down and takes my cock into her mouth. I was
about to move her to straddle my face so I could eat her but Samantha beat me to
it and was between her legs eating her freshly creamed pussy. My cock is hard
Again in minutes and Rachel wastes no time getting it back inside her.

She lays on my chest and I fuck her as Samantha slips behind her and licks her asshole.
Rachel cums as Samantha slides her finger inside her. Eventually working three of her
tiny fingers into Rachel’s tight ass. Rachel cums again and it time for her last hole. I
pile up several pillows and lean back against them. Rachel straddles me and lean with her
Back against my chest and holds my cock at her asshole as she slowly pushes down
forcing me inside her.

Once inside her she slowly works my cock down until she has it all inside her.
She leans all the way back against my chest and Samantha moves in to eat her
pussy as I begin fucking her ass. Its not long before we both cum again.
When my cock comes out of Rachel’s ass Samantha starts to take it into her
mouth but stops allowing Rachel to clean me herself.

We all doze of exhausted waking the next morning to Samantha sucking on my
cock. As soon as she seen me stir her pussy was buried against my mouth grinding.
She was definitely horny and not shy about letting me know. Her little pussy was
Still very tight and sore but that didn’t slow her down in the least. Rachel woke
When Samantha started moaning loudly almost a scream when she orgasmed.

Seeing Rachel was awake Samantha kissed her and slipped off of me and Rachel
replaced her quickly. It wasn’t long before I was cumming and Rachel as well.
We all collapsed and laid there just kissing and softly rubbing each other.
Finally around 9 we got up and went up stairs and showered.

The plan was to spend the week in the villa and see the sights. We head into town
for the day. The girls and I made love every chance we got and every place we could.
Even on a gondola as we toured the city at night. Nobody wanted to leave when
Sunday came.

Monday we woke and went for a run along the river. Then showered and off to work
and school. I had a lot of work to do and the senator wasn’t very happy I took the week
off. I called my contacts and find one lead to where one of the main members is hold
up at.

We know very little about his group or who the members are so “John look I think its best
if I take a team in and extract him, I’ll get the names and locations out of him, then we
know who and what we are dealing with” I tell him. “Yes I agree, I’ll have a delta team
meet you in manila tomorrow evening” he says. “Have the safe house and medical staff
ready he’ll need them for the interrogation” I say.

John looks at me and nods his head before going to his office and make the arrangements.
I spend the day making my own arrangements and gathering Intel on the target
and the area. When I arrive at the house the girls are in the kitchen starting dinner and
planning the wedding. Mostly planning from the number of magazines
lying on the counter. They quickly turn the cooking duties over to me with a
smile and a kiss.

During dinner “ Girls I’ll be leaving for a few days in the morning, I should be back
by Friday” I say looking at the frowns on their faces. “I’m sure you won’t even know
I’m gone with all the planning you two have been doing” I say laughing. “Daddy can
I have a few friends over this weekend, after that party their all wanting to come
over” Samantha asks. “ok but only a few at a time, and remember you have to be
my daughter when their here” I say laughing at her expression as she realizes that will
cut into her getting any sex. “well if your coming home Friday I’ll wait till Saturday to
have them over” she says.

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