Continuing the tale and findings of Youth by an older man, with complications Life throws up....
A JOURNEY INTO YOUTH – Chapter 2: Ngoc and Friends
(Dear Reader: this Chapter came very fast from my imagination, my soul, my heart; sometimes a Story develops without conscious work on the part of the writer/the imaginer.
So, it is what it is.
This Chapter includes a Part with a nominally young boy; to me he comes as a girl in a boy’s body, wanting to grow and be a woman, and to learn what she, as a future woman could like from a man. In my role as a Teacher, he/she seeks my assistance.
If you, the reader, do not have an open mind about such matters, you should delete this and find another story you might like…
Whatever you decide, I hope you will always read words - in a story, a book, anything which makes you put your mobile phone down for a few minutes!)

Part 1

Continuing the findings of youth by an older man - who had long thought Life had passed him by…..but Life is a complex matter….

I had just heard 12y.o. Ngoc ask me; “Whatever you do with them, well: I want you to do with me.” She was referring to her older sister, Hong, and their mother, Yen, and to the changes Ngoc had witnessed in them after visiting my apartment, the one I rented from Yen, adjacent to their house.

Ngoc couldn’t know of the sex I had shared with Hong, and once with her mother – who also came asking for ‘whatever you have given Hong’ – and she was only 12, still a little girl, a beautiful, vivacious (normally) young girl not even into her teenage years: How was I - her Teacher of English (albeit with an Australian accent to his correctly spelled and pronounced English-English), her mother’s tenant, and a Man who had found 14y.o. (‘almost 15’) Hong a life-giving tonic as she gave me her virginity - to explain to Ngoc that she had time to remain a youngster, and in the future she would come to know why her sister and mother might now be smiling and ‘flit like a butterfly’ around their house.

I didn’t have an answer, so took the coward’s way out; “You should talk to your mum about things, Ngoc; but perhaps it is good, isn’t it, if they are happy around the house?”

She nodded at that, and returned her attention to the TV until the movie finished. She picked up her study book and came over to me, wrapping her arms around my body and pressing her face into my abdomen, her stomach against my groin….

….Earlier, after study time had finished, I let Ngoc watch a Disney movie, knowing she wanted to talk with me, and Hong had gone home. I had changed then into my normal home attire: no shirt and a pair of light shorts, no underpants….

Now, Ngoc was pressing against my cock and, like all wilful cocks, this one responded to the pressure of a body, a female, a young female’s body laid against it: it throbbed, and began to grow. She felt it, I knew; my arms were loosely around her as she hugged me, and I felt her pushed backwards a little as my cock pulsed. She tensed, but didn’t move away, didn’t scream: she sighed “I knew it was this – this is what they come for isn’t it, Anh Steve?”

She looked up at me for a moment, and this caused her short t-shirt to ride up, and my shorts and protruding cock to be laid against her bare belly; and now I was oozing pre-cum.
How was I to answer her? But my cock had an answer, and it throbbed and grew yet more, and my shorts were damper, and she must have felt the moisture as she squirmed hard against it.

I swear: I tried to pull back, let my arms dangle away from holding her – but she held me, tighter even, and just seemed to absorb the life-pulse of her Teacher’s prick through her bare skin, the moisture must have now been rubbing on that same skin, and I was growing inexorably too big, too wanting, for rational thoughts; I put my arms back around her, held her tight also, and said nothing, feeling the same pulse Ngoc was feeling.

“I am wet” she said calmly, and I felt my face go crimson. I pushed us apart; “I am sorry, Ngoc, it is just something natural for a man to have this happen, but I was enjoying your hug, and I am so sorry you are wet….”
She interrupted, as I reached for a tissue to clean her; “No, Anh Steve, not from you: I know what that is, and that it is natural; Mum has explained some things to me before now, and she wanted me to know that in case boys try to do stuff. No, I mean: I am wet in myself, down here”, and she took my hand and held it, trembling (my hand that is) against her shorts, covering her pubic area, and indeed: she was wet!

“Ngoc, my young girl, you are only 12; don’t be worried, but did you go to the toilet in your pants, perhaps?”
She laughed, a very grown-up laugh; “Oh, you are so funny, my Teacher! No, I didn’t ‘go to the toilet in my pants!’ this is something new, and Hong told me one day this would be my change from a baby into a Woman: that boys become wet very fast, but girls take longer, and it must feel really special for a girl to get wet! Now I know why Mum and Hong are happy after seeing you: you make them wet - just like I am; and they feel happy and excited – just like I am!”

I couldn’t respond, not verbally; this had all got out of my control – and yet, clearly my body felt the attractions offered by Ngoc’s youthful, lithe body pressed against it, and it responded on my mind’s behalf: my cock surged and pulsed and I knew my wet shorts became wetter, and this would cause Ngoc’s wet shorts to also become wetter. She pushed against the rigidity pressing against her, and started moaning, her mouth dribbling against my bare stomach, and I was so heightened in feeling I was tingling as her saliva trickled down into my belly button, pooling, and creeping out, down to the waistband of my shorts.

Where do I go now? I asked myself.
I picked her up, her light weight not a problem even for this ageing man; her face level with mine, she opened her eyes, her tongue licking up the dribble from her lips. I held her under her thighs, her buttocks, not quite resting on my cock’s pole, and I leaned to her and very lightly kissed her mouth. Her legs wrapped around my waist, and sank now on my cock.

She wrapped her arms now around my neck, buried her mouth against mine, and desperately tried to prise my lips open with her tongue (where do kids learn these things, I wondered!) I let her, and she jabbed herself into my mouth, her tiny mouth swallowed within my larger one – the exact opposite to my cock, if it tried to fit in her cunt: it couldn’t happen.

I laid her on the sofa, looked into her eyes, kissed her cheeks and neck; lightly, ever so lightly and gently, and safely. I was so close I could whisper “Ngoc, you cannot yet have what your mother and Hong asked for; you are too young, but….but” (I had to put my lips to her mouth to stifle her retort) “….I can do something which might make you feel happy and which is not bad ‘stuff’ boys might want to do with you. Do you understand? I will never hurt you, Ngoc; I will only give you what I can to make you feel happy.”
“Happy is what I am now, Anh Steve; but if you can make me even happier, I trust you, and I love you.”

Oh dear, those words- so lightly given by adults, but given by youths, by boys wanting something, by girls wanting money, but given by children, young girls, to their Teacher, or their friend, and given with full conviction.
I sat up, laying her prone, and removed her shorts and, after looking at her eyes, her panties; I spread her legs, looking at her eyes, and then I bent my head down to her stomach, and breathed on her naked skin. I was hot, so I am sure my breath was, and she squirmed and moaned as I moved my mouth downwards, and I let my tongue snake out at odd moments on to her skin.

The force of Gravity pulled my head down; the force of Nature brought my mouth to her hairless slit, and I sighed and closed my eyes, luxuriating in the smoothness of a young girl’s body, and the perfume and juice of a budding woman which came to my mouth and nostrils.
I pressed my face against her cunt, and Ngoc squeaked, and – in a very womanly manner – ruffled her fingers through my hair, telling me, without words, to continue.
I opened my mouth, and let my tongue touch her slit’s very top; she squealed this time, and held my head tightly – tightly against her cunt.

I allowed my tongueto spread and moved it down the length, the short length, of her young girl’s opening to her world inside her body. I was overcome now; unless Ngoc punched me, hit me, kicked me, screamed at me, then I was going to use my tongue and mouth to show her what happiness could be, with no consequences other than happiness.
I slurped, probing the narrow width of her; there was a tiny nub of a clitoris, and I closed my teeth gently around it; perhaps Ngoc hadn’t ‘explored’ herself to find this source of good feelings, but she showed now what it could do for her, as she arched and groaned. I released her clit, and stroked my tongue lower, licking the wetness around her lips, and they grew puffier as I tasted the nectar of her.

My head raised itself, and my eyes peered as her cunt lips grew red, and I said to myself: “She is only 12!” My mouth lowered itself and sucked in each of those engorged lips, very gently stimulating them in turn, before I probed inside, beyond the lips and into the channel where her true Womanhood lay in waiting – for the day to come.

Ngoc squirmed around my head, held my hair tightly in her fists, never pulling me away. I let my mouth continue gently and stroked both hands up her thighs, over her trembling abdomen, and under her t-shirt. She shivered, but I didn’t stop until each hand was enclosed over breasts as yet formed, but with nipples as taut and rigid as was possible, and my fingers loved the feel of them.
Her vagina erupted within a minute, and my mouth was now busy swallowing and sucking as her nectar, her baby nectar, gave me the juice of life reborn.
Ngoc cried out, and gushed more, and I soaked it up, all of into my mouth and into my very soul. I wanted as much as she could give, and yet my brain was still able to marvel how she could even do this, at her tender years?

My fingers were tweaking her nipples, my mouth was exposing her cunt wide to allow her juices to keep flowing, my tongue sought her clit - and my cock was enraged to be left out of this!
Ngoc spoke words in Vietnamese which mean “Oh my god!” and she writhed and gushed and entered the zone of her first climax (I assumed) as she bucked against my touch and my tongue and my mouth enclosing her all.

I removed my fingers slowly from her tiny nipples, spread my hands to almost encase her entire front side within their span, and moved them down, under her to her buttocks, and lifted her, so she was arched and her cunt opened to me. I delved within with my tongue, and lapped up any more juice I could find, until she was empty and I then gently cleaned her, and let her relax down to the sofa, lifting myself up and to the side.
I looked at her bare vagina; it was puffier and redder, and it was convulsing, and I hoped this equated to ‘happy’.

I closed my eyes until she stirred; she was leaning against my chest and all she said was “I am happier now, my Steve, and I understand exactly why my family come here.” Oh dear, those words again ‘my Steve’, as she leaned up and kissed me on the mouth: a Woman’s kiss from a 12 year old girl.

Ngoc pulled her shorts on, balled her wet panties and put them in her pocket, and went home, a big smile and a twitching bottom directed at my watching eyes at the door.
I was becoming a pervert, if not a paedophile. Had I done things really wrong, really bad?

Part 2

I needed a lie down after Ngoc left, but my cock was engorged, and sleep was fitful, hardly restful the remainder of that day. I considered going out, but truly didn’t want to feel so needy that I would ask one of my restaurant girls to come home with me. I made a bread sandwich, tried to watch sport, tried to watch a movie…showered and went to bed with my book.
Tiredness overtook me eventually, my cock undoubtedly not happy I hadn’t at least masturbated it to release the pressure – but I very rarely did this, so sleep came, and my cock suffered through the night, perhaps mellowed when the bottles of beer reached down my body to its own, independent brain (of sorts).

Sunday was the next morning; I woke, not quite my usual self, fully cognizant that if Ngoc and Hong came for an English lesson, I would have 2 students with whom I had had some sex with.
Hong brought breakfast for me; she looked at me “Not sleep well, Teacher?” I nodded my head, “Right, em, I didn’t.”
“Oh, Ngoc and I were both hoping for another lesson this morning.” She flirted with her eyes, and I grinned, “Yes, Hong; we can have a lesson, but give me time to eat, shower and shave ok?”
I had missed the emphasis on ‘both’ until she left; did that mean anything or nothing. I shook my head, ate and then did as I had told Hong I would.

An hour later, the 2 girls were both back; but they brought another youthful person with them.
Hong said “Teacher Steve, this is Dien; he would like to study with you too, ok?”
I was a little taken aback; Dien was beautiful; there is no other word to describe this new, young person: he was a beautiful boy. I looked at Hong; she was smiling, and nodded her head as if to say ‘yes, he is a boy.’
I got only a few words from Dien that morning; he seemed painfully shy, and blushed every time I addressed him. I didn’t push, only managed to find out – from him, even though Hong was willing to supply answers – he was 15, just last month, in same class as Hong, and he was an only child, living with his Mum around the corner; and he liked books, but not sports.

It was a rather difficult class that morning: Ngoc hardly spoke, but had a permanent smile on her face looking at me; Hong also had a permanent smile, but it was far more mischievous, and Dien flicked his eyes up at me from under long, curly eyelashes.

When we had finished, Ngoc wanted to stay and watch TV, but Hong forced her to go home, saying she wanted to watch something with Dien, if Teacher was ok....
Ngoc ran out and home, and then I nodded at Hong; “But you should be nice to Ngoc when you go home, em, ok?”
“I will be, Anh Steve.”
I asked what Channel they wanted on the TV, gave Hong the remotes, and went and changed from ‘teaching’ to ‘home’ clothes – shorts and no shirt, expecting them to be gone soon, and then got a beer. Only after that did I notice the TV wasn’t even turned on, so I looked at Hong quizzically.

“Dien does want to learn English better, Teacher; but I am his only real friend to help him, and what he wants is to learn what a Man likes in his Women; you see, Dien is a boy who wants to be a girl, who feels he is a girl, and he wants to be a Woman. I told him about you as my lover, and suggested you could help him know what a woman likes.” She smiled with guile, as I looked shocked I suppose, and Dien said nothing, with head bowed.

“But, I am a Man Hong; you are a girl, you could tell him, teach him better than me, surely!”
Hong looked at me not as a 14 (almost 15) year old, but as a condescending woman; “Anh Steve, you taught me how to feel as a Woman, teach Dien the same; it should be easy for you: after all, my Mum and my sister both think you are the greatest Teacher alive!”

I gulped, unsure how to handle this general knowledge among Hong’s family, and now with Dien, who raised his face, looked at me and smiled – or is that a smirk of the knowledge to hold me to ransom?

I was red-faced I knew it, but Hong came over to me, treating me like a little boy and she pulled my head down to kiss me on the mouth, and then whispered in my ear “He will be a beautiful woman, won’t he, Steve; you can see that, and you can help him, please. I will come over later and you can tell me all about it as I show you my thank you.” She eased a hand between us, clutching the cock within my shorts; the cock she knew would be hard and ready, and she squeezed a drop of pre-cum from it and rubbed my shorts with it, wetting their front.
I was dribbling down the leg of those shorts when Hong kissed me deeply again, tongue in my mouth; she finally released me, turned to Dien, and said “See you later, Teacher”; I thought she nodded her head, but her face was averted, and I found myself facing a young boy, who wanted to be a woman, and who was indeed a stunningly beautiful changing person already.

What did I know about teaching any male what a woman likes? When Hong had gone out, closing the front door, Dien approached me, still smiling. He took over where Hong had left off, clutching the cock in my shorts, rubbing the wet patch, and he reached one arm up and around my neck, pulling my head lower; and then he kissed me, just like Hong: tongue in my mouth.

I was shocked, but my mind registered 2 thoughts simultaneously: he kissed like a girl, and his hand on my cock felt small and light, and gentle, like a girl’s.
“I know what a Man likes me to do, Teacher; I have studied that already; if it helps you relax, I can show you....

But I want to know what you do to make Hong, and her mother, and little Ngoc so enchanted. So when I am finally a Woman, I can tell Men exactly what I want, what I would like them to do with me: show me the magic a man can give a woman”.
He clasped his small hand in mine and led me to my bedroom.

(I had been with a transsexual before, in Thailand; she hadn’t finished her changes, and still had her penis. It wasn’t big, but when I finally succumbed and allowed her to try fucking me, it hurt so bad, I begged off. She was fine about it, and we just slept together – but after I always wondered....In Vietnam, I had succumbed to a man who convinced me I was gay, and I was the submissive, but he was so gross about it when I allowed him into my bed one night, that I firmly showed him the door, and gave up another possible experience.)

How could I think of Dien as a girl, rather than a boy – that was the dilemma; but he helped by taking off his clothes, his back to me, and he was as shapely as a girl of 15 years old: slim, his hair hanging down his back, on which I could see the backbone; hips wider, leading to buttocks of such rounded smoothness, and to legs which would rival Hong’s as to loveliness.

My cock took me the next step, and I removed my shorts, walked up behind Dien, and bent down to nuzzle his neck through his straight black hair, and I smelled a girl’s skin and my perception changed: from that moment, Dien was as a girl to me, an hermaphrodite in character and body, rather than just a boy.

That allowed my freedom to break through, and I whispered to her “In my view, Women enjoy a man who doesn’t go straight for the sex act; a man who cares enough to contain himself while doing his best to make her feel alive and wanted, some romance on the way to wherever they might go.” I let my hands slide down her sides, so sleek, so slim, and her buttocks were as I had seen them from a few steps away: smooth and round.

I continued whispering in her ear, nibbling it at times, refraining from turning her around, but I slid my hands up her sides and let them settle on her chest, my fingers closing over nubs of nipples, as tiny, but as hard as baby walnuts.
Dien was moaning non-stop, but made no move to turn around, letting me dominate proceedings. Now I pressed my body against her back; there was nothing I could do to stop my cock pressing against her, but she opened her legs and then my cock slipped between her thighs, and she tightened her legs like a cunt around me.

As difficult a full day as it had endured without release, my cock had no thought of entering Dien’s body; rather I was treating her more like Ngoc’s equivalent, and I was enjoying her introduction to the feelings I had tried to impart to Ngoc: those of happiness.

I kissed down her neck to her shoulders, my fingers still on her nipples; she leaned back into me, pushing my cock tighter between her thighs, and then began rocking back and forth on it, as if I was fucking her.
“When you are a woman, my little girl, you will have a clitoris I hope; and when a woman fucks, she loves her clit to be stimulated, by fingers or by a cock - for now, this is your clit.” I held the end of Dien’s penis within 2 fingers and rubbed it, as if I had found it within the folds of her cunt’ but I rubbed only the tip, no masturbation involved, as I attempted to portray the nub a woman has.

Dien groaned, reached down for my cock with scrabbling hands, but I too reached down and held her off, lightly biting her neck, and then whispered “Patience, my young lady; a woman desires, as does a man; but for both: waiting is part of the Romance which heightens the climax.”
“I can’t wait, my Teacher! I want you inside me; I want you to fuck me, please!” She sobbed with her needs, and now I gently pushed her down on the bed, leaving my cock between her thighs, but lying on my side, spooning her from behind.

I took her cock’s tip back within my fingers, my arms under and around her body, easing my cock from its sliding, fucking, motion, so it was just dripping pre-cum between her buttocks, but when her groans became almost hysterical, I raised my body and turned her over under me, released her penis, and kissed her on the mouth.
Dien was ravenous and thrust her tongue within me, her hands grabbed my thighs, my buttocks, and then she tried to get under to my prick, opening her legs, wanting a face-on-face fuck I guessed.
I denied her, but lifted my mouth from hers and said “A woman also likes her clitoris stimulated like this; and if a Man can do this and still wait for the final act of fucking, then you will know you have found a man who cares enough to give you, his lover, her joy and happiness ahead of his own.”

I slid my body down Dien’s, until my mouth took her cock inside, and I tickled and sucked only the end, as if it truly was the clitoris of a young woman.

Dien lasted about 30 seconds and juices flowed into my mouth; not many spurts and not strong, but it gave her release and she strained to force me to swallow her whole short length, thrusting as much as she could against my restraining hands holding her thighs down.
I had been in control this whole time, amazing myself actually as thoughts burst in my mind. I had had no intention of having sex with the boy Dien, but thought I had done a fair job as Dien the boy’s teacher, and wondered how the girl Dien was feeling – but in fact I knew: she would be feeling empty of ‘his’ semen, but un-fucked as ‘her’.

I considered fucking her from behind for her sake, but this wouldn’t be me – well, not today anyway - so I kissed Dien on the lips and her face and even sucked on her tiny nipples as sobs and groans racked her body, and her penis/clit came down to a more relaxed state.

Dien lay there, now in my arms facing me, for perhaps 15 minutes, and then she kissed me and got off the bed, not hiding her body – indeed she was modelling it in front of my eyes – as she pulled on her black thong panties, making a loud ‘snap’ releasing the elastic across her hips, making me laugh as she jumped and said “Oh, that hurt!” – just like a little girl might exclaim.

She twirled her shorts and top around, but 5 minutes later, after touching up her hair, she came dressed to the bedside where I still lay in my nakedness, my cock rigid and reaching for the sky as this beautiful boy-woman leaned down.
“You like me Teacher, right?” I nodded, and she wrapped a hand around my cock, lightly sliding up and down; “Do you like Dien the boy, or Dien the girl?” “I like Dien, Dien.”
“We both like you too, Teacher Steve; see you next lesson time.” She squeezed my cock, and then leaned down and sucked up the drop of pre-cum which oozed from the end, her tongue slurping at it.

‘Yes, I like both Dien the boy and girl’ I thought, as she waved a girlish ‘bye’ and left.
My cock ached as I went to the shower, but still I didn’t rub it to climax; the pain of resistance was good for one’s soul at times.

Part 3

Hong was over before I had even finished my shower; Dien had left my front door unlocked, and Hong just rushed straight in. “He said you were amazing, Anh! What did you do to him?”
“A man doesn’t talk about women he might have, or might not have, done something with, em Hong.”
She looked at my cock, standing out in profile under the towel I had thrown around me. “That looks unused, Anh – but I have to go out with Mum now! I will be back - sorry!”
She ran out the door, and my cock groaned – or perhaps I groaned.

10 minutes later, Ngoc was knocking at my open front door.”Anh Steve, are you there? Can I come in?”
I called out “Just a minute Ngoc” and rushed into my bedroom for new shorts, pushing my still hard cock down the leg of, at least, dry shorts; then I met Ngoc, already inside and sitting on the sofa.

“I was angry with Hong this morning, but then she came home, said you and Dien were having an extra lesson, and she was really nice to me. Just now, she told me to come and see you – I don’t know why. She and Mum have gone out to something, so I am home alone; is it ok if I stay here with you, Anh?” My cock pounced on her words, and seemed to force me to say “Of course, Ngoc, you know you are welcome.”

She was wearing her night clothes; well, not clothes, just a shift/a slip of a nightdress, and it was a size too small, emphasising her body shape, and it was 2 sizes too short, so it was riding right up her legs, and when she tucked them under her, getting comfortable and facing away from me on her end of the sofa, it was hiding nothing of her buttocks or her thighs, and nothing to hide my imagination. My cock began wildly throbbing, and my new, dry shorts were soon wetter than the ones I had discarded before my shower.

Ngoc looked across to me as I sat down, far away on the other end, trying to tie my cock down between my legs, and she asked “Can I check the other channels....” but then her eyes popped and she stopped talking, as she noticed something.
“What’s wrong, Ngoc? Yes, here, take the remote and change to whatever you want; I don’t mind.” Then I felt a breeze from the fan, blowing up the material of the leg of my shorts; felt it on the head of my cock, and I understood: stuffing my cock down my shorts’ leg had allowed the head to poke outside, and it was in Ngoc’s vision.

I was so horny, and Ngoc’s bursting eyes were only making my cock throb more. She dragged her eyes away and said “Hong told me: if I can one day make a man’s ‘thing’ – his penis – grow big, then this means he finds me nice, and he wants me; was Hong telling the truth, Anh?”
“It would be better if you watch TV, my young Ngoc.”
“Don’t treat me like a child, Anh! You changed me into a Woman today, and I feel things differently tonight than I did when I was a baby last night. Now, do you find me nice, Anh Steve?”
“Yes, Ngoc, I do.”
“Do you want me, Anh Steve, my Steve?”
“Ngoc, you are beautiful and lovely, and very nice; you are also a young girl just about to be a Woman; stay a young girl while you can, Ngoc; please.”

This young lady glared at me, and repeated “Do you want me? That was my question, Anh, and you don’t lie, I know, so you must answer, and you must tell me the truth now also – even though I know the answer, because it is chasing me from in your shorts, isn’t it?”
She was right, she knew it, and my cock pulsed with the pain of wanting her, pre-cum even spurted out and oozed down my leg, as Ngoc watched, fascinated by it.

“Ngoc, sometimes a man needs to, ah, release, and if he doesn’t, if he holds it inside, it becomes like a volcano: it might take hours or days, but eventually it must erupt. I have wanted to erupt since you were here yesterday, but I have held myself within – through last night, through our lesson this morning, through the afternoon ah, teaching Dien. But sometimes it is painful to resist doing things to myself, to ease the pain of not erupting.”

“What can I do to help, Anh? Can I do what you want to do to yourself? Perhaps a woman can do it better for a man.” I smiled; she was cocky with her new-found maturity (as she felt it), but she was also correct: I needed someone else to provide the key to my cock’s release, and I had been waiting for Ngoc since she went home last night – there, the first part of physical release is to release the mind, and allowing the truth to pour forth caused me to sigh.

“Anh Steve; last time your ‘cock’ was hard and wet near me, I wanted so much to touch it; now I am going to, as I feel this is what you need, and this is what you want, and this is the answer you are giving to the question I asked before: ‘you do want me.’ As much as you, I am already wet again – here, put your hand there....” and Ngoc took hold of one hand, dragged it across to her body, but she didn’t place it on the outside of her nightdress, she quickly thrust it under, and forced me to have my fingers and hand in the drenched folds of her cunt. “....and this means I want you just as much.”
She had picked up her monologue as she had left it, and she was forcing me to agree with her: I wanted her, and she wanted me.

I had to pull my hand away, and did so reluctantly, and Ngoc spotted the hesitation and smiled; she laid her back against the sofa, and stretched her legs out towards me, long beautiful legs, and my hands had no qualms about caressing their length, toe to – well, to upper thigh. But she opened those legs wide, her nightie riding further up, just covering the “Here is the Party Door!” as her cunt seemed to advertise the pleasure within, which Ngoc was offering to me, and only me.

The difference between us was my age and experience, versus her age and inexperience and the fact that for me to do what I wanted: fuck her, was just too big a step for me to make for her – yes, damn it, at her age of 12!
But my cock demanded her, and my sofa was now wet from both Ngoc and me letting our juices seep down, so I had to do something!
“Ngoc, are you thirsty; do you want to help me, as a woman can; do you want me to give you the happiness as last time?”

She nodded avidly at each paused question, so I explained to her what ‘69’ meant, in sex terminology.
Ngoc pushed me back on to the sofa, straddled me and turned around, lifting her nightie, and setting her dripping cunt on my face – almost smothering me for a few moments! She took over, lifted my knees up and pushed and pulled my shorts down, painfully forcing my cock to go down so the shorts could come over it, and she threw them aside.

She had understood ‘69’ with alacrity, and she kissed my cock, wrapped her tiny hands around it, and placed it in her lips; it was erotic and forbidden, and as exciting as anything I had ever done: how long could I last, so I had to change my thoughts and feelings from what she was doing to me, and I began to ‘do her’.
Her puckered tiny rosebud was first to feel my tongue; she jerked, and that action locked her teeth on to my prick, and I cringed “Gently with teeth, Ngoc, please.” “Sorry” she mumbled as she sucked me again, as I slurped from her backside to her front side, and pushed my flattened tongue up to the top of her pussy lips, then down, pausing at her clit, to suck a little harder only there, on that nub, and she squealed and pumped out her first load of juices.

Her cunt was not a virgin to my mouth, and I felt I knew the smallness, the narrowness of it; and I even knew her outer lips would be puffy, red with rushing blood, and she would leak more juices before I was finished, and before she was finished.

I didn’t need my hands to hold her open; my tongue and mouth could do that, so I slid my hands up her body, and found those tiny nipples; lo and behold, I could swear they were longer than yesterday, and even her breast mounds felt rounded and slightly larger in size! Is it possible that having her first climax, several, could transform a young girl overnight into a budding woman? I didn’t know, but there was evidence to the positive in my hands and fingers, and in the loud groans Ngoc made around my cock as I explored her new breasts.

There wasn’t any choice; to keep my cock from exploding soon, too soon, I had to suck her off, and I did, but I also knew my mouth might be hurting her sensitive, newly-used vagina, so that there could be less pleasure for her. I pulled my mouth back and asked Ngoc “Can I do something gently with my fingers, em? If you don’t like, you only have to say, and I will stop.”
As a quite comical answer, she bobbed her head up and down on my cock – and her little mouth was now able to move up and down quite a long way!

I pulled one hand from her breast, squirmed it under and beside my face; and then I stroked one finger lightly along the length of her slit, up and down, probing very slightly deeper inside as it became wetter with her secretions. When I had to use my tongue to dry up so much of her, I gently, slowly pushed my finger inside; and stopped, just letting it wave around in her very tight canal. But sliding it back, up and down, it came into contact with her clit, and I rubbed a knuckle harder against it, eliciting a jump and muffled squeal from Ngoc; I eased away for a moment, and then let my finger delve back inside, but left my thumb to gently rub her clit and keep her on the edge (as indeed she was keeping my cock on edge).

My finger probed deeper, slowly widening her a little at a time; I was exploring her like a caver swimming blind down a previously undiscovered subterranean cave, full of liquids, bumps on the walls – and a seemingly impenetrable barrier halting forward progress.

In Ngoc’s cave, this was her hymen; I could choose to bust through, quickly and painfully tearing it with my finger, or I could retreat and leave her intact, for future pleasures: with me, or with another, as she so chose.

I pulled my finger back, still sliding along her walls, up and down, and then my decision was made justified as her mouth changed position on my cock, and she sank to my full length – how could she fit me – and I just had time to loudly tell her “Cumming Ngoc!” My built up excitement of more than a full day finally did erupt and I blew a load greater than for many a year it felt, as I jammed my mouth and tongue around my finger and did what Ngoc needed to cum again herself; she screamed this time, loudly, and I was befuddled through my ministrations to her, and her mouth swallowing my easing spurts of cum: how could she scream with a mouthful?

The answer appeared as Ngoc collapsed her body down on my breathless face again, and her mouth disengaged, slurping the length up my twitching cock as it dribbled its dregs. I rubbed her bare skin under her nightie, her buttocks in my eyes, so I could almost focus on, but could stroke, the smoothness of her almost baby-like skin.
A head appeared blurred in my vision, and Ngoc’s buttocks were gently moved to the side, and a mouth came down over mine; a mouth with cum around it, down the chin, and inside it as it was shared with me; Ngoc remained spread-eagled along me: it was Hong who had taken my load at the climax. She smiled down at me “I am back, as I said, Anh”.
This was too much....

Now I was empty, drained empty, my cock slightly satisfied for now, and I just let my eyes close, almost asleep as 2 mouths kissed me and 2 whispers of ‘Good night, Steve” drifted into my mouth and ears.

Before succumbing, I had the sad, fleeting thought that I hoped Ngoc had at least tasted a little of my offering, as this adventure had been between me and her. She and I had progressed further along the path she had wanted, to follow in her mother and sister’s bodily footsteps, and begin to experience her own Womanhood.
And her sister did not want to be left out....

(End of Chapter 2....)

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2012-09-01 20:26:23
I know you are expanding Steve's sexual knowledge and experience, but I'm just not into boys or trans-sexuals. I love reading the story as it is well written. I like the way Ngoc is slowly introduced into the joys of sex.

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