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This one is a little longer, sorry for the wait, hope it was worth it. thanks again for all the encouragement!!!! Zach continues on with his day at school when things start to change and more secrets come out.
Part 4

I figured that the two mile walk to school gave me time to settle down. I stopped by a store and got two energy drinks and stuffed them into my bag, but I started into one before I was even half way to school. My head was killing me and maybe the caffeine would take the edge off for now. I walked into the school as 1st period ended. “Good timing” I thought to myself. As the doors to classrooms opened and students flooded the halls I fought my way upstream to my locker. I spun my combination into the dial with no luck of opening it. Who was I kidding, I was not focused at all, my world was a bubble and nothing was getting in or out yet. My anger had subsided from this morning. The shower had done wonders as I washed clean literally and figuratively of the night and morning I had. It was odd washing my mom and Sara's smells off of my penis and Ali's off my face.

A hand landed on my shoulder
“Dude, did you just get here?” Hal asked

My friend Hal, a band shirt wearing, skateboarding hell of a good friend of mine.

“Yeah man, I did.” I replied.
“Dude! What happened to your head? Man you look like crap. Did you sleep?” Hal asked
“What's wrong with my head? And no, not really.” I replied as I felt around my head.
“That cut on your scalp, did you not feel that? Did you get totally drunk on a thursday night?” Hal quizzed.
“No, and shit that hurts!” I said as I found a cut on the top-back of my head. It must have been from being thrown into the wall, I thought I felt something when I showered.
“and no I wasn't drunk man.” I winced.

I tried to open my locker again, but failed.

“Good cuz drinking on school nights is just asking for a shit morning.” Hal said.
“Thanks for the tip, hey can you open this for me?” I asked.
“Sure man, what would you do with out me, you crazy dude.” Hal laughed.

As I watched him turn the lock with ease, another hand grabbed my arm suddenly. I jumped and dropped my drink on the ground.
“Wow geeze Zach, jumpy much?” Sara said with a giggle.

It was her, it felt like it was been days since I had seen her. When I saw her last night I left after she teased about blowing me, I remembered being so excited as I saw her lust and I remembered wanting her so badly, but now it was like looking at a whole different person. Someone who betrayed me and had made me feel so angry.
“Zach. Hello! You okay? hey did you sleep at all? You don't look so great.” Sara said with concern.

She stoked my shoulder. Her attempt to comfort me coaxed different feelings out of me. I looked into her big blue eyes and remembered why I had been so easily taken by her. Her hair was in a simple pony tail and her cheeks were rosy she had a blue sweater with our high schools logo on it and short torn up denim shorts that hugged her plump perfectly round butt and showed off supple legs down to her flip-flops.

“Got it! Who is the man...” Hal said excitedly as her turned around. “.. oh hi Sara.” He finished in a much more awkward tone.
“Oh hi Hal.” Sara said over excitedly. “Its good to see you too!” She finished in a sarcastic tone.
Hal and Sara had acted like enemies on a cease fire ever since he had suspected her of cheating on me.

“I have to get going, but it was fun seeing you.” Hal said as he picked up his back pack. “And Zach, buddy get your head checked out will ya?” he said as he slapped my arm. “and your vision wile your at it.” He added as he looked at Sara.
Sara's mouth dropped. I held back a laugh.
“asshole, not even sure why your friends with him. Are you laughing?” Sara said as she slapped my other arm. A popular theme today.
“Sorry he's a funny guy and he's been a faithful friend for years” I accentuated the word “faithful” just slightly for my own amusement.

“What did happen to you last night? Your eyes are blood shot you have a cut on your head and I haven't seen you drink an energy drink this early since the night we did it 4 times in a row.” she whispered.

My mind churned, as much as my anger burned last night, this morning had left me tapped out and with her in front of me now it was hard to build the anger again when I had to fight a base attraction to her.
“What the hell is happening to me? Am I just that much of a vagina?” I asked myself.
Before I could process it all Sara kissed my cheek.
“...hey, earth to Zach... you okay? Your acting weird right now.”

I decided it wasn't the time or place to have this fight yet so I just churned up some b.s.
“yeah I'm alright, My mom had a few drinks, and I put her to bed last night. Then at about 3 or this morning she was puking her guts out, so I held her hair up and made sure she didn't hurt herself, so I was up for a while. And the bump is because I tried to help her get into the shower she fell and I hit my head on the shower head trying to help.” I lied.
“That sucks, is your mom okay now?” Sara asked.
“Yeah I left her in bed this morning. Just walked to school.” there was some truth to that one.

Sara picked up my spilled energy drink can and tossed it in the trash.
“I'm sorry I scared you, want some coffee?” Sara asked as she pulled her thermos out of the side holder on her back pack.
“... Um no thanks.” I politely rejected.
“Zach you should get checked out by the nurse, you might have a concision.”
“No I'm really fine second period is going to start soon an..”
“No I'm taking you, you shouldn't be walking around like this, you could need stitches.” Sara said as she started walking toward the office.

She was being nice this morning, maybe I had just made her seem worse in my mind. But then again the Sara I hated would be back in a second if she knew what was in the bottom of that thermos and how it got there. Sara called my name and I began to follow her, I figured I should get checked out because my head was killing me and I didn't realize how bad I may have been hurt. And wile I followed Sara I couldn't help but take look at her ass bouncing up and down before I caught up to her. I mentally kicked myself for being a horn dog about this. I wanted to text Ali to see how her day was going, and to even just talk to her about anything. I missed her in my giant tornado of mixed emotions I was feeling.

We reached the nurses office. A large mass of a man with glasses sat behind a desk and asked why we had walked into the office.
“He needs to see the nurse.” Sara promptly stated.
“Okay well does he have a voice?” The fat guy asked.
“Yeah.” Sara answered .
“Alrighty then, you can go to class then, he's a big boy.” the fat bastard said.
“Can't I just wait with him until the nurse gets here?”
“Fine, it's your ass that will be in detention. I'm not writing a pass for you.” the fat dick head smirked.

Sara rolled her eyes and found the door labeled nurse, and opened it. We took two seats and waited for 15 minutes. Sara rattled on about how much her first period sucked and how she hated the teacher and thought he might be perverted. I didn't listen much, just enough to say an occasional yes, or affirmation to something she said.

Nurse Yang was a kind woman, Soft brown eyes and a comforting presence, but she was not always the most reliable nurse, no one was really sure if she had any qualifications at all as a matter of fact. She relating everything back to sex or drugs mostly. Once last year I came in with a cough and according to her I must have had a crack addiction.

The nurse walked into the room and stopped dead when she saw Sara and I.
“Oh don't tell me your pregnant.” She said with a sad look on her face.

“No, no not at all. Zach hit his head this morning and I was worried he had a concussion.” Sara said.
Nurse Yang laughed to herself
“Thank god, okay thats not so bad.” Nurse Yang said as she looked at my head. “yeah thats big bump on your head. Are you feeling dizzy? Or tired?”
“Yes, but I didn't get much sleep last night.” I answered as she poked the top of my head.
“You don't look so great your eyes are blood shot.”
“ Yeah its just the lack of sleep, I really think I'm okay. Its just a scratch.” I said.

The nurse looked at me with concern.
“Kids? You know what you say in here stays in here.” She said. Sara and I both nodded not sure were this was going. “At your age its natural for couples to be curious and try new things.”
“oh here we go.” I said to myself as I lay my face into my palm.
“but let me tell you that from personal experience, violence and sex don't mix well.”
“and there it is.” I muttered.
“I don't know it was because of her bouncing you into a head board or if it was some strange girl power dominance thing or what. But you should be careful. I am allowed to give you these.”
The nurse turned around and opened a cupboard and pulled out some Advil, and some condoms. She handed them to me with a smile.
“The good news is you don't need stitches. Now go have fun, but not too much fun.. well you know what I mean.” Nurse Yang said awkwardly. “I have to make some copies but I'm sure you will be fine. See you both later.”

Sara looked horrified as the nurse then promptly left the room.
“She didn't even check if you had a concussion.” Sara said
“She is a nice lady but a crappy nurse.” I commented.
“Well are you going to be okay? Maybe we can get you to a doctor later today?” Sara suggested.
“No I honestly think ill be fine.”
“Zach, why wont you let me help you at all? You seem so distant today.” Sara said as she stared at me.
“It's nothing just long morning. I will be fine after I take care of a few things.”

I was trying to think of some way to break up with Sara. It was hard now that I was not in a moment of anger. I had to hold strong maybe it was time to confront her. Maybe no revenge plot was needed, maybe I just needed to be strait forward with her.

We gathered our things and left the nurses office.

“Zach, I don't think you will be fine later. What has gotten into you?” Sara whispered
“Nothing we can talk about it later.” I deflected as reached the Fat dick bag's desk again.

“Okay what was wrong with you?” He asked me.
“I don't know she gave me some Advil to take.” I answered.
“Alright, well go back to class.” he said blankly.
“Your not going to give us a pass are you?” I asked
“Not a chance.” The Fat son of a bitch said as he smiled a gap toothed grin.
“thanks a lot.” Sara said as she stormed out of the office.

The Fat ass wad glanced over and checked Sara out as she walked out of the office. Between the anger of not getting a hall pass on top of my head ache made me begin to reach that angry side of myself again.
“Can I help you further?” the Fat fucker asked.
“Nope I'm just grabbing my things.” I said as I reached down for my bag.

The phone rang and the large man managed to rotate around to his phone to answer it. I quickly looked at his desk and saw his viseen eye drops and a cup of soda. I reached over and squeezed a solid dose of viseen into his coke and put it down just as quickly. He hung up the phone and rotated back to face me.
“Kid how about you get to class already?” he said.

I just nodded and turned around.
“How about you suck a bag of dicks?” I said under my breath as I walked out of the office.

Sara was waiting for me in the hall.
“Hey come in here.” Sara said as she walked towards a small classroom.
She opened the door with a key and kept the lights off. It was a small study room meant for test taking and tutors. Sara was a an office assistant on another period and had access to the room.
I walked into the room and dropped my bag as I sat down. Enjoying the thought of that fat asshole shitting his pants for a few hours. I looked around the room and saw it was empty.

“So what's up Sara?” I asked.
“Your acting so weird, you seem so moody, is it because of your mom? I know she can be intense for you.” Sara said as she set her bag on a desk.

Maybe it was time to just come out with it all. We had the privacy now.

“Look my mom is... whatever I'm handling that.” I said. “Thats not the issue right now.”
“Okay. Well thats good, I think I know what might be going on.” Sara interrupted. She stood up and walked toward the door. “Last night I left you with out any release, and I know how moody and weird you get when you have blue balls, and we are already missing second period..” Sara shut the door the rest of the way and clicked the door locked. “maybe we could try out those things the nurse gave us.” Sara said as she smiled and pulled the blinds on the door shut. She looked over her shoulder with a teasing smile.

I'm in trouble.

“Maybe we shouldn't. We need talk about some stuff” I said.
“Oh come on Zach” Sara said as she unbuttoned and unzipped her little denim shorts. “i could wake you up a little bit.” She said as she reached me and pulled her sweatshirt off

She had on a dark green tank top thank was pulled up from taking off the sweater. Her hips where exposed and her breasts hung tightly. Sara bent over at the waist and kissed me before I could react. Her breath was minty her lips soft. She Grabbed the condoms from my bag pocket, set them on the desk and kneeled down in front of me as she started to unbutton my dark grey shorts. The bulge in my pants grew to Sara's delight as I could see down her shirt. She smiled up at me as she reached into my shorts and found my cock. It hardened in her grip. I wanted to move but a part of me wanted to see this happen.

“Come on Zach get on the big desk.” Sara said as she pulled me by my cock up and over to the empty teachers desk.
“Sara no, listen we cant do this here.” I said as I stopped walking.
“Baby, whats up? Since when don't you want to have sex?” Sara asked
“Its a study hall room we could get caught at anytime” I made up an excuse to get her to stop. I had to stop this situation I was starting to get horny and I could not get trapped into having sex with Sara again, even though the thought of doing it in school was a turn on, and the was her shorts and tank top hugged her curves... But I had to stay strong.
“No one comes in here 2nd period.” She cooed as she stroked my cock and kissed me with her soft lips. “Okay maybe your right, sex would be risky. But I could suck your dick.” Sara smiled


Before I could protest, Sara was on her knees with the head of my cock resting on her tongue. She was quick this morning and I was in trouble. I was going to pull away but Sara sucked the half of my cock into her mouth and cradled it with her tongue, rubbing the underside and making my knees feel weak.
I didn't know what had gotten into her, she had never been so willing to do this before. Her head began to bob up and down as she was making me fuck her mouth. It felt too good, as she grabbed the back of my legs and I grabbed the back of her head. I was in deep and I had to stop this I couldn't let this happen
“Sara we have to stop.” I said. But she didn't respond, only sucking harder. My knees weakened again. She rolled my dick around her mouth, as slopping and sucking noises filled the room. I stumbled back into a desk as she popped it out of her mouth and slid her tongue down the length of my shaft and then back up it. She engulfed again with her wet mouth, she had gotten so much better since that last time this had happened, but I felt no rise of an orgasm on the horizon. Sara gorged herself on my cock like it was candy. Her breathing was intense.
Out of the fog of my horniness a clear thought rang through my mind. I suddenly grabbed her shoulders and pulled her away, my cock slid out of Sara's wanting mouth. I couldn't do this to Ali.

“what's wrong, you don't like it?” Sara asked.
“No I can't do this.” I said as I thought about how Sara had only given me head once before, and the only person she could have gotten the practice with would have been someone else. Micha. I started to walk away and put my self back in my shorts.

Sara quickly shot to her feet and buttoned up her shorts. She put on her sweater and grabbed the condoms as I grabbed our bags as I opened the door.

“Zach seriously what has gotten into you? Was it last night? Was it because I was mad at you?”
I handed her back pack back to her.
“You could say that.” I said as I started to head toward my second period class.
“What? I don't get it.” Sara said as she followed me.
“Why do you get so mad at the idea of me taking care of myself?” I asked
“Uh thats fucking random. Do we really need to talk about that? Its gross, and perverted.” She said
“Mhmmmm... you you really think it is? Hmmmmm..” I said stressing the humming noise. “Do you ever do it?”
“Me? No! God no. why would you even ask?” She said as she stopped walking
“I don't know know maybe its just something to ponder.” I said as I walked backwards away from her. “Maybe massage that idea into your brain for a little bit later. Maybe discuss it with your friend. Actually better yet why don't we just take a break from us for a little wile.” I said as I turned and walked to my class. Leaving Sara with a confused and shocked look on her face.

I walked into my 2nd period class as Mr. Grand looked up from his desk. The classroom was in a work period so many people were walking around, talking and working on the assignment.
“Well well, Mr. Waiter, Its a good thing you showed up to class with.. ten minutes left.” Mr. Grand said.
“Yeah sorry I was in the nurses office.” I replied.
“Got a note?” Mr. Grand asked as he put his reading glasses down and scratched his salt and pepper beard.
“No, but I have a head wound.” I said with a laugh.
“Oh sweet, even better, let me see.” Mr. Grand said as her put his glasses back on.
I turned around and he stood up and moved my hair to get a closer look. Mr. Grand was one of my favorite teachers. He was a medic in Vietnam and found ways to make the most boring parts of history riveting.
“You might need a stitch or two, if you wanna be a girl about it.” He said with a chuckle. “You'll be fine my young friend.” he said as he slapped my arm. Not sure why everyone kept doing that to me today. “So what did you do?” He asked as I turned around.
“Oh you know, the usual, had to many drinks and wrapped my ride around a pole.” I said sarcasticly.
“Ha yeah right kid, I have actually done that and you don't come out looking so clean when that happens.” He laughed. “Go sit down for a few minutes before class ends, don't worry about the tardy, you look like you had a long night. What ever it was that you were doing.”
“thanks Mr. G.” I said as I found my seat.

The last few minutes of class went by fast and the bell rang. I was going to text Ali but she was in my next class so I decided I would just wait to see her. My heart rate elevated just thinking about her.

I made my way to my third period class early, I had walked with a quicker pace to get to class.
I walked in and did not see Ali. I went and sat down in my usual desk in the science room. It was chemistry a class I hated. From reading comic books I had thought chemistry would be fun but it really was not. I imagine it could have been if Mrs. Stuman had not taught it.
I put my bag down at my desk but I could not sit still. My head was throbbing and I had already taken my Advil. I went and looked out into the hall and many of the students had made it to classes but still no Ali. Disappointed I walked back to my desk and was about to text her when I saw a kid had sat in the desk connected to mine, the one Ali usually sat in. The freshman with red hair and a bowl-cut. The poor kid with thick glasses looked nice enough but I couldn't let this happen today.
“Kid, I'm sorry but can you move over, someone is sitting here.”
“I don't see anyone's stuff” the little freshman said.
My patients quickly was running out now
“Okay, sorry in advance and normally I'm not this much of a dick but, get out of the seat get out of the seat get. out. of. the. seat. I have a head wound and ill bleed on your face if you don't get out of the seat.”
The freshman looked at me with silent fear and moved slowly away from the desk and moved to the other side of the classroom with out ever taking his eyes off me.

I sat down and pulled out my phone, and saw that Sara had text me calling my an asshole. But I scrolled past it to Ali and was about to text her, when the door opened and in she walked.
Thin morning I managed to put on a black 3 button quarter sleeve shirt and a dark grey shorts, and I thought I had done okay for looking terrible and exhausted. But Ali put me to shame.
She walked into the classroom wearing an open red flannel shirt with a black tank top underneath that just barely showed off the bottom of her tan stomach. Her hair was shining golden and she wore it down and strait today. It framed her face beautifully and her eyes stood out even more than normal. She looked around the room with her hip popped , she had tan kaki Capri's on with black little low cut converse shoes on. The sight was breathtaking. I sat in a mixture of excitement and fear as a million thoughts ran past my mind.
Would she be excited to see me?
Would she even speak to me?
What if she was not that into me after all?

And then her eyes quickly found me and.... she smiled.

No more thoughts came to my mind, my fears melted away as this heavenly sexy being came and sat down next to me.

“Wow, you look so tired.” Ali said with a pout.
“It was worth it.” I winked back.
She giggled and blushed.

The bell rang and the teacher Mrs. Stuman started lecturing the class. I couldn't focus at all, with Ali's sent filling my nose. Her hair and skin emanated light and sweet fragrance. I realized I was totally head over heels for her. I realized I was staring at her again when Ali glanced over to me and smiled and looked away as she started to blush again. It was so cute, it brought out the freckles on her nose.
I glanced over to the freshman kid I scared off earlier, he looked back at me and then at Ali, and gave me an understanding nod followed by a quick thumbs up. I returned the gesture like an 80's action star to his sidekick.

Mrs. Stuman pulled the TV up and started a video to the classes approval. The lights went down and due to Mrs. Stuman's age, the video was blasting in volume.
Ali and I were in the back of the classroom at our desk giving us a chance to finally talk again.

“So what happened to your head?” Ali whispered.
“How do you know about that?”
“Sara text me saying she thinks you've gone “retarded and mean” since you hit your head.”
“I see.”
“So how did seeing her go?” Ali asked.
“Bad, I didn't know how to act around her. I haven't told her anything I just made her mad so far.”
“Its okay, this is not going to be a clean break up from what I would guess.” Ali smirked. “So how did you hurt your head?”

Suddenly a choice came to mind. Could I really trust Ali with the truth about my mom? Would she freak out on me? I looked deep in her eyes and something in that grey-blue sea of her eyes was something telling me, begging me to trust her.

“Do you want the sugar coated version or the really fucked up twisted truth of it all.” I asked her.
She looked at me a smiled.
“Baby you know I can handle twisted.” She laughed.
“Oh I don't know about this one.” I said as I shook my head, disbelieving what I was going to share with her. “We are going to need some privacy though.”

Ali thought for a minute with out saying anything and then spoke up.
“Alright I have an idea of where we could go. Mind missing the rest of the school day?” Ali asked.
“Not at all, besides my mom doesn't ever keep track of when I'm in or out of school, its amazing i've made it this far already.” I laughed. “What about you?”

“Me no as long as I'm ahead in the class my mom doesn't mind me skipping once in a wile. And she went out for the day so she's not even home.” Ali said. “Let's get out of here.”

We devised a plan to show the teacher my head and have Ali say she was going to escort me down to the nurse and make sure I didn't fall. Mrs. Stuman was not happy but let us go. This whole head injury was really coming in handy getting me out of class. Ali and I walked down the hall and then quickly turned out a side exit and left the school building...

We walked back to the Randal's house and went inside. We came into the familiar living room, where so much of my life as I knew it had changed. I started into my next energy drink. I was about to set my stuff down when Ali pulled the can from my hand.

“Hey come up here.” she said motioning to the staircase. She took a big drink of my energy drink and then put her lips to my mine, she kept some of the drink in her mouth and slipped it in on her tongue as it fizzed and swirled around. I slid my tongue across hers as the bubbles popped and tickled us as we kissed. Everything this girl did was a turn on. She broke away and started up the stairs. I helplessly got lost seeing her butt bounce up and down as it almost hypnotized me.

We got up stairs and Ali opened a door to a huge game room. With a large theater screen on one wall with a large couch facing it on one side, a pool table in the middle of the room, a full size fridge, dart board and a self with tons of movies on them. And in the back of the room was a sliding door to a balcony over looking the back yard and the hillside behind it.

“This room is amazing.” I said as I gawked around the room and set my back-pack down.
“Yeah Mr. Randal is a doctor and they don't have kids so they converted a lot of the upstairs into this awesome theater and game room.” Ali said as she set her book bag on the floor.

We found soda in the fridge and decided that since it cleared up we should sit on the balcony. We got a blanket and rolled it out and sat with our feet through the railing dangling off the balcony. We looked out onto the undeveloped hillside behind the fence. This was the edge of the neighborhood, with the more well off homes. I lived not far away on the other side with the older not-so-well off homes.
We sat in the sunlight and it felt perfect.

“So story time, what happened tough guy?” Ali said as she looked at my head.

Suddenly my reservations about telling her stated to rise. Maybe it was not a good idea to tell her.

“Look, I've got some secrets in my life. It might be better to keep a few things in my life from you that way things don't get too complicated.” I said.
“Okay, But Zach we all have secrets. I am willing to tell you mine, if you want to tell me yours.” Ali said.

Ali looked at me and held my hand.
“Zach, if you let me in to your crazy life, I wont run away screaming. Deep down I think your a little crazy, and so am I. If you turn out to be like the Joker, then i'll be your crazy sidekick lady.”
“Harley Quinn?” I interjected.

Ali giggled.
“Yeah your Harley Quinn.” She said as she fake laughed maniacally and kissed my cheek.

I took a deep breath, and my heart started to pound. I had to tell her everything, if she ran away then she ran away. It was time to see how crazy and twisted we could handle. We were going to the dark side together.

“Okay, shit I can't believe I'm going to tell you this. But um...” My voice started to shake a little.
Ali squeezed my hand.
“ head got hurt this morning because of my mom. She threw me against the wall.” I said

Saying even the small part of it felt like pounds of weight were coming off my chest.

“I'm sorry Zach, I knew your mom drank I just didn't know how bad it was.” Ali said.

“No thats not the worst part... Its been happening for years, the first hit was when I was 8 years old. And it hasn't been just hitting that she would do....” I stopped and was afraid to look at Ali.

“She abused you... didn't she?” Ali said quietly.

I nodded my head up and down as I held back a flood of emotion. I had ether never let the pain of it all affect me until now, or I had just not thought about it, but it started to leak out now. My eyes got wet and I couldn't speak for a few minutes.

Ali just wrapped her arms around me and kissed my cheek. We sat like that for 15 minutes until I regained my composure.

“Why didn't you live with your dad?” Ali asked.

“He passed away when I was younger. He left my mom and got married to this other lady. She was nice but not really family. Mom got custody of us because she accused my dad of having a gambling problem, he claimed she was crazy. She got us then got drunk and then started hitting my sister and I. My sister ran away to his house and lives with my step mom still to this day. My dad died in a car accident not very long after. And my mom started molesting me after that.”

“Holy shit.... Zach you have had the worst thrown at you. I'm so sorry!” Ali said

“Yeah but its okay I'm changing things from now on.” I said
“How so?” Ali asked
“My mom tried to make me do more with her this morning for the first time, and I finally threw her off me and scared her. I'm not going to take anything from her anymore.” I said. “Im going to do what I feel like doing. And right now there is only one thing I feel like doing....”

I turned and looked Ali in the eyes as I slid my feet back onto the balcony I pulled her onto the blanket behind us.

I lay her down gently and kissed her lips. I parted them and then kissed her upper lip and slid my tongue across it gently and then did the same to her bottom lip.
I pulled away and looked at her as she looked at me with intensity.

She simply nodded her head “yes.” and that was all that we needed.

We embraced and made out as she pulled my shirt up, we broke our kisses to get it all the way off. The sunlight felt so warm on my bare back. Ali rolled me over and began kissing my neck with her sweet mouth, every kiss tickled just a little and every nibble with her teeth felt as if it had a small shock of static electricity with it. I slid her flannel shirt off of her shoulders as she moved her kisses to my chest, and down my torso. She made it to my shorts and quickly opened them and pulled them to my feet. I slid them off along with my slip on vans. Ali was on top of me again and pressing her ample breasts against my chest as she licked my lips. I hugged her and rolled her back under me as I undid her pants. I went down and again kissed her hips and down her pelvis.
Her hands massaged my head. She hit my cut a few times but I ignored the pain. Lifted and pulled her pants down revealing a pair of slightly too small for her size, cute white with red polka-dot panties that had a tiny bow on the front, as if her woman-hood was a special gift to me. He legs were still silky smooth. I pulled the Capri's down took them off along with her converse shoes. I tossed them to the side as Ali sat up to meet me with more kisses. I licked down her neck to her chest and then spread her knees as I buried my face into her pussy.
I pulled her panties aside again and kissed her pussy lips apart. Then I licked her deeply. As she sucked in her breath and let out a moan. She leaned back on her elbows as I massaged her pussy with my tongue. Suddenly Ali bucked her hips up and sat up forward on to her knees.
Breathing hard she swung my legs in front of me and pushed me onto my back. Ali then crawled over me on all fours, she kissed me and then kept crawling past me as she dipped her crotch down putting her pussy back in my face. I re-entered her with my tongue as she gently humped my face. Groaning with every hump. I grabbed two hand fulls of her ass as I pulled her tight butt cheeks apart and closed in rhythm with my licking. She started gasping for breath.
“uh... uh.. keep going … uh keep going baby... uh!”
I moved and started making out with her clit and her humps got faster. Her breathing became more labored and her mouth hung open. My erection was raging at this point. She started grinding her hips in every direction was struggling to hold herself up as she whimpered.
She was about to cum.
She bucked her hips another time as I lifted my face and licked her long and deep, and suddenly she cried out and pressed my face back down to the blanket as she started to cum. He body shook hard and she stopped making sound as I continued to suck on her clit, gradually slowing down in sync with her trembling.

“Oh my god!” She gasped and slid down my body as she kissed my wet face. I moved my mouth away because it was full of her fluid. “Zach I don't care.” Ali breathed as she kissed my deeply. I swallowed what was left.

Ali sat up and crossed her arms grabbing the bottom of her black tank top. She writhed her hips and torso as she pulled her top off revealing that perfect tan belly and her C cup breasts being held back by a matching white with red polka-dot bra that was also to small for her size. Her breasts looked as if the might pop out of it at any time.

Ali then took my erection in her hand and lowered her face to it. She licked the tip and it sent shock waves through my body. Her grey-blue eyes looked up at me innocently as she giggled and took it in to her mouth all at once. She couldn't get it all the way in, but the three quarters of what she managed too, had been transported to heaven. Her moist warm mouth engulfed me and her sweet little tongue traced light patterns all over the bottom of my shaft.
Her golden hair cascaded over her face blocking my view, I tilted my head back putting my face in the sun, remembering that we were on the balcony. But on this week day and in the back yard facing a field no one could see us. Even if they could I doubt I would have cared at the time, it may have even been more of a turn on.
Pleasure came in waves from my cock and rippled to the rest of my body. I couldn't take anymore.
I sat up and pulled Ali's head up and kissed her pulling her soft skin to me. We both pushed and pulled each other trying to gain the upped hand and get the other on their backs. It resulted in us standing to our feet as Ali's small tight frame pressed against mine our skin to skin contact was like two clouds of different pressure and temperature molding together to make a storm.
I reached down never taking our lips apart and pulled her panties down off her curvy hips. They slid all the way down to the blanket past her still sock covered feet.
I pushed Ali back she hopped up and wrapped her legs around my waist. We landed against the open sliding glass door. My cock was so hard and her pussy was so wet that when I pressed myself to her the head slid into the opening of her pussy. Her wet lips tightly clasped around the head of my cock. Ali pulled her mouth just barely away from mine.

“... make love to me.” She whispered.

I pressed my cock in with a strong solid stroke as the world melted away.
Ali cried out in pleasure as she threw her head back and smiled. She wrapped one arm around my neck and one around my back. I held her with one arm around her butt and the other around her back. Ali was so tight and wet my cock slid in and fit like a glove, it was the most perfect pussy I had ever felt. I couldn't believe we were finally having sex.
I started to pull in and out as Ali tightened her legs around my waist. She ground her hips against me as I pulled in and out and fucked her using her whole body. She moaned and gasped as I humped her pussy. She writhed in my arms as one her bra straps slid down her shoulder. She breasts bounced as my cock penetrated her over and over. Ali kept squeezing her eyes shut and opening them again with the rhythms of pleasure that cascaded through her body. We both were sweating now from the sun and the heat between us. It only made her look sexier as she glistened with sweat as she breathed more and more labored.
Ali pulled me closer and kissed me as she moaned into my mouth. Our sweaty bodies massaged against each other but one of Ali's legs slid down off of me. She giggled as I slid out of her. Ali quickly pulled my boxers off and we stepped through the sliding door but didn't make it more than a step before Ali lay on her back and I completely naked entered her again. This entry had more force and Ali cried out loudly in extacy.
“OH MY GOD IT FEELS SO GOOD!” She exclaimed.

As I rocked her back an forth she smiled in bliss. I had never felt so much pleasure before with Sara. Ali rocked her hips with mine making me grunt with every thrust. I unhooked her bra and she flung it off of her. Ali's breasts popped out and jiggled free as the joined the rest of her bouncing flesh in the passionate dance we were in.
Her breathing became more labored again, and I thrust deeper and more deliberately. I also licked her pink nipples to maximize her pleasure. And she began her familiar whimper. She leaned down and licked my ear and kept her mouth pressed against it as she muttered into it.
“oh... god... huh!.. uh shit... uh.. uh oh.. fucking.. uuh!”
Her noises, her thrusts, her soft plump tit in my mouth, hot pussy squeezing my cock, and her whimpers of desperate pleasure were driving me over the edge completely, as I felt my orgasm start to gain steam.
Finally Ali began to suck in air quickly building to up to a cry. This was it I was finally going to give a girl an orgasm during sex. And then she let out a cry as her body tensed and then stretched out. I sucked down hard on her nipple and she pulled on my hair. Sweat gave her skin a sheen as mine beaded down my forehead.
I lefted my face from her chest as I began to pump her with more speed as my vision began to blur and my face got hot. I was about to cum as well.
Ali moaned out with every thrust. I finally felt my balls start to tingle and the sperm flooding up my dick I quickly unburied myself out of Ali as electricity surged through me. My cock flopped out onto her pelvis as the first spurt shot out of me and slapped onto her wet flesh. Spurt after spurt shot out all over Ali's sexy body as she moaned with every glob that landed on her.
Ali kissed me and held my face to hers as I slowed my breathing and my orgasm subsided.
I collapsed down next to her completely out of breath. Ali panted as she glanced down and the white gooey splatter that covered her torso. She wiggled her body and let out a long exhale.

“I love that feeling.” She smiled to herself.

“I love you.” I said as I laughed.
I quickly worried if that might scare her but before I could begin to totally panic, Ali looked over at me and said “I love you too.” with a grin.

“We need to get you a towel.” I laughed as I leaned up and looked at all the cum covering her sexy stomach.

I got up and and went to the bathroom grabbing a towel when out the upstairs window I saw a light flash by from a passing car.
I walked over to the window facing the front street and saw Sara's car pulling into her driveway next door.

“Looks like your sister came home.” I said

“What? She's home?” Ali asked.

I went over and she took the towel and wiped the cum off of her belly. I helped Ali stand up and I looked at the clock.

“It's about time for lunch.” I said.

“Yeah but Sara never came home for lunch.” Ali said as we both went over to the window.

We looked out as Sara hopped out of the drivers side of her little old red car, and someone else was starting to get out of the passengers side....

Ali and I both gasped at the same moment as we saw Hal step out of Sara's car.

“What the fuck!” I said in anger. “Why would they ride in the same car the don't like each other.”

“Babe, I don't like the way this looks.” Ali said.

Sara and Hal both looked around carefully.

“... unless Micha was the one she walked out of the house with, and Hal was the one she went home with.” I said as my blood began to run cold once again.

Sara and Hal walked up the step toward the front door and stopped to share a quick kiss.

“... Micha was just to throw me off, make me suspect him if I was going to suspect anyone.” I said

“Oh my god, that bastard.” Ali said in disbelief as she stared out the window.

My anger then hit a new point. Like a stove burner that flickered red but focused down to a still blue flame, more heat and yet more calm than ever.

“Ali can you still sneak into your house in the day with out anyone knowing?”

“... Yeah.” Ali said as she began to smile.

“Well then lets get dressed, we have some work to do...”

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It's been a long time, and I've had a hell of a year, I had written part 5 and 6 but lost them due to computer crash. No excuses tho I should have kept you guys updated more, I am officially writing part five now. I know there is a lot of anger but this is a secret part of my life that I didn't have time for and I honestly had no clue this series would be so well received! I'm so flattered and blown away by the reaction. So thank you for all the support and encouragement and angry comments begging for more. I have a solid idea for a few new chapters but if anyone wants to message me with comments or pm's saying what else you might want to see happen in this story I can see if any of them fit and maybe throw them in the new chapters, I also have a few ideas for a new story all together but I will finish this one first

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