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A party with a twist
As waitress brought a bucket filled with ice and bottles of beer and champagne, I turned to Mia and Pannai:
“You, two, you understand English?”
They looked at each other and nodded. It was Pannai who spoke:
“Understand….speak no.”
I laughed a evil laugh:
“Good…..I love bitches who don’t speak too much…. Lie down, both of you! And spread your legs, so I can see your cunts!”
As they lied down, I took two handfuls of ice and started to press it onto their tits, tights, all over their flat young bellies. Goosebumps rose all over them, and their nipples got hard. I threw away most of the ice, and took only two cubes. Those I pressed into their tight cunts, and I could see them squirming, and I could feel their hot wet innards squeezing around my fingers. I was really impressed how tight they were, and my cock started to rise again. A boygirl named Jenny jumped immediately to suck it, but I pushed him/her away.
“No. Not yet.”
Sora translated that to him/her, and he/she got a disappointed look on his/her face. I smiled:
“Tell her that her time will come….Now I want this bitches.” And with those words, I slammed my cock into Mia’s pussy, and she half moaned, half screamed. She was so tight that only half of my cock got into her, and I had to press to get deeper. I saw her had squeezing her friend hand tightly and traces of tears in her eyes, as my cock pressed deeper into her. As I felt a mouth of her uterus, there was still more than one third of my cock outside her. I kissed her, and she rounded her legs around me. I pulled my cock a bit, and then slammed again, and again, feeling her womb opening to receive my full length, and her cunt squeezing my cock so tight, I was afraid I will come too soon. I fucked her few more lengths, and I pulled my cock out of her. Her body was glistening with mixture of water and sweat, and she looked much, much younger then eighteen years, lying there, with a mixture of relief and disappointment on her face. I moved a bit, and put my cock into Pannai’s cunt. That one was also tight, but not as Mia’s and my cock easily slide into her wetness, all the way. I fucked her for few minutes, then I pulled Mia over her. I started to fuck one, then another, each time losing more and more of my restraint, until there was only my cock, and two wet holes, and hard rhythm of jackhammer splitting them with no mercy. Sora kissed them, one, then another, licking their faces, and nipples, and seeing that beautiful body leaning over them, and that mouth kissing them, drying their tears made me even more mad, and I fucked them like a madman, like there e will be no tomorrow. Finally, with a scream, I pulled my cock out of Pannai, and pushed it hard into Sora’s mouth, where I exploded. I could see that she tried to take it all, but some of my sperm bursted out of her mouth as she gagged on my cock. I pulled it out of her mouth, still dripping sperm all around and took a bottle of beer and drank it all in one swing. I felt tired and roused in the same time, and I could feel mouth sucking last drops of sperm from me. I looked just out of curiosity and saw Jenny, like I couldn’t guess. What took all my tiredness out of me was a picture of Mia and Panai kissing Sora, and mixing my sperm in their mouths. I sat on sofa, and took another bottle of beer, Jenny’s hungry mouth still sucking my now soft cock. I patted his/her head, too tired to push him/her away.
I sat there for a while, Sora and two girls lying there mixed all way, drinking my beer. Jenny was a little bloody cocksucker, I have to admit that. As much I felt tired and almost sore from tightness of Mia’s cunt, he/she managed to rouse me almost all the way. But, now I had a problem. I needed to pee, and I knew that toilets are on the other side of the bar. I started for my clothes, and Sora asked:
“Sir? Are you going somewhere? What is wrong?”
“Nothing is wrong. I just need to pee.”
She laughed at that, and pushed Jenny away. She took my cock with both her hands, and looked me straight in the eyes:
“Please, Sir, pee….I want your pee……”
I laughed to my fortune. I pissed into mouth of bitches of both sex before, but I wasn’t sure that Sora is one of those. So I started to pee. First burst surprised her and splashed onto her face, but then she opened her mouth and took next into her mouth. She swallowed as much and as fast as she could, but some of my urine dripped from her mouth onto her body, and I wasn’t surprised to see Jenny licking every drop of it, but I WAS surprised when Mia and Pannai joined into sharing my piss. I was so fascinated by that picture that I felt sorry when there was no more pee in me. So, I took a bottle of champagne from the bucket and opened it. It splashed all over their bodies, and they immediately stated to lick it. But, that was not what I’ve had in mind. I took Sora, and pushed her on sofa.
“Rise your legs, butch!”
She obeyed me as if she guessed what I have in mind, and I pressed bottle neck on her cunt, and started to pour.
“Come, all you bitches; if you want to drink champagne, you will drink it from Sora’s pussy!”
And they all jumped and started to lick and suck champagne from her cunt, and seeing those pink tongues rolling inside her wet pussy, and her trying to wide it as much as she could awoke my beast in full, so I grabbed Pannai, and slammed bottleneck down her asshole and poured as much as I could in her, and then I grabbed Jenny and made him/her drink champagne enema. Champagne erupted from Pannai’s ass and slammed Jenny’s face and tinny breasts while he/she tried to drink it all. Both Sora and Mia jumped to lick with him/her, droplets of champagne still dripping from Sora’s pussy down her perfect legs. My cock was hard as a stone, and I looked those three bodies wriggling down on the floor covered with urine, champagne, saliva I went completely mad. I grabbed Mia’s ass and pushed not so gently two fingers in her hole. She moaned, and her eyes rolled. She was so tight that my fingers got only to half. So I knew that it will hurt her, but I didn’t care, so I pushed my cock deep inside her. She screamed, and her scream just made me madder. I pressed all of my cock ino her tiny ass, while grabbing Sora and Pannai to lick my nipples. I also noticed that Jenny started to lick my ass again, so I pulled my cock from Mia’s ass and pushed it down Jenny’s throat. He/she gagged a little, then I pushed her(him down and finalley gave him/her what he wanted….I pushed my cock into Jenny’s asshole and his/hers eyes went wet with tears. With the corner of my eye I saw that Pannai was licking Mia’s sore asshole, and Sora was still licking my nipples. I grabbed her hair an made her lick my asshole, and she licked it like a champ, her tongue going very deep into my hole. After few minutes I pulled my cock out of Jenny’s ass, and pushed it again down his/hers throat, where I finally exploded, filling his/hers throat with thick warm sperm.

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2012-09-07 21:02:37
Excellent story. But can you focus on the housemaid and her kids some sex with them

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2012-09-01 17:17:16
Now that's rough! Good story.

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