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My first piece of ass
I'll never forget my first time. I was 16 years old, dating this girl Maureen since 8th grade and we were now in the 10th at Oak Ridge high school and the furthest I had gotten in over two years, was a quick feel of her boobs outside her shirt. To say I had a perpetual case of blue balls was to put it mildly. School had let out for the summer, I was working part time for my dad at his gas station and had my first car, a beat up old 1967 pick-up truck. It was early on a Saturday, my best friend Billy and I stopped at this older dude Dakota's apartment to score some weed. On the way in I noticed a young brunette that I had seen around the apartments, but never really paid attention to her, but I hadn't seen her in a while. She had on a loose fitting black t-shirt with the Jack Daniels logo on the front. It was so obvious she was braless, her breasts were bouncing up and down and side to side as she walked down the steps from the second floor. She was short, very cute. Long dark brown hair, big green eyes, chubby cheeks and a cute smile as she passed us. I turnd to check her out and saw a nice round ass encased in tight blue jeans. Billy caught me looking and told me that was Georgeann. My cock, which was rock hard 90% of the time got even harder. "Bro, she's only 12 years old," Billy said, but then added, "I hear she's pretty easy...I wouldn't mind a piece of that."

Well, we scored our dope, and a bonus of a case of Miller beer. On our way back to my truck, Georgeann was walking out of the apartments. I couldn't help but watch her tits bounceing under her t-shirt as she walked. I started the truck just as it started to rain, the sky darkend quickly and lightning and thunder began. By the time I drove to the entrance to Oak Ridge road, Georgeann was soaking wet. I stopped next to her and offered her a ride. "Brian, right? and your Billy...yeah, I appreciate it," Georgeann said as she climbed over Billy lap, and sitting between us. "Where ya heading?," I asked. "No where really, just had to get away from my sister and her kids," Georgeann said, then asked, "Where ya'll going?." I smiled and said, "Just out to the woods down the Trail towards Kissimmee, got some good smoke and a few beers, wanna hang out?." Georgeann smiled, pulled her wet, long hair back and put it into a pony tail. Raising her arms to pull back her hair, caused her chest to stick out straight and high, the black wet t-shirt clinging to her like a second skin. I couldn't believe the size of the tits this 12 year old girl had, definitly looked a lot bigger than my girlfriends. I was also very curious about the huge round, puffy nipples that poked out even more from the tip of her tits. "Yeah, that would be cool. I just gotta be back at the apartments by 6pm when my sister gets home," Georgeann said. I glanced at my watch, it wasn't even 10 am yet.

Georgeann was sitting in the middle, betwseen Billy and me. She had one foot on either side of the transmission hump on the floor. When I had to shift to second, my truck was a four speed, the long, floor stick shift had to come back almost to the bench seat, which with Georgeann sitting there, was right at her crotch. The first time, the back of my hand lightly came in contact with her denim covered crotch. I realized what I just did and took a quick glance at Georgeann's face, she was looking at me with a devilish smile. When I shifted into fourth once we were heading south on SOBT, I let the back of my hand linger against her denim covered pussy. I swear, I felt Georgeann push her crotch against my hand. I could feel the heat coming from her pussy.

Billy was talking but I wasn't listening. I was trying to concentrate on driving and enjoying the feeling of the warmth coming from the cute 12 year olds pussy. I almost shit when Georgeann put her hand on my thigh and was rubbing her fingers in small circles, coming closer and closer to my raging hard-on.

Now south of Oak Ridge road in Orlando on hwy 441, AKA South Orange Blossom Trail back in the mid-seventies was mostly farm land and orange groves all the way to Kissimmee, except for the new industrial park, Regency, Tupperware complex and just before Kissimmee, Gatorland. I pulled into the industrial park, drove all the way thru it, then turned onto a sugar sand road that wound thru the woods to a small clearing where a shallow creek ran thru it, the same creek that actually passed along the back side of the apartments. It was still pouring down rain, so no one was hanging out swimming at the creek, a popular hang out for kids our age for a couple of generations.

I backed my truck under a huge oak tree. Billy rolled a joint. I kept stealing glances at Georgeann. I noticed she shivered, she laughed and showed me her arms, she had goosebumps. I couldn't help but notice her chest, her nipples were rock hard and sticking out a good inch or more from her large chest. Georgeann caught me looking, smiled and said, "Take a picture, it will last longer," then turned sideways towards me, she pulled her t-shirt up and flashed me her beautiful tits.

I thought I was having a heart attack. In two years, I had never seen my girlfriends tits!!! Georgeann laughed as she pulled her shirt back down. "Hey, I didn't see.....," Billy wined. Georgeann smiled at me once again, then sitting back straight, she pulled her t-shirt back up again so both Billy and I could see her boobs. "OK? Maybe more later, but I neet a hit off that joint," Georgeann said as she slowly lowered her shirt. Billy lit a joint while I opened two beers and handed one to Georgeann. Georgeann reached into her pockete and came out with a small metal box which she opened and took one of several round pils out of. It was obviously a qualuude. She took it.

The rain was coming down even harder as we started the next joint and next beer. Georgeann was giggling and kidding around with us as we talked and got to know each other.

Billy was liteing the third joint and I opened our fourth beers. Georgeann took another qualuude. "Guys, this shirt is cold and clammy, I gotta get out of this wet thing, ya'll woun't mind, will ya?," Georgeann said as she pulled her Jack Daniels t-shirt over her head freeing those perfect tits.

Her breasts were big an dfirm looking, tipped with huge purpleish silver dollar sized puffy nipples. Best way to describe them is they were like a ovdedr sized football cut in half with a half a rubber ball glued on the tips. Both Billy and I stared open moiuth at her juggs. "Listen ya'll, ya don't tell anyone an dwe can have some fun," Georgeann said as she sat all the way back in the middle of the bench seat, stretched her arms around Billy and myself, then pulled our faces towards her boobs. Believe me, I wasn't gonna say no, I had never seen a real life tit before, never alone get a nipple in my mouth. I greedily took her nipple and began to suckle on it, my hand wrapping around it and squeezing it as I sucked. Billy was sucking on her other tit. I leaned a little as I felt he rhand gropeing my crotch and wrap around my hard denim covered cock. I could only assume she was doign the same with billys.

"oh GOD!!!! Suck my nips...HARDER...I'mmmm cccuuuuuummmming," Georgeann cried softly as he rbody shook for several moments. She let go of my dick, took my hand and put it on her crotch. Her llegs were spread wide and I cupped her sex thru her jeans. "Oh yeah, thats it Brian, rub it hard......," Georgeann said. She pulled my face off her tit and pressed her lips to mine, her tounge probed my mouth, found my own tounge and we began making out. As we kissed, Billy kept sucking on her tit and Georgeann began unbuttoning my jeans, then pulled my zipper down and she reached inside my jeans, found the fly of my boxers and had her hand inside my boxers exploreing my cock and balls.

The rain was still coming down in buckets, it showed no sign of letting up. "Come on guys, take your pants off," Georgeann said as she pushed us off her and took off her jeans. She had sparse hair on her pussy, mostly on her mound. I had my jeans off in seconds.

Georgeann sat back against the seat and spread her legs wide. My first pussy!!! I kissed her as my hand cupped her pussy, my middle finger slideing up and down her very wet crack. I couldn't believe the heat coming from her snatch or how wet she was. Georgeann was actually pushing her cunt against my finger trying to get my finger inside her. I pushed it in her and was amazed at hot hot, wet, silky smooth her insides were. I began finger fucking my first pussy. Georgeann had her fist wrapped around my 5 incher and was slowly jerking me up and down. I had forgotten about Billy till I felt his hand join mine and he was forceing his middle finger inside her tight pussy next to mine. Georgeann was moaning and telling u show good it felt.

"Eat me," Georgeann said. I squimed between the steering wheel and the seat and Georgeann repositioned her body so I could get my face between her legs. I began licking her, loving her taste. Watching my dad's stash of stag films was sure paying off. Eating Georgeann's 12 year old pussy was better than anything I had ever imagined. As I went down on her, Billy moved so Georgeann was laying sideways on the bench seat, her head resting on the passenger door's arm rest, giving me much more room to eat her young box. Billy leaned over her face, so his dick was near her mouth. Billy's cock was a little longer than mine, maybe 6 or 7 inches, but only half as thick. As I licked her cunt, I watched Georgeann wrap her hand around his shaft by the base of his dick and with her other hand, she fondled his nuts. She brought his cock head to her mouth and she began to lick around the small, helmet shape, before taking it into her mouth. Georgeann began sucking my firends dick and was taking his cock to the root easily. At one point, I felt her body start to tremblle, then shake. She spit Billys dick out of her mouth and yelled, "Oh YEAH!!! Chew on my clitty Brian...OH GOD YEAH... Just like that....I'm almost there....." Then she took Billys cock back in her mouth and several seconds later she was flooding my face with her juices, her body shook violently, then calmed down. She pushed my face out of her snatch and right at that time, Billy screamed he was cumming. Georgeann greedily swallowed all he had, then after letting his cock go, she looked directly at me and ordered me to fuck her. I knelt between her legs, Georgeann reached for my cock and rubbed my dick head up and down her juicy crack. She postioned my dick head at her entrance, wrapped her legs around me, digging her heels into my ass and pulled me towards her as she pushed her cunt at my cock.

Guys, remember your first fuck, I thought I was going to pass out from the wonderful feeling of my cock slideing into heaven. So tight, so warm, so wet, so smooth and silky. Then to hear, "Oh Fuck Brian, your huge!!!! It feels so good," from the girls mouth. Mimicking what I had seen on all those old stag films, I began slideing my cock in an dout of her cunt, totally enjoying my first fuck. When Georgeann pulled my face down to hers an dbegan kissing me, it took me several moments to realize I was tasteing my buddies cum in he rmouth, but to tell the truth, I would have sucked Billy's cock willingly to experience the pleasures of sticking it in Georgeanns tight box.

I'd like to say I pounded Georgeann's pussy for a hour, but I didn't last two minutes before i felt my nut ready to explode and said, "Fuck, I'm gonna cum......" I wasn't even thinking if Georgeann was on birth control, didn't even care. Georgeann tightened her legs around my waist and told me, "Cum in me Brian, fill my cunt with your cum...."

My cock exploded. I could feel it swell up, then spurt six real strong shots and then several smaller ones inside Georgeann. When my dick stopped shooting, Georgeann pulled my face back to hers once again and began kissing me as my dick shrunk. "COme on, get off her asshole, I wanna fuck her," Billy whined. He had opened the passenger door and was standing outside the truck. The rain had almost stopped, it was just misting now. He turned Georgeann around, pulled her so her ass was half hanging off the seat, then he slid his cock inside her well lubed pussy and began fucking her. It was obvious that this wasn't Billys first time at bat. I watched Billys long thin cock slide in an dout of Georgeann. There was gobs of my cum clinging to his dick and a white foam was bulding up at thier union. My eyes traveled up Georgeanns tight young body till our eyes met, she was looking directly at me as Billy fucked her. "Let me suck your cock Brian," Georgeann said as she took hold of my cock and brought it to her mouth. Her mouth was even better than her pussy. Georgeann pulled me so I was straddleing her chest, she trapped my cock between her tits and began sucking my cock head as I titty fucked her.

Billy came in her pussy, then abrubtly pulled out and walked away. Georgeann let my cock out of her mouth and pleaded with me to fuck her again. I climbed off of her, stood outside the truck and looked at her pussy. Her legs was spread wide open, her lips were red and swollen and her whole cunt was covered in cum, some of it thick and gooey, some of it watery and more of it was ouzing out of her. "Eat me Brian, please," Georgeann begged with those big green eyes. I hesitated. I had loved licking her before, but her pussy was now filled with mine and Billys cum. I had kissed her and tasted my buddies cum, I survived that, I mean, it didn't taste too bad, in fact, I didn't mind it at all. I glanced over my shoulder, Billy had completely undressed and was heading into the creek. I noticed the clouds were disappearing and the sun was shining. "Please Brian, you can fuck me as much as you want, but I need to climax really bad.....," Georgeann begged. My cock was still rock hard. Billy wasn't looking, so no one would know I ate his and my cum. I leaned over, supported my self qwith my arms on the floor boards of the pick-up and shoved my face into her snatch. I began lapping up the cum and swallowing it. I was surprised that I really like the taste of it. After I had licked all that was on the outside, I fastened my mouth to her hole and began sucking the cum out of her filled box. Dam!!! There was a shit load of it. Georgeann was climaxing non-stop. I felt proud that I was getting her off. I have no clue to how long I ate her, but eventually she pushed me away and ordered me to fuck her. I didn't need to be told twice. With her cunt slick with my saliva, my cock slid right in to the hilt. This time, I experiment as I fucked her, doing her fast an dhard, then slow and easy, I squeezed her tits, sucked on he rnipples as I fucked her, all which Georgeann loved. SHe actually climaxed as we fucked, something she said rarely happens. I once again, filled her pussy with my load as we kissed. I surprised her as I kissed down he rbody as I pulled out till I was licking and cleaning my own cum from her well fucked pussy. She smiled as she pushed me away, then climbed down from the truck, knelt in the grass and licked and sucked my cock clean. My dick was still rock hard. She kept sucking me showing off her skills till I exploded in her mouth. Naked, Georgeann and I joined Billy down in the creek, washing the sweat and sex juices off of us.

Well, thats how I lost my virginity to a wonderful little girl. Over the next several years of my young life, I had many exciting, wild and kinky sexual adventures with Georgeann. We lost contact, but thanks to Facebook, 30 something years later, we found each other and have continued our sexual get togethers. I'll write more about them and add my memories and adventures to the others about Georgeann.

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