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Sarah was relaxing on the sofa, rubbing her clit slowly in tiny circles.
Ben walked into the bedroom and reappeared moments later with a gift-wrapped box.
I have to go outside for a few minutes, but I want you to have this while I’m gone. I think you’ll enjoy it, Ben smiled.
He sat the box beside Sarah, kissed her gently, and walked out the back door, through the horse gate, and to the new concrete work shed he’d just had built.
Sarah opened the card on the box and found a note that said, ‘More to cum. I love you!’ In the box was a beautiful 10-year anniversary ring, a blindfold, and a large, lifelike vibrator.
Sarah put on the ring and admired it. It was gorgeous; Ben must have saved a long time for it.
Next, she turned on the vibrator and began working over her clit. It was as long as Tim, but thick like Ben.
Finally she donned the blindfold, and began working the new toy in and out of her pussy as she waited for Ben to return with whatever surprises he may still have in store for her.
Ben enjoyed surprising Sarah, and Sarah enjoyed the thrill of being surprised.
Ben walked into the shed and made sure it was clear of all the building materials. The shed was completely enclosed, with air conditioning and sound insulation to make it comfortable and quiet so that he could work on his projects at any hour without waking Sarah, and the building had been outfitted with a single, oversized door to make moving equipment in supplies easy.
The shed was still empty, and Ben turned on the air conditioning before walking back out.
He walked Ed, their young stallion, to the watering trough behind the shed, took a bucket, sponge, and some soap, and washed the horse thoroughly, including a good cleaning of Ed’s young cock.
Ed was still a virgin and had not felt the delights of a hot pussy, but that would soon change.
From Ed’s perspective, these two humans were the best thing that had ever happened to him. His previous owners didn’t really take very good care of him, and when the horses were taken away by Animal Protection Services, Ed was glad.
Ben and Sarah always made sure he was well-exercised, fed, watered, and cared for with love.
Ed loved the way Sarah would hug his neck and whisper softly in his ear; it made him feel all funny in his stomach, and every time she did it, he felt his cock stir and start to drop from it’s sheath.
When Sarah and Ben did this together, Ben would gently wash his cock, and Ed loved that feeling.
Ed wondered what Sarah’s hands would feel like rubbing his cock as he was getting washed, because her hands were smaller and softer; her touch gentler than Ben’s.
No matter. It still felt good that Ben was now washing his cock, and it seemed that this time he was being much more meticulous.
Ben quit rubbing Ed’s cock, which was disappointing, but now he was rubbing him dry with towels heated by the sun’s warmth, and that felt good too.
To his surprise, Ed was led through the door and into the building.
Ben left him there and disappeared.
Ed liked the room. It was small, but the air inside felt nice and cool, as opposed to the hot air outside.
In a few minutes, Ben re-entered the building carrying a thick blanket and leading Sarah by the hand.
Sarah was blindfolded, and wearing a comfortable bath robe.
Ben unfolded the blanket partially, disrobed Sarah, whispered in her ear, and then Sarah got on her hands and knees.
Sarah was almost positioned beneath Ed, and could smell the scent of the freshly washed stallion.
She thought of how much she loved the stallion. Riding Ed was a pleasure filled daily occurrence for Sarah. She loved the way the saddle horn rubbed her clit through her jeans when she leaned forward, trotting Ed.
Ed, nostrils flared, enjoyed the scent of his rider.
When Ed saw Ben step out of his pants, he snorted.
‘Why is Ben in your shop?’ Sarah asked.
‘You’ll see, baby’ said Ben.
Did Ben have in mind what Sarah was thinking?
It was so lewd, so naughty.
Sarah had often admired Ed’s beautiful cock. It was about 2 feet long and as thick as Sarah’s tiny wrist.
Ed could smell Sarah’s wonderful musky scent.
Ben spayed a plastic bottle filled with female horse urine in front of Ed’s nostrils, and watched with excitement as Ed’s cockhead appeared from its sheath.
First it was just the cockhead, and then he’d drop 3 or 4 inches at a time.
Ben entered Sarah from behind and began pumping her; slowly at first, and building to a fast pace as Sarah moaned and groaned, telling Ben how much she loved his thickness.
‘Fuck me, baby! Please, please…give me your hot cum now!’ Sarah moaned as she climaxed.
Sarah’s head was bent down, her face turned towards the shop floor.
Ben slammed into Sarah harder now, making her head go so far beneath Ed that her hair brushed the underside of Ed’s cock.
Ed loved this new sensation, and kept dropping more cock out.
Ed’s cock was lengthening and thickening, and Sarah felt something brushing her hair as she continued riding the orgasm.
Sarah raised her head, and suddenly Ed’s big cock was slapping her in the face.
Sarah enjoyed the sensation, and so did Ed, who continued dropping more of his wonderful cock.
All of the excitement from earlier, pumping Sarah’s sweet pussy, hearing Sarah begging him for cum, watching Ben’s cock slap against Sarah’s face, and knowing what was about to happen next was all too much for Ben to hold back any longer, and he flooded her pussy with his hot load.
‘Ahhh…that was good’ Sarah said with a smile.
As Ben pulled out, cum coated her splayed lips dripped from her pussy.
Ben reached under Ed and stroked his cock to full hardness. Then he held the shaft with one hand, and then took off Sarah’s blindfold with the other.
‘Oh my…’ was all Sarah could manage to say as her eyes refocused to the light and stared at Ed’s amazingly large cock.
Ben turned Ed’s monster cock and rubbed it up and down Sarah’s cheek.
Her face instantly flushed a bright red, and Ben could see the hunger in her eyes.
Sarah moved forward, leaning on her knees to get a closer look at the thickly veined shaft.
Ben guided Sarah’s hand up to the shaft.
Sarah soon had both hands wrapped around Ed’s shaft, stroking it, and licking all along the sensitive bottom side.
She licked around the head and kissed it gently.
She tried to suck the cock, but she was afraid her teeth might hurt, so instead she sucked along the bottom of it, close to the head.
Ed seemed to really enjoy that most.
Ben stepped behind Sarah, reached beneath her, and rubbed her clit.
‘ohhhhh….’ Sarah moaned, ‘Don’t tease me like that, honey!’
Ben stood, removed her hands form Ed’s cock, and turned her around.
Next he had Sarah crawl between Ed’s front legs, and then he told her to spread her legs.
Ben held Ed’s cock and gently guided Ed forward until his face was close to the wall, and his big cockhead touched Sarah’s pussy lips.

<Ed’s perspective>
When my two friends that saved me from that awful place, I thought I was in Heaven.
Little did I know what my male friend had in store for me, but I love and trust both of them.
When he brought me in this morning, I thought I was just going to get a nice cool bath.
When he washed me in my special place, that felt great like it always does.
When he brought me in this cool room, that felt good too, but WOW! I had no idea what else he had in mind for me.
When he brought his woman in, he sprayed something wonderful on my nose, and his mate’s hair brushed my cock, I felt feelings I’d never known.
It made me feel all tingly and my cock came out like it does when I have to pee, but then he started doing something else…stroking my cock!
I’d never felt anything like that before!
It felt really good!
And then when his woman knelt and kissed and licked and sucked along the bottom of my cock, her lips and tongue were warm and wet.
I thought I’d reached the peak of pure bliss, but they still had more in store for me.
When his mate got beneath me, I thought she was going to check my hooves, but then I felt Ben put my cock at his woman’s hot pussy!
They had only mated me to a female horse once before, and to be honest, she was pretty motionless and didn’t seem to care what was going on.
Sarah’s pussy seemed much hotter and much slicker.
I didn’t know what to do, so I just stood still, waiting to see what happened next.
His mate began backing up against my cockhead.
She moved her hips up and down and around and around.
Her pressure against me increased, and I could hear her moaning, when suddenly she yelled something and released a warm, slick juice.
I shifted a bit, and suddenly my cockhead popped inside his mate’s pussy and my shaft started shoved several inches inside her.
Oh, I can’t even begin to describe how wonderfully tight his mate was!
I stayed still, enjoying the feelings running through my body.
His mate was saying, ‘Oh Yesssssss!!! Let me have that big cock Ed!’
She would push back and forth, and every time she relaxed a few more inches of my cock would sink into her.
Every time she relaxed and I sank deeper into her, she would tremble and moan loudly, and I’d feel a warm liquid lubricate me and invite me deeper.
He constant pushing had backed me away from the front wall.
As she screamed, ‘Oh hell yeah, Ed…More! More!’
I didn’t know what ‘more’ meant, but I knew I wasn’t against the wall where Ben had placed me, so I shifted my weight, moving forward.
My cock bent against the pressure, and Sarah spread her legs wider, she moaned loudly, got wetter, and a few more inches of my cock disappeared into Sarah’s wonderfully hot pussy.
‘Yes Ed…Yesssss!’ she yelled.
Now I know what ‘yes’ means; it meant I had done something good.
I was pleased when Ben fed me a sugar cube, as he always does when I do something good.
I really didn’t need the treat, as I was already getting one from Sarah.
Sarah, beneath me, was now pumping back and forth harder and faster.
When she shoved back against me, I took another step forward at the same time.
My cock buckled with the tightness, and then slid even deeper.
She moaned loudly. I mean, really loudly!
I gazed towards Ben to see if I was doing good.
To my surprise, Ben had his own cock in his hand.
It was much smaller than mine, but he seemed to actually be enjoying watching me be fucked by his wife!
Sarah was now fucking about 8 inches of my cock, and oh did she ever make it feel great!
Ben’s wife had been still for a few seconds, and I felt her pussy tightening and loosening around my shaft.
Sarah started pushing back against me again.
I knew she was trying to get more of me in, so I backed up a couple of steps.
When I did, Sarah went with me, but several inches of my shaft pulled out.
I was amazed that Ben’s wife wanted even more of my cock, but she did, and I was eager to oblige!
I decided to give her back what had come out, plus all the extra she wanted; after all she didn’t even have half of my cock inside her.
I looked at Ben. He was smiling and trying to make his own dick bigger by jerking on it.
‘More, Ed… More!’ Sarah cooed beneath me.
I know knew that ‘more’ meant she wanted me to bury my cock deeper inside her.
Sarah backed up, and when I thought she had regained what she had lost in my backing up, I waited for her to push back against me again, and when she did, as soon as I felt her insides relax I stepped forward twice until my face was against the wall.
Sarah’s hands held fast to the concrete floor, and my cock lifted her ass and legs off the ground.
This time, more than just a couple of inches of my cock disappeared into her.
Half of my cock sank into her depths; quickly at first, and then slower and slower until It seemed I couldn’t go further.
Ben stepped forward.
I wondered if I had done something wrong, but instead he said, ‘Good boy, Ed!’ and stepped up to Sarah and she moved slightly from beneath me, never losing any of my cock.
She took his cock into her mouth and started making sucking sounds.
Ben started pumping in and out of her mouth making her press back against my cock.
As he pumped back and forth, Sarah slid back and forth on my cock.
He pumped one more time hard into her face, and then his face contorted.
Ben’s body jerked, his knees went limp, and he had to steady himself on Sarah’s shoulders, which forced her back against me.
It was wonderful!
I felt a combination of her insides, and my cock throbbing.
My balls had tightened long ago, and I was beginning to feel that wonderful sensation that I had only felt once before in my life.
Suddenly my cock began jerking and swelling inside Ben’s mate.
Sarah pulled her head back off Ben’s cock and yelled, ‘He’s cumming Ben, he’s cumming!!!’
Sarah moaned long and loud as I shot stream after stream of my juice deep inside her.
On the second of several shots, her pussy was full, and my cum began spraying out of her pussy and running down her thighs.
When the last of my streams had shot out, I backed away slowly, pulling my cock with me.
When the head pulled out, Sarah moaned again.
Cum poured out of her pussy onto the ground beneath her.
‘Good boy, Ed’ she panted. ‘Good boy’.
I love my owners.
I can’t wait to do this again!!!


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