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Parody of TV series Shake It Up
This story is a parody of the TV show Shake It Up. The following story takes place during the episode "Boot It Up". If you do not watch the show, or you have not seen the episode, you will still be able to enjoy the story. It takes place following the lunch scene where Rocky discovers her meal might not be catered to her vegetarian tastes. Would you assist her in finding food which caters to that taste? Remember, she is not a vegan, so she could swallow anything you have her milk out.
Alright, Camp Counselor, I think that Rocky requires your assistance in finding food more suited to her unique vegetarian tastes. You have brought her into the kitchen, and no one is around because they are all outside eating or serving food. You are all alone with Rocky, and you would like to show her a healthy protein-rich meal. You unzip yourself and reveal your special pastry bag to the teenager. Your special meal dispenser fills with both excitement and a creamy meal for your camper. You want nothing more than to have this girl suck down your nutritious meal. You have her grab your member full of delicious white goo. You tell her that she ought to tug on it in order to receive her meal. She is not too sure at first, because she would like to make sure it is okay for her, a vegetarian, to ingest your special sauce. You explain to her that while your meal is indeed made from a mammal, it is not made out of one and is therefore safe for vegetarians like her to eat. Vegans need not apply.
So, as Rocky is the only one suitable to swallow your special meal, she continues tugging, but with all of that tugging she has barely produced any sustenance. There are only slight drops of the meal you promised her on the tip of the head of your nozzle. Rocky gets to her knees with the cock right at her face level. She ever so slowly opens her mouth and her tongue begins to tap the head. The pressure from her tongue unleashes a slight bit more juices from the nozzle, as saliva and man juice fall to the floor.
You instruct her to resume tugging at the nozzle, which she does, slowly, with her tongue still on the end. Rocky continues to lick the tip until it is too much juice. She encompasses the full head into her mouth as she flicks it with her tongue trying to receive her meal. You look down at her as she fondles your cock. She now has both eyes closed and saliva mixed with juices are dripping from out of her mouth and down her chin, sparkling all over the floor.
Her pace accelerates as you begin jutting with anticipation. You have no idea why this has even been able to go on for so long without the thick white protein-filled cream spraying all over Rocky's beautiful face. You bite your lip in anticipation as Rocky continues sucking hard; she gives one firm clasp from the end of the bottom of your penis up until the head. The head leaves her mouth, and just in time.
Instantly the nozzle begins spraying Rocky's face with it's white goo. It is all over her eyebrows and forehead, in her hair, and dripping down her lips. Webs of the man-milk are dangling from her eyebrows and laying atop her hair. You look down at her and you feel kind of disappointed you were not able to give this girl the meal she deserved. Despite all of the trial, none of the cream reached the inside of her mouth.
Rocky is not one to be easily defeated.
She sticks the nozzle back into her mouth and resumes sucking. Webs and streams of goo go flying into her throat. You hear the most beautiful muffled moans as if they were sung by a choir of angels.
Ecstasy consumes you as Rocky finishes her meal, with half of it still dripping down her face.
Your pastry bag may be empty, and you may believe your job as camp counselor complete with Rocky's belly full of your delicious cream, her lips are still pouring with the viscous liquid. She seems satisfied, as do you. You step back and you start to try to re-dress yourself and go back outside.
Rocky stops you. She needs your help. All of that tugging and leaking has caused quite the mess. Not only is her face still glazed with juices, but it had also been covering the floor. And, what do you know? She had the grand misfortune of wearing a skirt!
Rocky's legs are covered and shining as if covered with the heaviest oils. She turns her back to you, with her face to the floor. She shows you her filthy legs. She cannot simply go back to camp like this!
You stare at her slowly jiggling legs. As you look at them it is as if there are a thousand jiggles in one. Her muscles gyrate as you stare at her from behind with her face to the floor.
Her legs are so covered it is almost as if her legs are a mirror. They are filthy.
Rocky is covered in filth from the earlier session with your pastry bag. You are ashamed to have failed your camper with such a difficult dispenser. You lower yourself and begin licking the remains. The taste is at first slightly bitter, but as you remove every layer of cream, the taste becomes more and more delicious. You cannot stop licking. It is the best taste you have ever had against your tongue.
Rocky reaches and begins removing her clothing which had been soiled by the cream. Her hands are merely inches away from your face and they graze your tongue. As her ring finger touches your tongue she begins to moan. You are unsure. This is a moan of frustration. You look before you. It seems as if Rocky had been preparing a meal for you all this time.
A viscous liquid begins trailing from just beyond her hand and onto the floor. You stare at it hungrily. Rocky's finger touches the tip of her vaginal lips, barely protruding the entrance. She removes her soaked finger and begins feeding it into your mouth. You taste it and suck it from her finger. This is a taste far greater than that of Rocky's delicious pastry remains you had been licking from her previously. Rocky is moaning much more heavily and with increasingly greater frustration. She resumes the practice of barely protruding her entrance and feeding you her special goo. It taste delicious, but you are near paralyzed. You instinctively know that Rocky has made you this special goo in return for the cream you had given to her earlier. Your body forces you to inch forward. Rocky continues trying to feed you her goo until...
Your tongue touches the lips of Rocky's goo factory. Rocky lets out the loudest moan you have ever heard. You are sure this moan might have shattered the Earth itself, but your body will not stop, your tongue begins flicking for more and more of the delicious goo Rocky is offering to you.
You dive face first into it as your licking continues. The more you lick, the more that comes out, and you are careful not to waste a single drop. A few feet in front of your face the most beautiful girl on the planet is moaning with greater vigor and beauty than before. You cannot stop. You begin to worry your cock is leaking, but that is of no concern, your only wish is to finish your meal.
As your tongue finally completely probes the teenager's vaginal lips Rocky yells and juices begin flowing, you suck all of the juice up as you continue protruding and taking back your tongue. You relieve your head as Rocky's legs give out, and she pants on the floor with the most resounding beat. Rocky is finished.
After a long rest and warm silence, you hear Rocky's stomach growl. She is clearly unsatisfied with what you have given her to eat so far, and she is more than willing to swallow anything else you can feed her. You hover above Rocky's face, fully erect. Rocky is quickly back on her knees and you are in front of her with your cock on eye level with her. She wastes no time in the haste of her hunger. She is sucking it hard and you are enjoying every second of it.
Just then, you hear talking coming from the entranceway. Apparently Major Dance has fired her two head chefs and has instead hired these two tall, fit, young adult men. You have always known Major Dance to have a short temper, and you realize that if anyone catches you and this beautiful teenage girl, it could be your job, your life, that is in jeopardy next. As they walk closer and closer to the kitchen, your panic hastens. Each passing step makes your heart beat even faster. You look down at the ecstatic girl giving you an amazing blowjob, and even though it is great, your fear will not fail to persist.
There just is not enough time to put your dick away. Rocky is still sucking it and doing a wonderful job. You hear the new chefs as they reach the entranceway of Rocky and your love-nest and you are completely helpless.
The two young men look at the scene of you feeding your cock to the beautiful teen year old girl. Both men grimace with anticipation as they remove their peripheries to join you as Rocky continues sucking your cock. You are relieved to not be in any danger of losing your job, or worse. However, as these two young men remove their pants, the two chefs reveal the largest and fattest shafts of dicks you could ever imagine. One stands on either side of Rocky and are both pulsating with confidence. You cannot help but feel both inadequate and jealous. Would Rocky even bother to service you at this point?
Rocky reaches out and clasps her petite young hands around each of the young man's fat shafts. Her hand can barely grasp the full circumference. You notice her muscles tensing as she eagerly tries her best with these two large penises. Her stressed arms and armpits are in plain sight for you. Even though your cock is still in her mouth, it is painfully obvious her active task has changed to stroking off these two strong men. Rocky finally appears to get somewhat of a grasp on either penis. Quickly, however, each cock begins leaking it's initial juices, as if either man only needed the touch of a beautiful supple young princess to begin seeping out precum from the fat heads of the tips of their penises.
Rocky finally resumes actively sucking your cock, now with her eyes closed. She opens one eye and looks up to you with the most innocent, trusting, and adorable face, with her mouth completely full with your cock and each of her hands more than full with two more penises.
Rocky alleviates her mouth from your cock. As she does so, drool and juices leak out from her mouth and onto her lips and down her chin. With bated breath, you watch her leave you completely unattended. She reaches her tongue to the cock on her left which has more than begun leaking it's initial juices. Rocky cleans the tip of this man's penis with only her tongue alone. As more and more juices continue to outpour, she turns her head away and some of the juices drip to the floor.
With her eyes closed, Rocky turns. She passes right by your cock as your frustration builds. She begins licking the crown of the cock on her right, and then she begins taking this cock into her mouth. This cock is much larger than yours, and it has no trouble slickly gliding over Rocky's tongue as it teases her throat, dropping it's initial juices on her uvula as they drip down her throat. Excited, the young chef begins thrusting his hips in and out with Rocky's motions. You can tell he is enjoying himself. He is enjoying himself with your camper more than you are. She is your camper and you are responsible for her, and yet, this other man's cock seems much more pleasing to Rocky than your own. Your jealousy builds as she moans in delight at the strong, long thrusts this chef makes within her throat.
Drool and juices begin leaking from Rocky's lips, so much so that Rocky removes this man's cock from her mouth; she moves her head and turns it toward your cock. She licks the nozzle of your cock - once, and turns to the man on her left.
With a pelvic thrust, the man juts his cock on Rocky's cheek, painting some of his man juices on Rocky's pretty face. He thrusts outward allowing Rocky access to his cock by her mouth. She licks the tip of his cock and cleans it entirely with her mouth alone, without needing to take in the head of his cock.
She turns back to your cock and finally resumes sucking, this time with what feels like the vigor of ten thousand suns. She seems to be stroking either cock with her hand even harder now too. This is a girl who seems to be working at full capacity, at her absolute limit. There is no way this once-innocent girl could handle anything else.
All three of you are enjoying Rocky, and she is enjoying all three of you enjoying her. You all feel ecstasy with each of the teenager's muffled moans. You are all thrilled to be taking part of the healthy diet of an adolescent. The anticipation had been building for some time now within the three of you, and as you all look down at this beautiful, supple, young teen, you all instinctively know, without any words needing to be said, that the three of you are about to be spraying gooey white juices all over the face of this beautiful young girl.
Rocky has been working hard, so very very very very very hard, for this reward, and you all are about to give it to her.
Just then, you all hear someone call out the camper's name. It is her older brother, Ty Blue. Apparently he is looking for his little sister; his mother drove out to pick up her daughter. He is asking something about a refund, and asking if Rocky can hear him, because he cannot see her.
All three of you feel panicked but paralyzed at the prospect of this innocent sweet young girl's older brother seeing her entertaining three cocks at once like this. You are all filled with such intense panic, your heart is racing, and so is your heartbeat, including all of the places in your body which resonate that heartbeat; including the cock in the mouth of this young girl.
All three cocks are twitching in fear and the friction from Rocky's hands and mouth is not helping. You all still hear Ty calling out his sister's name. Your cock is still thick and hard inside of Rocky's mouth, as Rocky's hands are firmly clasp around the leaking cocks of the chefs on either side of her. You got away with it once, but you seriously doubt you will get away with it a second time when a little girl has your dick in her mouth in front of her older brother. You do not know what to do, but you, and everyone surrounding you is paralyzed with fear.
Finally, Ty rounds the corner and witnesses his sweet innocent child sister handling three men's cocks at once. It is a sight of horrors for him, to have to look at his younger sister covered in multiple men's initial juices, and with her handling all three of those men at once. This was his child sister; he had known and cared for since she was a baby. How could he be witnessing her being so completely defiled?
Just then, all three of you can no longer take the discomfort and fear which had been building up inside of you. All of your twitches of fear are just met with Rocky's friction. You all explode your cocks all over Rocky's face at once. Gobs and gobs, stream onto streams, webs upon webs, land onto the teenagers face and into her throat. That's it. You are done now and you are staring at the older brother of the little girl you have just ruined.
Ty stares onto the girl he had always believed to be his loving child sister. He had always thought of her as a child, and never once thought differently. Seeing this, however, made him confused...
Confused as to why his own cock was now pulsating, and entirely erect. Ty could not explain why he removed his own pants and boxers within seconds of witnessing three men blow their loads onto his kid sister's face. Ty did not understand why he was now revealing his throbbing manhood to his child sister. Gobs and gobs of older men's, men older than Ty himself, were dripping, pouring, from his little sister's face. And yet, his legs could not help but propel him forward as he neared his very own penis toward his very own sister.
Ty did not know what was coming over him, he felt powerless to stop himself. Ty stopped within inches of his sister, with his own cock nearly touching her face. He could not stop himself. Within seconds, Ty was covering his sister more fiercely than you or the other two men could accomplish combined. He was panting. He was moaning. He was panting and moaning. Rocky just looked up at him, motionless. Ty's expression on his face showed he had no control, like a sleepwalker - a sleepwalker dispensing man goo on his kid sister's face.
Rocky was turned toward Ty, her mouth was widening from the shock of the situation. No one had moved. Ty quickly went limp when he finally emptied, and his face filled with horror.
Everyone was still and motionless. It seemed as if nothing was moving in that room. Almost nothing, anyway.
One of Ty's streams slowly made it's way down Rocky's face. It moved down her forehead, and glided down her pretty nose. It continued dripping until it reached her lip. Rocky did not move for a second throughout all of this. The goo was positioned, dripping on her upper lip, seemingly making a path to her tongue. Ty looked at complete disgust at the mess he had just made. He saw what was about to happen, and his heart was both pounding and felt motionless at the same time as he watched that one gob drip, and then pull itself back up onto her upper lip, drip, then pull itself back up, drip, then pull itself back up, drip and...
The web of Ty's adult man goo finally slipped from Rocky's upper lip and landed square on her tongue, making a splashing sound against the firm teenage girl's tongue. Ty saw this happen as his sister still looked on wide-eyed in shock...
Looked on wide-eyed in shock as her brother's penis lifted itself right back up with a greater erection than before, and entirely by chance worked it's way right into his little sister's mouth within milliseconds, with all of the spunk from the day working as the perfect lubricant.
Ty's sister looked beautiful and sexy covered in the goo of four men, Ty included. He was in a room with three other men who had also used his sister that day, and she had enjoyed all three of them.
Ty also saw the innocent sister he had always known, but Ty was not in control, here. He could only watch on as his sister began to use a new skill she had only just learned. Rocky, at first meaning to breathe in through her mouth, began sucking her older brother's cock as she stood on her knees at eye level with it.
Ty grabbed the back of his sister's head and began feeding her. His hips pounded like machinery in and out of his own sister's face.
Not wanting to miss an opportunity, you motion towards Rocky and begin to attempt to remove her panties. Blinded by her older brother's intense fury, Rocky attempts haphazardly to remove her own underwear for you. You remove it completely for her, and bring it to your face.
It's soaked. So much so, in fact, that you remove a layer of the viscous substance and attempt spoon-feeding it to yourself, but that hardly removes any of it. You lay on the ground as Rocky begins using her remaining strength to hover over you - reverse cowgirl. When she is in position, you level her onto your shaft, her juices instantly soaking your creamy dispenser as you slowly begin thrusting in and out of her.
Reminded of her thick juices, you take her panties, still in hand, and move them back toward your face. You plant them on top of your mouth where you lick and slurp the remaining juices. Inches away from your nose, your nostrils are filled with the heaviest heavenly aroma you ever had the privilege to smell.
As you learned earlier, the young chefs are not ones to miss opportunity, either. They retain their previous positions on the left and right side of Rocky. Rocky, still under intense pressure from her brother brutally pounding his pelvis into her mouth grabs onto the men's cocks at each side of her, squeezing partially in agony, and partially in lust.
You continue thrusting yourself in and out of Rocky. She is moaning heavily but you cannot be sure if that is due to difficulty breathing or if she is enjoying herself. You look up at her only to see Ty. Tears are streaming down the young man's face as he skullfeeds the girl he once believed as his sweet, innocent little sister. He is crying, but he cannot stop himself. Rocky's face is still covered with his, yours, and the splooge from two more men, and yet Ty will not let up as he pounds himself into his sister, until finally...
Ty releases himself deep inside of his little sister's throat. Rocky has no choice but to swallow. You can hear her gulping and the seed plopping into her belly as she continues riding you. Ty continues allowing for webs and webs of his seed suited for procreation hit the back of his child sister's throat. The chefs watch with great enjoyment at the grand taboo as Rocky continues to stroke their increasingly slippery cocks.
Ty finally falls to the floor and seems to be regaining his senses. He seems as if he is becoming aware of the situation. Just in time as either of the young men begin to fight over who will have their turn next inside of Ty's sister's throat.
Now that Ty is aware of what is happening he begins crying for real. Cocks are bouncing in front of his child sister's face and he is just sitting on the ground helpless. What is worse is what he had just done to his sister, but he cannot even realize this now. Ty begins sobbing and moaning in existential agony as his little sister moans in complete lust.
Rocky struggles to choose between which of the chef's cocks she will suck. She does not struggle to choose between them so much as she struggles to discern why she would need to choose in the first place. Rocky opens her mouth wide and encompasses the heads of either cock whole.
Meanwhile, you are laying on the ground watching Rocky's round mound bounce up and down on your lap. It is the perfect shape; it is both fit and large. It bounces with every thrust, and several times in between.
You look over to Ty; his lower-half is completely exposed. His eyes were at first transfixed on the face of the sister he had always known. The face of trust and innocence he never believed would change. The face he had just endlessly pounded his dick into. The face covered in multiple men's goo. The face of innocence.
Now, however, Ty was moving. His cock had returned to being limp after he finished, but apparently all of this confusion was too much for him. His hand had coincidentally been idly holding his beaten shaft after the rough treatment he had given it inside of his little sister's mouth.
Rocky winced as she struggled to handle what quickly became the two most eager men on the planet, either one, already larger than Rocky could handle, was attempting to relieve themselves deep in her mouth, and all at once.
Rocky was trying her best to manage to enjoy the idea she was pleasing to these men, but she could not shake that her widened mouth was becoming painful.
Rocky continued just bouncing on your lap through all of this, and you could not care otherwise, for her underwear was inside of your mouth, and her gelatin rear was jiggling right before your eyes. It might not have been eventful, but there is no other life experience which could top this.
It seemed as if Ty agreed. Ty's eyes finally shifted, as did his hands. Ty resigned from focusing on his sister's face.
This was no longer Ty's sister. This was nothing more than a body, and an amazing body at that. Ty began jerking off his own cock as he watched each movement the girl, his sister, made on your pelvis. Each bounce, each jiggle. He stroked himself in tandem with yours and her movements. Ty was fully aware of the situation now, but his sister's beauty was enough to convince him that taboo could not stop him from jerking off to his sister.
Finally, either chef gave out. They began shooting their jets inside Rocky's throat, but she began gagging. The men removed themselves from her mouth as jets upon jets began shooting across Rocky's hair. Rocky stopped gyrating atop your own shaft. All of the power of the two large cocks which had just completed their mutual journey in Rocky's mouth knocked Rocky right off of your lap.
Rocky's anticipation had been building, as had yours. The two men quickly stepped back to avoid Rocky falling on them.
Rocky attempted to reposition herself on your lap as quickly as possible as to not spoil your mutual climax.
However, in her haste, Rocky failed to line things up properly. Juices had been heavily leaking this whole time as she accidentally glided you into her perfectly lubricated and ridiculously tight backdoor.
Rocky's climax was ruined, but yours could not be.
Rocky attempted to reassert herself and position you back into the right hole, but before you could allow for her to force you to leave her exit, you rise up, and slam her onto the ground, knees holding her up, face and shoulders to the cold floor.
You do not know what has come over you, but you are well aware that your body will not let anything else happen. You pin Rocky's hands to the ground as she squirms - which only makes things much tighter and more enjoyable for you. You continue drilling into her unbelievably tight colon, with your body practically wrapping hers. You can notice out of the corner of your eye that it appears Ty is really enjoying the spectacle, beating himself faster than you could ever imagine.
Rocky's perfect butt jiggles against your pelvis with each thrust. This reminder really sets you off as to just who you are about to finish inside - this is the most beautiful woman in the world.
Your thrusts get stronger and deeper as your adrenaline builds. In and out and in and out and in and out and in and out and in and out. Rocky is audibly crying and moaning in pain as all this goes on inside of her. She had been looking for a good time, but never suspected to go this far.
You feel guilt, internally, but you know that Rocky is about to feel something far different internally as well. With a few short juts you begin releasing your seed inside her digestive tract. You can feel the webs leave you and hit the inside of Rocky's walls, vibrating like some sort of echolocation. It feels as if this goes on forever, it is a greater feeling than anything you've ever known, Rocky's unbelievably tight hole just will not stop juicing you as this all takes place. You are going to finish completely inside of her.
Finally, you begin streaming the final remains of the dynasty of build-up you have felt this past session. You remove yourself from Rocky as your senses come over you and you begin to realize she is really crying.
As you remove yourself from her, Rocky does not move. She is covered, soaked, in men's juices, and she is crying.
Each of her holes are covered the most and there is no doubt in your mind each are leaking with the remains of what lies inside.
Rocky's whole body is beautiful and glistening from the day's events, you marvel at her perfect figure as her beautiful rear is on display for all.
Her legs have not moved and she begins shaking which just causes for her butt to gyrate and jiggle more wondrously than before. She is still crying. Ty stands up and approaches his sister.
The man who Rocky had always known and looked up to as a father figure would surely come to her rescue as she withered in so much agony from the streams you had just finished unleashing within her. Ty was sure to help his sister up and stay with her until she felt better.
For the first time since you had pinned her down, Rocky lifts her head to look up at her loving brother.
Instead she is met with the lascivious pervert Ty Blue jerking his own cock right at his own child sister's face. Rocky can barely fathom the situation by the time Ty climaxes, completely covering Rocky's beautiful well-glazed face with his final farewell. The seed instantly splashes against the tears Rocky had been crying, crying out for someone to help her as you defiled the girl.
Ty finishes on his sister; or 'the body' as he could only now think of it. He turns away from her as Rocky collapses on the ground, covered in four separate men's semen in each of her holes and all over her body and covering her hair.
The most beautiful girl in the world had been eternally ruined by four men she would have been led to believe she should trust the most. Her camp counselor might have made sense, two staff member's at a children's camp might be very taboo, but it could happen, yet Rocky could not believe what her own brother had done to her.
Yet, through all of this intense use, Rocky continued to look truly beautiful.
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