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Hey people, this is my first story...ever, so can u please tell me how I can Improve it! :)
Mr. Klenam was ,or is, one of those teachers that gets you wet instantly! The ones that are fun, cute, sexy, etc. As soon as I saw him, I knew this year was going to be fun!
I had no trouble finding Mr. Klenams class, It was right next to my 6th period, so all I had to do was go next door! It was the first day of school at KingsDen Middle, my first day f 7th grade. The day had dragged on and I was tired from being bored to death by my math teacher, Mr. Slijer.
I walked into the classroom and the scent of man slapped me in the face. I ignored all the stares from the others and sat down in the first row. I was really self conscious because when I was small I use to get raped :( My hair was long and black, I was a size 34C and playing so much soccer payed off. My ass was great, my legs were long and toned! I was a godess. 'Lets hope guys think so too!' I thought to myself. Then, I saw him ,he walked in with a green button up shirt tucked loosley into his black suit pants. His hair was brown, he looked kind of old, maybe in his 30's? But he was still hot! He even looked like he was fit!
He introduced himself and took attendance. I felt myself getting wet. I tried to calm myself down but pictures of me and Mr. Klenam were popping up in my head. And they werent pretty! He started talking about the rules and procedures of the class, I just closed my eyes and dreamed of kissing his lips and hearing his voice in my ear! Before I knew it, I was dripping wet ,but luckily my jeans didnt show.

And thats how it was for the first few days... I walked into class, sat down, and when the bell rang I would stare at the door until Mr. Klenam entered. My pussy would get wet while I fantasized. I even tried to flirt with him! Once, I got up to sharpen my pencil, and since the sharpeners right next to his desk, I purposly dropped my pencil just so I could bend down to get it. My perfect ass facing him. I acted inoccent when I got up and pretended to not notice his clenched fist and the redness in his cheeks. Obviously my friends knew what I was up to! They teased me and I slapped them, ^_^.

After a week we got a quiz, obviously I didnt try, and when Mr. Klenam gave them back to us the next day, I had a F. The bell rang and everyone started to leave, except for me, I sayed behnd and even unbuttoned my shirt a bit to expose my pink lace bra. I waited until the others left then went up to the teachers desk. "Mr. Klenam, why did you give me a F?!" I said inocently, biting my lip and leaning towards him. "Uh ,well you didnt try, and your anwsers didnt make sense! For number 6 you put Metamorphic rocks are created by lmnopqrstuvwxyz!? I sighed, "Is there anything I can do for extra credit?" I asked pouting my lips. "Actually, there is one thing," he winked at me,"but its really nasty!". My heart started to pound, my body started to heat up. "I dont mind if its dirty." "Okay, good come here," He walked towards a desk and lifted it up. He flipped it and exposed 3 years worth of gum stuck to its bottom."Oh, I saidd, surprised, and disapointed, "Just scrape it off with a pencil, Ill give you a b+ if you cand do all the desks, oh heres a pencil!" He told me, he flipped the desk back and one of the legs caught on to my shirt, ripping the buttons of and breaking my bra in half!
My two breast instantly popped out and his hand accidently touched one. I saw how tight his pants got. My hand instantly reached for the buldge. He dropped the desk and I threw myself at him. His lips touched mine and he quickly ripped the rest of my bra and shirt off. I grabbed the collar of his shirt and did the same. His hand went straight for my pants next. I pulled away and did it myself. Once we were both undresssed we made out again. He pushed me into the timeout room wich was small, it had a table, a chair and nice flat floor. We were both panting by the time I was on my hands and feet with him behind me.I felt my pussy start to drip with my juices. I braced myself as I felt something rock hard touch my lips. He moaned, aand I moand. "You dont know how long Ive been waiting to pound your tight pussy!" I heard him growl behind me. "Fuck, yes, please! Pound my pussy with your dick!" I begged. His hands were on my hips. I felt him go inside me. "Oh! Fuck yes!" I whined as he went faster, His hands started to play with my breast. "Oh god your so tight, your so fucking tight!" I felt his giant dick go deeper inside me. I started to scream. I felt like coming... "Oh god! Im gonna come!" I started to whimper. "Oh, me too." We came at the same time. I poured my juices all over the place and he filled me up with his skeet.
When we finished, we were both in shock, what the hell did we just do?! "Shit. You better not say a word about this!" I panted. "Hell no." Was all he said. "I need another shirt by the way," I told him. "Ill go get you another one." He got dressed and left with a wink.

I smiled and sighed. This year was gunna b fun!

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2013-04-23 21:02:16
I once had a storie like this. I was in 8th grade and my language arts teacher was hot and in his early 30's. I was attached to him on my first day. I went in the morning ever day to do extra credit. So one morning I walked in and damn he looked hot. He was wearing a tux and looked hawt. "What are you wearing Mr.T"I laughed. " aunts funeral is after school. Do I look ok??" he asked. U look hawt! I felt like saying. But I didn't instead I said " you look fine. " I said as I sat down at my desk. I was wearing a shirt that showed half my belly and was hanging so it showed my breast. Short skirt with panties were absolute turn on for boys. So that's wat I wore. Anyways I asked fir help and he came over and I saw him looking down my shirt. He didn't see me looking at him so I decided to tease him. I stood up and said "I forgot I needed to stretch for pe." I streched bent down to touch my toes. He saw my pink panties. My butt and I streched my legs apart... U just have to wait


2012-09-02 03:48:32
kinda good for your first try a little short and add more sensory details....i will be looking out for more stories from you ;)

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