This story is very long and not just sex .
This chapter goes a little to the darker side not much sex mostly set up for later.

A Not So Simple life
Chapter 9

I arrive in Manila Tuesday evening local time. I link up with the delta team and we
review the tapes and audio of the target and building. “Look there’s minimal security
and easy access for the extraction by water, I normally don’t like moving quickly but
I think our best move is to hit him tonight before word travels about Americans
being here and he doubles his security” I tell the delta commander.

He agrees with my assessment and we move out at 2am local. Only 4 guards and he’s
taken while he sleeps in his bed. The delta team takes him for transport to the safe
house and I stay behind to dispose of the evidence in my usual way. Clean out the safes
And Thermite charges to incinerate anything that was left behind.

Once back at the safe house the interrogation begins. I walk into the room and he sits
at the table with a black hood over his head strapped to the chair he sits in. “Arman,
I’ll give you one opportunity to answer our questions, but know before you decide
that I am not governed by any rules or limits as you may think. I have no ties to any
Government. I am only paid for the information I extract not how I obtain it”

I pause to let that sink in, it works occasionally to avoid the long torture process.
“ok Arman, Do you wish to answer questions or shall we begin” I say. He curses me
in his native language but the speaks really good English “Go fuck yourself pig, I’m
not stupid I know you work for the US so bring on the bullshit interrogation” he says.
“As you wish” I say and leave the room.

I go retrieve my bag as Arman is moved to the interrogation room. When I enter now
he is stripped naked and strapped to a table. “You were given fair warning Arman,
I will give you one last chance to change your mind after which your fate will be sealed”
I say walking over to the table. He of course refuses believing it will be only mild
torture he has to endure.

I remove his hood and smile “You won’t be needing this since you will not leave
this table alive Arman” I say. He has a look of shock on his face but still has hope
as I wheel the cart next to the table. I attached a vital signs monitor to him.

Next I pick up a ball gag and place it to his mouth. “we can do this the easy or
hard way Arman” I say. He turns his head and curses me. Obviously still under the
Impression he would only receive limited physical harm. I grab his head by the hair,
And using the ball I hit him in the mouth several times shattering most of his front teeth.

He passes out shortly after the third hit. The medical team comes in and cleans
him up best they can, “what the hell, I thought this was just a routine interrogation”
the doctor says looking at me in disbelief. I laugh “no, doc we haven’t even started
the questioning yet this is just the beginning” I say.

Arman stirs and I pick the ball gag up “ok, Arman lets try this again” I say holding
the ball gag I front his face. He has a whole new look in his eyes, I think he finally
understands his situation. He does still curse me “Fuck you, you broke half my
teeth you sick fuck. I need a doctor and someone to fix my teeth” he yells at me.

I just smile and pick up the pair of 12 inch vice grip pliers from the cart. “don’t
worry Arman I’ll take care of those broke teeth for you” I say as I grab the first
jagged tooth and rip it from his head. He passes out again, he is strong I note
He made it to the 7th tooth before he did. The record being 8 but most don’t
make it past 4.

The medical team returns and patches him up cauterizing his gums to stop the
bleeding. They also start an IV and start a morphine drip at my request. I want him
in pain but I can’t have him passing out every 15 minutes. He wakes up and
I walk over to the table and hold up the ball gag.

“What do you want to know” he says. I laugh and smile “I’m sorry Arman, but I
explained that option to you earlier and you choose not to take it. It’s no longer on
available. Your only option at this point is the easy or hard way” I say shaking
the ball gag at him with a smile.

He opens his mouth as wide as he can and lies there as I put the ball gag in and strap
it to his head. “well now that’s much better Arman, the next part isn’t nearly as easy”
I say with a grin. His eyes grow wide hearing that. I tilt the back off the table up a few
degrees so he can see his feet.

I place a tourniquet below his left knee and pick up the pair of tin shears from the cart.
If his eyes could speak they would be begging as I snip his little toe off. He thrashes
around the table for several minutes. Once he calms enough I snip the 2nd toe off followed
By the 3rd and finally he passes out after the 4th toe. The doc comes in and gives him
a shot to wake him up.

“Arman please try and stay awake we have a lot more to go before we get back to the
your opportunity to talk” I say as he wakes up. His leg has no blood left below the
Tourniquet and pretty much dead at this point. I pick up the hack saw from the cart and
begin cutting at his ankle. From what I’m told he can feel the saw but it’s a dull pain.

I work my way up taking out 6 inches at a time until I reach the tourniquet. Arman pukes
during the process but with the gag in it is all force out his nose. Not a big surprise though
That normally happens. Next I loosen the tourniquet and allow him to slowly bleed out
As I watch the last signs of life leave his eyes I tighten it back up.

The medical team rushes in and hangs several bags of blood. I leave while they patch him up.
I head down to the kitchen and open the ice box. “Dam Turkey and Chicken, Why can’t we
Have salami, ham, roast beef. Dam health food nuts” I say speaking loud enough the medical
staff in the room can hear me. I know it’s their doing.

I make me a sandwich anyway making sure to use all their chicken and turkey. I return
To the room with my sandwich and a glass of milk and wait for Arman to wake. I notice
as I eat my snack that the doc has cauterized his leg. I guess he doesn’t like my methods.
Arman is awake now and stairs at me as I finish my sandwich and milk.

I had placed a tourniquet on his other leg just above his knee this time. “Glad to see your
back Arman, doc said that last one was touch and go for you. I told him you was a fighter”
I say with an evil grin. Next I pick up the fish filet knife from the cart. Starting just below
the tourniquet I begin removing the skin from his leg. When I reach the toes I just use the
shears to snip them off.

I go out to take a piss while the leg drains of blood. Once I return I pick up the a knife
and pair of salad thongs. I start cutting and removing his calf muscle one stand at a time.
It’s a long slow process and from the look in his eyes. He wasn’t nearly as interested
as I was in how his muscle attached to the leg bone.

I start on the knee cap next using the knife I carefully remove it and hold it up for Arman
to look at, apparently he passed out when I wasn’t paying attention. I look at
my watch, its 9pm at the house. I head back to the kitchen and grab a coke and
call the girls to say good night.

The Doc comes back out the room and stands waiting for me to get of the phone.
“Ok baby girl I have to get back to work, I love you, good night” I say and hang up.
The Doc looks at me funny for a moment “What kind of sick fuck are you, what you
did in there is beyond torture, and to what end. He’s gagged he can’t even speak so
How is this an interrogation” he says almost yelling with obvious disgust in his voice
for my methods.

“Well Doc you can call your superiors if you like and discuss your disapproval with them”
I reply. “I did they told me to keep my mouth shut and the patient alive” he says angrily.
I smile at him “Sounds like good advice Doc, I suggest you follow it” I say and walk
past him and into the room.

Leaning back out the door “Oh and get some Ham and Salami I tired of eating fucking
Chicken and Turkey sandwiches. That’s what I call real torture” I say and pop back into
the room. “Nice to see you you’ve rejoined us Arman” I say with a chuckle.

I pick up the Filet knife again and begin trimming all the meat from his leg until it’s
just a bone. Next I try my hand at the cauterizing. I pick up the instrument and a
scalpel and start removing his left ear. I cut a few inches then cauterize then tissue.
This is the first time I’ve used it but it seem to work well.

Like any new toy, I start playing with it. “Dam Arman sorry about that, I was just trying
to remove the eye lid, I guess I shouldn’t use this thing so close to an eye. Hey you still
got the right eye at least” I say. I was talking to myself at this point Arman had passed
out when the cauterizer hit his eye.

The Doc won’t even make eye contact as they come back in to wake him up. I look at my
Watch it’s late and I’m tired and hungry so once Arman it awake I walk over to the table.
I loosen the tourniquet and let him slowly bleed out for a second time. It never ceases
to amaze me how much you can see in a persons eyes.

Taking him as close to death as I dare for now I tighten the tourniquet back and leave.
“ok doc he’s yours till morning I’m going to get some sleep” I say passing the Doc in the
hall. I toss and turn during the night, I miss having the girls in bed with me. I never had
a problem before but since we came back I seem to be missing them a lot.

In the morning I meet up with Doc in the kitchen. “Hey Doc mind if I ask your opinion
about something, it not a medical question but you took psychology in college right”
I say. He looks at me for a second “Yes I did, but I seriously doubt I can help you, but
ask your question” he says with dread in his voice.

“Well I was having trouble sleeping last night and I’ve never had trouble before. I’m
sure it’s from missing my girls, do you think that’s an indication I’m getting too soft.
Maybe allowing myself too become too emotionally attached” I ask looking to him
for an answer. His answer was no help “No, I fear being to soft is the least of your
problems” is all he says and walks off.

I make me a couple fried eggs sandwiches and a glass of milk. Eating the sandwiches
I head to the room. “Good morning Arman, did you sleep well” I say. “Ok Arman raise
the hand you write with” I say. “Oh a lefty how nice” I say and place a tourniquet on the
right arm just below the shoulder.

I call the Doc in “Doc you need to switch his IV to the left arm. His right one won’t be of
much use soon” I say. The Doc mumbles something about being soft and swaps the IV.
“Much better Arman, now we’ll just turn your morphine drip up a little” I say. I pick
an old meat clever from the cart and wait for the morphine to kick in.

Whack, Whack, Whack his fingers are gone. One more whack and his hand falls to the
floor. It takes several whacks to remove his forearm, I’ll have to remember to sharpen
this thing. Surprisingly Arman is still awake I cut his morphine back and allow the pain
to take over watching until he passes out.

When he wakes “Ok Arman I’m going to remove your gag. Here are your options tells
Us everything you know and you die peacefully. Refuse, lie or hold back information
and I will torture for weeks before the Doc can longer keep you alive” I say and
remove the gag.

“I’ll tell you anything and everything I know” he says quickly as the gag is removed.
“Don’t you wish you had listened yesterday, I could be home with my girls right now”
I say. He just looks at me. I toss him a note book and pen “Write down every name,
Address you know that belong to your group. Also any one who has deals with your
group. List what each person does or provides. Also any family members of group
members and their location” I say.

“Try not to run off” I say laughing as I untie his hand. “And remember is you lie or leave
anything out I will be back to finish this Arman” I say as I leave. It’ll take a few weeks
to verify the Intel but I have yet to have anyone lie at this point.

I return to Knoxville on Thursday morning in time to wake the girls for our morning run.
Their both asleep in the master bedroom and naked I find out as I slip under the covers.
The smell of young hot pussy is strong under the cover as I reach Samantha’s wet little pussy
and take a taste.

Then I move over to Rachel’s and do the same before pulling the covers off
them and smacking their little butt “get out of bed you to lazy things, its time for our run”
I say. They both drag themselves out of bed and dress.

On the run the girls fill me in on all their latest wedding plans and want to set a date. “well
I’ll leave all that to you girls just tell me when and where to show up” I say laughing. They
both smile at the idea of having free reign to do whatever they want. “Ok Mike, but you have
to plan a honeymoon for three” Rachel says smiling at Samantha.

We return home and head up to the bedroom Samantha starts first naked on the bed.
Up on all fours she wiggles her ass at me “daddy do you miss me” she says. I just
laugh and walk over and smack her butt “maybe a little” I say as I kneel on the floor
and spread her checks to eat her little pussy.

Rachel walks over and climbs on the bed as well and wiggles her ass “And did you
miss me a little as well” she says. I slide two fingers into Samantha and begin
fingering her as I move over and begin eating Rachel’s wet little pussy. Both girls
get the idea quickly and lay their head on the head and reach back spreading their
own cheeks wide for me.

I leave one hand finger each girl as I alternate between the two eating their sweet little
pussies until they cum. I have Rachel lie on her back with her pussy at the edge of the bed.
Samantha on top of her their pussies are touching. I kneel between Rachel’s legs and
slide my cock inside her. Then I move up 2 inches and slide inside Samantha’s waiting

After several minutes of swapping back and fourth “Daddy when you cum, put it in
Rachel” she says. I’m curious about this, Samantha liked being cumed in. “why is that
Baby girl, you not like daddy’s cum anymore” I say. “No its not that, I love your cum
but me and Rachel decided she would have your baby first since I’m so young.” she
says. “Do I get a say in this” I ask and get a quick “NO” in unison from both girls.
I just smile and laugh.

“And if it’s a girl she has to wait until she’s 10 like I did daddy” Samantha says.
“And what if it’s a boy” I say laughing at her last statement. “Lets just hope for a
girl” Rachel says with a smile.

Samantha cums first and me and Rachel cum together. We kiss and head for the shower.
“we’ll have to start getting up a little earlier if we’re going to make this a regular thing”
I say looking at my watch and hurrying the girls so their not late for school. Rachel
just smiles “I’ll change the alarm this afternoon” she says.

I head into work and we start working on the information Arman gave us. “John you know
The only way inside their group is if they trust you and they only trust people like them”
I say. “Yes I know Mike, we have an agent who looks the part to go in with you” he says.
I have my doubts when he says that, if she’s an agent she’s at least eighteen .

“John, where is this agent I want to see her for myself, its my ass on the line if this
goes bad” I say. “She’ll be here in a few hours” he replies. When she arrives later
we go into John’s office. She does look very young in the face but her body although
very nice and sexy is to mature for a young girl.

“This is Nicole, Mike” he says, “she won’t pass as young girl John” I say. “Yes I will,
I can do this” Nicole says. I look at them both “ok strip Nicole we’ll do this the hard way”
I say. They both look at me then Nicole removes her clothes determined to prove me

I sit in John’s chair and pull up several files on the computer. Nicole is naked and not
very shy about it either making no attempt to cover herself. She’s only 4 foot tall and
has b cup titties at most but a nice round full ass and her hips are well defined and wide.
Her pussy is shaved and she has a nice hard clit poking out, obviously from being made
to stand naked in front of us.

I turn the computer screen to face them. These people are expecting me to
show up with a preteen girl 11 at the oldest. Most of them have girls 7 or 8.
You can’t fool theses guys, look at the pictures then look at yourself.
Your breasts are small but round and firm.

It’s obvious they have been that size for some time as they have just the slightest
sag to them a young girls breasts do not because they are growing or have none
at all. Next is your hip they are well defined and curvy and you can tell from
them that you have reached breeding age.

Which brings us to your pussy nice full lips and that hard clit poking out. Only come
from years of sexual experience and your pussy does look good bald but its
obvious it’s shaved. If I were trying to pass you of as a 15 year old it might work”
I say.

She is now blushing and trying to cover her body. They both realize looking at the
pictures on the computer that what I said is true. “You can be of use though as many
of the men keep their girls around for many years to teach the younger girls, all we
need is a young girl” I say.

“Also before you accept the assignment you should know you will be playing a
submissive, so your body doesn’t belong to you and you must do as told with
out hesitation.” I say. “I can do that” she says. “Kneel and suck johns cock then
slut” I say harshly. They both look at me shocked “See your now dead, a submissive
would have Johns cock hard and in her mouth already” I say.

“If your interested in this assignment first you have to be trained for it” I say.
“Yes I want it, so what do I have to do” she replies. “well first check out some
submissive webs sites and start watching the video’s and talk to others on the
group chat. Once you figure out what it all about call me and we’ll discuss
the next step, practice/ training” I say with a smile.

I slip my card between her butt cheeks as I leave her standing naked in John’s
office and head home. I stop at a super market along the way and pick up food
for dinner. Once home I went took a shower.

Samantha and Rachel was home when I came out the shower, I could hear them by the pool.
I put on my swim trunks and headed down stairs. They were both lying in lounge chairs on
their bellies tanning. My cock was already semi hard from seeing Nicole and now
it was rock hard look at their little butts. Their legs spread I could see the outline of
their little pussy lips on their bikini bottoms.

I quietly slipped between the them and knelt running a hand up each of their thighs to their
pussy. I leaned down and kissed Samantha. I only took a second before both girls were
sitting up with a shocked look on their face. “Daddy, stop” Samantha says gesturing towards
the pool house.

I turn to look and her little friend Tina is standing there just looking at us, her cheeks red and
a smile on her face. Tina had come to the party She is 12 but started school late, so in Samantha’s
class. She actually looks younger then Samantha though especially in her bathing suit. She is flat
only little nipples poking out. No butt to speak of or hips. I do see some promise between her legs
she’s sporting a little camel toe.

When I get up to retreat to the house my hard cock is obvious as it strains against my swim trunks.
Tina giggles as I walk into the house. Rachel follows me in and pulls me into the office.
Dropping to her knees and pulling my shorts down “We’ll have to take care of this” she says
and takes my cock into her mouth.

Sucking slowly at first then she starts taking me deeper and faster. She takes me past her tonsils
into her throat gagging the first few strokes but continues. She takes me all the way until her
nose touches my groin. She has spit dripping from her chin and down her chest. I grab the
back of her head and hold her as I pump my cum into her belly. When I release her she just
licks her lips and smiles.

“Now that’s better” she says looking at my dick hanging down and kisses me. She heads back out
to the pool and I head into the kitchen an grab a beer. I put the steaks marinating and chop up
the vegetables for grilling then head out to the pool and fire up the charcoal grill. I sit between
Rachel’s legs and lean back against her. She kisses me and wraps her arms around my chest.

I drink my beer and we discuss their wedding plans. Samantha hearing the word wedding comes
Over with Tina and sits beside us and puts her two cents in as well. Tina doesn’t Say much
I notice mostly just turns red and stairs at my crouch when see thinks nobody is looking.
Her staring is causing an obvious effect on me.

“Ok girls I better get dinner if we plan to eat tonight, are you eating with us Tina” I say as I get up.
“Yes Sir, If that’s ok” she says “no problem I got extras” I say and head inside. I grab another beer
and put the food in pans and head out to the grill. I put the once everything is on the grill I sit back
watching the girls play in the pool.

The door bell rings so I go to answer it. “Hey, Tina’s mom. Lisa right” I say inviting her in.
“Yes Mike I’m surprised you remember” she says. “Well the girls are swimming out back
And I have steaks grilling so your to join us If you want” I say. “Well I just came to pick
Tina up but steak does sound good if you really don’t mind I’d love to stay” she says with
a little smile.

Well there is an assortment of suits in the pool house if you’d like to swim and a bar by the
pool if your thirsty help your self” I say and lead her to the pool in the back. Tina takes her
pool house and shows her where the suits are. Now Lisa is one of the many single moms
that hit on me at Samantha’s party.

I remember her because she was also the youngest and most attractive single mom there. She
told me her life story over a drink, She had Tina at 15, never married and according to her
never dated after Tina’s dad dumped her when she told him she was pregnant. 12 years with
out sex is hard to believe, especially sense she is a very pretty women. She’s has auburn hair
which is hangs down past her shoulders, 5’3” , 110lbs, and c cup I’m guessing as she comes
out the pull house.

Definitely a nice ass and hips and sporting a bush on that beaver judging from the mound
In her bikini bottoms. Luckily I have the bar to hide behind as I cook or their might be
a few more stares going on. I head inside and get plates an silver ware and set the table
by the pool.

“Ok girls food ready Grilled steak, shrimp, and vegetables” I say as I put the last plate on the
table. The girls all take a seat Rachel on my right and Lisa on my left. Samantha across from
me and Tina next to her mom. I open a bottle of wine and Pour Rachel a glass, looking at
Lisa she holds out her glass and I pour her some.

I pour Samantha a glass and Tina looks at her mom who nods and she hold her glass out and
I pour her some. Filling mine last I hold it up “Here’s to good food, and table full of beautiful
women” I say. Lisa blushes at my comment. Lisa flirts lightly during dinner and consumes
several glasses of wine. After dinner the girls start talking about the wedding.

Lisa seems a little shocked that I was marrying Rachel because of the age difference I’m sure.
However that news only seemed to make her flirt more. “Well if you ladies will excuse me
I need the restroom” I say and head into the house. Rachel follows me inside. “You know
Lisa wants to fuck you Mike” she says once in the bathroom. “Yes, but I got enough with
you and Samantha, trust me I’m not looking to add anymore” I say.

Which was true I wasn’t trying to get anymore women. “I know your not, plus me an
Samantha are the sharing type so you have nothing to worry about” she says and kisses
me. Then slips out the door, “the sharing type” sticks in my mind as I pee. As I open the
door Samantha comes in and kisses me. “I got to pee Daddy” she says and drops her
bottom and sit on the toilet.

“You know Tina has a crush on you daddy, her mom to I think” she says smiling. “Yes,
I noticed, but I got my hands full already” I say laughing. Samantha wipes and
gets up and kisses me “You got big hands I’m sure their not full” she says and takes
my index finger and sucks on it. Smiling she starts to leaves but I grab her.

Them two aren’t helping I’ve been doing pretty good at keep my cock down but
now its rock hard. “Where you running off to so quick” I say picking her up and
putting her on the counter. “Tina’s waiting for me Daddy” she says. I already
her bottoms off and my cock at her wet hole.

“She’ll wait, you need to be daddy’s little slut for a few minutes” I say as I slide
Inside her wet little pussy. She just smiles and wraps her legs around my back.
“Fuck your little slut, Daddy” she says pulling me deeper. She leans back and
watches as my cock goes in and out of her. “Does your sluts tight little bald pussy,
feel good on Daddy’s big hard cock” she says in a child’s voice.

I start fucking her harder “that’s it pound your sluts pussy, Oh fuck your little slut
is going to cum all over your big dick Daddy” she cries as she starts to cum.
Her dirty talk has me Cumming as well filling her pussy with my hot seed.

I step back pulling my cock out, Samantha leans back against the mirror and
scoops up all the cum dripping out in her hand and put it in her mouth.
“Was that what you wanted Daddy” she says smiling. “That was perfect my love”
I say and kiss her.

I put my trunks on and leave her sitting on the counter getting my cum out her
little pussy. If I stayed any longer watching her she would have another load
to scoop out I’m sure. Rachel hands me a beer and a hot kiss as I reach the patio.
“Mike Lisa’s a little drunk, I think they should sleep here tonight” she says.

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