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My First Story. This will be a series and though it starts slow, it will get more involved. Comments welcome.
My name is Sam and this is my story. I’ll give you the background information to get that out of the way. I am 35 years old and have maintained my physique for the most part. I work as a construction contractor so I get plenty of exercise and depending on the fluctuating housing market I have a variable work schedule. My wife, Susan, and I got married young. She was my high school sweetheart. She was a very spirited person and it was her who introduced the idea of swinging into our relationship. We started out with just one person, her best friend Karen. But eventually we broadened our adventure and began mixing it up with some couples. Some we knew, some we met at clubs and some we met online. But then when we were 22 she got pregnant. Since we always used protection with other partners we knew it was mine. We decided to put our swinging lifestyle on hold while we started a family.

Several months later our precious little princess was born. We named her for Susan’s grandmother Rebecca, but we affectionately called her Becky. She was such a cute little baby with very light blonde hair, blue eyes and a cute button nose. A year and a half later we were blessed with Sam Jr. He looked just like me with brown hair, blue eyes and strong features. Even as a baby he looked like a tough little guy. But then two years after that Susan was pregnant again, this time not planned or expected. We thought two children were enough and I had been using condoms when we thought Susan was fertile. But as we all know, things can get carried away sometimes and accidents happen.

During Susan’s pregnancies she was even hornier than ever. But during her eighth month I had a large project I was working on and due to weather and some other factors we had fallen behind on our deadline. So I was pulling 12-14 hour days a lot and seldom had a day off. Susan’s hormones got the best of her and she reactivated her online swinger profile. She quickly met up with a guy behind my back and that is when tragedy struck. She had gone to a sleazy motel to meet this scumbag. After raping her and severely beating her, he cut her throat and then shot himself. Luckily another tenant heard the shot and called 911. They rushed Susan to the hospital but unfortunately they were unable to save her. They were able to save the baby though. I named her after her mother, but usually referred to her as Susie. She was a spitting image of her mother too. She had dirty blonde hair, some freckles and just the cutest smile.

I kept the details of Susan’s death from the children for obvious reasons. We struggled along as many single and widowed young fathers would. Luckily we had taken out life insurance policies on ourselves during her first pregnancy. It wasn’t a huge check, but it allowed me to change up my career a bit and allow for more time off to be with the children. I switched from working for someone to creating my own home inspection business. That way I could set my own schedule. Things eventually improved in our lives and my business became successful. I was even able to hire a few guys to work for me doing the inspections while I focused on running the business. Mostly I worked from home in a home office I built in the backyard.

So now Becky is 12 going on 20. She is becoming a little lady. Already as tall as her mother, who was petite at 5’ 3”, she is just starting her puberty phase. The hormones can give her quite an attitude at times, but for the most part we get along great. Junior is just over 10 years old and a tough little dude. He wants to be just like his daddy when he grows up and follows me around a lot, learning how to do a lot of manly chores. He loves manual labor and so I put him in charge of the lawn care. He mows the lawn and blows the leaves and cleans the pool and loves every minute. And then there is Susie. At 8 years old she is the little princess of the family. She is still in the super girly phase with a pink room full of stuffed animals and Barbie dolls. She wants to be Barbie when she grows up.

I haven’t had many dates since Susan was killed. The murder really messed with my mind and I found it difficult to commit again. The thought of going through a loss again was unimaginable. Mostly I took care of my urges on mine own. You can say I surfed a lot of online porn and had an extensive collection of DVD’s. Eventually I became being a single dad and it enabled me to give even more of my love and attention to my children. Little did I know how much love there would be.

“Dad, I have some questions for you” Becky said as she came through the door. She had just come from school and this year they are giving the sex education talk.

“Sure, what do you got for me? Fire away.”

“Well, during health class today…”

I stopped her mid-sentence, sensing where this may be headed. Junior and Susie were in the living room watching after school cartoons. “If these are questions about you know what, why don’t we go out back? Let me grab a couple drinks and I will meet you out there in a few minutes.” At that point she went to her room to drop off her book bag and change into her swim suit. I went straight for the bar. I mixed myself a tall Captain and Coke and grabbed her just a can of soda.

A few minutes later Becky came out to the patio and sat at the table across from me with her towel wrapped around her shoulders. “So what is on you mind Becky?” I asked as I passed her drink to her.

“Well…I am confused a bit. And before you hit me with the blonde jokes, I am serious.”

I chuckled as we like to pick on each other since the whole family has a genetic humor gene. “Ok, I am listening.”

“They gave us so much information so quickly it was hard to swallow,” she started.

I almost choked on my drink as she said that. Of course she didn’t get why, but I thought her choice of words was funny given the moment.

“What?” She asked.

“Nothing, go ahead, sorry.”

“Well, they were talking about intercourse and masturbation and anal sex and oral sex and sperm and eggs and periods and I just kind of got lost. So do all of things get you pregnant?”

I took another long swig of my drink. To hear my daughter say anal sex and oral sex and such was still a shock, despite the fact I knew we were going to be talking about sex education. After a few seconds I looked her in the eye and starting explaining it slowly for her.

“No. Only sex in the vagina can get you pregnant. Anal and oral sex won’t get you pregnant. And of course masturbation is completely safe,” I explained.

“But why would people want to have sex in the butt and the mouth? It sounds so gross! And if it won’t get you pregnant why would people do it?”

“Honey, you are still young and just learning about all this. But sometimes people have sex just for fun because it feels good. When people love each other they like to make their lovers feel good. Sometimes some people do have oral or anal sex because to them it feels good giving it or getting it. Everyone enjoys different things. Just like you and your brother and sister. You are all so different and like to do different things. Junior likes to get sweaty and dirty and play in the yard. Susie likes playing with dolls and dressing in pink. You like drawing and playing video games. Sex is the same way. Everyone likes different things.”

“So I don’t have to have oral or anal sex right?” she asked.

“Of course not, Becky! You don’t have to anything you don’t want. When you get older and start dating and a guy or girl tries to do something you don’t want to do, you tell them NO or STOP. If they don’t listen you hurt them real good and come get me.”

“A girl?” she asked.

“Well yea, didn’t they explain homosexuality? Sometimes boys like boys, girls like girls and sometimes people like both.”

“Oh, they didn’t get into that. At least not yet. So is that like those guys on Modern Family?”

“Exactly. On that show the two guys with the adopted girl love each other. In real life they would probably have sex too.”

Becky seemed to be trying to digest this new information. She started to fidget with her towel and was looking down.

“Becky, do you like girls? It is ok if you do. In fact you mother liked both guys and girls.”

“Really? Mom? Wow, I had no idea.”

“You were very young when she died. Unfortunately there is a lot you don’t know about her. And too bad she is not here to help you as you get into puberty and start becoming a real lady.”

Just then Junior and Susie came through the back door in their swim suits and jumped into the pool. “So, is there anything else or should we join them for a game of Marco Polo?” I asked her.

“I guess that will do for now. I have some other questions, but they can wait.”

I went inside to go change into my trunks. As I was getting changed I suddenly realized that Becky dodged the question if she liked girls. I wondered if she did that on purpose. Could she be a lesbian I thought to myself? Maybe bisexual like her mom? As I thought about it I realized I was getting a little hard at the thought. Why am I getting hard? Is it the thought of lesbians? It could be because of my daughter. Damn now I have a mental image of my young daughter eating pussy. What the fuck?! I need to get laid. I can’t be thinking of my daughter like that.

Moments later I ran outside and did a big cannonball, splashing all the kids. Immediately they all splashed me when I came to the surface. “Ok, ok, who wants to play Marco Polo?” I asked trying to get them to stop splashing me.

“You’re it” they all said in unison.

I closed my eyes and started my search. Swimming back and forth a few times and not getting anyone I came to the surface and yelled “Fish out of water!”

“Oh man!” I hear my son say as he is running around to the other side of the pool.

“You’re it bud” I laugh. “I caught ya cheating.”

My son starts his search and soon traps Becky in the corner under the waterfall. She tries to cling to the side of the rocks, but Junior with his hands out stretched tags her. As he does, his hands land on her chest, each grabbing a small preteen boob. They are just puffy bumps on her chest, but when he felt them his hands could tell what he grabbed. He was shocked, as she was too, but he didn’t remove his hands until a couple seconds later. “Let go you perv!” she griped.

“Dad, she said a bad word…I think!” Junior said.

“No it is not a bad word, but you need to be careful.” I replied.

“My eyes were closed. How can I be careful?”

“Ok Becky you’re it” I said trying to drop the subject.

Becky started circling and eventually trapped Junior on the side and she tagged him. This time she grabbed him right on his penis. And she grabbed it hard, wrapping her hand around it. “Ouch!” Junior exclaimed.

“Fair is fair.” She quipped.

This went back and forth a few times, with Becky tagging Junior and Junior tagging Becky. At this point I knew they were cheating and opening their eyes. Kids will be kids I figured. I asked Susie if she wanted to help me fix dinner. She likes helping me in the kitchen. So Susie and I exited the pool while Becky and Junior continued their “private” game. Pun intended. I figured, what harm could come of it.

“Why was Becky grabbing Junior’s pee-pee Daddy?” Susie curiously asked.

“She shouldn’t be, but probably because he started it.”

With that being said, Susie reached up and grabbed my cock. Grasping hard, I jumped back in shock. “What did you do that for?”

“Cause Becky did it.”

“Well, you shouldn’t do that to me. That is bad. Ok? Understand?”

She pouted and then ran back outside. I could see Becky noticed her and came out of the pool and gave her a hug. I couldn’t hear them but it looked like Becky was asking her what happened and Susie was explaining. But as I was watching I happened to notice how Becky’s nipples were so hard they could be seen poking against her bikini top. Even though her breasts were still just budding, her nipples looked like those pop-up timers on turkeys. I couldn’t take my eyes off of them as I looked through the kitchen window. Becky soon looked up and saw me watching. I tried to look away, but she saw me. She then made a bee line for me.

“Why did you yell at her?”

“Hey, she grabbed my cock…I mean my penis. Right out of the blue. It just caught me off guard.” I said while staring right at her rock hard nipples.

“Well, you scared her.”

“Heck she scared me. I will try not to let it happen again. Ok?” With that, I turned my back returning to prepping dinner. Within seconds I feel Becky step towards me and she reached around and grabbed my cock and held on. “What the hell?” I yelled.

“I thought you said you wouldn’t yell again?”

“Well excuse me if I am not used to my daughters grabbing my junk. Now let go! Please.”

She felt it growing in her hand and slowly moved her hand up and down.

“What are you doing?”

Reaching around with her other hand she grabs my balls and starts massaging them. “I just wanted to feel what one feels like. I have never seen one, except in those silly diagrams in health class. Is yours big?”
I froze. I couldn’t believe my 12 year old daughter was fondling me, but it felt so good. My cock started to stiffen to her touch. “Um honey, you shouldn’t be doing that. And yes I guess it is bigger than some.”

“Wow, I can feel it getting bigger in my hands.” Little did I know but my little girl had gotten horny while playing with my son in the pool.

“It gets bigger with stimulation. You should have learned that in sex education.” Why I am saying this and not forcing her off of me? I know this is wrong, not to mention illegal. “If you have questions, I would be happy to help, but we have to stop this.” Now as my other senses are coming to me, I can feel her hard nipples rubbing against my back. I forced myself to turn around. Her hands released my cock, but now I am standing toe to toe with my apparently horny preteen. She is looking up at me with those puppy dog eyes and a grin to die for.

“We will talk later, now go play and let me finish dinner.”

“Oh ok, but you better be ready, cause I have a bunch of questions now.”

She runs back out to the pool and jumps in and begins playing with her siblings again. I am now standing here with a raging hard-on. I know if I don’t take of this now I will be paying for it later with a case of the blue balls. I decide to head to my room upstairs. I strip down and immediately start jerking myself off. I can’t help but hear the kids playing outside. Almost out of instinct I find myself looking out my back window and staring at Becky. I had never really looked at her like this before. I noticed, as if for the first time, how attractive she is becoming. Her long straight blonde hair that nearly reaches her nice round bubble butt with slender and not yet mature hips, her slender yet shapely long legs and budding breasts look so beautiful in her red bikini. Like a scene from Fast Times at Ridgemont High, I start really jerking off while looking out the window.

The water is glistening off her tan smooth skin. When did she become such a hottie? I reach down with my other hand and apply a small amount of pressure under my balls and shoot the hardest cumshot in my life. It splatted on the window. Rope after rope of cum are flying out of my 8 inch and thick cock. My knees actually get weak and I tumble back toward my bed and collapse on it, spent from the most satisfactory orgasm of my life. As I come down from my orgasmic high I start reflecting on what just happened. Could I be attracted to my daughter? Was I a pedophile? What will I do when she asks me more questions? Do I need therapy?

I clean myself up and get dressed and head back to finish prepping and cooking dinner. A few minutes later I call the kids in and tell them to get out of their wet clothes and changed for dinner. The two little ones run by me on their way up to their rooms. Becky sashays by me and as she passes me in the kitchen I swear she purposefully ran her hand across my crotch. I look at her as she walks away toward he room and notice she is swaying her hips as if flaunting that perfect little preteen ass. I can feel myself starting to swell again. I take a long swig of my rum and coke and shake my head. “I am in trouble” I say aloud.

To be continued….

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