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This is part of a series, so please start at The Trip - Part 1 & 2 (Edited Version)
I awake the next morning with puffy eyes. My throat burns. Was it just a dream? I stand and go to the bathroom. I look in the mirror and find that I have a scary-looking red handprint across my face. I touch it gently and still wince.

I find myself filled with more anger than I've ever felt before. Hot tears burn in my eyes, and I grab the doorknob, wanting to fling it open and go attack Luke, hating him for what he did to me. But then I realize that would be the worst mistake I could ever make. I release the door knob and let my tears roll.

I take a shower and cry in there so that know one will know I am upset. How could he do that to me? Why me? Why did he find it necessary to defile me like that? Because he's a sick man, that's why. He can control any woman he wants to, not just by his handsome features but also by ensuring fear and secrecy into them. He gets a sexual thrill from it.

When I get out of the shower, I quickly go put on makeup to cover up the welt on my face. I dress and head downstairs. I walk into the dining room and find everyone just sitting down to eat. I stop just for a second from fear of Luke, but regain my composure, hoping to make him think that he didn't affect me.
But that doesn't work. Luke can see right through me. He saw me hesitate to walk into the same room as him. He gives a smirk as I sit down.

Luke is sitting across from me, with Sheryl on my left and Danny on my right. Sheryl and Danny both have their hands on my thighs. Neither of them suspect the other is doing the same.

I finally realize how fucked up this is. I'm staying in a house where I have had sex or have done something sexual with everyone who lives there, and I just met them two days ago. I find myself getting sexually excited at the fact, but I scold myself. How can I possibly be getting excited from this? I'm being raped, having sex with a boy I met two days ago, and I'm the boy's mother's lesbian lover. My thoughts are interrupted by Luke.

"So Sabrina. I hope you didn't have anything planned today because I'm going to need your's and Danny's help around the farm today," Luke says casually, and sips at his coffee. I swallow the lump of fear that is lodged in my throat and manage to croak out an, "Okay." Luke just smirks behind his cup.

When we finish eating, we rinse off our dishes. The boys head outside to the barn. Sheryl turns to me, expecting me to tell her what happened last night. "I'm sorry. I...fell alseep. Please believe me when I say I was looking forward to coming out there, but I just fell asleep. I was pretty mad when I woke up this morning," I tell her, gazing at her with guilt in my eyes.

She crosses her arms and says, "Well I'm not going to risk you falling asleep again tonight. Strip."

I'm stunned and say, "But the boys ar-"


I stare at her and slowly pull up my shirt, revealing my 34B breasts hidden away in a tiny black bra. I slide off my shorts and stand before her in my bra and panties.

"All the way," she says as she looks me up and down. I slowly unclip my bra, releasing my breasts. I toss it to the floor and pull down my red thong. I step out of them and kick them aside.

I stand before Sheryl and she circles me. I shudder with fear as it brings back memories of last night, but remember that Sheryl won't hurt me. Sheryl smirks, and says, "Shuddering from anticipation, I see." I manage to make myself blush so she believes that's why I shuddered.

"Get on the table."

I walk towards the table and sit on the edge. Sheryl walks to me and kisses me hard. She parts my lips with her tongue and slides it into my mouth. I gladly accept it. We tongue fight for a minute before she captures mine with her teeth.

She licks the tip of it, the same way as yesterday, and I moan. She sucks on it gently as she moves her hands down to my shaven cunt. Her soft fingers are cold, making me jump as they brush across my clit.

She releases me and grins. She steps backwards and says, "Wait here." She leaves the room, and I'm brought back to reality. Holy shit, we're fucking in the dining room. Danny or Luke could walk in at any second and find us here! We shouldn't be doing this. Well, here at least.

Sheryl comes back holding something behind her back. Before I can see what she brought, she drops to her knees in front of my pussy. She inhales deeply and caresses my thighs.

"Your smell..." she says, "it's intoxicating." Then I feel her tongue run across my virgin asshole, up my perenium, over the source of my scent, and up to my love button in one swift swipe, her sapphire eyes staring into mine. I release a moan, almost losing control but quickly calming down.

She taps my clit with her tongue several times, and starts making figure eight circles around my clit and my pussy hole. She goes slowly, but applies intense pressure. I find myself pressing her head into my cunt.

She starts flicking and sucking on my clit, making me groan softly. She spreads the folds of my pussy, completely exposing my clit, and licks straight across it. I scream from the major sensitivity. Then, she starts sucking directly on it and gently holds it between her teeth. I scream loudly, almost going over the edge of the table but Sheryl holds me down.

She slides two fingers inside of my pussy easily, my pussy soaking wet, and she slowly fucks me. She releases her fingers and my clit is covered once again. She continues sucking on it hard through the skin covering it, making me moan from her fingers and hot tongue.

She increases her pace, and I moan louder and louder. Just as I'm about to cum, she stops. She stands up, leaving whatever she brought in on the floor.

She strips for me, tossing her thong at me. They're soaked with her hot juice. I take it and smell where her cunt was. Her scent is electric and sweet.

She climbs onto the table, forcing me to go backwards. "Lift your ass up, but keep your legs spread," she says.

I do as I'm told and she slides one of her legs over my left and the other under my right. She scoots closer and I feel our pussy lips brush against each other. An electric shock goes through me. I scoot closer and our pussies are smashed together.

She grinds her hips against mine, her clit rubbing on my clit. We immediately start moaning loudly and throwing our heads back in pleasure. I look down to watch the beautiful scene.

Sheryl's hot and sweet pussy grinding against my own. Our most intimate areas now with no space between them. My heart beat increases rapidly, and I grind as hard as I can on Sheryl's cunt. I find it's like tug-of-war, only you push instead of pull.

Just as I'm about to cum, Sheryl, once again, stops. She grins, goes to the edge of the table, and bends over the edge, grabbing whatever she brought in off of the floor.

I watch her bent ass and exposed pussy. I can't help myself. I crawl over to her and shove my tongue in her dripping cunt. She moans and pushes back into my face. I tongue fuck her hard for a few seconds before she pushes me away.

She turns around and has a 10 inch double-headed purple dildo in her hand. My eyes get wide, and Sheryl grins. "Come here," she says, and winks.

I crawl towards her and she says, "Go as far as you can." She presses the tip to my lips and the other end to hers.

We go down at the same time. I gag on it, but keep forcing it down my throat. Then, our lips meet. We open our eyes and stare at eachother before forcing even more of the dildo down our throats so we can kiss harder. I moan loudly, muffled by the dildo.

Finally, we pull off of the dildo and shove our tongues into each other's mouth. It seems like we can't kiss each other enough.

"Turn around and get on your hands," Sheryl says, breaking off the kiss. I turn around and get on my hands and knees. I hear her do the same, and then she gasps. I feel her position the head of the dildo at my opening, and she pushes backwards. It slides into my pussy and I groan as it enters me.

We bump our asses back into eachother, fucking the other while getting fucked. The slap of our asses against each other's makes me go crazy, and the scent? Oh God, the scent of our oozing cunts filled me with more lust than I've ever had before.

We fuck each other hard, rubbing our throbbing clits with our eager hands.

Then, the orgasm begins. It feels like a tsunami hitting me, and I can just barely withstand it. I scream as loud as I possibly can, and I hear Sheryl doing the same. I cum even harder as I listen to her.

My pussy walls throb so hard against the dildo, it hurts. I can feel my cum oozing out of me, down my legs and dripping onto the table. My vision turns into a tunnel for a moment before returning to normal. I start panting, trying to catch my breath and slow down my heartbeat.

I hear Sheryl moving, and feel the dildo slide out of my cunt. I turn around and see Sheryl. She's panting as well, and we smile at each other. I kiss her hard and say, "I think I still want to try and see you tonight."

She grins and says, "I think that can be arranged." I grin back.

Then she turns serious. "I guess I'll clean this up. You better go get dressed and get out there before they come in trying to find you."

I nod and walk out of the dining room. I head upstairs and change into some shorts, a button-down red plaid shirt, and some working boots that Sheryl left on the bed for me. I tie my hair up in a ponytail and head downstairs.

I squeeze Sheryl's ass as I pass her in the kitchen and head out the backdoor. Already, my mood has changed. I've actually almost completely forgotten about last night. But now I'm slapped with reality. I'm working with Luke today, the man who raped my throat last night and now says I am his slave. He could hurt me today if he wanted to.

I slow my pace and try to think of something else. I can't. I reach the barn and peer inside. Danny is working on one of the tractors. I breathe a sigh of relief that I don't see Luke, and take a step into the barn.

I'm quickly yanked back outside by arm, and my mouth is covered by a man's hand to muffle my yelp. I hear a quiet laugh next to my ear and instantly, a tear rolls down my face. It's Luke.

He spins me around and pins me against the wall, keeping my mouth covered. He removes his hand slowly, knowing I won't scream out of fear. He grins as he sees my tear-filled eyes and runs a finger down the side of my face.

"How's my little slave?" he asks and grins at my wincing from his fingers touching my concealed welt. I refuse to respond though, and his eyes quickly flicker with anger. I cower a little and whisper, "Fine, Master." Another tear escapes down my face.

He wipes it away and says, "Oh, don't cry, Slave. This will be good for you." I try to act tough, but of course I fail.

"Now get out of here. Go do something useful besides being my slave, whore," he says and spits in my face. He walks into the barn, and I wipe away his spit. How did I get into this mess?


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