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Megan's Chapter
Author's Note: To answer several pm's I am not going to stop writing Solomon's Daughters or Fall of Paradise series. Last weekend I didn't have time to write one for SD so I didn't post one. I am currently writing a story for a few of my friends so until that is finished the FoP series won't get a new chapter. Thank you all for reading!


-_- aka- means "Also know as"

Dryad- (aka. Forest Nymph) Its a tree spirit. Bound to a tree it will care for the tree and will die if the taken away from the tree or the tree dies.

Nyad- (aka. Naiad or Water Nymph) Its a water spirit. Known to seduce men near the waters edge and to help drowning victims. Will die if not submerged in water for prolonged periods of time.

Solomon's Daughter's: Megan's Chapter

Galina and Anthony went to a bathroom connected to the throne room by a door next to the throne. They shower together, helping each other wash. When they finished they stepped out of the shower and dressed before heading back into the throne room. Mina was still sitting were she had been during his 'wedding' to Galina. The fairies all sat on her left shoulder huddled together for warmth. Anthony pulled the side of his long coat back and pinned it into an open position. All three of the fairies zipped into the pocket where the material was warmed by his body.

"Thank you," three tiny musical voices issued from inside. He smiled down at the pocket and then moved to the seat next to Mina and sat. Galina took the seat opposite them and sat before smiling slightly at them both.

"Alright now what," Mina asked.

"Now, we go home and I see if Sar-Rah can make a underground tunnel that leads from here to our house. Once that's done the goblins will need to draw up a plan for how they want their new home set-up so Sar-Rah can make it for them. Once they are settled the blacksmiths will began construction of my and Eliza's ideas. While that's happening we will try to gather the other supernatural beings and see if they will ally with us," Anthony told her. Galina nodded in agreement at his words. Anthony stood and walked over to Galina's chair and looked down into her yellow eyes for a moment before leaning down.

"I'll see you later today if all goes as planned, my wife," he said after kissing her lips. She smiled up at him and held her black fingernails up to her lips, touching the spot where their lips had met. She called in a guard and had them led back to the surface out of a tunnel closed to the edge of the park.

"Alright we are almost out of the park, Sunshine you and the girls need to keep quite until we get home. Once we're home then you can wander all you want inside the house," Anthony said. When they chimed their agreement he untied the side of his coat and let it swing back into place. Mina and he waited at the bus stop and boarded when it arrived, less than an hour later they disembarked at the corner near his house. They walked up the driveway and Anthony opened the front door and stepped inside. He saw Liz running toward him to fling herself into his arms and he held up his arms to halt her. She got a hurt look on her face and stopped a few feet from him.

"Alright you can come out now Sunshine," Anthony said pulling the side of his coat forward after Mina had closed the door behind her. The hurt look immediately left Liz's face and was replaced by awe as the three fairies flew out of his jacket. After the fairies were safe he stepped forward and crushed Liz to his chest kissing her deeply. When he released her and stepped back he stumbled as Sar-Rah grabbed one arm and Eliza grabbed the other both trying to gain his attention first. He fell onto his back and the two girls fell with a shriek on top of him. He grunted in pain as someone's elbow caught him in the ribs and a flailing leg hit his shin.

"Stop flailing about before I get beaten to death," he shouted and wrapped each struggling female in an arm and pinned them to him to quell their flailing. When they stopped he disentangled Sar-Rah and Eliza from himself and each other while Liz snickered at them and Mina hid her smile behind a hand. Anthony narrowed his eyes on the two of them as they watched him and Liz's snickers transformed into full-on laughter and Mina's shoulders shook in silent laughter.

"Yuck it up now Chuckles, I'll make you eat that laughter later," he threatened ominously with an evil smile. They disregarded his threat and helped Eliza and Sar-Rah to stand. As suddenly as that Liz's laughter died and a worried look appeared on her face.

"Let me see where you were hurt," she said dropping to her knees next to him.

"It was nothing," he said and held up his hand for her inspection.

"It doesn't look like much," she said looking up into his eyes. He nodded in agreement at her observation. Liz's attention was stolen by Sunshine who dropped to hover in front of their eyes.

"What happened to your wing," Anthony asked her. He had just noticed that she wasn't struggling to fly and the wing he had bound to her back because it was damaged was fully functional and glittering in the sunlight.

"That shaman who healed you healed it for me while you were consummating your marriage to Galina," she answered before turning back to speak to Liz.

"Don't let him lie to you, the little wound on the back of his hand nearly killed him. The troll javelin was tipped in troll venom and his veins were turning black as the poison flowed into his body. Without the shaman's help and the fact that the poison is made to affect smaller creatures he would be dead now," Sunshine said. Liz's face went pale at her statement and she looked up to Mina who nodded before bringing an angry glare back to Anthony. He put on an innocent 'what' look and rose to his feet. Reaching down he pulled her up and kissed her lightly on the lips before she could open her mouth to reprimand him.

"Sar-Rah, did you get the lab and factory created," Anthony asked her. Liz stepped out of his arms and held her palm up for Sunshine to land on. Wind flew over to Anthony and settled into the spot where his neck and shoulder met, while Liz stepped away and began having a whispered conversation with Sunshine.

"Yes, the lab and factory have been completed," she answered. He smiled at her and pulled her in to him and gave her a passionate kiss. Wind giggled when he released Sar-Rah, bringing her attention to the fairy. Sar-Rah smiled at the little girl which Wind returned.

"What is your name? I am Sar-Rah that is Liz, this is Eliza, and you alright know Mina," Sar-Rah said pointing to each person as she said their name. As their names were spoken they waved at the little fairy who cuddled shyly closer to Anthony's neck.

"I'm Wind and that is my sister, Moonlight, and my Momma, Sunshine," Wind replied softly. She didn't say anything else and Anthony could sense that the attention she was receiving was making her uncomfortable.

"Sar-Rah could you make a tunnel or a door that directly connected to the goblin tunnels so that they could get here without crossing the surface," Anthony asked to drag everyone's attention back to him. Wind snuggled into his neck more and even though the action was slight he could feel her rubbing her face against his skin and it was arousing him. He struggled to put it out of his mind as Sar-Rah answered him.

"I could do either though making a magical door would be a lot easier than a tunnel all the way over there, not to mention faster."

"Good, can you please do that as soon as possible? I think connecting it to the throne room would be our best bet," he told her and she nodded.

"All I need to do it would be a picture in my mind of what the throne room looks like," she said to him.

"You want me to describe it to you," Anthony asked. She shook her head and smiled at him before beginning to read his mind. Unlike the last time she had done this Anthony felt her in his mind this time, gently shuffling though his memories. Her presence in his mind felt like velvet on his skin and unconsciously he reached out to caress her with his own mind.

"Anthony," Sar-Rah said moaning his name as she lost her concentration and snapped back into her own mind. Taking a deep breath she pushed away the pleasure she felt at his mental caress and shot him an irritated glare, which she didn't feel.

"I can't read your mind if you going to molest me while I am in there," she scolded.

"Sorry, I didn't mean to I didn't even know I could. It just sort of happened," he apologized. Sar-Rah let out a huff and once more entered his mind looking for a image of the throne room. Anthony focused on the throne room to make it easier for her and kept his mental hands to himself.

"Okay I got it, this should only take a few minutes," she said as she pulled out of his mind and headed for the door to the basement. He turned to Eliza and brought her to him and kissed her with as much passion and loved as Liz and Sar-Rah before releasing her.

"You my loved will need to work with the goblin engineers and blacksmiths. I am putting you in charge of all of them, is that okay?"

"I won't let you down," she whispered as she nuzzled his neck on the opposite side from Wind who joined in on her actions and he had to struggle not to rip Eliza's clothes off and take her there in front of the door. Anthony ran his hands down Eliza's back while she kissed his neck lightly and gripped her ass. She moaned when he began kneading her backside. She moaned even louder when he pulled her hips closer to grind his groin into hers through their pants. Eliza's moans of pleasure succeeded in catching everyone's attention. Sar-Rah stood at the door to the basement watching and Liz, Mina, and Sunshine turned to watch as well. Moonlight was sitting and Liz's shoulder and watching with a an intense interest.

"Eliza," Anthony moaned as she began to hump against him. He could feel the heat of her through their clothes as she continued to rub her groin against his. There was a knock on the door and Anthony let out a vicious curse which made everyone laugh. Releasing Eliza he moved to the door and opened it his angry glare faltering as he took in the beautiful, tiny blonde woman on his porch.

"Can I help you," he asked before Liz's rang out from behind him.

"That's my art teacher," she said. He nodded and stepped aside to allow the woman to enter before he closed it behind her.

"Thank you for the information on how to get ahold of the goblins," Anthony said to her.

"It was the least I could do after how rude I was to Sar-Rah. I am Linda Everett, it is nice to meet you," she said holding her hand out to him.

"Likewise," he said gripping her hand and shaking before releasing it.

"What can we do for you," Anthony asked her.

"I have told the local council as well as sent a message to the King and Queen in Europe to inform them that there are Djinn remaining and that you are peaceful," she said and Anthony grinned.

"Fantastic, I would like to speak with you King and Queen," Anthony told her.

"They will almost certainly come to see you as soon as they receive the letter," Linda predicted.

"Do you know of any other supernatural races near here," Anthony asked. Linda considered him for a few moments before speaking.

"Well there is a vampire coven in town, at the night club Eternal Night. The only were-wolf pack I know of is in South America. The lion, panther, wolf, bear, dragon, swan, bull, and eagle were-clans all formed an alliance and they have retreated into the jungles to avoid humanity. Trolls have spread and are numerous as the fairy and pixy populations that once kept them in check have diminished. The elementals hide in their respective elements, wind in the wind, fire in the flames, earth in the ground, and water in the sea. Summoning them is possible though they rarely answer and only if a summoner catches their interest," she said.

"Ogres and giants," Anthony asked half-jokingly.

"Extinct, they were too large to avoid human notice for long and were hunted down. There is are a few dryads left in the elven city, White Oak. As for the creatures of the sea I know very little personally. I believe the mer-people still survive. I saw a nyad a few decades ago I think they're still alive as well. The orcs are all gone; they kept warring against the humans. They were as numerous and as prolific but not nearly smart enough and now there are none left that I know of anywhere. The gnomes are extinct as well, they kept raiding human houses for food and rat poison did them all in," Linda responded. Anthony waited for a moment but when she didn't continue he spoke.

"First things first why did you come here," he asked bluntly. Linda's face reddened and her eyes dropped to the floor as she avoided his gaze.

"The local elf council summons your Djinn to a trial," Linda replied softly.

"What trial," Anthony asked in suspicion. Linda closed her eyes as if her answer pained her.

"To a trial to see if they are safe to let wander around free," Linda answered.

"I see," Anthony said in a flat tone. Linda looked up into his face quickly in surprise, even the others were surprised by his reaction to the summons.

"The vampires I can go to and negotiate with how would you suggest I bet word to the other races that I wish to meet with them," he ask Linda who was baffled at the subject change.

"U-u-um," she stuttered in confusion as she tried to refocus her mind.

"If I were you and I couldn't travel around the world seeking them the most convenient way would be to gain the assistance of one of or all of the elements and have them inform the other races and secure their agreements to meet with you here. Notice that I said this was the most convenient way not the easiest, the elements probably won't answer and if they do they most likely won't help you," she told him. He smiled and shrugged at her and she frown of confusion deepened.

"I can only try my best. I want to help them and make this world a better place for all to live or to start again from scratch but if they will not allow me to help them then there is not much I can do about that. I will offer friendship, peace, and the chance of a better life then running and hiding from humanity. If they don't accept then they will remain as they are without change until they also are forced into extinction. I will not force my will on anyone, no one ends up happy that way," he explained. She looked at him for a few moments before shaking her.

"What do you want me to tell the council about their summons," she asked him.

"Tell them I said to go fuck themselves with a rusty metal pipe," he said and she flinched at the image his word invoked. With a sigh she nodded and turned to go but he stopped her by putting a hand on her shoulder.

"Even if the negotiations with the elves go badly and they do not join with us you any elf who wishes personally to join us may do so," he told her looking into her eyes. She nodded her understanding of his offer before she opened the door.

"Thanks for the info on the other races," he said just as she closed the door. He heard her say something back through the door but couldn't make out her words.

"Okay where were we," he said turning back to Eliza with a hungry look. She let out a playful squeal and ran for his bed room with him hot on her heels. She flung herself onto his bed and he went to join her before Wind's voice, from his shoulder reminding him of her presence, called out, "What's that," in question. He could not see where she was pointing since he couldn't see her but Eliza followed her gesture and Anthony followed Eliza's gaze to his desk. Sitting there the bottle was flashing from that flat black color to orange. Eliza got up from the bed and walked over to the bottle as the switches in color got faster and faster. After a few moments the color changes had stopped and an orange and silver swirled bottle sat on the dresser. Eliza picked up the bottle and handed it to Anthony who took it out to the living room. Eliza called out and all of the other soon joined them watching around the bottle. Anthony cut his finger and released the seal before placing the bottle on the floor in the center of the room. He pulled the stopper free and backed away. As the woman before him formed he wondered just what this new addition would be like.

"Megan," Sar-Rah shouted and leaped forward to embrace her as soon as she finished forming.

"Sar-Rah," the woman said softly as she stroked Sar-Rah's hair. Megan was the same height as Sar-Rah and had the same black eyes and tan skin. The face was different, still cute but different than Sar-Rah's, and her long midnight black hair was curly while Sar-Rah's was straight. Eliza went forward and hugged Megan and Mina followed after they released one another. The three of them pulled her to stand in front of Anthony after they introduced all the others.

"Lastly this is Anthony our future husband," he started to speak but was stunned to silence as she jumped up and wrapped her arms and legs around crushing her mouth to his. He froze for a moment before he kissed her back with as much vigor as she gave him. When they parted for air they were both panting.

"That was a nice greeting," he said and looked into her eyes as an innocent and happy smile lit up her face. She reached out and grabbed his hand pulling him towards the couch.

"Um, isn't this a little sudden," he asked.

"Don't worry about it, she has absolutely no impulse control," Sar-Rah said.

"But she is the sweetest of all of us," Eliza said pushing him toward the bed. Anthony's breath caught in his throat when the orange linen gown wrapped around her body dropped to the floor revealing her lack of underwear. Her skin was perfect and he couldn't resist reaching out and running her fingers down her smooth back. She shivered at his touch and smiled at him over her shoulder. She turned to him and his breath rushed out in an awe filled exhale. Her breasts hung perfectly round and not sagging even slightly. Anthony guessed they would be C-cup but wasn't sure and he reached other a hand and cupped her tenderly. Her headed tilted slightly back and she moaned as he caressed her body.

"Beautiful," Anthony whispered as he took her in. Other than the hair on her head she was completely bare. I didn't look like she shaved she just appeared not to have any hair. He ran his finger down from her breast across her flat stomach and gently stroked her between her legs. Her legs quivered and buckled sitting her abruptly on the edge of the couch she reached out and grabbed his hips before he could move. Her hands began undoing his pants as he pulled his shirt over his head. He heard a whistle of appreciation behind him and looked over his shoulder finally remembering that they had and audience.

"Does that feel good," Wind asked from her perch on his shoulder when Megan pulled his cock from his pants and started to stroke it.

"Yeah," Anthony groaned out when she took him into her mouth and promptly forgot they weren't alone again. As she sucked him with a surprising amount of skill Wind to flight and flew back to land on Liz's shoulder as she watched. Sar-Rah had Eliza pinned to the living room wall kissing her passionately with her leg between Eliza's thighs. Eliza was moaning into Sar-Rah's mouth as she ground herself against her little sister's leg. The fairies lifted off from Liz as Mina embraced her from behind. Mina gently kissed all over Liz's shoulder as Liz continued to watch Anthony and Megan on the couch. He now was on she knees before her licking through her pussy while she made little mewling noises like a kitten as she gripped his hair in her fists. Liz cried out as Mina's hand pushed into her jeans and panties and stroked her between her legs. Her arousal was almost painful and Mina was teasing her only lightly touching her.

"Please," Liz cried out as she leaned her weight back into Mina's arms. Mina granted her plee applying more pressure as she sunk first one then two fingers into Liz's depths. Liz's hand sought behind her for Mina's waistband and when she found it she shoved her hand inside and began returning the pleasure the Mina was giving her while never taking her eyes off of her brother.

"Cumming," Megan cried out as she tensed and her legs wrapped around Anthony's head dragging him harder against her. More of her juice flooded his mouth as he continued to lick her until she went limp and her legs fell away from his head. Lifting her he lay her down faced up over the arm of the couch and spread her legs. Standing between them her opening was at the perfect height for his penetration. He rubbed his cock up and down her slit covering the head with her juices, she twitched but otherwise didn't move. When he began to push inside her though her eyes shot open and stared into his.

"Yes," she moaned as he slowly sunk deeper into her until he was pressed against her hymen. When he paused to let her adjust she groaned in protest and wrapped her legs around his hips tightly and thrust up against him burying him as deep as he could go inside of her. She cried out at the intrusion but Anthony wasn't sure if it was pleasure or pain because she began thrust up at him immediately. He began pounding into her with abandon as she thrust up to meet him. Soon they were both close to their climax and with a cry of pleasure he unloaded into her depths and the warmth of his cum filling her pulled her along with him. She cried out and hugged him to her with her arms and legs so tightly he could not move. When she relaxed enough for him to pull free of her he turned and was greeted with an amazing sight. He sat down on the couch and pulled Megan into his arms as he was the dream before him.

"They're all beautiful," Megan whispered to him and he nodded his agreement. Liz and Mina were both on their knees foreheads pressed together as their hands worked feverishly between the legs of the others. Sar-Rah had Eliza and was kneeling with Eliza's head between her legs. She had Eliza legs and ass in the air so all of Eliza's weight was on her shoulders. Eliza was licking Sar-Rah as Sar-Rah pushed two fingers deep into her hard and fast while leaning forward and sucking her clit. Almost simultaneously four female cries of pleasure filled the room and the four of them collapsed. Anthony knew if he hadn't had sex already this morning he would be ready to go again immediately.

"I'm going to go see if the goblins are ready for Sar-Rah to begin making their new home," he said to Megan before kissing her on the back of her neck. When he stood she followed and Liz copied having overheard their conversation. The rest just lazed there on the floor reveling in the afterglow; they received barely even twitched as the three of them passed by. Anthony walked over to his pile of clothes while Megan and Liz found theirs and began dressing. When the three of them were fully clothed they headed for the basement to see Sar-Rah's changes. The basement now had three doors that hadn't been there before, and if they weren't magical would open up to dirt.

"Remind me later to have signs put up so everyone know which door is which," he said to Liz and she nodded.

"Megan what is your aspect," Anthony asked looking down into her eyes as she clung to his arm. She smiled brightly up at him and the happy look on her face made his heart pound.

"I would call it Life; I have to ability to create anything living. For example I could make another you that would be identical to you every way," Megan answered.

"You mean a clone? So your powers are the other side of the coin from Mina's power," he asked.

"Yes, but a clone of you would be you. Physically they would be your identical match but you are formed by your experiences so while it would be you in looks it wouldn't really be able to pass for you," she explained sweetly all the while with a small smile on her lips. Anthony crushed her to him and she nuzzled his chest with her face he looked over at Liz and saw a jealous look on her face. With a laugh he reached out and pulled her in so they were both pressed face first into his chest. Megan kept nuzzling chest and began rubbing her cheek against Liz's who relaxed into Anthony's embrace. After a few moments he released them both and looked to Liz.

"I don't know why but every time she smiles at me I have the intense urge to rip her clothes off and have her nuzzle my chest like that," he said.

"It is the innocent air she exudes. She is like a little kitten that is so cute you have to cuddle with it," she said after studying Megan for a few seconds. With a giggle Megan threw herself into Liz's arms and rubbed her whole body against Liz's before she kissed Liz on the cheek. Then she began to roam around the room picking up everything she found and examining before replacing it. Shaking his head at her antics he moved to the door on the left wall and opened it to find what looked like and empty factory so he pulled back and started to close the door before Megan ran inside. Reaching out he caught her around the waist and pulled her back into the basement and closed the door. He pressed her back into the door and grabbed her chin and forced her to look him in the eyes. She smiled at him and wrapped her arms around his neck and tried to pull him into a kiss. He resisted and her smile faded into a hurt, sad look and she lowered her eyes. When he tilted her head farther back to bring her eyes back into contact with his she met his gaze.

"Do not go into any of these doors unless one of the others or myself is with you and tells you to go through. Do you understand," he asked.

"Don't go in alone or without permission," she said and nodded. He kissed her after that until he had to pull back to breath. Taking her hand in his he walked to the right wall to check that door and found that it opened up to the goblin throne room. He pulled the door open and walked into the room; Galina was sitting in the chairs they had sat in before speaking with the grizzled old shaman.

"Hi Galina," he said and she jerked in surprise and spun it face him.

"How? Djinn magic of course," she said answering her own question. The shaman said nothing but studied them as they approached.

"I don't believe you have been introduced. This is Shaman Rikt," Galina said gesturing to the short old goblin.

"This is Megan one of my Djinn fiancees and this is my sister, Liz," Anthony motioned to each one as he introduced them. The old goblin tottered forward until he stood before Liz who looked down at him uncomfortably and kept shooting glances over at Anthony.

"Sorceress," the old goblin said before he grabbed Liz's arm and with surprising strength jerked her to her knees. Anthony cried of anger sound with Galina's as she cried out in shock. The shaman pulled back his staff as if to hit Liz.

"No," Megan said and pointed her hand at the goblin and an orange spark jumped from the tip of her index finger to shoot toward to goblin. Before it reached him the spark form into a large black wolf and slammed into the older goblin pinning him to the floor.

"Stop," Anthony shouted as the wolf began to close its jaws on the throat of the old goblin. The beast froze as command echoed through the room. Anthony moved over to Liz and helped her to her feet, checking to make sure she was unharmed.

"Megan could you call the wolf off," he asked her. Megan called out to the wolf to back down but was ignored as the wolf kept staring down at Rikt and didn't budge.

"Wolf, come here," Anthony ordered and everyone was surprised when it turned and trotted over to him and leaned against his leg while keeping an eye on the goblin.

"See she likes you as much as I do," Megan said and grabbed ahold of his arm again. Galina moved forward and helped Rikt to his feet and retrieved his staff which she handed to him.

"Explain yourself," Anthony demand of the elderly goblin. Rikt's unwavering gaze was locked once again on Liz who moved closer to Anthony for protection.

"Shaman Rikt," Galina prompted him.

"That girl is a sorceress," he said as if that explained anything. The look on Galina's face showed that this meant something to her but it told him nothing.

"She is human," he replied but Galina shook her head.

"A sorcerer or sorceress is a being of any species who can draw the energies of the world around them into their body and manipulate them to alter reality. They were all supposed to have died out millennia ago in a war with the Djinn," Galina informed him.

"Well isn't that ironic," Anthony asked with sarcasm.

"What was he going to do to me," Liz asked her voice shaking. Anthony reached back and took her hand into his and gave it a reassuring squeeze.

"I was going to knock you out and seal your powers, the power of a sorceress corrputs almost all who have it. No one should have that much power at their disposal, the sorceress's power turned them evil," Rikt growled.

"My sister isn't now nor ever could be evil. Not to mention soon I will have great power and you also wield power greater than most others. Are you saying none of the shaman go bad and turn evil," Anthony asked. Rikt didn't answer but huffed out a breath before turning and stalking from the throne room.

"Some of the shaman do go rogue and have to be hunted down, Rikt's brother was one of those," Galina said before sitting back down into her chair. Anthony and Liz sat, the wolf curled up at Anthony's feet, in chairs facing her while Megan wandered around the room. Galina's eyes followed her around as they spoke.

"So what can I do for you husband," she asked.

"I came to see you were ready to come and have Sar-Rah make you a new place to live."

"My architect's and I have already finished on the basic plans," she said. Clapping her hands to bring a maid running in she sent the woman to retrieve the plans.

"So you're the sister of the man who's going to change the world," Galina said to Liz looking her over.

"How do you know he'll change the world," Liz asked her.

"I have heard his plans and even if he fails to accomplish half of them he will change this world. The question is whether the change will be good or bad," Galina said. Just then the maid came hurrying back into the room and handed her a folder.

"Shall we go," she asked standing. With a nod Anthony rose to his feet and Liz and the wolf followed his example. They headed for the door into his basement and he called for Megan, she caught up to them just before they headed through the door and it closed with a thud behind them.

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