A Family discovers each others unnatural urges and desires!
Hi, my name is Trisha. I'm a 23 yr old, natural blond, 5 foot six, 125 lbs. with nice, perky 36 b's. I have always been a sexually experimental girl but mostly by myself up to the age of twelve. I am quite shy sexually but I know I have an inner slut that I try my best to keep hidden even today. My mind is never far from something to do with sex. I began my secretive sexual fantasy's when I got my first computer at age twelve and discovered online pornography.

It was then that I finally realized what the moans and squeals I often heard coming from my parents room late at night were. I began having fantasies about my father and I doing all the things I had seen online as I lay and listened to my moms passionate responses to their lovemaking. It was during one of those listening sessions that I felt a pulsing at my pussy, a feeling that demanded I touch it. My listening sessions took on a very different urgency from that night forward. I found it hard to look at boys that I liked without that pulsing beginning. Just seeing the large bulges at the crotches of my dad and brother brought on fantasy's that had me rushing to the bathroom, to fondle my newfound toy between my thighs, while thinking of their cocks in my mouth and pussy until I tensed in ultimate joy.

I soon graduated to finding all sorts of things to use as dicks to place in my soaked cunny. I am ashamed to admit that in a fit of tensing orgasm I lost my virginity to a hair brush handle. That did have the effect of slowing my fucking myself with things for a few weeks. But the day I opened the meat drawer of the fridge and espied those long meaty smoked sausages I knew I had to feel one in me. That was my first experience of the joy a deep probing of my pussy could gift me. But as it were, it also brought me and my entire family closer together also, much closer!

Remembering that night, it was then that I found out that the old adage of "Big feet equates to a big dick" was true. I had always chided my older brother Steve about his big feet. At age 15 he wore a size thirteen shoe and always had the cutest girls hanging around him. He was handsome like my dad and had a great physique which is why I found him in my mind a lot as I diddled myself. That night I was lying on my back nude listening to my mothers oral expressions of pleasure while stroking my pussy with the long curved sausage. Like her, my moans became louder and my body moved more excitedly as in my mind my dad pressed deeper in my young hungry cunt than anything had ever been before. I held pressure on the sausage as my hips hunched into it and I enjoyed the feel of my pussy being stretched as never before.

I wondered if my dad's cock was as long as my meaty lover's was and that thought had me moaning loudly and close to cumming again. I lay there with eyes closed, thighs widely spread fucking myself as my mother's cries became louder than I had ever remembered them. Her cries drove my own passion and I was just about to cross into heaven when I heard my brother's voice say, "This would feel better I bet Trish!". I quickly opened my eyes and there stood Steve staring at me, His hand stroking his stiff humongous cock. I had been so enrapt in my fantasy I hadn't heard the door being opened slowly as Steve investigated the sounds coming from my room. And now there he stood in the dim light of the clock radio, slowly stroking his cock as he watched me. His cock was huge, over a foot long and as thick as my wrist at least.

I was so embarrassed! I couldn't move, speak or anything! My breathing was rapid, deep as I lay there watching his cock sway menacingly like a large snake. The sausage in my pussy seemed to magnify the arousement I felt as I gazed at the clear liquid oozing from his swollen tip. I was mesmerized, unable to remove my gaze from him Wanna try this dick baby sister, he asked with a look of pure lust on his face? My pussy clenched the sausage tightly as I thought of his dick in my pussy. I wanted him to fuck me more than I had ever wanted anything in my life, but he was my brother. And he was so huge, could I ever get it in me I wondered? I felt elation and trepidation at what he was suggesting, my brother fucking me, being my first real dick. I knew I wanted it, god I had fantasized about it so many times while masturbating, but he was so big and mom and dad were right next door.

My body made the decision for me. Even with the sausage stuck inside me, my pussy yearned to feel Steve's hard REAL dick throbbing and pulsing buried deep inside me. I watched as he approached my bed and sat down on the edge and said, try and be quiet sis, we don't want to get caught. My heart was beating so hard I thought it would rip from my chest as he lowered his head to my pussy and I thought, Oh my god he's gonna eat my pussy. My mind just seemed to melt as I realized his intention. A wave of submission washed over me as I felt him remove my hand from the sausage and begin fucking me with it. I watched his face in the dim light as I felt his tongue lightly touch my clitty and my hips immediately lifted in orgasm. My mind was overwhelmed by this sudden turn of events and the resulting arousement seemed to fill me instantaneously.

Gazing into my brothers eyes as I felt his mouth on my pussy was an indescribable excitement, an excitement that seemed to have every cell of my young body racing to my pussy as I tensed so hard my back arched and my hips out-turned as I couldn't help but present him my sisterly pussy to do with as he pleased. Realizing I was cumming he sucked hard at my clit as his tongue laved its tip while simultaneously fucking the sausage deep into me, hurting my pussy wonderfully. I loved it! My hands gripped the sheets in white knuckled fists as I tried desperately to restrain the scream rising in my throat! I cum so hard the scream in my throat was paralyzed, lungs locked as every muscle of my body tensed its unending pleasure! I couldn't even moan for the longest time and when it finally subsided I felt the sausage slide from my pussy and Steve's tongue replaced it.

Knowing it was my brothers tongue licking the wetness inside me, feeling it laving over that sensitive flesh and realizing that he wanted my pussy as bad as I wanted his dick was so exciting. His tongue moved wildly within me and his nose pressed against my clit and I couldn't help but hunch and grind into his pleasure giving face. Then he slid a finger up my asshole and my sphincter automatically squeezed, and the first of many wonderful sensations added to the ones already swarming my body, His tongue in my pussy, finger up my ass, rubbing and probing, soon had me flooding his face again and again. My hands held him to my spasming pussy and each time the intense tightening would relax, I hunched and ground into him feverishly. Every time I did he would insanely lick and suck at me until I was again lost in orgasmic heaven. I didn't ever want him to stop!

The fact that my brother was willing to shuck society's taboos against our coupling just increased the carnality of partaking of this incestuous act. All the fantasy's I'd ever had about my brother couldn't equal the pleasure he was affording me in real life. I felt his head lift from my pussy and he whispered, "You taste and smell like sausage Trish!" and then smiled and went back to licking and sucking at my pussy. I felt so nasty holding his head to my pussy while rolling my hips and hunching into his tonguing motions. My pussy was soaked with my cum and his face was covered with my juices which made it all the more nasty feeling as I listened to his slurping and sucking as he kept me in my own personal heaven. I had always loved Steve but now that love took on an added dimension as he sucked the cum from me as I tensed and tensed repeatedly.

I was filled with emotion and I couldn't restrain myself as I pulled his face from my pussy and kissed him. I could taste my sausage pussy on his lips and his face was wet from my copious amount of cumming but I didn't care, I had to express my love for him right then. He responded to my kiss by pushing be backwards and laying atop me as we kissed. To this day I have never known a warmer more intense kiss that we shared that night. Our tongues entwined and danced as our inner love and need of each other swirled us into a vortex of passion that I doubt either of us have repeated to this day. His big dick burned with a heat that both excited and soothed as it rubbed against my bare pussy and stomach. He felt so big and hard as we kissed. My young mind and body was not well prepared for this extreme of emotion and carnality and its feel had my body writhing, hunching as I pressed my clit up against his fat cock. I knew he was as excited as I was by the way he hunched into my body, rubbing his dick against me. The craving in our bodies was transmitted through our lips and filled us both with a love that was unlike any other as my hips moved, hunched up against him as our inner fires consumed us in their torrid need.

I wanted his dick so badly, I had to feel it now! My hand reached down between our bodies to grasp him, grasp the first real dick of my life, grasp my brothers hard need for his sister's pussy, my pussy! Just holding his dick instilled a craving like I'd never known, hot, so thick my fingers wouldn't encircle him, soft but having an inner hardness that foretold of its forced entry. My pussy was alive with need and I felt a craving overwhelming my mind, a craving that left unsated I knew would leave me insane and begging. My thighs lifted and my ankles folded over his thighs and I began pulling my pussy up against his dick, hunching hard against him as my clit ran the length of his swollen dick. My breath came in gasps as I had to tear my lips from his. "Fuck me Steve, please fuck me. I need your dick in my pussy!" "Are you sure Trish, once we do this we can't undo it!" "OH my god, YES, fuck me, fuck me now!" I was too young and inexperienced to feel shame or embarrassment at expressing my needs to someone I held in confidence, someone that had just ate my pussy so wonderfully, my brother!

I felt his hips lift and then a hot pressure at my pussy hole, a pressure that seemed to instill both a craving and a sating with its hot presence there. I felt my pussy opening, stretching, ripping and I pressed against Steve's chest as my entire being craved him but my young body refused him entrance. It hurts Steve, it feels like you're ripping my pussy. I don't know if I can do it!....I cried I felt tears forming in my eyes, not from the pain but from the idea that I might not be able to get him in my young tight pussy. I had to have him in me and the need I felt drove me to roll my hips and pull my pussy up into his forceful pressure, wincing at the burning pain as my soft tissues stretched around his thick girth. My inner labia slowly accepted the fat invader and soon I felt him slide past my restrictive opening to lie throbbing against my inner pussy walls. I couldn't stifle the loud moan I released as my inner flesh was subjected to his hot throbbing glans. Deep in my pussy I felt a craving to have him lodged there, a need so great that my hips unconsciously began hunching, pussy squeezing and relaxing as I felt him. I remember thinking, "Oh my god I love fucking, this is sooo good"

Then Steve began fucking me, slowly at first as his dick stretched me internally to fit his humongous size. I don't know how many times I cum as he worked his dick deeper and deeper into me as I gazed up into his face. I saw the pleasure he found in fucking his sister's pussy and I was so glad he was MY brother and I was the one to give him such feelings and sensations. "Do you like my pussy Steve, tell me, I want to know?" Damn yeah sis, you're so tight and you cum so much, I like that alot. I guess you like my dick huh?" I love you fucking me Steve, I've wanted it so long! "Really Trish, damn I wish I'd known cause I beat off a lot thinking of fucking you like this. I've wanted to fuck you forever!" I love you so much Steve, you're the best brother any girl could have....oh god fuck me....I..I'm...ohhhhhhhh...cumming....ohhh damn you're so fucking big and good..ahhhhhiiiieeEEEEEE.......I had to bite my hand to keep from screaming out like a banshee as Steve pounded his dick in even deeper. His cock was so hot and stiff and he still had inches that he could persecute my pussy with and I begged him to give them to me.

Just then my mother screamed loudly and we could both hear her pleading, "Fuck me, oh god do it hard, hurt it, yes, yes, oh god I'm cumming again!". Steve slowed his thrusting and whispered, "Boy Randy must be giving it to mom good tonight. I've never heard her this loud before." Randy? mean Dad don't you Steve?....I gasped between hard spasms in my pussy. "No, I mean Randy, the handy man guy Trish. Don't tell me you didn't know him and dad double team mom sometimes?" I couldn't believe what Steve was saying. Randy is a muscular black guy that repaired stuff around the house when we needed it. You mean....but is fucking a nigger right now and dad knows it?? "Yeah he not only knows it but he probably has his dick in her ass while Randy reams her pussy!" I don't believe you Steve, not mom, I mean that's just not mom, and certainly not dad. What makes you say that anyway?

"One night when I was spending the night at Bobby's and you were over at Millie's at her pajama party I had forgotten to bring some cd's he asked me to, so I came back home to get them. When I came home around 7 o'clock all the lights were off and Randy's car was in the garage with the door shut. I didn't see anyone and got curious as to why Randy would have his car in the garage like that. I snuck upstairs and before I even got to the top I could hear mom screaming about how huge his dick was and I heard dad ask her if she wanted all his black dick and she was begging for him to ram it all up her pussy. The bedroom door was open and the light was on and I could stand in the hall in the dark and watch through their bedroom dresser mirror. Randy was fucking mom and she was going crazy, throwing her head around and pulling at his ass and hunching up into his dick like you was mine. Dad was laying beside her and she was pulling at his dick and she kept cumming and cumming and Randy kept telling dad how good his wife's pussy was and how he was going to fill her up with nigger cum. It was really hot seeing mom's white skin with Randy's black ass pumping between her thighs. I think it was the first time mom fucked Randy and she couldn't get enough of his big nigger dick.

Is his dick big, I've always heard niggers have big dicks? "Its bigger than mine Trish and all the girls say I'm huge" Did you get hard watching them? "I cum three times while I watched them, mom really craved his dick, kept sucking him hard when he'd cum and once she even swallowed his cum while dad fucked her up the ass." How do you feel about mom fucking a nigger and dad letting her Steve? "I don't know, I guess it just made me hot seeing them so I guess its ok if they like it, hows it make you feel Trish?"
It makes me want you to shut up and fuck me like Randy is fucking mom while I listen to them. My pussy is so wet thinking of mom having a big black dick in her pussy and dad up her ass. Fuck me Steve, make all your dick go in damn....oh cum...gonna......hard fuck me hard.....cummin...ohhhhhhhhhhhhhgodddddd

Fuck me like you saw Randy fuck mom Steve. "You thinking about fucking Randy sis, while I'm fucking you?" Yeah, is that ok? "Hell yeah I think that's hot as hell you wanting some nigger dick like mom. I guess you're her daughter alright. Then he began forcibly fucking me, saying, Randy fucked mom hard, made her take his dick even though it hurt her and she loved it so here goes baby." He placed my ankles on his shoulders and began fucking me hard and deeply, stretching me till I felt ripping but I loved it. My mind was delirious with excitement and pleasure. When I heard mom scream, "Give it to me, oh god its getting bigger, yes, yes, oh fuck yeah, cum baby, fill me up.....oh damn honey he's cummin in my fuckin hot...don't stop!.....I lost it! Thinking of a nigger cumming in my pussy while my dad or brother watched me had me in a turmoil of hunching that had me forcing my pussy into Steve's dick, ramming my pussy into his forceful thrusts until I was crying and murmuring, "Fuck me nigger, cum in my pussy, oh god give me that big black dick" as I was lost to my imagining's and the feeling of Steve's big cock hurting me so deeply.

In fact I was so far gone into my first fucking that I again failed to notice my door opening and my mom standing peering into the dimly lit room as I professed my need to have a nigger cum in my pussy. How long she had been standing there I wasn't sure but when I did notice her, her hand was moving in slow circular motions at her clit and she was just inside the door leaning against the wall with her eyes open and glassy appearing as she watched Steve's big dick piston forcefully in my tightly gripping cunt. Knowing she was seeing her son fucking me, her daughter as she played with her nigger cum filled pussy was so erotic and brought forth one of the most intense orgasms yet as Steve began his own tensing orgasm. Mom watched as he began ramming his cock into my pussy uncontrollably hard, unable to care if he was hurting me as his own arousement took control of his actions. It was then that the last inch of his long cock found the envelope of my tightly clasping pussy walls, then that his body mashed my clit hard, grinding into it as my mind sank into an abyss of pleasure that not only had me cumming so hard I knew death was imminent but also my mom as she sank to the floor on her knees grasping her pussy as she cum intensely.

My thighs were still tensed when I saw her looking me in my eyes. Our gazes were locked together, caressing each others mind as we shared a look that told of our love for each other and the understanding of what we were both experiencing at that moment. I watched as she struggled to her feet as Steve continued to hunch hard to my depths and his hot lava like cum splayed hotly against my deepest walls. She put her finger to her mouth and indicated for me to be quiet and not let Steve know she was there as she opened the door quietly and slipped out. I lay there basking in my ability to make my brother cum, to give him the same pleasure he had given me. I no longer felt like a kid, something was different now. Even knowing mom had watched us didn't affect the way I felt about Steve and as his big dick jerked stiffly in my pussy, expelling the dregs of his ball juice I placed my hands on his head and kissed him again. This time we savored each other's mouths without the urgency of before. My emotions again over whelmed me as the love I felt within me for Steve had me hunching into his softening cock. I wanted this night to last forever. I didn't know where we were heading after this but somehow I knew that mom would be embroiled right in the middle of it.

Steve finally rolled off me and lay there with his semi-erect cock jerking and asked me if I was gonna clean him up. I rose to go into my bathroom and he said "Whoa, where you going?" To get a washcloth to clean you up like you asked...I replied. That's not how you clean a guy up Trish, you do it with your mouth, now be a nice sister and come suck on your brothers dick and show me how much you appreciate that good fuckin I just gave you. The thought of sucking his dick instantly had my pussy yearning and my clit throbbing. I could feel the fog of arousement settling over my mind as I knelt on the bed and took his cock in my hand and pumped it. I felt entranced by it as I inspected it, like it was an idol that deserved my rapt attention. I felt my mouth creating saliva as I thought of him in my mouth. My tongue slid wetly across my lips and I knew I wanted to taste him. My breathing was deep, hurried as I felt his cock surging, filling as he watched my mesmerized actions.

It was so wonderful having a brother that wanted to teach me how to please a guy, especially a brother with so big a dick. I gazed at his face and said, I love you Steve. "Show that dick how much you love me Trish and yeah I love you too little sis!" I placed both hands on his dick and began slowly stroking him. It was amazing feeling his cock filling, stiffening and thickening in my grasp. Do you know how many times I've imagined doing this to you Steve, and its so much hotter than I ever dreamed it would be? "Probably not as many times as I dreamed of it Trish. I beat off every night thinking of you sucking my dick little sis." Really, you wanted your sister to do this for you. Didn't it make you feel weird wanting me to suck you, I mean its so wrong. "What about you Trish you said you wanted it too, you feel weird?" Yeah I guess, but I get so excited it doesn't matter, like now, I want to feel you in my pussy again so bad but I also want to suck you and swallow your cum. By now his dick is jerking and swaying its so hard and I can't believe I had all his dick up in my little pussy. I can't resist it and my head lowers and I lick his cockhead, suck at its skin and taste both our cum and the lingering taste of sausage.

Lick it good sis, get it good and wet and then get up here and put it back in your pussy. Hmmmm I moan as my tongue laves his fat tip, coating it with my spit until I can't help myself and my lips open and I slide his fat glans in my mouth and suck it hard. His loud moan as I engulf his swollen tip and the way his asscheeks squeeze together and hips lift I know I've done something right and I keep licking and sucking at him until he begins fucking my mouth as he holds my head. By now my pussy is leaking with wetness and clenching and relaxing with my need to be filled by his dick so I grab his wrists and pull them from me as I rise and straddle him and place his tip at my still gaped pussy and begin pressing him up inside me. We both groan as my pussy opens and he slides deep inside me. The thrill that courses through me immobilizes me and has my arms squeezing into my sides with the intense pleasure I feel as he throbs against my squeezing walls. A hard shudder shakes me as I lift and lower my pussy along his fat shaft. God I love his dick and the way it feels stretching my cuntlips around it. I'm stuffed, every inch of my birth canal if filled and hemorrhaging pleasure to course through each cell of my body.

It would be easier to say how long I wasn't cumming than to describe the continuous orgasms his fat, long cock induced into my clenching cunt walls. His dick drives me insane with the need to feel myself cumming with him deeply embedded inside me. I can't control the craving need that has me ramming my pussy down onto his stiffened member hurtfully, crying out with each abrupt mashing of my deepest walls as I stretch my pussy to engage his entire cock. I feel an insanity driving me to enjoy every inch he offers, a primitive need to have him as deep as possible when he unloads his hot seed in my young fertile womb. My own excitement fuels his as he grabs my hips and begins fucking hard up into me, his hands ramming me hard down onto his uplifting thrusts as I beg him not to stop, thighs spreading and my body hunching against his pelvis as I cum in one long never ending orgasmic bliss. I feel his glans swelling and feel the spot of heat as his precum burns my deepest walls and I know I won't be tasting this load of cum on my tongue as my hips begin hunching quickly as I crave the hot explosion within me. At the first hot spewing against my walls I grind forcefully into his exploding dick, moaning my love for what he is gifting me as my clit screams its own mashed expression of pleasure and my mind seems to melt under the assault on my senses and my pussy.

My young freshly initiated body can't get enough of this newfound love of dick. Many women don't experience this profound stretching of their pussies their entire life and here at 12 years old my brother has addicted me to a feeling that only big cocked men can provide. I do clean his failing cock this time, sucking and licking his cock, balls and pumping him as I try to entice his cum from his deflated balls but he is spent it seems. As he leaves my room he promises to give me a mouthful of cum tomorrow that will choke me. The thought thrills me as I kiss him goodnight and he furtively sneaks back to his own room leaving me standing with cum leaking from deep inside my well fucked pussy.

I can't sleep and mom and dad and Randy are still going at it and I lay there rubbing my clit as I think of mom watching us and her in her room fucking Randy's big black dick. I can't imagine a dick bigger than Steve's. I picture her in my mind atop Randy, as I just was with my brother, with my dad behind her fucking her asshole and I find myself cumming again. I must be a nympho now I think. For all my life I have been exposed to sex in pictures and videos and in my mind and now I have been subjected to so much sex in real life in so short a time that I feel overwhelmed, like its all a dream. Did I really fuck my brother, was that really my mom watching her son cum in her daughter's pussy and finding it so exciting she cum from watching? Even more questionable was that really Randy my mom was begging to fill her pussy with his nigger cum and telling my dad about how it felt. Even now I wished I could drill a hole in the wall and see if my mom's moans were really caused by her pussy being force fucked by Randy's nigger dick.

It was then that I heard something in the hall outside my door and opened it a bit and glanced out and saw mom looking into Steve's room and then softly closing the door. I heard her walk past my door and swore I heard a slight knocking and then heard a door open and shut quietly and her saying, boy Tom must be wore out, he's already sound asleep. Again I thought I heard a soft tapping on my door and then the sound of voices fading as if going down the stairs. Our living room was directly below the stairs with the front foyer and door in the middle of it all. There were couches on either side at the front. I silently opened my door and knelt on the floor and crept towards the edge of the balcony/hall and peered down into the lower area.

There in the living room was Randy with his clothing beneath his arms and my mom standing nude in front of him stroking his monstrous black dick. She took the clothing from him and laid it on the couch before again taking his cock in her hand and stroking it while saying, you don't think I'm letting you out of here just because Tom is asleep do you. Are you sure he won't mind, what about your agreement with him. Well the first time I felt this big black dick in me I knew I would give you my pussy anytime you wanted it Randy. Does it bother you being with me without Tom here? Yeah but not enough to keep me from tapping that pussy baby. She had him standing sideways to me and now I could see his entire dick. It was as thick as a soda can at the head behind his swollen tip and tapered to an even larger girth towards the bottom. He was longer than Steve even and his glans looked like a small orange.

My young pussy was squeezing and relaxing in time to the pulsing of my clit. God I thought, its no wonder she was screaming and yelling so loudly. I found it hard to believe any woman could take his dick, but I knew deep inside me I'd love to try! I watched as mom knelt and made love to his black cock much as I had Steve's. She seemed as mesmerized by Randy's cock as I had been by Steve's. Randy fucked her mouth roughly, holding her head between his hands and using her, choking her repeatedly as he drove deep in her throat and she seemed to love it and moaned her love as he forced deep in her throat and held her to it. Seeing his fat black dick protruding from my mom's mouth had an erotic tabooness to it that had my pussy flowing wetness. Suddenly he wrapped his fingers in my mom's long locks and pulled her mouth from his dick and sat down on couch behind them and ordered her to, "Make my nigger dick cum bitch!"

I fully expected my mom to slap him because dad had called her a bitch once playfully and she had slapped him silly and told him to never call her a bitch. And now here Randy was calling her a bitch very disrespectfully and she just rose and positioned her pussy over his dick and began pressing down onto it. The light streaming in from a window cast an eerie lightness on their bodies where his dick joined her pussy and I could easily see her pussy spreading, opening until I thought she should be ripping but her only reaction was to moan and roll her hips as she spiraled down his cock. She began lifting and falling in a rhythm that had her arousement soaring. She was facing me and I could see the pained pleasure she was experiencing as she forced more and more of his cock deep inside her. Her breathing had become deep, slow, as her hips moved, pussy squeezing his cock as she felt him. It was written all over her face how much she loved his dick and the way she felt fucking it. Her motions were becoming more and more agitated as his monstrous cock entered her deeper and deeper, her moans becoming deeper and full of a desperation that told of her desire to have him fully implanted in her to his balls when she cum. I watched as her hips began a front to back hunching as she forced his cock deeper into her now distended pussy.

Yeah, fuck my nigger dick slut, Tom don't get in dat pussy dat deep do he bitch? I was shocked to hear my mom gasp, No, god no, nobody's ever fucked me as good as you do, I love your nigger dick baby, love it, god I need it all in me baby, fuck it in me Randy. Fuck Tom's wife baby, make me take all that big nigger dick, make me love you! You might be Tom's wife but you my slut bitch and you WILL take all dis dick tonight! Then in a display of his strength he rose straight up with mom impaled on his fat cock and began hunching up into her forcibly. He left her hanging on his cock for a few minutes as her head flailed and her hands tried desperately to push her up off his hard dick but failing she moaned loudly and settled down onto his cock as I watched another two inches disappear inside her. Her head was thrown back, mouth open and her eyes were open wide as if in awe at the feeling in her pussy. It was then as her head flopped around wildly that she glanced up at where I was laying on the balcony and our gazes locked and she knew I was watching her plight as she watched mine. I don't know if it was her realization of me watching or just the feeling within her but she began cumming intensely, begging him to fuck her, to give her all his dick.

He did! He began an upwards thrusting that bounced her with every forceful thrust. He placed his arms under hers and reached up to hold her by her shoulders where she couldn't get away and began fucking her in earnest. Ramming his cock into her unmercifully with no regard to her plight, uncaring if he ripped her pussy and she loved it!! My mom's legs tried to wrap him as he held her down on his dick and hunched roughly, forcibly into her body until his balls were pressed tightly against her ass and she was screaming into her hand and shaking her head as if trying to throw off the pain she felt ripping through her but still she begged for more. I watched as she cried, tears flowing down her cheeks and choking as she sobbed but still begging him to fuck her harder, to cum in her white slut pussy, to give her his black baby for Tom to raise.

Then suddenly she was quiet, a look of awe etched upon her face, eyes open wide before screaming, no, no, oh god its too big. Her arms flailed the air and she tried to dislodge his dick and then as suddenly as she begged him to stop she moaned loudly, YES, Yes, give it to me baby, oh fuck I'm cumming, HOT, so fucking hot, fuck me, fuck that nigger cum in my womb...oh fuck I can't stop...hurt it...yeah like that...fuck my married pussy baby! Tell me who owns dis pussy you nigger loving cunt...tell me now! YOU DO! Oh god its yours Randy....fuck your pussy baby....don't stop.....fill my pussy with that hot nigga cum...oh fuck you're killing me....fuck me...fuckme harddddd. I watched as he lowered her on her hands and knees to the couch seat and began pounding her forcefully doggy style as she screamed her love of his nigga dick.

I was fingering my pussy roughly, the heel of my hand mashing my clit as I wished I was having my pussy pounded like mom was when suddenly I felt someone lay down atop me and begin forcing their cock in my well moistened asshole. Don't stop Trish, keep fingering your pussy while I fuck your asshole and we'll both watch. Oh my god it was my dad and he was putting his dick in my ass. A shudder of arousement coursed through me and I felt weak all over as I felt his cock open my sphincter and lodge inside it. Oh god I can't stand this I thought, first my brother then mom fucking a nigger while I watch and now my dad fucking my asshole and I love it. I could hear my dad's frantic breathing and feel it on my neck and shoulder as he began stroking deeper and deeper into my ass. His thighs were astraddle mine and he reached under me to squeeze my tits as he fucked my ass excitedly. He was whispering all the while about how mom loved Randy's black dick and how hot it made him seeing her completely lost to his big cock. Then he asked me if it made me hot watching my mom be fucked by a nigger?

By then I was lost to the feelings in my own body as I fingered my pussy and my father fucked his dick in my asshole. I could tell he was becoming more and more excited as he talked to me and so was I. My ass was lifting, pushing into his cock and I wanted him to cum in me there. Then he said, I bet you'd like Randy's big cock tearing up your tight young cunt wouldn't you Trish and that thought must have sent him over the edge cause I felt him tense and press his dick into my ass forcibly and then a hotness began spreading in my ass and his dick became slippery as he fucked it in and out as I milked his dick, draining his cum filled balls completely. My entire body tensed hard as I enjoyed the feel of my dad draining his older balls in my ass. I felt so womanly knowing I had satisfied my dad too.

I remembered what Steve had said about cleaning a guy up afterwards and when dad rolled onto his back and was laying there panting from the exertion of creaming his daughters young asshole I scooted down and began sucking his dick. I could taste my ass on it but it wasn't that bad and I soon was licking and sucking at him eagerly. His dick was not near as fat and long as Steve's and I really enjoyed sucking and licking it. I watched my dad's face as I pressed his entire cock into my mouth and down my throat and soon I felt his cock stiffening again and his hand found my head and began holding me as he fucked up into my mouth. You like your young innocent daughter sucking your cock daddy, does it make you want to cum in my mouth. He moaned loudly at my words and I felt his hips lift and his dick began leaking slick precum onto my tongue as Steve's had and he moaned, "Oh god baby girl suck it, suck it hard, make daddy cum in your mouth!" My mouth began flying up and down his cock as I sucked and licked it avidly and soon his hands gripped my head and he groaned and my daddy's hot cum exploded from his dick to land at the back of my mouth where I had no choice but to swallow it quickly. My lips clamped his glans and I sucked on it hard as spurt after spurt spewed from it to be licked and sucked and swallowed until his entire body shook like a leaf in a windstorm.

I thought that would be the end of my daddy's amorous tryst with me, his daughter, but when I lay back feeling imminently satisfied with myself I felt him shift position and place his head at my feet and reach over to roll me atop him with my pussy at his face. I heard him whisper, "Watch your momma take nigga dick while I enjoy your cum baby girl. I lay with my head between his legs as I felt his mouth begin sucking at my pussy, licking me as he cleaned everyone's cum from my well used young pussy. I couldn't help but watch Randy fucking my mom and soon that sight and her moans of pleasure and my dad's tongue invading my soppy pussy had me hunching violently back into the sucking and licking my father so earnestly provided his daughters young pussy. God I wanted Steve or Randy to fuck me so badly but just then dad clamped my clit with his lips and began sucking it hard while his tongue tip slid around it and Randy began pumping my mom's pussy full of his nigger cum.

One or the other or both had me cumming like an opened floodgate. My mom's screams of impassioned craving filled my ears as I watched Randy's cum exploding from around his thick dick as he pumped my mom full of what seemed gallons of his nigger seed. Mom fucked back into his spewing cock so hard she buried the whole huge dick in her cunt and then just shook violently as she felt him filling her like a high pressure fire hose. He hunched roughly a few more times causing mom's head to jerk sharply up with each hot internal spewing as he stretched her painfully. Dad's tongue had invaded my flooding pussy and was pressuring my walls as he sucked and licked my cum avidly and my thighs squeezed his head tightly as I moaned my delight. Then dad got up and was gone in an instant back to his bedroom leaving me lying there squeezing my thighs tightly together as I shook and spasmed with my waning ardor. When I glanced back at mom and Randy, she was stretched out along the couch and he was over her with his cock in her mouth telling her to clean his balls too and mom was licking and sucking like it was her life's dream to clean his flaccid cock and balls. Then he pulled away and put his clothes on and told mom to be sure and get her wimp ass husband to lick his cum out of her pussy and left.

Mom seemed to just pass out there on the couch. I watched her a few minutes and then walked down and stood there gazing at her. She was beautiful for a woman of forty. Breasts that were firm and natural with perfect aureoles surrounding pert nipples. Her waist was thin and firm and her hips were perfect for her size. Her legs were long and thin and perfectly shaped. Her thighs were parted, one knee bent as she lay there and I couldn't help but admire her pussy. It was dripping thick creamy cum, her asscrack was wet with it, her pussy covered and she seemed to have cum splotched all over her body from the evening with dad and Randy. She was such a slut it seemed. I was beginning to believe that I didn't know my mom and dad at all. My mind was flooded with visions of her hunching her pussy into Randy's big black cock,the same pussy that was gaped and full of his enjoyment of my dads wife. Dad had seemed so turned on watching a nigger fuck his beautiful wife while knowing how much mom was loving his black cock. I knew of his excitement by how he fucked my ass while watching mom beg for Randy's black baby to be spewed in her womb.

I remembered mom's telling me to be quiet as Steve fucked me and the taps on the door that I'm sure were her way of telling me she wanted me to watch her as she had me. I felt so close to her knowing her love of cock and the way she responded to them just as I did. I sat beside her for a long time before gathering the courage to touch her, to feel the softness of her breasts. My hand was shaking as I squeezed her breast lightly, first one then the other. They felt so soft and supple and as I gazed at her nipples I had the urge to kiss them. I knelt and placed my lips on one of them and sucked softly and mom writhed slightly and placed a hand on my head as if she enjoyed what I was doing. I squeezed both of her breasts and sucked on one first then the other as her thighs became agitated and I could feel the pulsing of my arousement at my clit. I had watched lesbian porn on the pc and had some idea of what to do with another girl. But this was my mom. I felt so nasty and lewd for wanting to touch and feel my mom so intimately. I wanted to make her cum, to give her pleasure and express the closeness I felt towards her. Knowing the tabooness of my desires just increased my arousement and craving to experience them.

I felt so close to her. My excitement was heightened by my love of my mom and I felt this overpowering urge to kiss her. Before my courage left me I bent and placed my lips on hers and kissed her gently. Her lips were so soft and supple beneath mine that my arousement had my tongue entering her mouth and exploring hers as I had heard of girls doing. Her moan and the way she began sucking at my tongue and lips excited me and emboldened me. I had never touched another girl before and I was curious as to what the big deal was about and after tonight I felt close enough to my mom to find out. I placed my hand on her pussy and began rubbing her clit as I would my own as we kissed. Her clit was hard and rolled beneath my fingertips, her hips hunching and rolling gently as moans began to escape her lips. I let my fingers press into her slick pussy and felt Randy's cum coating my fingers inside her as she moaned and opened her eyes. Her hand reached down and grabbed my moving hand and held it as her body hunched up into my probing fingers. Her breathing was deep, hurried, and she moaned, no, no, trish we can't, ohhhhhh god baby, what are you doing to momma. Her mouth said no but her hand was over mine and holding my fingers in her pussy as she continued to hunch and moan. Her eyes held a look that told of her wishing she could stop but as always her body dominated and won out. She was so much like me or was it I was so much like her? Either way I knew what we both wanted to do, knew what we both needed and the way her hand pressed my fingers into her pussy as she hunched into them gave me the courage to just do it.

I began kissing all over her as she writhed and pleaded for me to stop, the whole time pressing my fingers deeper into her pussy and holding my head to her body. I felt her pussy becoming wetter and wetter as my kissing neared her pussy, this is the part that always made me cum in the videos, I began licking her, sucking at her skin until her hands guided me to her clit and I sucked it gently, licked it as her body responded by lifting, hunching, all pretenses of wanting me to stop gone now as I licked and sucked at her eagerly. I felt a sense of power making my mom beg me to let her cum. Just a lick of my tongue or a slight sucking of my lips could have her begging to cum. She pulled her knees up next to her tits and begged me to let her feel my tongue in her. Told me my dad never ate pussy and Randy didn't either. Nobody has ever ate you mom I asked? She looked at me from tormented eyes as she said no, nobody, her gaze pleading for me to give her the kiss of life she so desperately needed at this moment.

My tongue tormented her entrance, licked in circles around her wet fleshy entrance before plunging in her as deeply as possible. Her reaction was instantaneous as her hips out-turned and thighs straightened alongside my head and she tensed in a hard orgasm that had her entire body trembling, jerking with intensity. I licked inside her as I tasted her pussy, and was surprised when I tasted Randy's cum coating my tongue. I liked it and was happily gathering it with my tongue and swallowing it as she hunched uncontrollably, squeezing her tits hard as her 12 year old daughter gave her something she'd wanted all her life. I liked this and felt empowered by mom's cumming as a sign I was doing it right. I tried everything I had ever watched girls do to each other in movies. My young mind was open to anything and I drove mom crazy licking her puckered cum coated asshole while she squealed delightedly. It was while sucking mom's asshole that I noticed movement out of the corner of my eyes and when I looked, there stood my dad jacking off. I told him to sit down on the couch and then I had mom sit on his dick putting it in her asshole. I watched them fuck awhile before crawling between mom's thighs and licking her clit as dad pumped his cock up her asshole. Mom was in heaven as I sucked and licked at her like a cum starved whore. When I fingered her roughly until she cum she actually squirted, well I thought she had peed on me at the time but it didn't smell or taste like pee when I stuck my tongue in her pussy and began fucking her with it. Oh god honey Trish is making me cum over and over eating my pussy, she gasped, oh damn you're dick is so hard, fuck my ass deep baby.

Mom's ass was squirming on dad's dick as I ate her pussy and she was in heaven, laying back on dad with her eyes closed moaning with each new orgasm. I was as excited as a 12 year old could be that could do anything sexually they wanted to and not worry about mom or dad caring. It was then that Steve walked up with his huge dick flying at full erection and motioned for me to move. With one hard shove he penetrated moms pussy a good eight inches and her scream was as much pained as pleasured. Oh my god yes, she moaned quickly before looking up to see who had impaled her so wonderfully. As her hips hunched into his pistoning cock she glanced up at Steve's face and moaned, no, no, not you, oh god please Steve, don't make me, don't make me cum on my son's dick. Oh god Tom Steve's fucking me and he's so big. Oh fuck Tom he's gon...gonna...oh fuck I'm cumming...fuck me Steve...fuck momma's pussy baby. AiieeeeEEEEeeeaarrrghhGGHHHHHH...goddddd I'm cumming on my son's dick....oh fuck.......such a slut....fuck me baby...fuck your momma's slut pussy.....oh god I love all of you so much.....cumin...can't stop cummin. Oh damn I feel your dicks rubbing inside me.....aieeeeeeeEEEEEE! Is Steve's dick big baby, he feels big rubbing against mine in your asshole, dad asked mom? Oh god yes honey, he's almost as big as Randy. Really, dad exclaims, his excitement growing by leaps and bounds as mom hunches and moans as Steve drives his dick deeper and deeper in her pussy. You like fucking your son's big young dick baby, are you gonna cum on that teen dick like you do Randy's? Y..e..ssssss..oh damn baby its so long and thick, I love it, I love it! Your son is soo much bigger than you baby, so damn thick and long and wonderful. Fuck your momma Steve, pound her pussy hard with that big dick you motherfucker! She likes her pussy to get hurt boy, so don't you hold back none you here....rape that pussy and stretch it all to hell.

Steve was excited and his cock was hard as steel as he roughly fucked mom and she was crying, sobbing as she repeatedly tensed in orgasm and couldn't control herself. She wailed how big a slut she was and then begged Steve to fuck her harder, faster, deeper and cum over and over. I could see it building in mom, her craving for Steve's dick was taking control of her and she was losing it. Her hands grabbed at his ass and her legs wrapped his body and she was becoming agitated, unable to cope with all the feelings and sensations flooding her. With a loud cry she pushed Steve backwards to the floor and straddled his hips and began thrashing her pussy down on his dick wildly leaving dad sitting there with his hard dick standing at attention. Not being someone to waste a good hard on I backed up to him and lowered my asshole to his dick and pressed it home. His hands reached around and began rubbing my clit and I just sat there and moaned as thrills raced through me as I watched mom slamming her pussy down on Steve's huge cock. I knew what she was feeling and I longed to feel it again myself. Dad was excited again and talking to me, asking me if I liked daddy's dick up my ass? Telling me how much he liked fucking my ass, how hot it made him knowing I was enjoying his dick. His talking so dirty excited me and drove home the point that what we were engaged in was so taboo and nasty. My young mind was elated to be experiencing things I had only dreamed of and watched in movies. I knew I loved fucking, my ass, my pussy, my mouth all of it and I especially loved fucking my brother Steve. Watching mom lose it on her son's huge dick while my dad was diddling my clit had me cumming intensely as my dad encouraged me to soak his balls with cum.

Seeing moms pussy gripping Steve's fat cock as he withdrew it, her labia a thin red line around him reminded me of the full feeling I had experienced as he fucked my own pussy. Moms loud gutteral moans as Steve rammed roughly into her deepest places filled my pussy with an empty yearning feeling that I begged my dad to fill with his fingers. I hunched hard into his groping digits as he roughly pressed them deep up in my hunching cunt while mashing my clit with the heel of his hand until I again cum as he fucked my tight asshole. I decide to talk some nasty myself seeing as how dad seemed to like it so much so I told him how much I liked eating moms pussy while he fucked her asshole, how I was wishing he'd pull his dick out of her ass and ask me to suck it while I was eating mom out. I could feel his dick jerking in my asshole so I pressed on saying, I bet mom would like to see you suck Steve's dick, you know, suck her cum off of him and put it back in her pussy. His dick stiffened a lot and I felt it swell in my tight muscle so I began squeezing it and milking it as I went on; I bet mom would cum real hard if you made Steve cum with your mouth dad, I know I would. You'd have to fuck my tight young daughter pussy I'd be so horny seeing you lick his dick. I knew he was about to erupt so I lifted from him and said, do it dad, take his dick out of mom and suck it for me. Then you can fuck my pussy real deep and hard. I could see the indecision on his face and knew he wanted to but just couldn't bring himself to do such a thing. I whispered in mom's ear that if she asked dad to he'd suck her cum off Steve's cock. At any other time she would have slapped me for saying such a thing, but with Steves cock stretching her pussy she turned and said, Tom it would really turn Trisha on if you'd lick my cum off Steve's dick baby why don't you? I mean she's done so much for us already and we wouldn't want her to be mad at us would we?

Mom raised off Steve's cock and said, there baby, come here and we'll suck it together, you, me and Trish. I could see dads tongue running over his lips and knew he wanted to suck Steve's dick but he just couldn't do it until mom said. Well if you can't do this for me I guess I'll never fuck Randy again. Dad began moving to the floor as he protested, but baby you know you like that nigger dick. Yeah but now I've got me a big dick right here to fuck baby. Dad's head lowered and as he opened his mouth I'm sure to say he couldn't mom grabbed his head and pushed his open mouth down on Steve's big glans and held it there until dad began sucking on it. Share baby, give Trish some, and I licked and sucked it awhile and then mom enjoyed Steve's cock a little and when it was dads turn he began sucking and licking mom's cum from his entire cock as we encouraged him saying, don't forget the balls daddy, make it cum baby. Mom lowered her pussy down onto Steve's face as dad sucked his son's cock. I couldn't help but smile as I thought how the three of them were keeping it in the family. Steve was so hot he was bucking and hunching and making slurping noises he was eating mom so enthusiastically and she was in her own private heaven feeling Steve's tongue delving deep inside her flooding pussy as she watched her husband sucking their son's hard dick. She knew she would live to regret this day but nothing could stop her now.

I had to have Steve's dick in me and I rose and straddled it and began cumming almost instantly as I felt my pussy again full of his wonderful cock. Me and mom hugged and kissed as Steve fucked up into me and I felt dad again enter my ass and I lost control. My entire family was pleasing me and my mind felt insanity. I had sensations and emotions that seemed to build inside me and threaten to drive me insane if I couldn't cum, but I did repeatedly as mom sucked at my tits as she hunched into Steve's mouth and dad labored in my tightly clenching asshole and my entire world was rocked over and over being impaled upon Steve's marvelous cock. My young body couldn't get enough of these newfound pleasures for hours that day. Did I get pregnant, did I ever fuck Randy's big black dick? Well if mom hadn't given me a morning after pill I feel sure I would have been carrying Steve's baby after that night and she got me on the pill that week so my fertile pussy wouldn't interfere with our fun with Steve and Randy. Did I ever fuck Randy? Lets just say that's a story for another day. But I will say that everyone in that house loves big black cock now...everybody...even Steve! Yeah I was warped for life after that night. My young pussy was traumatized by Steve's big cock, addicted to pleasures that I shouldn't have experienced until years later. But to this day I am still open to new experiences like those at the animal research place down the road from my house now. Maybe someone wants to hear about those?

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