This is a story about sex between a Step Father and step Daughter, if your not into that or offended by this topic please don't read. Otherwise enjoy yourself.
The guard opened the cell door and roughly shoved me inside and because my feet were still shackled and my hands were handcuffed behind my back, it caused me to fall face first onto the concrete floor.

The guard removed the restraints and growled, “Welcome to paradise, pervert.”

I brought my hand to my swollen lip. I could taste saltiness and looked down at the yellow stained floor and realized the salty taste in my mouth wasn’t just from my own blood but urine left from previous inmates.

I made my way to the bunk and sat on the thin mattress. The guard was still in the doorway sizing me up and he turned with a huff and the slamming of the steel door took me back in my mind to the day that had sealed my fate.

I heard the screen door slam as Shaeee and David ran out the door, followed by screaming and yelling. I jumped to my feet, giving up all hope of relaxing in my easy chair that Saturday afternoon.

I opened the screen door that had been badly damaged from these two siblings treating it so roughly. I stood in the doorway and watched these two little monsters pull each other’s hair and call one another fowl names, throwing wild punches and clawing at the other.

I yelled out, “Shaeee, David, get in here and get washed up for supper and stop fighting with each other.”

David punched his sister and ran for the house, while Shaeee screeched, “you little bastard.”

As I held the screen door open for the pair to pass through, David made it past me first with Shaeee close on his heels. As David brushed past me I turned my head to scold him just as Shaeee reached the doorway. Catching me off guard she gave me a titty twister, I recoiled in pain.

“Son of a bitch,” I said thru clenched teeth, while rubbing my sore nipple.

Shaeee giggled with glee as she looked back to gloat.

These two were the wild animals I had inherited when I had married their mother, Renee. I had placed a personal ad in the local paper and Renee had responded. She was beautiful. With long brunette hair, a petite figure, awesome eyes and an incredible personality.

The only “baggage” was Renee’s three children. An older daughter, Tara, who lived with her and these two rug rats who lived with their father and Renee had custody of them every other weekend. The father was an alcoholic and allowed the two kids to run free and do whatever they wanted. There was no structure in their young lives. So the weekends we had them were chaotic to say the least.

I gave Shaeee and David a lecture about how to treat each other as a brother and sister ought and waited until after dinner to explain to Shaeee that “titty twisters” can cause serious health issues, especially in females. I didn’t really know if this were true, this fell in the category that masturbating cause’s blindness but I had heard aggravated twisting could cause tumors and females were more prone to such health issues than their male counterpart.

She promised to stop and I was pleased with myself that I had gained some ground with her.

It didn’t stop and even seemed to increase in severity and frequency. I complained and warned and cussed. I was at the end of my rope with Shaeee.

“Shaeee,” I called and she acknowledge. “I’d like to talk with you privately,” I said.

I worked out of my home and had a private office. She followed me into my office and I asked her to shut the door and she did.

“Shaeee,” I started and let out a heavy sigh. I started again, “Shaeee, I have tried everything I know to get you to stop with these painful titty twisters and to no avail.”

I continued, “I have decided that whenever you give me one, I in turn will give you one back and maybe, just maybe you will see how they hurt and will stop.” I sounded like I was pleading rather than speaking with an authoritative voice.

She shot back,” If you do I will tell Mom you touched me!”

I countered, “It’s simple then if you don’t want me to ‘touch you’, I made the sign with my fingers in the air of quote, unquote, then just knock it off.” “Annnnnd”, I drug out the words for emphasis, “if you don’t and I give you one back and you tell your Mother I touched you, I will simply explain the situation to your mother and I think she will see it my way that I gave you every opportunity to stop and you wouldn’t be touched.” I gave the quote sign again to drive home my point.

She sneered and I walked out of the room without shutting the door and leaving Shaeee with her own thoughts.

The rest of the day went well and the titty twisters had stopped. That night Shaeee came into my office, where I was working late. She had on one of my tee shirts for a night gown, her father rarely sent clean clothes, let alone proper attire or enough clothing to change into over the weekend, but I didn’t mind her wearing my shirt. I couldn’t help notice her developing breast were straining against the fabric, making little tents.

I turned in my chair to give her my full attention and said, “What’s up pumpkin.”

She turned her head to the side in an innocent gesture and raised her hand to the corner of her mouth and I thought she looked so cute.

She said, “I wanted to give you a good night kiss.”

This was a first, I thought. She leaned in and I moved toward her, she gave me a kiss on the cheek, hesitated and then, WAM she gave me the most painful twist yet.

I jumped to my feet in pain, cussing and she bolted for her bedroom giggling all the way. I followed in hot pursuit. I was madder than a hornet. Part of me wanted to blister her ass but good and yet my head told me to punish her but not hurt her.

I followed her to her room and yanked the covers off her tiny body and I reached out and took one of her nipples in my hand and squeezed and rolled it between my fingers and kept that up while I talked.

“There, now how do you like it?” I said in a stern voice. “And if you don’t stop I will do it each and every time you give me one and if you still continue I will do even more than that to you.” I was almost shouting at her now.

I still had a hold on her nipple and she had a frightened look but I think it was because she thought I was going to strike her and not because I had her tender nipple in my fingertips.

I turned and stormed out of the room, slamming the door as I left and mumbling to myself because my nipple still hurt.

The rest of that weekend passed without another incident and the two brats went home to their worthless father. I didn’t say anything to their mother because I truly thought I had solved the problem.

Two weeks later, Shaeee and David came to visit, they hadn’t been there 15 minutes when Shaeee came up behind me and gave me a twister and ran out the door, laughing and pumping her fist in the air for a victory sign, slamming that poor screen door again. I thought, two can play this hit and run game and I began to formulate a plan.

Shaeee was at the sink washing dishes as I approached her from behind, careful not to make a sound. I pushed my groin into her ass and leaned forward with my upper body, causing her to lean forward and losing her ability to fight cause she was off balance and using her arms to support her from falling to far forward.
Pressed into her I whispered in her ear, “Two can play this game.”

I reached up and cupped both her breast. I became very aware her breast weren’t fully developed and were cone shaped, rather than round. I didn’t want to hurt her so I just cupped her mounds and rolled her nipple between my index finger and thumb.

Up to this point I wasn’t thinking of her in any sexual way, I just wanted the painful titty twist to stop and was repeating my, “It can stop if you want it to” lecture.

At some point I became aware I had an erection and it was wedged in the crack of her ass. I was acutely aware she was grinding her ass into my pelvis each time she struggled to get away from my hold on her. I released her tits and stepped away from her and walked away. I half expected her to go running to her mother but she stayed leaning against the sink with her hands on the counter to help support herself.

I went to my office and tried to make sense of what had just occurred between me and my step daughter and why I had a rock hard boner. She had resisted me but with little effort and no screaming or calling out for help. In fact, I think she enjoyed it some.

I had become aroused touching her young breast. It was like I had fondled her rather than punished her. I realized I had actually enjoyed touching her that way. I thought, “If I played my cards right, I might get some more mileage out of this than I planned for.” I began planning my strategy.

I was correct in my thinking, her giving me titty twist didn’t stop. She would catch me off guard, twist my nipple and run. I waited patiently until she came to give me my nightly kiss on the cheek and I spun her around and forced her to sit on my lap and reached under her night shirt and cupped both her breast in my hands. Since she was ready for bed, she wasn’t wearing her usual bra, so my hands were cupping bare flesh.
I handled her small tits like I was trying to weigh them and gently rubbing her nipples. They were hard and pointy. She wasn’t fighting but said in a disgusted voice, “I’ll tell Mom.”

I said, “Go ahead you know how to stop this if you really want to and I told you each time you do it I would go a little further, so you control how far it goes and when it stops.”

She wasn’t resisting me at all and I heard a slight moan escape her mouth. My dick was rock hard again and I’m sure she could feel it pressing against her ass as she wiggled in my lap, but she might not have the knowledge of what was throbbing against her young flesh. I wasn’t even sure she was wearing panties. And then I planted the seed.

“Ok, Shaeee, so you see if you don’t want my hands on you, then stop the twist and I won’t touch you anymore but if not, then the next time I will touch you longer and maybe even in more private areas, it’s your call.” And with that I walked out with a shit eatin grin on my face. I knew the pleasure she felt would make it near impossible for her to want to stop now.

Everything changed from that point. Shaeee still gave me twist but they were gentle now and she made no effort to run but put on a playful act of catch me if you can and stood perfectly still while I dished out her “punishment.” She even seemed disappointed when my fondling her breast ended. And it was no time she would twist and I would touch. I even looked forward to getting a good feel.

On the weekends when Shaeee was with her father I was restless and I discovered by accident that the door stop had worked itself loose on the bathroom door. I went to repair it and realized with the door shut I had a clear view inside between the jamb and door.

Renee’s oldest daughter was drop dead gorgeous, with blonde hair down to her ass. Tara had a routine of taking a bath before school each morning. I soon discovered Tara had another routine only known to her and now me.
I heard Tara go into the bathroom and start her bath water. She went back to her room to lay out her school clothes and prepare for her busy day. She returned soon and closed the door and the water stopped and I faintly heard the sound of splashing water.

I made my way quietly to the bathroom door and stood off to one side so she couldn’t see my shadow from under the door. I looked thru the gap of the loose door stop and was rewarded by a beautiful sight.

Tara was sitting in the tub using a wash cloth to bring water to her shoulders and the water cascaded off her shoulders and down her chest, leaving her skin looking silky shiny. Her breasts were a little larger than the size of a baseball cut in half. Her nipples were perky and glistening from the water flowing over them.
She would then soap her upper body and run her hands all over here body, giving special time and effort to her hard nipples and firm breast.

I took my cock out of my shorts and began to stroke my manhood as I took in the eye candy.

Then Tara rinsed all over again, what seemed in slow motion. It was if she knew she was being watched and sensed my burning lust for her young body.

And then the moment I had been waiting for, she lathered the wash cloth. I knew what was coming. I was rock hard, so hard it even hurt but I knew release was near.

She rose up out of the water and I had a clear view of her pussy. It was shaved clean but a strip of hair above her split. Water dripped from her pussy lips. She began to soap her pussy. She flung her head back in ecstasy, the wash cloth dropped to the bath water below and her fingers found her groove. I heard her moan even though a door separated us.

Her legs began to shake violently and she used her free hand to help support her spasming body while it was in the throes of pleasure. I saw her love juice squirt from her swollen pussy lips, as she sank back down into the water. At that moment I shot ropes of cum into the palm of my hand.

She lay there in the afterglow of her orgasm for a while and I always knew the ringing out of the wash cloth was the end of an awesome show. I hurried from there and into my office so I wouldn’t be detected.

On David and Shaeee’s next visit I was shaking with anticipation. And I wasn’t disappointed. I had formed another plan to advance our activities. After our touchy-feely session I told her I thought we needed to stop before we got caught and to encourage her to stop I would touch her in more private areas if she didn’t.

With that she reached out and gave my nipple a playful touch. I shrugged my shoulders and let out a sigh like I hated to do this but I warned you type attitude.

I spun her around with her back against my front and ran my hand under her blouse and cupped her bare breasts and began to massage them. I kissed the nap of her neck and she sank into my body even more. I reached down and cupped my hand over her pussy mound thru her sweat pants and she gushed with an orgasm. I felt the wetness soak the front of her pants and moisten my palm. I worked my hand in a grip, release fashion, over and over and over until she gushed again. She was moaning and thrashing about and pushing her hips into my palm.

I felt her body vibrating and she went limp and I was having trouble holding up her dead weight. I got her a wash cloth and she cleaned herself up while I retrieved her some clean pants.

All pretense was now gone and I felt Shaeee up every time we were alone. She said it felt wonderful and never knew it could feel so good. I told her she hadn’t experienced half of the pleasure her body could provide. She looked curious. I told her to come to my office quietly long after everyone had gone to bed if she wanted to find out more. I was about to become her sex teacher.

Shaeee came to my office in the still of the night. I could tell from her ragged breathing that she was nervous but excited all at the same time. I started out with what she was familiar with. Cupping her breast and massaging her pussy mound. I reached into her pajama bottoms and inserted my finger into her love hole. She squealed with delight and began to lubricate.

I slowly began to remove her night clothes. She wasn’t wearing a bra or panties so she stood naked in front of me after removing a few articles of clothing. I had her sit on the edge of my office desk and spread her legs.

I began licking the outer lips of her pussy and she gave out a deep guttural moan and began to thrust her hips against my mouth. Her juices were already beginning to flow. I cupped her ass and dug my fingertips into the fleshy bottom, while pulling her into my dripping mouth.

She tasted so good and smelt so fresh and clean. She was thrusting her hips violently forward and bagging her pelvic bone against my chin. I’m sure we were bruising each other’s parts from me attacking her mound.

I eased my tongue into her groove and she let out a gasp. After climaxing a couple times, her pussy was sopping wet from saliva and her love juices.

I lay down on the floor and instructed her to straddle my hips. She lowered herself down and I took my cock and began moving it up and down her groove. I did this faster and faster until she had another climax and some of her jam leaked on to the tip of my cock.

I let my dick lay flat on my stomach and told Shaeee to sit on it and move her hips back and forth but not to put my cock in her pussy. She loved the feeling of my dick rubbing her clit. I could feel her juices running down onto my balls and into the crack on my ass. She was so wet!

I asked Shaeee if she wanted to try something else and she nodded okay. I bent my knees and held my dick straight up and told her to use my legs to help her slid down on my dick and this would allow her to control how far my dick penetrated her.

With her hands on my chest and her squatting over my cock she allowed about an inch of my cock to enter her pussy, and then she would raise her body and repeat the process. After a while she found her rhythm and was enjoying the pleasure. I could feel the heat from her pussy and was struggling to control myself from wanting to thrust upwards to meet her downward strokes.

We both were caught up in the heat of the moment when my feet slipped backwards and I went ball deep into her cunt, breaking her barrier. She gasped and jumped up as if she were on a spring and ran for the bathroom.

She returned sometime later and said, “I think you went inside me. “ I agreed with her and told her to let me examine her and make sure she wasn’t bleeding. She was fine and we got dressed.

The next day Shaeee came to me and we talked. I told her if she wanted to stop I thought that might be best. But she was more concerned if I had penetrated her. I told her there was one way to find out. She removed her clothes and I spit on the head of my dick and ran it up and down the length of her slit. I began to ease my dick into her opening and there was no resistance, I went fully into her warm entrance without any problems and her eyes rolled back into her head with pleasure. She was no longer a virgin!

We fucked every chance we got after that. She became a nymphomaniac. We had several close calls of being discovered. One night after an incredible love session Shaeee asked me a question that brought to light what had ignited her curiosity in the first place. She said, “Am I better than Mom?”

This was a dangerous question. I knew if I answered this wrong, all of this was going to stop and I didn’t want it to. I said, “You’re tighter than your mother, but she has had three children and your Mom has had more experience than you so she knows how to please a man without being instructed but you are exciting to be with because your pussy is tight and it excites me to teach you.”

She thought for a moment and then replied, “Can we make love but let me do everything without you telling me how.”

I said, “Sure.”

Shaeee had something to prove to herself and she was comparing herself to her mother. I thought to myself, this can’t be good. Shaeee pulled out all the stops. It was the best blowjob, ever! Sex was passionate and incredible. We both came multiple times. We lay there in the afterglow and then she dropped the bombshell.

“It’s not fair! We have to sneak around but Mom gets to do you any time she wants!”

My wife, Renee had shown interest in bi-sexual activity in the past and we had some of our hottest, best sex role playing that another woman was watching us during our love making. I thought it was possible she would be open to a three-way but with her own daughter…..yikes the thought scared me.

I told Shaeee I had a plan but she had to do exactly what and how I told her, she agreed. The plan went like this: I would be making love to her mother; both of us are very vocal so Shaeee wouldn’t have any trouble knowing the exact moment to implement the plan. We had a desk computer in our bedroom. Shaeee was to enter the bedroom with pretense to want to use the computer. I would throw a little fit of telling her to leave while her mother and I had some private time and she was to ignore me and stay and I would say to my wife, “To hell with it, she can’t say we didn’t tell her to leave.” And hopefully we would continue our activity as if nothing were wrong and then when her mother was above me playing with her pussy while I licked her cunt, something my wife loves doing, then Shaeee was to strip off her clothes and climb upon me and begin riding my cock. I would scold her and Shaeee was to explain she became extremely horny while watching us make love and couldn’t help herself and the wife would in turn allow her to join in.

My wife and I went to bed that night and I began to kiss her neck and play with her breast and rub her pussy. It wasn’t long and we were making love.

On cue Shaeee knocked lightly on the door and opened it and stepped inside and I pulled the covers over my wife and I am naked bodies. I said, “Hon your mother and I are having a private moment, what do you need?”

She replied, “I need to use the computer for a homework assignment.”

I said, “It can wait a few moments, so please leave.”

Shaeee replied, “I already know you guys are fucking and it doesn’t bother me.” She sat down at the desk and turned on the monitor.

I looked down at my wife and shrugged, “We tried. We can’t let them run our lives. If it doesn’t bother her it doesn’t bother me.” I returned to kissing Renee’s neck and she responded. Grinning to myself I thought, “So far so good.”

I kicked off the sheet covering us and began fucking Renee slow and steady. Thrusting until I was ball deep and then pulling out until just the head of my cock remained in her pussy opening. Renee seemed wetter than usual and I contributed it to her knowing Shaeee was surely watching my cock go in and out her hole. Renee’s pussy walls were milking every inch of my shaft. We rolled over with me on the bottom while I played with Renee’s titties and enjoyed her expert workmanship of riding my cock.

I whispered in Renee’s ear, “I think Shaeee is watching us, climb up and ride my face and squirt all over me. She didn’t hesitate. Within seconds she was squirting all over my chest and face. She held onto the head board and I could see her legs visibly shaking as she climaxed. I gestured with my hand for Shaeee to climb aboard. I heard rustling and knew she was removing her clothes and I felt the bed move as she climb upon it to join us.

In one fluid movement, Shaeee had straddled my legs and guided my throbbing cock into her young pussy and began moving up and down on my rigidness.

With my best performance of surprise I said, “What the fu…” and looked down toward Shaeee.

Renee looked to see what I was speaking about and said with a somewhat raised voiced, “Shaeee, what the fuck do you think you’re doing?”

I was so proud of Shaeee she answered with a quiver in her voice, “I’m sorry Mom, but watching you guys made me so horny I couldn’t help myself I needed to feel his cock in my pussy!”

My wife and I looked at each other at the same time and I said, “We knew she was sexually active and we both know how it feels to be horny beyond belief.”

Slower and choosing my words careful I said, “At least she’s not doing some boy in the back seat of a car and getting pregnant. We can’t undo what she has done; we might as well let her continue with people who love her.”

Time stood still for the longest moment and without another word my wife returned to riding my face and Shaeee went on to climax while riding my cock, she even reached up and cupped the wife’s tits, which sent her over the edge of orgasmic bliss.

Wish I could say it ended well but Shaeee wanted me to herself and was making threats and demanding I buy her things and saying she would blackmail me if I didn’t give her what she wanted.

I was brought back to reality when I heard the jailer’s gruff voice say, “Hey fuck face, court in one hour. We’re going to see if we can get you a room in the ‘Big House’. You might even find yourself a new girlfriend.” And I could hear his deep belly laugh as he made his way down the corridor.

I felt coolness on the front of my jump suit and looked down to see I had creamed my pants re-thinking the events leading up to this. I placed my head in my hands, looking at the wet spot and said, “I am so fucked!”


2012-10-31 15:37:39
i never trold mommy about things he b/fs did to me. i liked it now i have a new stepdaddy lol


2012-09-07 16:12:19
Thanks to everyone who read my story. The jail thing was just a story line I chose but it turned into a forum, so I guess it was a bad choice. Thanks to the only one who said it was good. My story was read over 17,000 times and only about 200 people voted. I have decided not to write any more stories. It's alot of work and thought process for me for such little feed back.....skyler

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2012-09-06 20:04:52
hell when i was a teen this psyco i had dumped killed her cat a poured its blood all over herself then she stood outside my appt and started screaming for help. luckily she was to dumb to actually cut herself. cops hauled her off for animal abuse. bout the only time ive ever thanked a cop for shit

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Hell women can do that even if you never touch them. beat themselves up, tear some clothing and run out screaming that she was raped and the man is screwed

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Good story and good seduction on both characters behalf.
But yes, the ending can be very real when the little girl starts demanding and you don't give.

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