Sadie receives a special delivery..
“Oh my God!” I screamed out in utter despair as I looked at myself in the mirror. I couldn’t believe what had just taken place; what had been taking place all day.
“God, please for give me for my transgressions,” I prayed as fixed my hair and reapplied my make up.
“I’ve got to make this right. I’ve got to repent before it’s too late,” I reasoned as I grabbed my purse and ran out of the door.
I headed to the church where my husband Robert was the Bishop. I had done some terrible things and I needed to ask God for forgiveness. I needed to confess. Thank God my husband Robert no longer heard confessions but rather had delegated that job to Father McDonald. I’d go to Father McDonald, make my confession and then everything would be all right; I hoped. But I was a little nervous because Father McDonald reported directly to my husband. Further, I was the Bishop’s wife. What would Father McDonald think of me? Would he tell my husband? Would he gossip about it to the congregation? I mean, it wasn’t like I had killed anyone. But I had been a bad girl…
“Father forgive me, for I have sinned,” I recited as took my seat in the confessional. “It’s been two years since my last confession.”
“Go ahead,” Father McDonald urged.

“Well it was a normal day; like all of the rest of them. Robert had gone off to the office and I was set to began my daily ritual of doing absolutely nothing as usual. After having my first cup of coffee, I stepped into the shower to bathe. Yet moments after lathering my body, I heard the doorbell ring. Agnes, the housekeeper, had not arrived yet. She was coming in late because she had some errands to run. So I stepped out of the shower, grabbed my robe then headed downstairs to open the door. It was the Delivery Man.
“Ms. Sadie Warren?” The Delivery Man asked.
“Yes, that’s me.”
“I have a special delivery for you and a package for your husband,” The Delivery Man shared.
“Okay, I will take them.” I had been expecting a package for myself but was unaware of what Robert had ordered. The Delivery Man handed me my box.
“Ma’am, you’ll need to step aside as this second box is quite heavy,” the Delivery Man instructed.
I obeyed and moved to the side as he wheeled the huge box into the foyer. What on earth could it be? Robert hadn’t told me about any purchases he had made; let alone something so huge. I wondered what it was.
“I’ll need you to sign for this one,” The Delivery Man alerted.
Without thinking I released my robe that I was holding together with my hands and took the clip board and pen to sign for Robert’s package. It was at that moment did I begin to feel a cool draft. I was naked; dripping wet from the shower in clear view of the Delivery Man. Part of me was embarrassed yet part of me was getting a little excited. I wondered if he noticed. I wondered if he looked at me. I wondered what he was thinking of me.
“I’m sorry about that,” I shyly responded as I handed him back the clipboard and pen while quickly closing my robe.
“No problem; no problem at all,” The Delivery Man responded as he gazed into my eyes.
This was wrong. I was wrong to think the thoughts I was thinking. As I looked away from him, I couldn’t help but notice the bulge in front of his package. I don’t think he was hard or anything. He was just well-endowed I suppose. Just the thought of seeing what was stuffed in those pants caused me to feel a bit of a tingle between my legs. What’s more, after giving him back the clipboard and pen, he didn’t move. He just stood there as if he were waiting for something.
“Is there anything else I can help you with,” I asked.
The Delivery Man took one step towards me, parted my robe then placed his left hand between my thighs. He started to rub my pussy. Immediately my nipples got hard and my pussy began to contract. My pussy hadn’t been rubbed like that in so long if ever. Robert rarely touched me anymore. He wasn’t very sexual. Yes, we had sex but it was never fun. In fact, in the five years that we have been married, I’d never had an orgasm with him.
Nevertheless, the Delivery Man continued to rub my pussy. The water from the shower and his strong fingers caused me to get wetter than I had ever been.
“No,” I sighed. “We can’t do this. I’m married.”
The Delivery Man paid no attentions to my pleas as he kicked the door closed, through down his clipboard and pen all while continuing to probe my pussy. Up and down my slit his fingers went until he found my awaiting wet canal. He was merciful on me by slipping in only one finger.
“Ohhhh!” I sighed. It had been a while since my pussy had been penetrated by anything. I guess over time I had tightened up but the Delivery Man was going to eradicate that problem. With his finger logged inside of me going in and out, he backed me over to the stairwell. As he slipped a second finger inside of me, I fell back on the third step with my robe and legs opened wide. The bulge in the Delivery Man’s pants grew larger and larger. All I could hear was the sloshing noise of the Delivery Man’s fingers going in and out of my hair snatch. As wrong as this was, I didn’t want to be right. I leaned my head back as the Delivery Man pinched my hardened nipples.
“Look at me,” the Delivery Man commanded as he continued to stroke my pussy with his fingers as well as pinch my nipples. “When was the last time your pussy was fucked?”
“I..I..I don’t remember,” I stuttered. “It’s been long. Are you going to…” I couldn’t finish the sentence. This was so out of character for me. Everything that was happening was not normal for me. I felt as if I was having an out of body experience.
“Am I going to what?” the Delivery Man asked.
“Are you going to make love to me?”
“No,” the Delivery Man answered. “I’m going to fuck you. I’m going to fuck your pussy until I have gotten every bit of cum out of you that I can get. Is that what you want?”
I didn’t respond, not with words anyway. My moans and groans were the only words I could utter at the time.
“Tell me what you want!” the Delivery Man demanded.
My breathing became harder as he slipped a third finger inside of my stretched pussy.
“Oh God!” I cried out.
“God can’t help you now. Tell me what you want. I’ve already got three fingers inside of your dirty little cunt. Do you want me to shove in the last two? Tell me what you want!”
“I want it!” I stammered
“You want what?”
“I want you inside of me.”
Obviously the Delivery Man didn’t like my answer. He released my bruised nipple to unzip his pants to release his hose. It was massive. Robert’s cock dulled in comparison to what this Italian stallion was packing. The Delivery Man got down on one knee and devoted all of his attention to my pussy; finger fucking me without mercy.
“Oh my God!” I screamed. “Oh God! Oh God!” My head hit the sixth step as my ass rose from the third in rhythm with what he was doing to me.
“Fuck me!” I screamed. “Fuck me goddammit!” Words like that had never been apart of my vocabulary. I had never even thought of them, yet now they were spewing out of my mouth like the pussy juice was spewing from my cunt.
“I’m fucking cumming!” I continued to shout. “Eat me! Fucking eat my pussy!” I commanded the Delivery man. As he released his fingers from my twat, he stuffed them into my mouth while he explored my slick slit with his tongue working his way down to my love canal. My God! I had just been finger fucked to orgasm and now he was tongue fucking me. Could it get any better? Yes.
The Delivery Man removed his face from between legs only to replace it with his massive 11 inch dick pushing the mushroomed head in and out of my drench hole.
“Yeahhh!” the Delivery Man groaned. “That’s it. We’re about to have some fun now.”
“Oh yeah! Yes! It feels so good! Your cock feels so good inside of me! Oh God!”
The Delivery Man pushed a few more inches inside of me. I was delirious with pleasure. If I never got fucked like this again, this would be a moment I remembered for a life time. He had stuffed about half of his manhood inside of me when suddenly he picked me up.
“Come on, we’re going for a little ride,” the Delivery Man instructed. As I wrapped my arms around his neck, the Delivery Man grasped my ass carrying me over to a nearby wall where my back would rest as she shoved the rest of his package inside of my unsuspecting cunt.
“Shitttt!” I screamed out as I came on the spot. My legs, suspended in air, began to shake uncontrollably as the Delivery Man dug deeper and deeper into my pussy forcing me to take all that he had between his legs.
“Ooowwww!” I stammered as I could feel the cum juice trickling from my ass.
“That’s it baby, let that shit go!” The Delivery Man encouraged as she continued to pound my back into the wall. As he fucked my pussy, pictures began to fall from the wall onto the floor. A picture of Robert and I fell to the floor. I gazed at it for a moment then closed my eyes and held on while this man tried to tear my pussy apart with his rock hard cock. Fuck him, I thought. He had his chance. Five years of marriage and Robert had never even licked my pussy. Yet within 20 minutes, the Delivery Man had licked me, finger fucked me and was now doing his best to destroy my snatch with his steel iron. And I was enjoying every minute of it.
“You’re making me cum! I’m cumming again! Oh shit! No one has ever made me cum like this! No one! Goddamn you!” I shouted as I released another load of spunk unto the Delivery Man’s cock.
“It’s your turn to show me what you’re working with,” the Delivery Man spoke as he carried me over to a nearby chair; never releasing his cock from my worked-over pussy.
“Ride it!” the Delivery Man commanded.
Always the submissive one, I obeyed my new master’s orders. Finally ridding myself of that pesky robe, I bounced up and down on the Delivery Man’s cock taking every inch of him into my pussy. I couldn’t get enough of him. I wanted all of him inside of me. I needed him deep. This was a once in a lifetime chance happening and I was going to make the best of it.
With each stroke of his cock, I could feel something happening to me; something that I had never experienced before. I was experiencing a freedom. All of those years of locked up sexual frustration was now being released and I was now being the slut I had always longed to be.
“Fuck it that shit!” the Delivery Man commanded as I continued to mount his cock. “I need you to cum all over my cock one more time then daddy is going to give you what you’ve been waiting for.”
Suddenly I lost myself. I released the Delivery Man’s neck momentarily grabbing my bouncing tits. I then let my body fall back with my hands on the floor in a crab position.
“Goddamn you’re hot!” the Deliver Man spoke as I continued to grind on his dick that was submerged in my pussy. My clit was now fully exposed and ready for attention. The Delivery Man stood from the chair holding me by my hips as he rammed his cock into my filled pussy. It was only a matter of time before I would explode. And judging by the way he was breathing, he wasn’t going to be far behind me.
“Fuck me!” I screamed as I neared yet another orgasm. The Delivery Man would thrust himself deeper and harder bringing me to my final orgasm of the morning.
“Goddammit!!!!!! Fuck!!!! Oooowwwww!!!” I screamed as I popped a load of jizz on the Delivery Man’s cock. “Smack my clit! Smack it now!”
The Delivery Man did as I instructed as my body shook all over. I didn’t think it would ever stop. Hell, I didn’t want it to stop. I wanted to feel this feeling forever.
“Open your mouth!” The Delivery Man instructed as he pulled his cum-ridden cock from my swollen snatch and stuffed it into my mouth. “Ugh! Shit! Shit! Ugh!!!!” the Delivery Man shouted as she shot his load. “Swallow it; every drop of it; swallow it!”
I initially choked as the Delivery Man’s cock hit the back of my throat. I had never sucked a cock before. My husband Robert wasn’t into that kind of thing. But I quickly learned the ropes and drained the Delivery Man’s bone dry.
As I lay on the floor, exhausted from my adventure, I watched the Delivery Man put on his trousers than leave. He was right. It most certainly was a special delivery.

“Is that all that happened, my sister,” Father McDonald asked from the opposite side of the confessional. “Are you ready to be pardoned of your sins?”
“Not yet, Father,” I shyly responded. “There’s more.”
“More?” Father McDonald asked.
“Yes, Father. I have to repent for what I did with or shall I say did to Agnes, the Housekeeper.”


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