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When we celebrated our 25th, Patricia becomes a daring slut!
My beautiful wife Patricia and I were set to celebrate our 25th anniversary. She is a gorgeous green-eyed brunette with fair skin, soft full lips, succulent 35D breasts, small waist, tight firm ass, and warm wet pussy. I was looking forward to a couple of days alone with her as I booked our room at Atlanta’s Hyatt Regency. She had written me an inviting sensuous letter at my last out-of-town conference:

My Dearest Lover, I am thinking so much about you right now! I just did something naughty and sexy! I hope you like it! I just shaved ALL the hair off my pussy! Oooh, Baby! Then I went in the shower and lathered up! It was hot! I wish you had been here! I could have watched you get hard! Just thinking about your wet dripping dick makes me want to get fucked! Your cock is amazing! My tits are getting hard just thinking about it! I want to suck your cock until you’re ready to explode!! My pussy is tingling! I love sucking you! I imagine fucking you in the movies, my tits unbound, without any panties! Everyone else is watching the movie, while you secretly fondle my breasts as I give you the best blowjob ever! Too bad public fucking is illegal! We could put on a hot show for everyone!! Let’s get away and fuck each other all night long! Maybe you can bring the video camera and film us pleasuring each other! I can’t wait for you to get home and enjoy your beautiful smooth shaved pussy! Love, Patricia

Well, with that invite, I was eager to get my hot wife in the car to head to our room. She was waiting for me when I got home. I got hard just looking at her standing in the doorway, topless, her moist lips covered with red lipstick, as were her nipples. Her perfume was intoxicating! As I drank in her perfect form, she spoke. “Well, Lover, it’s about time you got home! Do you want some of this?” As I stepped forward to embrace her, she pushed me back. “Not yet, Baby! Let’s get over to that fancy room!” She turned, went into our bedroom, and called,” Get cleaned up. I’m dressing. The kids are with Mom. We have 3 days together, My Love! Come on!” She came out dressed in a form-fitting red dress with open neckline, displaying her cleavage with no bra. As she walked toward me, I watched her gorgeous breasts bounce. Wow! She smiled as she noticed me gazing at her tits. “You like those? They’re yours tonight- along with the rest of me! Now, let’s get on the road!”

The 45 minute drive seemed like an eternity, but at last we arrived at the Hyatt. I opened her door, and she snuggled close, pulling my left arm around her waist and pressing my hand on her left breast. She gave me a wicked smile, winked and whispered,” I can’t wait to feel your lips on these!” Patricia kissed me deeply as she walked me to the hotel’s entrance.

“You two sure love each other,” remarked a female voice behind us. We turned to see a couple in their thirties, walking arm-in-arm toward the same entrance. He was a handsome military- looking guy about 6’2” and 185 pounds. His wife was a blue-eyed black-haired beauty, about 5’6”, wearing a low-cut white blouse, tight short black skirt, and 4 inch stiletto heels. Her 36 D breasts were obviously unfettered, and her neckline dipped enough to expose her bikini tan lines. Her erect nipples were faintly visible through the thin cotton fabric. They both smiled, and she commented,” We’re here celebrating our 15th anniversary.” “My husband and I are here for our 25th. I’m Patricia and this is my husband, Stuart,” volunteered my beautiful bride.
“Why, pleased to meet y’all; congratulations! This is Tom, and I’m Diane. It’s so wonderful to meet a nice-looking and happy committed couple,” replied this hot southern belle.

“Tom, are you with the military? I’m in outdoors equipment-camping, climbing, and cycling gear,” I offered. “Yes, sir, I’m a captain in the Army, up from Ft. Stewart,” replied Tom as he shook my free hand. Patricia had kept my left hand pressed on her breast, and Diane obviously noticed as she offered her hand to shake Patricia’s. “Mmm, I’ll bet that feels nice!” cooed Diane. “Oh,yeah! I love being close to my man,” affirmed my lady, as she looked up into my eyes with a wink and a tighter squeeze on her soft tit.
As we opened the door and let our new friends go before us, I followed Diane’s attractive form. Her hips swayed slightly as she walked, and I noticed there were no panty lines. She was as naked underneath as my wife! Patricia noticed my gaze, and gave me a squeeze.” Hey lover, I know she looks hot, but I’m the one who’s got you!” “Sorry, dear. You are my one true love. Just admiring another beauty. She is gorgeous- but you’re the best!” I commented. Tom apparently overheard, and turned and gave me a wink and a smile. We got the keys to our room, bid Diane and Tom a good evening, and left to go upstairs to our room.

We were on the second floor, with a window that overlooked the gardens below. We took our bags up and set them on the bed. Patricia went over and slid open the window, saying, ”Let’s get some fresh air in here!” I hugged her from behind, grasping her beautifully shaped twins and grinding my semi-hard cock into her inviting ass. She turned and kissed me, caressing my lips with her moist tongue. “Lover,” she whispered, as she pulled my earlobe into her sensuous mouth, “Let’s go down to the restaurant for something light. You’ll need some major energy tonight.” She stepped back, and squeezed my now hard dick through my slacks. “I’m glad you want me. Can you wait an hour or two?” “Yeah, Baby, I can wait if you’re gonna give it all,” I added. “Let’s get some food, then.” She led me by the hand downstairs to the restaurant, and we were seated across the room from the other ’honeymooners’, Diane and Tom. They waved, and we exchanged smiles, then ordered a shrimp cocktail platter and some wine. We talked over our good times and challenges, enjoying just gazing into each other’s eyes. Just after the waiter came with the check, Patricia excused herself to the restroom. As I watched her move gracefully across the room, I noticed Diane get up and follow my wife to the ladies’ room. She came back about 20 minutes later, giggling with Diane, then parting with a lingering hug.

“Well, what did you two talk about?” I queried. “Oh, just married girl talk. You know, about husbands and sexual appetites,” she laughed. “Tell me more.” “Well, she and Tom have the same kinds of challenges we face-the kids’ needs vs. our needs for time together. She just had her third one a year ago, and is still nursing the little girl. She’s feeling that Tom isn’t as interested in her as he used to be.” “What? Is he crazy? She is hot-not hotter than you, Baby, but she looks like a goddess.” “My, my! My husband the girl-watcher! I’m gonna keep my eye on you!” “Look, I’ll admit she is a beautiful woman, but you’re my one true love,” I assured her. She pulled my face into her luscious breasts, then pulled me up, and led me toward the elevator. As the door closed, she pulled her dress off her shoulders and displayed her gorgeous tits, each of her areolas outlined in red lipstick. I immediately alternated kissing each nipple, and they each grew hard between my lips. We were only going up one floor, so I pulled back, expecting her to cover up. Instead, she offered,” Do you really think I look hot? How about I just saunter down the hallway and show off this body? Would you like that?” Our room was about 15 doors down the hall. I smiled, and nodded, just to see how daring she would be.

As the bell rang and the elevator stopped, she stepped out of her dress, picked it up and tossed it to me. She took a deep breath, mussed her hair, and faced the opening door. There was male laughter coming from the hall, and she gave me a quick glance and a naughty smile. She straightened up and walked out into the well-lit hall. She swayed her naked hips as she started toward our room. Approaching the elevator from the other end of the hallway were two well-built college guys headed to the pool in their swimsuits. When they caught sight of my beautiful wife, the boys stopped in stunned silence. Patricia kept walking toward them, swaying her hips and smiling at them. “Whoa, you are one hot milf!” Remarked one, while the other asked, ”Got some time for us, lady?”

Patricia stopped in front of them, letting these young studs drink in her beautiful body-from her face and tits down to her newly shaved pussy. “Boys, I’m sorry, but only my husband gets to kiss this body and fuck this hot pussy with his hard cock.” They looked at me with disappointment. “You are one lucky dude! My girlfriend would never show herself off like your wife! She is so hot!” I think both Patricia and I were excited that these young men wanted her so badly, that they admired her forty-something body. We walked past them and entered our room, then burst out laughing.

Patricia pulled me close, grinding her aroused cunt into my hard cock. ”Baby, that was so hot! Those guys really wanted you! That made me want you more!” I complimented. “Really? You liked them lusting after my naked body? It was hot, wasn’t it?” She giggled as she began to take off my shirt and pants. She smiled as she freed my hard dick from my boxers. “This is what I’ve been waiting for all week! I love your sexy body-especially this hard cock!” She wrapped her moist red lips around the head of my rod, and began sucking me. “Mmm, this is what I like! I can taste you, my love!” With that she stood and pulled me across the room directly in front of the open window of our room. “I want people to see how we love each other, Baby! I want to have them watch us fuck! Too bad there’s nobody down there in the garden to see the show.” Patricia whispered in my ear as she played with my lobe using her hot tongue. I gently turned her face toward me and kissed her lips. She parted them and stroked my lips with her tongue. I caressed her tongue with my own, both of us sighing with pleasure. Her mouth excites me every time we kiss!

We stood before the window kissing, my hands gently caressing her lovely waist and then dropping to her hot ass. She had softened her skin with lotion, so my hand slid over her cheeks and down inside her cleft. She shuddered as I touched the star of her anus. “Baby, that feels so good!” she encouraged me as she grabbed her own breasts and massaged them for my viewing pleasure. I happened to glance down into the garden, and there gazing up at us, were Diane and Tom. Diane was intently watching our every movement, her delicate hand partially over her mouth in surprise and admiration. Tom was standing behind her, his hands squeezing her tits. He was smiling as Diane slowly ground her ass into his groin. Patricia noticed them as well, and smiled at me, ”It looks like we got our audience, Baby!” She moved back, grabbing my cock and dropping to her knees. She took me into her mouth and began to fuck me as this couple watched. I looked at them and smiled, letting them know we saw them, and we wanted them to watch. Diane turned to Tom, and whispered something to him, then pointed to us. Tom then unbuttoned her blouse to expose her tits. This was getting crazy hot!

“Lover, we should have them come up here before they get arrested for indecent exposure,” Patricia offered. “What? You want them to come into our room?” I was surprised at where this was going! “Well, we want them to watch, right? They can do their thing, and we’ll do ours, O.K.?” “All right, Baby.” I resignedly agreed, while I was getting even more excited about what would transpire next! I went the window screen, and whispered an invitation to join us in room 213. They nodded eagerly, and 30 seconds later, there was a soft rap at our door. Patricia lay completely naked on the king-size bed, her radiant face smiling, her brunette hair cascading over her shoulders toward her breasts, with their red accented areolas inviting my touch, her sexy waist drawing my eyes to her shaved pussy. She motioned for me to let them in. Diane seemed a bit apprehensive as she shook my hand, and Tom grinned and whispered,” I can’t believe this is happening! My wife never has done anything so daring before! Thanks, man!”

Patricia spoke, “The rule is, nobody can be in our room wearing clothes!” She gave us that naughty grin. Tom reached over to Diane, and gently unbuttoned completely her blouse, freeing her gorgeous tits. Her nipples were hard, and her huge areolas had that hot darkened pigmentation women get when lactating. Wow! She smiled at us, and unfastened her own skirt. Diane stepped out of her clothes, and stood before us in nothing but her stilettos. Her pussy was cleanly shaved. “Girl, you are smokin’ hot! Your tits are fantastic!” Patricia offered. Diane giggled, then turned and took Tom’s shirt, revealing his bulging biceps and sixpack. “Your husband is quite handsome, isn’t he?” Pat continued. “Patricia, you are gorgeous, too! My husband got hard watching you two,” Diane complimented. “Why don’t you two sit here on the edge of the bed while Stu and I enjoy each other. You can just watch the show, and do whatever you’d like,” Patricia invited.

She beckoned me over, and we lay down, embraced, and kissed each other deeply. I felt the bed compress as Diane sat down, her tits just 12 inches from me. “Honey, you’re staring at her tits! Don’t make Diane uncomfortable,” Patricia scolded. “It’s quite all right, Pat. He’s welcome to enjoy them. Tom often doesn’t even want them,” Diane smiled. Tom just shrugged. Patricia leaned toward Diane, focused on her breasts. “These are so beautiful! I love your nipples! Your tan lines really accent your tits! Dear, don’t these remind you of mine- ten years ago, I mean.” Diane leaned forward, brushing my wife’s face with those lovely jugs. “Do you really like them, Patricia? You may touch if you want. Please do!” My beautiful wife then tentatively reached out and stroked Diane’s right breast, evoking a satisfied sigh from her.

Patricia then gently massaged each of our southern Belle’s breasts, drawing forth a drop of mother’s milk. “Oh, my! I’m sorry. I didn’t…” “Hey, it’s okay. It feels good, and besides, look at what it’s doing to Tom’s cock!” With that, Diane smiled and leaned forward, pressing her breasts into my hot wife’s face, moving them until her nipple was firmly on Patricia’s lips. My bride then began to suck Diane’s right nipple, gently at first, until the milk began to flow. She then greedily drank from the engorged tit. “Honey, you have got to try Diane’s milk. It’s delicious!” Patricia offered, a small dribble of mother’s milk rolling down her chin. I was unsure, but Tom encouraged me, “Go ahead. I’ve never done it, but you can.” Diane smiled, leaning toward me and offering me her left tit while my wife watched, her lips latched on to Diane’s right one. “Diane, your tits are lovely! I love the size and color of your nipples! These have made my mouth water ever since Patricia told me you were still nursing!” “I’m glad you like them! Take a taste of my milk, Stu!” She invited, smiling at both of us. “Tom, could you be a dear and fetch my camera over there on the table? I’d like some shots of my husband and I suckling on your beautiful bride’s titties,” Pat requested. “Babe, could you get mine out of my purse? I want some pictures to remember this by also,” Diane asked. Tom got both cameras as Diane repositioned herself at the headboard, and my wife and I rearranged the pillows for support. She opened her arms wide to welcome our eager mouths to her mountains of milk and honey, and we snuggled in. I wrapped my left arm around Diane’s waist just above her tight ass. Her flesh was warm and soft. She shuddered slightly when she felt another man’s arm so intimately touching her. She cupped her right tit and offered it to me, smiling. I touched the nipple with the tip of my tongue, then pulled it inside my mouth and sucked. The taste was exquisite- warm and sweet, with just a little cream. As I sucked my nipple and stroked it with my tongue, it rewarded me with a fresh squirt of milk. “Mmm, this is so unreal! Y’all both sucking my milk at the same time feels so exciting! I think I might just come! Keep sucking! I can feel y’all emptying my tits!” Diane was enjoying this!

“Damn, this is so hot! Diane, Baby, I love watching you get sucked by this hot husband and wife! These pictures are going to be smokin’!” Tom declared as he snapped the photos. “Diane, look at your man’s cock! He is huge! Can you take all of his dick? He must fill you up, girl!” Patricia took a break from the milk to watch Tom’s hard eight-inch rod bouncing as he moved for better angles
“Yeah, Tommy is enormous! I love the feeling of his dick inside my pussy. He can ram it all the way up ‘til it hits my cervix! Ooh, yeah, keep sucking, y’all,” Diane panted. Her mother’s milk was still flowing. I think we each drank a pint! Diane’s breathing became shallower and faster. She reached her right hand down and began to gently brush the lips of her smooth shaved pussy. I watched her spread her lips apart as she inserted one of her beautifully manicured fingers. “ Yeah, Diane! Go for it! Stroke your little clit and come for the camera!” Tom challenged. She began rubbing her clit and inserted another finger. Her face was contorted with pleasure. “I’m…almost…there! Oh, yeah, it’s building! Keep sucking y’all! I’m gonna come! I’m…gonna…aah! Ohhh! Ohh…” Diane went limp as the powerful wave of orgasm washed over her. Patricia noticed my own excitement,” Lover, you are so hard! Why don’t you come right here on Diane’s nice bald pussy? I know you like it. Look at that hot cunt! Spray it with your seed!”

“Come on my wet pussy, Stu! Keep sucking my naked tit and shoot your cum onto my slit! I want to feel your hot cum! Show us what you’ve got in those balls!” Diane and Patricia began stroking me, and the pressure began to build. “I’m going to explode, ladies! You are both so hot! Here it is!!! Aaahh!” I blew my load all over Diane’s naked cunt, while Tom furiously snapped more photos. Diane squeezed my softening dick, then scooped up a big glob of my cream. She held it in her delicate hand, and let it drip onto her tongue. She made a great show of savoring my cum as she licked her fingers, then swallowed my seed. Patricia then slid down and cleaned my soft wet cock with her tongue. “Wow! You want to share some of that sweet love juice with me, woman? You two are so hot! I’ve never been so excited in all my life!” Diane slid down to join Patricia, placing her hands on my wife’s cheeks, guiding her in for a passionate kiss. Patricia opened her sexy mouth, showing all of us a generous mouthful of my cum. Diane opened her mouth, and Patricia obliged by placing her tongue inside Diane’s waiting lips. “Mmm… that’s what I want! Feed me more of that sweet warm cum!” Diane swallowed all of my seed, deep kissing my wife, then cleaning her lips with her luscious tongue. How I wanted some of Diane’s mouth! When she finished, she was all smiles, and said, “Tommy, thank you for bringing me here! And, thanks, y’all for giving me the biggest orgasm ever! You’re okay with this, aren’t you, Honey?” Diane wondered.

“Baby, this is unexpected, but it is beyond my wildest fantasies! You are so hot! Patricia is really sexy, too! Seeing you suckle our friends was fucking awesome!” Tom gave her a kiss on the forehead, as I rolled onto my back and sighed in satisfaction. Patricia was still lying on Diane’s breast, her fingertips tracing the lovely curves of this black-haired, blue-eyed goddess. “You are so beautiful."

“Well, Tom and Diane, how would you like to enjoy Patricia’s gorgeous breasts? I can take the camera duties. Unfortunately, you won’t get any milk for your trouble. Those tits are soft and warm, and they really respond to kissing and sucking,” I offered. “Hell, yeah, it’s the least I can do for you both draining my swelling boobs and giving me that great orgasm,” Diane affirmed. “And I’ve admired those big tits since I saw them at the door. I want to suck those twins,” Tom agreed. “Well, come and get it, you two lovers!” Patricia invited, as she took her place at the headboard. She spread her arms, shook her boobs, and spread her thighs, offering herself to these lovers. I took the cameras as Tom and Diane each cupped a breast and began tonguing each nipple.

“Your tits are so soft and gorgeous, Patricia! I think they’re nicer than my own!” Diane praised her beauty as she took the right nipple into her wet mouth. “Mmm… Yeah, that’s right, you two, treat my girls right. Tom, you look glad to see me! Your cock is getting so huge!” May I hold it while you kiss me?” “Go ahead, girlfriend! I think you’ll like it as much as I liked your husband’s!” Diane invited, guiding Patricia’s hand to Tom’s rigid dick. “ Oh, yeah! Now that’s a nice cock! Maybe not as nice as my man’s, but hot!” Patricia complimented. I started snapping photos as I watched my lover being sucked by a beautiful belle while she stroked a handsome eight-inch cock. “Baby, you’re making me hard again with the way you’re caressing that big cock! You’re gonna make Tom explode! Come on, lovers! Suck my woman’s tits. Make her nipple get a hard-on!” I challenged.

Diane was sucking gently on Patricia’s left breast, with her left hand cupping my wife’s tit, and her right stroking Pat’s lower back. Patricia was enjoying the attention her girls were getting, and she couldn’t take her eyes off Tom’s raging hard-on. Tom and Diane would make oral love to Patricia’s breasts, then break to whisper to each other and then deep kiss. “Diane, I can’t believe we’re doing this, can you? This is so thrilling! I love watching you suck that titty, and earlier- you were amazing!” Tom reminisced. Diane giggled,” You liked that, didn’t you? You liked watching another guy suck my tit and then shoot his cum onto my shaved pussy! It turns you on to see me get pleasured by a hot woman, doesn’t it?” Tom grinned, “Yeah, Honey, You turn me on when you enjoy affection with others! I love you and your gorgeous body, Baby!” They then resumed sucking Patricia’s breasts, while Diane wanted to offer more. She began to softly brush my wife’s inner thighs with her right hand, spreading goose bumps over Pat’s thighs and back. Patricia giggled, “Diane, you’re driving me crazy- but don’t you dare stop! Your hands and your lips are like magic, and I’ getting close to coming! Tom, you’re really making my tits hard, and my pussy is tingling!” This encouraged both of them, and my wife increased her strokes on Tom’s rod. Patricia smiled down at Diane and guided her friend’s delicate hand toward my bride’s garden of delights. Diane took the suggestion, and gently moved her fingers onto Pat’s tender lips, spreading them for access to her hidden clit. Patricia moaned in delight, her breaths coming faster. Tom was groaning, the purple head of his cock about to explode. I kept shooting pictures, bending to get the best shot of my wife in the heat of passion with two new lovers. I called to her, “Go Baby, Go! Take that huge cock all the way! Let him spray all over your naked cunt!” All three of them were totally excited, and focused on bringing the impending orgasms. “Patricia, you hot slut, you’re gonna make me blow! Yeah, Baby, watch me shoot my seed on this hot naked slit! Aaaah!” With that, Tom shot four or five ropes of his hot seed onto my wife’s spread wide open cunt. “Yeah, Tommy, you got her good! I want pictures of you spraying her pussy while I held her lips open for you! Patricia, you are so hot! Come with Tommy! I want to feel your pussy squeeze my fingers!” Diane cheered. “I’m… almost…there… Yeah, Diane, rub Tom’s cum inside my wet pussy! Stick that cream deep in my cunt! Yessss…” Then Patricia collapsed. Diane then slid down and cleaned her husband’s softening cock. When she got Tom clean, she moved over to my wife’s cum-covered pussy and began licking her. Patricia moaned in sudden pleasure, “Oh, Baby! Diane is tongue-fucking me! Diane, do me! Fuck my cunt with your tongue! Use that sweet tongue like a cock to make me come! I’m your slut, Baby!” Diane pressed her lovely face deep between Patricia’s thighs, her sexy tongue probing deep into my wife’s slit. Tom joined in, “Go, Baby, go! Fuck that pussy with your tongue! Drink my cum from that nectar-filled hole!”

Patricia could hold out no more, “I’m coming! Yeah, Diane! Go, Go, Go! Ahhh!” My wife went limp, her gorgeous body sweaty from the orgasms and the kissing. Diane and Tom leaned over Patricia’s naked body and kissed passionately. Patricia opened her eyes and smiled, ”That was just incredible! You just devastated me.” Diane took Patricia’s hand and smiled back, ”So, is it true?” Patricia looked puzzled, ”Is what true? What are you talking about?” Diane took both of my wife’s hands and squeezed them, ”You know, when you were in the ecstasy of your orgasm… You made a pledge to me… So are you my slut?” Patricia giggled, “Of course it’s true! Your magical tongue captivated my pussy. Now I’m your captive, for your sexual pleasures. I’m your slut, girlfriend! You can have my pussy, my tits, my mouth, my ass-anything you want, Baby!” They hugged, their naked tits pressing together, their bodies intertwined. “Don’t worry, my naughty little slut. Whatever I have you do, I’ll do as well,” Diane assured. “Well, what’s your pleasure, my sexy mistress?” Patricia asked her new master. She then removed her wedding ring, adding, “As my new master, wear this, since I’ll ‘trust and obey’ you for this weekend. Right, Honey?” My beautiful wife looked to me for approval. I responded, “Hey, a promise is a promise! You must honor it. I’ll be watching and filming!” I winked. What an anniversary!

All four of us sat on the now-disheveled bed: two naked red hot sexy goddesses, and two happy, grateful excited husbands. “This has been so incredible! Patricia and Stu, I never dreamed Tommy and I could share such passion! And I’ve never used my tongue to pleasure a woman. You taste so good, my slut!” Diane shared. “My husband and I have been so thrilled with you two! My Mistress, I’ve never been fucked by a woman before. I want you to use me again and again! Tell me what you want-you can take this naked body, or you can order me to do your bidding. My pussy is tingling just imagining, Mistress! Take me, use me-please Baby!” Patricia stood, cupping her tits, then turning slowly to show Diane her firm ass. She grabbed her cheeks, bent over, and spread them open, exposing her virgin anus. My wife then offered us a view of her pussy, spreading her thighs and pressing her vagina open to offer us her throbbing clitoris. “Anything’s on the menu! What’s the order, my Mistress? Patricia smiled.

“Come here to me, my slut!” Diane commanded. Patricia quickly complied, and stood naked before her master, her hands at her sides, her feet spread apart to offer herself. “We are messy, and need to clean up. We will be going to my hotel room, one floor up and down ten doors. You will shower, apply makeup and perfume, then you will lead us to the room. You, however are my slut, and you will be naked!” Patricia looked apprehensive about the last command, but silently nodded, and went off to the shower. “Baby, I love your new role as mistress! I can’t wait to see how you use your new slut!” Diane grinned, “I’ve got some hot plans for her-and us. Perhaps you’ll enjoy her with me-both you, Tommy, and you also, Stuart! Now, I need to come up with a leash for my new slut. She will wear the velvet choker I’ve got in my purse, but I want a leash to show I have control of my sex toy.” I was getting excited about the prospects, so I offered, “Hey, I can take the strap off my garment bag. It’s four feet long or so.” “Please get it, Stuart. Thanks-for giving me use of your wife. This is so hot!” Diane commented.

The shower stopped running and Patricia came out drying her hair, naked! “Well done, my slut. Now be sure to make yourself look beautiful for me. You will wear this choker on your graceful neck,” Diane ordered. Patricia nodded with a smile, ”Yes, Mistress. I will please you!” All of us showered, and the girls admired themselves and each other in the mirrors. Tom and I dressed, but Patricia and Diane remained nude. “Patricia, you will outline your areolas and mine with the red lipstick that looks so hot on you.” Patricia then proceeded to apply the lipstick, and the girls’ nipples responded by hardening. “Much better, slut. Now we are ready to go up to my room. “Slut, you will wear this leash attached to your choker. I will control you when we leave the room,” Diane commanded. She then attached the leash to the velvet choker. Patricia questioned, ”But, Mistress, what if we encounter security or someone who threatens us?” Diane’s hand came down hard on Patricia’s lovely ass, ”Smack! Smack!” “Ow! That hurts, Mistress!” Again, Diane slapped each cheek. “Slut, you will obey, you will not question me! The boys will clear the way for us. But anyone who wants to will be able to touch your body-nothing more.” Patricia nodded, and stepped toward the door, her ass cheeks flaming red from her spanking. I got some good shots! We opened the door, and stepped into the hall. No one was there, so we started for the elevator. Diane was leading Patricia by her leash, her slut following obediently. Both ladies walked proudly, displaying their beauty, their breasts bouncing and hips swaying. We got to the elevator, and the door opened. Inside were the two young studs we had encountered earlier! When the girls stepped inside, they gasped! “Damn! What is going on? How do we get some?”

Diane entered, and asked, “Well, boys, do you like what you see? This gorgeous woman is my slut. Slut, turn around slowly. Show these boys your tits and pussy. Good! Now your tight ass. Boys, would you like to touch her?” The shocked young men nodded and smiled. They stepped over to Patricia, and fondled her tits. “This is one hot slut! Are you sure we can’t fuck her?” Diane smiled, then replied, “Well, that depends. How much will you pay to fuck my lovely slut? If the price is right, I’ll sell you her services!” Patricia was shocked,”But, Mistress, you said I…” “Silence, whore! You are to obey my orders!” Diane shouted. Whack! Whack! She put more red handprints on my wife’s ass. “I… I’m sorry Mistress. I will fuck these guys if you want me to,” Patricia relented. “That’s better, my beautiful slut. Now, boys, what will you offer for the best fuck of your lives?” They had been counting out their money frantically. “Well, Ma’am, we have a total of $35.53. Is that enough? Please!” They pleaded. “Is that the best you can do? This is a fine clean whore I have! How much can you get in 5 minutes?” Diane offered. “I, uh, we can get the $150 my mom gave us. Will that do it?” “Fine. For $185.53 you may both fuck my slut. She will give you the best titty fuck you’ll ever have. Meet us in room 247, 5 minutes. You may take pictures, too,”Diane offered. So back we went to our room, which had the aroma of sex in the air.

It was barely a minute later that they arrived! These guys were in lust! “All right, pay up!” Diane took the money. “Now, strip you two. Your names will be John and Johnny, since a whore’s clients are called Johns. Slut, come over here. Let me take your leash and collar off. Now then, whore, I need you to spit on your tits and give these two customers a good fucking for their money. Slut, kneel and talk dirty to them so they get off on your titties.” Patricia smiled that wicked smile, “Yes, mistress! I am your slut, and I will make these boys come.” She then knelt, and the boys stripped naked. “MY, you boys are huge. Let’s get those cocks hard. Stroke them for me! Look at these hot tits! I want them covered in your cum. Stroke those dicks, boys! Johnny, get over here and stick that cock between my tits. Now fuck them, Johnny! John, just think of how your Dick will feel fucking my huge breasts. Show me how much you want them, John.” “You are beautiful, lady, but you’d look better with my dick in your mouth,” John said. “My mouth only fucks my mistress. Now beat that meat for me! Cum on my big boobs!” Patricia challenged. They were stroking furiously, and Diane was smiling. “You fabulous slut, you’re making me cum. Here, you bitch! Take it all.” Johnny shot big ropes of semen all over my wife’s swaying tits as she cupped them and touched the guy’s cock with her nipple. On seeing this, John came over, slid his hard rod between her tits, and shot his load over her chest, too. “Nice, boys! Your cum feels so warm on my tits! Thanks! Did I please you, mistress? May I have some milk, please?” Patricia pleaded with her master. “My beautiful slut, you have done well! Here you are, you cunt. Here is some milk for you,” Diane replied. The boys stood with their now limp dicks, dumbfounded as Diane knelt toward Patricia and gave her drinks from each engorged tit. “Thank you, My Mistress. I am your devoted slut.” The boys left satisfied, and took lots of photos posed with my wife. We then went back into the elevator for our room change.

The elevator door opened for the third floor, and we walked toward room 343. Diane pulled her slut behind her, Patricia’s beautiful globes covered in the cream of two strange young guys! Unbelievable! So hot! We entered the room, and Diane gave new orders, ”You dirty little whore! You enjoyed milking those strange cocks, didn’t you? I just sold you for $185.53-equal to my grocery bill.” “Well, yes Mistress. I did enjoy exciting those strangers and making them cum! I hope you are pleased with me, Master.” “You have pleased me, slut. It makes me hot to see your naked body, watching you offer yourself to be used. Now, shower and clean yourself, my slut, so that I may use you again! Slut, my husband will wash you, and you are to allow him to clean every inch of your body with his tongue. Now go!”

This adventure coniues!

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